Oda drew what happened after Strong World ended :D The last three seconds :)

Besides Nami blushing, there’s one more thing I liked about these drawings.

I like how Oda made Sanji have his hand to his ear like Luffy

You want to know why? Because to Sanji, hearing the words from Nami saying “I know you’ll definitely come save me” sounded like she was asking her lover or savior to come for her and it sounded romantic to him, and we all know who Nami said it was meant for ;-)

Sanji wishes and deludes himself to thinking those words were for him when in fact it was for Luffy the whole time

Hence why she’s so embarrassed by Luffy hearing it hahaha


La preocupación de Nami por Luffy…

Imagen 1: Capítulo 647 del manga, cuando Luffy trata de detener al Noah…

Imagen 2: Capítulo 648 del manga, todos se enteran de los reyes marinos que detuvieron el Noah, aun así Nami es la unica que mira hacia el cielo…

Imagen 3: Toda esa preocupación es mostrada en la animación ya que la navegante susurra el nombre del capitán…

(Ya no recordaba que tenía estas imagenes, shishishishi)

After Nami Found Out What Happened

These 2 videos are my favorite Luffy x Nami moments so far in the entire series of One Piece.  The 2 moments occur right after the Straw Hats found out that Luffy was in the Marineford War and lost his brother, Ace, in front of him and occurred after Luffy sent his message that the crew will reunite in 2 years.

  • Nami crying for Luffy when he lost Ace and wanting to be with him so that she could comfort him.

  • Nami wanting to help Luffy when asking Haradaes to teacher her the weather of the New World during the timeskip.

These are my favorite LuffyxNami moments because it clearly displays the bond and attachment Nami has towards Luffy.  Every crew member had their moments that showcased their bond with Luffy and dedication to support Luffy by training during the timeskip, and each moment was unique among the different crew members. The scenes display Nami’s raw emotions towards her attachment to Luffy and it is shown that Nami is truely happy for Luffy saving her in her time of need and changing her life for the better, but at the same time she was greatly sadden that she no knowledge of what Luffy was going through when they were separated and doesn’t want him to deal with this pain alone.  EVEN HARADEAS SHIPS THEM!!! It is clear as day!

Everything in the scenes were depicted exactly like the manga.  Nothing was added on or cut out.

P.S. Credit to the videos goes to the YouTubers who posted them (both videos work).