Above all and with her standing history, Nami is a realist. She draws her strength from Luffy who always been infallible in her eyes. As long as Luffy says it so, she will believe it so too despite of her reservations. And just as how much loyal Zoro is to their Captain, Nami will always be completely and achingly wonderful  to its intensity devoted to Luffy. 

Re-watching Punk Hazard coz there isn’t enough new One Piece material to satisfy my craving. This OTP gives so much life, feels and I am completely obsessed with it.

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Luffy X Nami for the meme?

I honestly don’t remember if you sent this in before or after my meme reblog spree, so I’m doing the one I’ve been doing, but tell me if you wanted the other one! 

Who asks the other on dates: 

Most of the time its Nami, Luffy isn’t the type to think of going on dates, but he doesn’t mind following behind Nami while she shops holding her bags, and she sometimes treats him to the local delicacy

Who is the bigger cuddler:

Luffy is! He think its one of the best feelings, cuddling near Nami and holding her close!

Who initiates holding hands more often:

Its pretty equal, Luffy will grab Nami’s hand if he see something interesting and drags her behind him, or if it gets crowded. Nami will grab Luffy’s hand if he starts wandering off or to calm him down

Who remembers anniversaries:

Nami, and on those days she doesn’t yell at Luffy as much and lets him get away with more, but sometimes Luffy surprises her and tells her he knows what day it is and does something thoughtful

Who is more possessive:

Luffy, but he respects Nami as a person, but there are many creeps in the world, so he only lets it show if he gets the feeling the person that she’s near is one.

Who gets more jealous:

That’s Luffy once more, because Nami is beautiful, and sometimes he thinks that it would be safer for her to settle down with someone who isn’t on the the government shit-list. 

Nami, after the two year gap, started getting jealous too, there was the whole two years with Boa Hancock and now that Luffy’s mature and people are starting to notice him she has a feeling she’ll be experiencing it more 

Who is more protective:

Luffy hands down. He’s protective over all of his crew, but sometimes he shows it more with Nami because he doesn’t know what he would do if something happened to her. 

Nami is protective in her own way. She might be one of the only few people that knows when Luffy’s smile is fake. Those moments cause her to take her captain in her arms and hold him close, to shield him from the pain he’s experienced.

Who is more likely to cheat:

Neither. Luffy doesn’t think about things like that, and to Nami its betrayal (something she’s going to not do again) because it would be betrayal of her captain and her lover.

Who initiates sexy intimate times the most:

It depends on the mood of the day. But a lot of times its Nami who gets Luffy to settle down at first by pulling him into the tangerine trees or her room if its close to bed. She’ll push Luffy down and then place herself in his lap and lean against him, and he’ll put his hands around her waist, and they’ll sit in the silence for a little bit, and then they start a conversation about nothing in particular.

Who dislikes PDA the most:

Nami, but only when it comes to Luffy clinging to her.

Who kills the spider:

Luffy will release it if he can, or Nami will kill it, because she hates those things.

Who asks the the other to marry them:

Thanks to Robin, its Luffy.

Who buys the other flowers or gifts:

If he can, Luffy does, but its usual things he thinks Nami will like, map things or jewelry, and Nami doesn’t spend much money on anyone, but she’ll sometimes splurge and buy Luffy new clothes (but her gifts mostly come in the form of patching up the hat when it gets a little too beat up.) 

Who would bring up possibly having kids:

Luffy, because he really loves kids, but he doesn’t say it for a long time because he knows what Ace went through, and how Nami grew up.

Who is more nervous to meet the parents:

Nami because Luffy’s father is the Dragon and she hasn’t heard much about the man, except for what the marines say, so she really doesn’t know how he is as a person. Sabo isn’t a parent but she’s heard stories about how crazy protective he is.

Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry:

Luffy does, because Nami hits hard and he knows when to give people space.

Who tries to make up first after arguments:

Its Luffy, because doesn’t like it when Nami doesn’t speak with him. Sometimes if the argument brings up things better left unsaid, but Nami has a temper and things slip Nami is quick on the apology 

Who tells the other they love them more often:

Luffy. He likes reminding Nami of that fact because the smile she gives him is worth everything.

So I was browsing thru the LuNami tag as part of my Tumblr routine and I just realized that if my OTP ever entered into a bizarre real life paradox, you know like those AUs where they live normally, Luffy and Nami would physically look somebody like Koda Kumi and her husband Kenji03 (Back-On vocalist)

If anybody has a link where I can watch this performance, please share coz I’ve been wanting to watch this one for years but I can’t seem to find one.