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One Piece ワンピース [Amazon Lily Arc] : Shichibukai Boa “Snake Princess” Hancock vs Captain “Straw Hat” Luffy

“Man, tell me…how did you get onto this island? What do you want here? I’m not a fool to believe in such a ridiculous tale. I know you’re up to no good, you’re after something. You’ll never leave here alive, your fate is already sealed! Amazon Lily is a nation of woman warriors. Here, strength is beauty. Fight to the best of your ability and die an honorable death!”

Boa Hancock is among the few characters in One Piece that I consider has no power cap. The only ones thus far who were willingly able to resist her Mero Mero no Mi were Luffy and Vice Admiral Momonga (barely), the rest crumbled to dust. That is what I consider a broken Paramecia. She practically came out of the “Summit War” Saga unscathed! My favorite techniques are Pistol Kiss & Slave Arrow and even tho she doesn’t really use Salome for combat, I like that it’s huge af. Amazon Lily was an interesting arc, got to see Oda explore the female figure other than the typical type 01 he always uses, and the Gorgon Sisters ties to Fisher Tiger was an interesting backstory. Also, any arc where Luffy uses Haoshoku Haki will always leave an impression! 

That delay between those who have trained for years to develop a skill and the one who has only recently acquired it.

(You can see that Usopp’s eyes are still black for a split second before they turn red, and he still doesn’t know what’s going on except for the fact that something’s there.)

Nice detail, Toei!

One Piece, Heart of Gold

never dead

for this prompt from anonymous; ao3

Zoro has never seen the cook like this.

And he has seen a lot of the cook, even when he loathes to admit it — Sanji was a fascination, and then he became an important nakama, and before he knew it Zoro could no longer take his eyes off of the other man, can’t help goading him, demanding Sanji’s attention. It’s an old song and dance for them, one they both know the steps to by heart, except now the song changes and the tune is unfamiliar to Zoro.

It is all just because of a ship.

A peculiar-looking ship, granted — the shape of it reminds Zoro of a large den-den mushi — but in the grand scheme of things, it is neither the largest nor the weirdest ship Zoro has ever seen. He can probably slice it in half in five or six swings, and he’s sure Sanji could do the same with a couple of well-placed kicks. And yet —

Zoro chances another glance at Sanji through the galley window.

Leaning against the kitchen sink, Sanji looks visibly shaken. There are shadows in his eyes that Zoro doesn’t think he’s ever seen before, and he is hugging himself, like someone has told him repeatedly that he’s taking too much space for existing and there’s nothing he can do but curl into himself until he disappears. Right outside the galley Usopp accidentally drops his kabuto, and Sanji jolts in response, the shock rippling through his body, hands trembling.

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