luffy vs voltron

50.87% and rising. I am so fucking proud of my fandom.

Luffy’s winning! This morning I was so angry thinking he’d lose, but his votes are steadily rising.

I love this fandom. We care about our Pirate King’s reputation so much that the entire fucking fandom comes together just to show the public that he’s the best.

To everyone who uses that site who thinks One Piece is stupid.. take that!

Are you proud of us, Luffy?

The results of the voting.

  • At the deadline
  • Past the deadline but before the voting closed
  • After the voting closed, the final numbers

So yeah, Luffy won! I’m really happy about this despite it having been over such a small thing like a little contest, but yeah.

It’s so cool that the whole fandom got into it. Goes to show how much we’ve learned from Luffy himself about grit. We stuck it out when we were losing and in the course of a single day turned the odds completely around.

Proud of y'all.