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I give you happiness.  That is my power.  I let people experience my joy.  My captivity.  My suffering.  My separation.  And finally…despair!  Show me your fury.  This is the pain of being powerless.  Your loved ones being taken away before your very eyes!

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sai im sorry but like i saw this post yes and luffy says "i dont feel sexual attraction" and someone says "oh so you are ace?" and luffys is like "????? what. no, ace is my brother. im luffy" and im crying omg

pfffftfft oh my god

he would 

he so would

A Debt of Consciousness

5000+ words of Luffy testing out the Sleeping Beauty way to wake Law up. I wrote this before the Dressrosa arc ended and I’m not sure if I’ve shared this here yet but here you go. NO SMUT.

Finally. Finally. The whole Dressrosa mess was finally, finally over. Everyone could now finally focus on more important things.

Like finally eating and drinking because seriously, why not?

Luffy had burped for how many times now? He’d already lost count as he ran up the long stairs in the Dressrosa palace. After the whole ordeal with Doflamingo, the next thing he had to do after recuperation was to stuff himself silly. Food was the first thing he said when they asked if they needed anything. Or was it the first thing he asked for the moment he opened his eyes? Not sure. Didn’t matter. Well, anyway, there was a banquet, and it wasn’t as awesome as Sanji’s parties—oh god damn, he missed Sanji’s cooking—but it was food nonetheless, and lots of it, too! Thanks to the people of Dressrosa and the Tontatta who were finally free. Yay!

It was too bad Sabo had to leave soon. He left Luffy a vivre card, though, and some way to contact him scribbled on a piece of paper. Robin had one, too, just in case, because they said he was an idiot. Luffy knew he wasn’t. He had taken care of his hat and Ace’s vivre card the whole time so—Luffy jumped up the last three steps and ran along the corridors—ah never mind. They had to leave for Zou and it was up to Franky to build them a proper ship from existing ones, which would, according to him, take a day or two. He could do it. Franky was awesome. And King Riku’s family was, too, because they gave him and his friends a place to stay in the palace while Franky did his thing in the underground port.

Oh, yeah, there was supposed to be an admiral after them, but Sabo said that guy had some issues of his own. Luffy forgot the details. Something about gambling and plans and honor and whatever. He was never good with that. Planning, scheming, and missions were more of Torao’s thing. Oh, and speaking of Torao—

“Crap. Where was it again?”

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One Piece 862 - Review/Thoughts

I haven’t done a review in a while, but I kinda want to talk about a few things regarding this chapter. So, this is just some of my thoughts on chapter 862 – The consummate thinker

First of all, I thought it was a pretty good chapter, nothing spectacular, but still fun to read. The chapter definitely had its ups and downs though.

Spoilers under the cut!

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The Captain Loves Who

I know I should be updating How To Snare A Life. So while my drawing hand is currently refusing to cooperate, I am writing chapter 18 (and 19 and 20 in the process).

I found this little bit in my stash. It’s LawLu but it’s told from Sanji’s perspective. Or this “chapter” is like that at least. There’s something about our beautiful blonde cook that makes me want to post this. His dad has been an annoying fucker in the recent chapters seriously Judge how dare you do that to Sanji you unforgivable excuse for a father AND CAN WE JUST GET SANJI TO KICK THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF HIS BROTHERS BECAUSE I’M SURE AS HELL THAT HE CAN AND SOMEONE TELL ZORO THAT SANJI CAN USE A SWORD PLEASE AHSDAHDKALDHSA

This story’s hinting on a second chapter. I have no ending for it yet, but I have some antics to go with it. I haven’t proofread this or anything and it’s one of those times when I feel like writing in the present tense. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet but if it’s not too much to ask, please give it a read and let me know what you think. Thanks!

The Captain Loves Who

Surviving in the New World is not cakewalk. Luffy is an idiot. Strong captain but idiot captain. Maybe this alliance is a good idea. Oh. The sauce.

Sanji lifts his head from the chopping board and whirls to get a ladle and a potholder to lift the lid on a large pot on the stove, stirring his red sauce before taking a spoonful for a taste. He nods to himself, obviously pleased because, yeah,  it tastes great and it would be a sin not to appreciate that. It’s going to do fantastic with the sea king Law’s crew had hauled in for today’s unscheduled-but-Luffy-was-bored-and-Torao-called-and-this-happened rendezvous. It’s becoming weird and creepy how these two captains had been in-sync when it comes to “okay let’s decide on meeting up right now”. Selfish motherfuckers. They didn’t even have a reason to see each other.


That’s Luffy’s voice coming from the other side of the room. He’s been running in and out of the kitchen if not just sitting around the dining table waiting for food to be served. Sanji had been this close to just kicking out his bouncy ass but then the boy suddenly went silent and Sanji had to cook, which made him forget that his captain was still in the vicinity. Until now.

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(2/7) OPParty Chapter 10 Translation
<- Previously: “Intro”   Next up: Part 2->

Chapter 10 “The 5 Competitions”

Luffy: “Puhaaaa!! I’m stuffed!! Sanji’s meal was delicious again today!”

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It looks like Luffy’s not the only one crying…


yes lawlu smut is super hot but

can we also appreciate clumsy lawlu where luffy literally ruins all the moods during sex because

1) luffy can’t stop laughing at law’s about-to-orgasm face b/c he looks like he’s about to sneeze

2) let’s try out this new positio–aaaaand luffy fell off the bed

3) luffy confused lubricant for super glue and now his hand is stuck on his dick pls call 911

4) law giving a bj in the shower when luffy just randomly starts washing law’s hair. because why not. theyre in the shower anyway.

5) sex in the kitchen when luffy stops mid-fuck to grab a snack.

6) they try out some roleplay but then luffy gets way more into the rp than the sex. listen officer i swear i did nothing wrong yOU CANT ARREST ME I KNOW MY RIGHTS I DEMAND A LAWYER–

7) the point is luffy isn’t some uke sex bomb sent by the yaoi gods. he would fuck up a lot and this needs to be recognized in this fandom ok. sex-klutz luffy ftw.