lunarshores asked:

I wish you would write a fic in which Nami and Robin make a bet

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This was so fun, thanks for the request. I should write this chaotic crew more often ^^

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There weren’t only dangerous islands on the Grandline, this much Nami had to admit to herself. Well, she hoped the island wasn’t dangerous, but it did look fine to her. So far they had sailed around for an hour or so, admiring the wonderful nature, and the crystal-like water of the dozen rivers that seemed to run through the whole place. There had been no need to get off the Sunny, yet. They probably could cross the whole island, without doing so.

Most of the crew had went on with their daily business again, after they had all hung over the railing, looking down, to watch the beautiful fish. They were pretty, shimmering in all colors, looking like living rainbows. Sanji had promised not to kill and cook them, after even the ladies of the ship had told him they were too lovely to do so. Instead he was in the kitchen now, preparing their lunch, totally fish-free, but definitely tasty nonetheless. It probably was meat. Luffy had requested meat, after he was denied his fish.

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