Maya looked at her sisters nervously. They were talking, they didn’t notice or if they did they were waiting for her to finally speak her mind.

I wanted to talk to you about something.

Hmm? Lucina and Aria looked over at her giving her their undivided attention.

Lucy, you’re about to get married, that means it would just be Terra, Aria and myself here, and let’s be honest, Terra won’t be here much longer.

They nodded in agreement. Her relationship with Lue was going extremely well. I was thinking maybe we should think about selling this place. It’s too much room for us now that everyone’s leaving. 

They seemed to think about it for a while Lucina was the first to speak up, I think it’s a good idea just, would you two stay together?

I don’t see why not, Aria responded, I honestly think it’s a great idea, sis, and who knows, maybe we could live closer to one of you.

Lucina smiled, I’d like that.

Let’s start looking then.