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universeal-yahoo-1  asked:

(this is a smaller headcanon that has been bouncing around in my head) I always though it would be cool if gyro was an old student of von drake. They both have crazy ideas and inventions that don't always pan out well in the long run and are very considerate of their friends.

This is a very interesting head canon and tbh I would like to see this play out! It’d be so cool for Von drake to make an appearance in the show, and that would be a great way for him to do it! He’d come to check up on his old student Gyro, and then find out his family is here and they’d all end up going on one big adventure! I can also see how maybe Von drake and Gyro would interact. of course they’d want to talk and catch up and show each other what they’ve been working on, but they might also gain that Teacher-student rivalry in who can build this invention better.

ahh, this is a really nice head canon and I’d like to see more of it! thank you for sharing!