So, you know I’ve been obsessed over palettes lately, and when I saw these specific palettes these characters inmediatly came to my mind. Have some dramatic trash nobody asked for. The palettes form up to down are Cyberbullies, Subtle Melancholy, Cherry Soda, Saltwater Tears and Conversation Hearts. All from the Palette Challenge. I’ll reblog this with the link. I’m not happy with how these came out at the end but… I needed some dramatic duck trash. Try to give them an interpretation if you want.

Finally! I wasted more time than expected doing this trash. Now I need to sleep. I mean, I literally fell asleep over it several times. And the funniest part is that I don’t even like how it came out. At this point I don’t even know why I made it. I realized, awfuly late, that it wasn’t worth it to illustrate such a tiny HC in such a long thing. Three drawings could have been enough. Also, I’m sorry if you’re disappointed (and if you’re not, be sure I’m disappointed on myself) bc I’m sure you were expecting something better, but I said it was the trash I always do but bigger. Sorry for the bad quality, the bad english and the messy coloring. Oh, and forgive my horrible handwritting.

Some people seemed to like that HC I had about Scrooge’s reaction to the news about the triplets so I decided to illustrate it. I’m actually 99.9% sure Scrooge wouldn’t react like this. He would be all like “oh, so you had children. That means other three beaks to feed”. And very deep inside himself he would be happy and proud but he wouldn’t want anyone to know. But that’s why this is just fan trash, shhh. Anyways, I did it and it’s awful, so here it is.

Yeah. This doesn’t even have a context. It’s just… let’s call it a practice. Y'know, maybe Scrooge didn’t even meet HD&L because, you know, The Spear of Selene and I better shut up beacuse this can turn into angst. Anyways, I did it with love but I ruined it and I’m missing the sketch vertion. P.S. I know, poor Ludwig. I don’t want to be mean to him, he’s my other fave. Scrooge, stop being a miser and let him hold his nephews.

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Uncle Mod, any chance you know of any comics featuring Ludwig von Drake? He was always my favorite Disney duck (three cheers for the Spectrum Song) but I feel like I don't see him in a lot of the Duckverse media...

Three cheers indeed! I love Ludwig too! And while I can’t list many comics with him off the top of my head, here’s one I found earlier- The Tyrant of the Tides

Lately I'v been feeling so depressed you have no idea, so I doodled myself a Ludwig to cheer me up! I know you’re not here to see me being a crybaby, and I want you to remember me as a happy-go-lucky and positive person! It’s just a phase, I hope. Y'all create my happy place, duck people! Thank you.

Ludwig is too precious and deserves love and appreciation!! The palette I used is called Castle in the Sky, which is one I personally enjoy. It’s from the palette challenge, too. Yeah, I’m palette trash now.



Thinkin’ Lily is Ludwig’s neighbor! She doesn’t know of any Professor Von Drake, but she does know the kinda kooky old guy next door with the sad eyes.  Who forgets to eat. And has been wearing the same shirt for a week. Backwards.

I may actually write about these two sometime I have a lot of feelings

Scrooge is jealous of Ludwig.

Ludwig is everybody’s uncle. He knows them all. He kept in contact with Donald, is in some ways Donald’s confidante, and one of the few people Donald feels absolutely, 100% comfortable around.

The boys know him. He’s Uncle Ludwig one of the best toy makers in the world. 

Huey loves speaking to him about geology. It’s a fascinating experience for both, and Ludwig simply shines when he’s with him.

Dewey learns all about building things, the budding mechanic works best when he’s with his uncle. Ludwig knows how to nurture that mind of his.

Louie knows a little bit of German. He isn’t fluent yet, but at the rate he’s going, he will be soon.

Scrooge watches all of this. The memories they’re talking about aren’t memories of some grand adventure.

They’re simple, regular day memories. 

Going to the amusement park, baking cookies, holidays, visiting the local library. It’s mundane, ordinary, and Scrooge quietly seethes on the side. He doesn’t know why. He can’t explain why.

He knows exactly why.

He’s missed so much.

And the boys look up to him, to him in away they don’t with Ludwig.

They look at him, and see him.

They look at him, and see Scrooge McDuck.

All Scrooge can do is blame himself.