ludwig drum


Paul surprising Ringo for his 70th birthday on the 7th July 2010. 

Ringo played a star studded concert at Radio City Music Hall, New York as part of his 70th birthday celebrations. Paul had sneaked in for a rehearsal and sound check earlier that day but left before Ringo arrived. During the show, Paul and Nancy sat on the back row, for the most part unnoticed, though eye witnesses report Paul was singing along and takings photos on his Blackberry (not an Apple?!) and a video of the performance of Yellow Submarine

The show ended with With A Little Help From My Friends and then Give Peace A Chance, during which a cake in the shape of a Ludwig Drum was wheeled out. Ringo cut the cake with a pair of drumsticks instead of a knife. 

After, Ringo left the stage and the lights went down. Paul stole onto the stage, Hofner bass in hand, and began to play Birthday for Ringo. At the end, they hugged, bowed and left the stage together. 

Happy Birthday Ringo! We love you very, very much!! 

Peace and Love!