ludwig cosplay


ClassicaLoid cosplays at AnimExpo Summer 2017 (Santiago, Chile) 💕

★ Me as Mozart
@drunkchocolatemilk as Beethoven

Can’t wait for the Musik version ;v; I’m looking forward to making it ♡


((A thank you gift to the wonderful and amazing @ask-the-german-commander! In my opinion, youre such a kind, awesome, and incredibly amazing person!! Your support means so much to me, it really really does! And the way you portray and cosplay Ludwig is astounding! Truly, youre one of THE best cosplay blogs I know!

Thank you so very much for everything! And I hope you like this portrait of you! Its to show my appreciation and gratitude.))




ask-the-german-commander  asked:

It's good to see you again Arthur, it's been awhile

How have you been, Ludwig?