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In the office, there was a small cabinet set aside for coffee supplies. Four workers shared this space.

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"Did you ever know that you're my hero? Everything I wish I could be," 
A Fanmix for the German brothers, Ludwig and Gilbert Bielschmidt.

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I’m still here: Vertical Horizons// Your Song:Ellie Goulding// Wind beneath my wings: Edge Lacorte// King and Lionheart: Of Monsters and Men// House of Gold: 21 Pilots// Hey Brother: Avicii// How to save a life: The Fray// 1961: The Fray// Leave out all the rest: Linkin Park// Safe and Sound: Taylor Swift//

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England, America, Denmark, Germany, Prussia, Iceland, Romano, and Hungary's reactions to walking in on their S/O dancing in the mirror in their PJ's to Shake it Off by Taylor Swift?

(I’m glad I got my hands on this one, Humor and nsfw are my specialties :P)

England/Arthur Kirkland

   Coming home after a long day, he heard a catchy tune coming from the bathroom, and cautoiusly peeked around to find you belting it out to the popular song. He would stand there a few minutes, trying to process what exactly he was looking at here, and then give a rather loud cough to let you know you weren’t alone anymore. When you whipped around to see him with a confused look on his face, he couldn’t help but smile sheepishly at your embarrassment.

America/Alfred F Jones

  Okay let’s be honest here we all know what’s gonna happen. He’s going to come home and then walk through the house, seeing you singing at the top of your lungs, microphone-brush in hand, fully clad in your cutest set of pajamas. He’s gonna laugh quite a bit, and when you pause the music, flustered, he’ll push play and start singing and dancing too, a big goofy smile on his face.

Denmark/Matthias Kholer

   His reaction would be similar to America’s, but there would be a lot more laughing. Seeing you like this always put a smile on his face, and seeing you embarrassed was absolutely adorable. He would definitely join, he would know more words than you did from hanging out with America so much. It would be great for both of you, jumping up and down on the bed, smiling and spinning around to the sweet voice of that catchy american pop star, the best way for it to turn out.

Germany/Ludwig Bielschmidt

   Ludwig has seen a lot of things thanks to his friends and his brother, seeing someone singing along to some silly song was not a new experience. However, walking in to you in such a manner was a slight surprise, and sort of cute as well. He cleared his throat rather loudly and you jumped, almost attacking him until you realized who it was. You blushed and immediate turned off the music, he simply smiled and gave you a pat on the head and went on to do some other trivial task.

Prussia/Gilbert Bielschmidt

   Gil had to keep himself from bursting out laughing when he first saw you before hiding and getting his phone out to record this momentous occasion. He snickered to himself from his hiding place as you danced your heart out, “shaking the haters off,” and whatnot. You looked at the closet behind the mirror and saw someone standing there, so naturally you screamed and covered yourself up instinctively. Gilbert tumbled out laughing, and with a quick sigh of relief you threw a random object at the albino. “Gilbert you ass!” You yelled at his still laughing form. The night went on with his teasing and your scolding, telling him he better not post that video on the Internet.

Iceland/ Emil Steilsson

   This would be a very ironic moment for the two of you, as the roles of this certain occurrence were usually reversed. Emil was usually the one who you would come home to singing to ABBA in his underwear, and you and Lukas teased the poor country about it constantly. So the fact that Emil himself came home to this little scene it was almost not funny that it happened. You stood there a flustered mess as Emil started reciting the exact things you would tell him with a smug little shit-eating grin on his face. He wasn’t going to let this go so easily.

Romano/ Lovino Vargas

  Lovino came back from Toni’s earlier than expected, as his previous boss was far too obsessed with the turtles surrounding his house, he knew you would be doing something weird while he was on his visit but he did expect this. “What the hell are you doing?!” He yelled over the music, making you jump out of surprise and embarrassment from getting caught. You turn off the music and the two of you stare at each other’s red faces (Who the hell knows why he’s blushing) and try to explain yourself. 

Hungary/Elizabeta Hedervary

  Are you kidding? She’d jump right in, no warning or anything, no implication of letting you know she was there or not, just jumps right in and starts shaking it off with you. Of course this scares the crap out of you, and you ask her why she did that or where she came from. Elizabeta laughs and pinches your cheeks endearingly, talking about how cute you were when you’re all surprised like this, and takes the remote while you’re distracted and starts playing the music again. the two of you have a fun but slightly too competitive dance off and crash at the end of the night.

-Mod Icebox~*

  • Prussi: hA! The awesome me isn't scared of anything!!
  • Germany: Just the other day you were screaming about a spider.
  • Hungary: You wouldn't even go into the Haunted House with me.
  • Austria: Weren't you screaming because you thought there was a wild dog chasing you?
  • Prussia:
  • Prussia:
  • Prussia: OkAY but like I can watch The Iron Giant without crying!

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prussia more like prusSHARK amirite ((relatablepicturesofaphgermany))

@relatablepicturesofaphgermany survived my skillfully planned shark attack this time but just wait I’ll be much more awesome next time


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for any group you want, how about: we've known each other for a really long time, but now guy nation is drunk and keeps saying THINGS

((I see what you’re getting at anon *waggles eyebrows* I’m going to stick with our Axis guys if that’s okay.))


North Italy/Feliciano Vargas: Feliciano, ever the fool and the loud mouth even when he was sober, would be completely unable to keep his mouth shut especially when he’s drunk. He would be all rambled confessions, dozy and flushed red as he talked about how he had felt like this for oh so long and he needed to tell you now or else he would never get the guts to do so and there may or may not have been some NSFW remarks thrown in there somewhere.

Germany/Ludwig Bielschmidt: Theoretically speaking, Ludwig could hold his liquor pretty well, which was true but tonight he seemed a bit… Out of control. And by out of control, I mean acting a bit more like his older brother than you were really comfortable with. Not as sloppy as Prussia by any means however, he would straighten himself occasionally and awkwardly clear his throat as he stumbled over words that didn’t sound quite right coming from him…

Japan/Kiku Honda: Kiku, ever the mess when he was drunk, may have lost just a little bit of his perfect facade and composure. Not many things would slip but some of the things that did… Well you weren’t quite sure what to make of them. They didn’t sound real coming from the Asian, mostly because he got a little more loose lipped when he drank but still.