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Different Hetalia Couples Coming Out Part 2

Gerame: Caught sucking face during Oktoberfest on international television. It’s on Youtube now.

Giripan: Cat hair. Everywhere. On every article of Japan’s clothing. On every piece of his furniture. In his food. In his briefcase, somehow. The other European nations know what that means and stare judgmentally.

Caname: Overnight their conference chairs are replaced by fucking thrones. What? No I didn’t, it could have been anyone Mattie! Well maybe someone finally recognized how amazing we are– no don’t sit there yours is the one on the left.

SpUk: Well there’s a shitton of rum involved I can fuckin tell you that much.

Rusame: Alfred just sits his star-spangled ass down on Ivan’s lap one day and the Russian is COMPLETELY fine with it, and they stay like that the whole meeting and every other nation is either having a panic attack or tries to attack one of them.

SuFin: There comes a day when Berwald begins to call Tino his boyfriend instead of his wife.

continuing on with this topic of victorian dressage and dancing—my favorite man!

  • Germany: Oh, boy, I was afraid of this.
  • Sweden: Wh't?
  • Germany: These instructions are a pictographic representation of the least imaginative way to assemble these components. This right here is why you have no space program.
Hetalia In A Nutshell

England: France no


Canada: America no

America: AMERICA YE- wait a minute, who are you?



Germany, Austria and Hungary: Prussia no


Everyone: Russia no

Russia: yes, da?

Germania: Holy Rome no

Ancient Roman Empire: I GOT THAT LATIN PASSION

America: Davie no

Davie: *dies*

America: Davie?

Spain: Romano no

Romano: *swears in Italian*

Seborga: Sealand and Wy, no


Turkey: Greece no

Greece: *herds the cat army* get rekt scrub

Finland: Sweden no

Sweden: …yea

China: Hong Kong no

Kong Kong: yo, wat up teach?

Pirate Spain, Prussia and France: England no


England: America no


England: *cries*

The Nordics: Denmark no

Denmark: VIKINGS

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Could I request Russia, Sweden, Germany and Japan slow dancing with their s/o in their home for no reason, with no music. Just enjoying being together. Also who would initiate it?😄

Ivan (Russia)- Ivan loves to have quiet moments with his s/o like slow-dancing, because it makes him feel especially close with his s/o. He’d often ask to do things like this with them if he had a bad day or needed to be reassured, so he’d initiate the slow dancing typically. It would relax him enough to get rid of his bad or upset mood. 

Berwald (Sweden)- His s/o would have to ask Berwald to slow dance, because he usually doesn’t come up with very many romantic things such as that on his own without being too shy to initiate them. He’d enjoy it a lot though, because he likes being around his s/o without having to make a bunch of conversation. He’d have a small smile on his face the whole time, and he’d just relax in the quiet. 

Ludwig (Germany)- Ludwig would typically pull stuff like this after a particularly deep discussion or if his s/o is in a bad mood to try and get them to feel better or at least laugh at him. He’d start the slow dancing, but he’s a really clumsy dancer, so it would help if s/o had at least an idea of how to dance well. Even though he might not be the neatest dancer, he would still try hard, and he’d enjoy it too, but he might get a bit embarrassed if he made particularly bad mistakes. 

Kiku (Japan)- Kiku would actually ask his s/o to slow dance with him, although he’d be a bit shy about it at first. He’s a very good dancer, and, like Berwald, enjoys sweet, quiet moments with his s/o. He’d love doing something like this, so if it goes well the first time, he wouldn’t have trouble asking to do it again a while from then. 

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For your top 8 favourite countries, what are you hc body types for them? Do they gots the chubb?

Oooh! :D


 He’s got a little bit of the chubb, but it’s no too noticeable. It’s well known he’s pretty strong though, so he does have some muscle 


 Fuck we’ve seen him shirtless before, working out at that. Fit boy


 His thighs and upper arms have a little chubb, and he’s flat stomached and slim with just a teeny bit of muscle


 Teeny teeny lil bit of chub on the lower abdomen, but he has a steady workout schedule and is fairly strong anyways. Has muscle especially in the arms. Pretty broad shoulders with typical football player body


He doesn’t work out, but is good with maintaining. Little wide on the top with somewhat broad shoulders and gets more narrow the lower down his torso. Little but of chub on the thighs, and a lil bit of muscle on the arms

2P Canada:

Not the fittest, but damn. Muscle Man. Kind of has the stereotypical football player body like America, but not as large




She’s kinda pudgy and it’s adorable. She’s so soft- Has an hourglass figure and thick thighs

America, Canada, Germany, Russia and Sweden, walking in on s/o drying off!:

America/Alfred F. Jones-
Laughs loudly, but accepts it and then sits down to watch you until you throw him out. 

Canada/Matthew Williams-
Practically passes out. So embarrassed. Nose bleed.

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt-
Thinks he’s disrespected you, fumbles and walks out. He’ll fret about it for awhile. Thinking if maybe he should have done something, or if you are angry with him for being so rude.  
Russia/Ivan Braginski-
Cue romantic music, it’s happening.
Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna-  
Apologizes, walks out with a slightest pink tint.  

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How would the taller nations feel if their s/o (who is v short) asks them to pick them up to feel taller for no apparent reason

Russia: He would love to comply. He loves to hug his s/o, so any excuse to hold them makes him happy

Sweden: He will comply just to see the look on hos s/o’s face when they see the world from his height

Germany: He would be confused, to him the sight isn’t that amazing. He will pick up s/o to see their reactions and to make them happy

Hetalia Character Name Meanings
  • Alfred: Name of a king
  • Arthur: Strong as a bear
  • Francis: Free or Frenchman
  • Matthew: A saint who was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus
  • Ivan: Gift from God
  • Yao: Dazzling or Born on a Thursday
  • Kiku: Chrysanthemum
  • Ludwig: Famous fighter
  • Feliciano: Happy one
  • Romano: From Rome
  • Antonio: Beyond praise
  • Gilbert: Oath
  • Elizabeta: Devoted to God
  • Roderich: Famous power
  • Vash: Cow (can be interpreted)
  • Natalia: Born at Christmas
  • Peter: Rock
  • Feliks: Happy
  • Eduard: Rich benefactor
  • Tino: To honor God
  • Berwald: Bear Ruler
  • Heracles: Glory of Hera
  • Sadik: Honest
  • Im Yong Soo: Brave and great

gitasmith  asked:

(Warning; child abuse) Russia, Germany, Turkey, and Sweden reaction when their s/o(still new in relationship) for the first time show them her back that's FULL of old scars. It's because their s/o is a victim of child abuse and her parents used to whip them(she's already cut her parents off her life). Now she's terrified if they'll break up with her cause she think her scars is disgusting and she's physically and emotionally damaged. I'm struggle with this, I really need some solace. Thank you

Ivan (Russia)- At first, Ivan would wince at the scars, not because he thinks his s/o is ugly, but because he’s pained that someone hurt them that way, and that she is still hurting from them. He’d hug her close after she showed him and repeatedly tell her how beautiful she was and how he wasn’t going anywhere. 

Ludwig (Germany)- Ludwig would be shocked at seeing the scars, and that would quickly turn to anger at his s/o’s parents for doing something so awful to their child. He’d be shaking with rage, but as he realized his s/o was scared he’ leave now that he knew, he’d calm himself down so he could reassure her. He would be completley clear that he wasn’t leaving her because of her bad past, and that she had no reason to worry in the first place. 

Sadik (Turkey)- For a few minutes, Sadik would be at a loss for words. Once he heard that his s/o though he’d leave her, he’d snap out of it at once. He’d wrap and arm around her and tell her there was no way he’d leave just because she had scars. He’d also mention if she ever wanted to talk about what happened to her in the past, he’d always be there for her. 

Berwald (Sweden)- Berwald, as usual, wouldn’t say much, but when his s/o was done showing and telling him about her past, he’d gently pull her into a hug, and tell her that he’d be around for as long as she wants him to be, and he would also make sure nothing like that ever happened to them again. 

Office Sweet

In which Ludwig, the boss of a designing firm, falls in love with his newly hired intern.  

Chapter 1 I Chapter 2 I Chapter 3

I’m so sorry that I updated this so late, but I explained in my last posts that I went through quite the turmoil this last month, and it is still not done as my family is moving to my grandmothers due to economic problems. Still, after finishing most of my classes and only dealing with a couple of last projects from one class, I finally had some time to edit and write. I hope you enjoy this long last chapter, once again sorry for the lateness and I hope that you continue to be patient for the rest of my works. Enjoy!

                                                   Chapter 4

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Danish Rounders

Danish Rounders
Denmark x Reader

You were laying down on the long grass, your (h/c) hair mussed and had a few pieces of grass in it. You would have cared, if you were with your girl-friends, but instead you were stuck with him.

Matthias Køhler. Or as your best friend Lukas called him, Idiot. He was rambling on about how Gilbert an Alfred had gotten totally wrecked and stripped in the middle of the street. To be honest, he was starting to piss you off and you found yourself reaching for his tie.

“And then Gil started to- ACK!” The Dane stopped mid sentence and attempted to remove your hand from his tie. After finally succeeding he was gasping and coughing-which still didn’t make you fell sorry.

“(Y/n)~! You spend to much time with Norge!” He half shouted at you. Bursting out laughing, you reached for the metal bat you carry around for protection. Matthias stiffened, fearfully of what you would do next.

Getting into his personal space, whispers into his ear “let’s play rounders.” Sighing with relief, the Dane nodded and pulled a baseball from his pocket. He noticed the weird look on your face and shrugged. “Al had it on him. What, was I supposed to let a drunk man have a hard ball that could kill someone if he threw it?”

You burst out laughing at his statement, your dirty mind picking up on his unintended joke. Getting up, Matthias held out his free hand and pulled you up.

“We should call the others over, right?” You asked your Danish friend. Matthias yelled for the others, who were confused as to why they had been called.

“All right, me and (y/n) are team captains!” Matthias yelled. He won the game if rock-paper-scissors and therefore got to pick his team mate.

The teams ended up:


The games went quickly, Team Spartan winning by one point (thank Ludwig for that) and in turn, everyone went home until you and Matthias were left.

“So, (y/n) do you want me to walk you home?” Matthias’ usual Cheshire grin spread across his face. You nodded, shivering because the sun had started to disappear, making it cold as well as illuminating the field with an orange hue.

You felt something warm cover you and noticed that you had Matthias’ jacket on.
“You looked cold. Thought you’d want it.” He was smiling again, but it wasn’t his usual smile. He had a loving gaze and his eyes were set on your lips.

Leaning down, he’s captured your lips, holding you close as he did. After breaking the kiss, he burrowed his head into the crook of your neck. “Matthias? Are you sleeping on me?” You heard a slight chuckle and he stood up fully.

“You know when you bent to tie your shoe laces I had a great view of your-mmph!”

You smashed your lips to his again to stop him completing the crude sentence. “What happened to that walk home?”

Wrapping his arm around your waist, your tall Dane walked you down the street to your home. After kissing him goodbye, you went entered the house to meet your farther’s curios gaze.

“Who was that and why did he call you ‘Honey’?”

You shrugged and, as you ran upstairs to your room, “Just a friend- a really close friend.”

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Could I get the Nordics and axis powers on how they cuddle? Thank you


Sweden: Though few know about it, Berwald is actually a fierce cuddler and will find reasons and time to do so whenever it was possible. His favorite cuddling position would be the classic “spooning” position in which he could envelop you in himself so you couldn’t escape without him knowing. He enjoys wrapping his body around you because it gives him reassurance that you’re still safe.

Denmark: Mathias wants to let everyone know that he’s in a relationship, and loves to “unintentionally” rub it in anyone’s face whenever possible. Thus, he likes to have you sit on his lap so he can wrap his arms around your waist and smirk into your neck. Some people find the PDA to be cute, as you two were obviously happy with one another, while other times, He could get a bit carried away and people would wish you’d cuddle in the privacy of your own home.

Norway: Lukas likes to cuddle whenever he’s stressed, as you can always manage to calm him down. He prefers if you are facing each other, so he can kiss your forehead whenever he likes, and so he will still be able to hug you. He enjoys breathing in the scent of you as he holds you against him as it always calms his nerves.

Finland: Tino normally watches a movie with you when you cuddle with him. He likes to have you sit close to him as his hand entangles with yours and your legs are intertwined. He’d squeeze your hand now and again as a silent reminder that he loved you and enjoyed the time spent with you to the fullest.

Iceland: The time that Emil is most prone to a cuddling mood is early in the morning, sometimes before even you woke up. He just likes to toss an arm over your waist and pull you closer as he mutters incoherent things from the fogginess of sleep. He sometimes get so carried away with his cuddling in the morning, he becomes too calm to even get out of bed at a decent time, wanting to just spend the whole day with you in his arms.


Germany: Ludwig prefers to cuddle with you when he is also able to be productive. He likes to have you leaned against him, so he can wrap his arm around you and still be able to do work or read a book, as he likes to have you near him, but at the same time still be able to get things done. He’d hope it didn’t bother you too much that he did paperwork or read a book when he cuddled, but having you near him calmed him down tons.

Italy(North): Feliciano, being an extremely affectionate person would cuddle whenever he deemed it appropriate. He likes to cuddle most after he’s finished eating a meal, preferably pasta, as it was his favorite way to cool down. He liked to have you hold his hand as he nuzzles into your neck, calling you various endearments in Italian.

Japan: Though Kiku is precarious about his personal space and may need a bit of coaxing at first, once you both get comfortable, he wouldn’t mind in the slightest. He’d most likely be in a position in which you were both touching each other, but not so much that it could possibly escalate to anything else. He’d just enjoy having your body caressing his in the most modest way possible.

Hetalia Superhero AU Snippet #2: Part 2

Yay it’s done! That took forever omg… it’s almost 2am right here in Australia… 
So um yeah, have some more of theartisserie’s superhero AU because I have no life and am utterly sucked in.

Part 1 to this can be found here.

Hope you guys enjoy this!


Matthias couldn’t think of a retort in time as all hell broke loose. Men of all shapes and forms entered the field, either wielding knives or guns in their beefy hands. All the superhumans broke away from the circle they had created around the Rogue Assassin and immediately engaged with their new opponents. Matthias went head to head with a burly fellow, with dark tattoos running down his arms and he, unlike his companions, carried a nasty looking machete.

He swung the weapon at Matthias, who just narrowly dodged it. Forming a fireball in his palms, he threw it into the air and, using his willpower, made the flames scatter around the man’s feet as it fell like a ball towards the ground.

‘SLAM DUNK!’ he cheered, cackling madly. Oh how he loved the adrenaline rushing through his veins. ‘Take that!’

However, once again, a whoosh rang through the air as the super speeder and Emil ran between machete-man and Matthias. Matthias, for moment, watched with fascination as the super speeder, as opposed to Emil, went from person to person, displaying a range of powers. He ran up to one man, who was engaged with the doppelgänger, turned into steel and gave him an almighty sucker punch to the stomach. The man doubled over with a grunt, allowing for the doppelgänger to give him a kick in the chin, knocking him out completely.

The super speeder flashed him a grin before running off to where Berwald and Tino were in a double combat with two extremely stocky fellows, much bigger than Berwald was. The super speeder joined them, his body glowing green and he sent a blast of light their way—almost exactly as Lukas usually did—which caused the pair to separate and yelp in fear. One walked straight into Berwald, who, with his metal skin, was no match for him. The other rolled into Tino who, with some impressive karate skills, rendered the man unconscious in seconds. Tino sent the super speeder a thumbs up before swivelling around to throw a knife at another foe, where he fell to the ground with a pained scream for Tino’s knife had sunk into the flesh of his thigh.

And thus that’s how it went. The super speeder, seemingly able to use an array of powers, went from person to person, going from using super speed to energy projection in less than a second, to turning his body into the same steel as the doppelgänger or as Berwald to switching to using firepower like Matthias was. There was no other way to describe him than as a superhuman machine.

How is he doing that? Matthias wondered incredulously as he caused a nasty burn on a skinny man’s arm, who ran away in tears from the intensity of his wound. That is actually insane…

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