Testing,Testing by ~SamuraiBeatbox

WELL isn’t this something? Four great male characters all together in one picture. Having a big of a Bros day thinking about their Girls. From Left to right; Kieran, Adam, Ludvar, and Craig. Everyone’s looking all handsome and junk :I

Hehe I love how incredibly shy Ludvar is even when Elliot isn’t around…just thinking about her makes him shy xD;; and looks like Adam tagged everyone with the lucky ladies names in sharpie, but he’s just silly like that. I think it just embarrassed Ludvar even more lol

These guys are so damn lovable, I think they would get along if given the change to hang out or something. Though the more I look at this picture the more I want them to form a boy band :I

A gift for Sanne, McKenna, and my friend Rabu…you ladies always seem to inspire me ; v; <3 So thank you <3

Characters belong to their respectful creators!

SO, maybe closing in about a year ago…or getting close to it, my lovely friend Rabu and I made these two OCs outta the blue together and we loved them to pieces. We haven’t done much with them really…so I figured I’d skip way into the future and see what they’ve been up to.

And then this happened

Rabu we make some damn cute babies…that make even cuter babies.

From left to right: Rory, Ludvar, Elliot, Sirus