Testing,Testing by ~SamuraiBeatbox

WELL isn’t this something? Four great male characters all together in one picture. Having a big of a Bros day thinking about their Girls. From Left to right; Kieran, Adam, Ludvar, and Craig. Everyone’s looking all handsome and junk :I

Hehe I love how incredibly shy Ludvar is even when Elliot isn’t around…just thinking about her makes him shy xD;; and looks like Adam tagged everyone with the lucky ladies names in sharpie, but he’s just silly like that. I think it just embarrassed Ludvar even more lol

These guys are so damn lovable, I think they would get along if given the change to hang out or something. Though the more I look at this picture the more I want them to form a boy band :I

A gift for Sanne, McKenna, and my friend Rabu…you ladies always seem to inspire me ; v; <3 So thank you <3

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