ludume dare


Here’s the finished model of the lizard robber sketch I posted a moment ago! Made in just a few hours on rush order to try and use it for a Ludum dare entry. 

He’s just a big ol’ green bean.

For speed’s sake, I only used flat colored textures applied to polygons with no UV mapping. I went for WindWaker-esque toon shading.

The shots were taken in Unity.

Oh yeah, another thing happened. My codebro @kry-arcade came back from the dead and while our 2 old games (Comfy Alchemist and Crystal Maidens) are still on hold for various reasons, we decided to start by making a really really small game that we could actually finish in a short time. Oh the irony.

Anyway this led us to participate to Ludum Dare 40, for which we started working hard on the game you see up here: in this platformer/metroidvania you play as a merchant, and your goal is to reach the next town with as much merchandise you can to sell at the market. However, following the Jam’s theme, the more items you gather, the heavier you get (which will affect the way you explore the level) and more enemies (and thieves) will attack you.

However, as relentlessly as we worked during those 72 hours, we couldn’t meet the deadline. The game had some glaring problems and it just didn’t work, and many of the mechanics weren’t implemented.

Of course we weren’t just going to scrap everything and pretend it never happened, so we decided to work on it at a slower pace, fix the problems, add polish and release it. We (mostly Kry actually, as the art was pretty much done long ago) have been making steady progress and the game should be more or less done in a couple of days. Hopefully some people will try it out when it’s out.


Hey I’m doing Ludum Dare 40 by myself since everyone is either working on school things or are busy with their part time jobs. I thought I should do some posting on here while I’m on a break! You’ve got your ole Office Job but maybe you could be doing something a little more exciting?

Like watching this placeholder skybox rotate!!

I’m primarily posting on twitter first since I get really distracted on tumblr… Soooo if you want to see some good ole work in progress gifs at no particular interval, you can go if you’d like:)


Tutorial: How to setup a pixel art game in Unity3D

This is a quick tutorial I’ve made for myself and others before Ludum Dare:

1. Create a sprite

Grab your lovely pixel sprite texture and put it into a ‘Sprites’ folder in Unity. Click on the texture and set it up as follows:

  • Texture Type: Sprite (2D and UI)
  • Pixels Per Unit: The pixel size of your sprite, try to keep this to a power of 2 e.g.: 16, 32, 64
  • Generate Mip Maps: Off
  • Filter Mode: Point

Apply these settings. In 2D mode on the Unity Scene Editor, draw the sprite from the Project window to the scene. Follow the dialog for making an animation.

2. Create a material

EDIT: This set was originally wrong. Fixed now, sorry guys!

Create a new material in a ‘Materials’ folder. Set it up as follows:

  • Shader: Sprite/Default
  • Pixel Snap: On

Apply the material to your sprite by dragging it from the Project window to the sprite object in your scene.

3. Setup the camera

Select the ‘Main Camera’ in the Hierarchy and set the values of the ‘Camera Component’ to:

  • Projection: Orthographic
  • Size: Now this is the key part. Choose a screen size, for example 480x320 and stick to it. In a minute we’ll change the Game window to reflect this size. Set the size value of the camera to be Screen Height / 2 / Pixels Per Unit of your sprites.

4. Set up the game window

Select the Game window and click the drop down to choose the screen aspect ratio, usually ‘Free Aspect’. Click the plus button to add a new screen setup and then enter in the screen size you chose. Give it a name and click okay. Then select that screen size.

5. Setup build output

To setup the resolution for the built version of the game, go to Edit > Settings > Player Settings and then modify the following values for the platform you want to build to:

  • Default Is Native: No
  • Default Screen Width: Your Screen Width
  • Default Screen Height: Your Screen Height
  • Display Resolution Dialog: Disabled

There may be other things you want to change such as ‘Default Full Screen’.

Try it out!

Let me know if there are any issues!

24 Hours into Ludum Dare 40!

Hey all, I’m working with fellow developers Dan Studdert (Programmer and Designer of Silva) and Aaron Smit  (Programmer of Plundersail) and we’re creating a game about serving coffee, seeing as the theme was “The more you have, the worse it is” We all felt that both dealing with customers, and dealing with a substance that is bad for you in large quantities, it fits perfectly.

Here’s where we were, about 20 hours into the game jam. We’re making mistakes and learning, but have zero time to focus on those right now! 

Onwards we march

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this was asked before, but what's the first game you made completed or not, and when did it click for you like "yeah I def wanna make vidyas"? Thank you!

When I first made Feesh, that’s kinda when I realized, hey, I can actually make and finish vidya..!

Feesh is my first completed game, I made the first version of it when I was 16 for this game jam called Ludum Dare. I’ve always watched my game developer heroes participate in Ludum Dare, but that year, I completely on a whim decided to participate, and what do you know, I finished something! I then spent the next 4 years polishing the game off and on, eventually releasing on Steam as my first complete game! 

But before Feesh, I had two other project ‘ideas’ I worked on in highschool that were never gonna be finished, but were really good for learning Unity. 

The first project I worked on was this stupid ol silly ol FPS Project (that was literally the name) that was pretty much me collecting a buncha assets and throwing them together into one game. I had a bunch of ideas for it that were never gonna happen, like I wanted it to be an online FPS MMO with like fuckin zombies, but with active stat tracking so how many zombies you killed determined how overrun with zombies an area was and!!!!! yeah I didn’t get very far in this project lol, but it was kinda perfect for learning programming. I would try to imitate things in the FPS games I was playing at the time (Halo, COD, L4D2, yeah i was an edgy gamer back in the day)

^this was one of the first screenshots of anything ive worked on in Unity, this is so old. wow yeah 2010.

i cant believe i found screenshots of it 

so terrible ahaha. that shit even had a day & night cycle and it ran like shit. compiler errors for days

At one point it even started becoming this Portal x GMOD hybrid where there were all these puzzles in a very clean, white room, and you could spawn anything by bringing up this menu. Oooh it was bad, but at the time it was actually really cool and impressive haha

So eventually I moved on from this. I was like, “Hey, this is the most aimless, focus lacking project ever. I’m gonna make something with a story.” So, I came up with Stitch in 2012.

Remember that movie 9? that movie from 2009? yeah it was pretty much that, in game form, with different characters and a different story. (I’m actually lowkey proud of it and I wanna eventually bring it back in some way) . There was no way I was finishing such an ambitious project on my own, while I was in highschool, so it ended up just being a buncha art with no gameplay, but there was definitely something there. 

So that’s a brief history on my embarrassing game ideas I had while in highschool!