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you eruri serial killer au is amazing and i beg to see more of it!

>serial AU (I can’t find the original post still…)


Levi eyed the man across his cluttered desk suspiciously. He looked pleasant and easygoing enough, one of their newspapers tucked under his arm. He had filled out the crossword entirely in pen, Levi noted with a sniff; either he was hideously, inanely smart, or had confidence in spades. He wasn’t sure which of the two he would have preferred. 

But, as fortune would have it, the man, who went by Erwin Smith (a generic name if Levi had ever heard one) was willing to open up his home for the Beautiful Homes & Gardens column Levi ran for their little paper. The last person whose home had been scheduled to run in that week’s issue had bailed on them suddenly, without reason, and Levi had been stuck in quite a bind, calling everyone in his contacts list and pinning up flyers on bulletin boards throughout the small town, praying that someone would respond. 

“42 Oak Drive?” Levi asked, reading off the address he had jotted down. Erwin smiled at him, nodding pleasantly. “That’s the white one with green trim right next to Andromeda Park, isn’t it?”

“The very one,” Erwin agreed. His smile, despite looking completely comfortable and natural, had a sort of forced quality to it that set Levi on edge. His hackles bristled, but finding nothing offending about the man, Levi hesitantly penciled in an appointment for a visit the very next day at ten AM. Erwin promised him that he would be there, an eager glint in his eye, and once the door had flapped closed behind him, Levi tried to dispel his worry by taking a jab at the crossword puzzle himself. 

He couldn’t solve it, and the attempts only made him more frustrated. He crumpled the paper into the trash can, and tried to reassure himself that it was just a simple house visit. A few questions about it, the decor, a few snapshots, and that would be it. 

Levi sighed, leaning back in his chair, and almost succeeded in wiping away the anxiety Erwin had sparked in him. 

callout post for ludolefebvre. shes gotten away with things for too long and now i have to reveal all the terrible things about her:

-a dirty canadian
-somehow still in the aph fandom
-posts about eurovision and i never know whats going on
-makes too many makeup swatches
-sometimes reblogs posts in french that i dont understand
-does not meme enough, and when she does its shitposts like mickey’s dick smasher
-i dont remember her full name so i just have her as “megan (tumblr)” in my phone and i always get her confused with the other megan in my contacts
-probably likes weird canadian food

i could go on. i hope this has opened the eyes of some of you


Can there really be an authentic french bistro in the middle of Los Angeles? I think I found it in Jon Shook, Vinny Dotolo, and Ludo Lefebre’s Petit Trois.

It’s found in a strip mall on Melrose and Highland. Almost like its a secret. Well this secret is out and it’s amazing.

I had been so excited to try to even get into this place and was hoping there wouldn’t be a crazy wait. Luckily when we arrived around 7:30 we saw one small group of people standing outside under the old red and yellow Thai restaurant sign. When you approach the 21-seat bistro it looks as if it’s right out of a cozy side street in Paris. Gold gilt writing on the windows, seeing the kitchen right in with the rest of the diners.

It’s tiny but that’s what gives it charm. The marble bar area is filled with French antique bowls and ashtrays which were filled with sliced fruits and flavored sugars for the fun cocktails created for the place.

We didn’t have to wait long but wanted to sit on the bar side facing the kitchen which was where the show was. :) we ended up waiting over half an hour but it was well worth it. The wait staff was so kind letting us know it wouldn’t be longer and kept apologizing for the wait.

So we are seated at the far end of the bar which was great. We started with drinks: sparking Badoit water which my husband thinks is the best, and he had a glass of burgundy and I had a glass of champagne which was served in an old fashioned wide glass. Felt so fancy drinking out of it!

We were given warm crunch baguette which is made in house. It took me back to our honeymoon and it tasted exactly how I remember. The butter was from Normandy. It was seriously the best butter I ever had. Salty and creamy.

We started with two things: a gougere and pork terrine both of which are pictured. I thought the gougere would be hot but it was chilled. It was decent and you could definitely taste the cheese but I don’t think I’d order it again unless it was served hot or warm. Sean chose the pork terrine. The head chef, sadly not any of the three, explained how they prepared this dish. I’ve never really had that in a restaurant. I loved it. I then realized I could ask questions and the chef du cuisine, Sydney, would answer them. Actually anyone on the line would. Anyways they roast a pork shoulder till tender, pull it the take the au jus and make a reduction. Pour everything to a terrine along with herbs, I tasted parsley for sure, salt and pepper then chilled it. It reminded me of aspic talked about in Julia child’s cookbook. It. Was. Amazing. Served with buttery grilled bread, Dijon mustard, and cornishon. Typically I’m a textures person and if they are weird I don’t touch it but I dove right in. Smoky, salty, sweet. And a little spicy from the mustard. Love.

I had steak frites which was so tender and flavorful. Cooked perfectly. It was topped with the onions and consommé from onion soup. Wow. The fries tasted so familiar and I asked if they were fried in beef fat and they were. Took me back to childhood because that’s the way I can remember french fries tasting. I gave Sean many bites in return for a few bites of his omelette. Seriously the most divine I’ve ever had. This is how an omelette should be. Fluffy, soft, pillow like. Creamy too. I watched the chef make it. Stir and stir the pan. You could actually see the eggs puff up. It was served with a light green salad and vinaigrette with a little bite to it.

I loved watching the chef and cooks almost dancing on the line. Talking to each other and we were asked many times how everything was. The service was great.

Would I come back. For sure. Next time for the omelette. @