Lost the raddest little dude yesterday, although I bet he’s still causing trouble. Helped raise this guy for the first years of his life. Please send good vibes and love to @sara_peru , love her and the #ludogram RIP little buddy.

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This past thursday i lost my precious baby to lymphoma. The disease came out of nowhere and hit hard fast. Caused him to be paralyzed from the waist down and put him in intolerable amounts of pain. To some a pet is just a pet, but to me Ludo was my baby and this loss is overwhelming to deal with. The decision to let him go was the worst ill ever have to make and i hope i dont ever have to make again. I would give anything to be able to play with him and force him to cuddle me one more time. Where ever he is i’m sure he’s wreaking havoc and jumpin on castles like the little prince he is. Mommy loves you baby. I miss you more than any amount of words could describe. 

This is how i will remember you. My crazy little monster man. 

Ludo 06.12 - 01.15