Pierce The Veil / Circles / Misadventures

things currently giving me life:

-Pierce The Veil’s new album


-The fourth studio album released by Pierce The Veil

-The album from PTV released on May 13, 2016


-Tracks 1-11 of PTV’S new album Misadventures

-The way Vic says ‘motherfucker’ in Floral & Fading

-Literally only Misadventures

“I’d like to tell you that everything went as planned, but it didn’t. I’d like to tell you that we never lost our way, even when the roads got too dark to see; but we did. I’d like to tell you that there’s an explanation. A reason that everything happened the way that it did; there isn’t. These are our Misadventures.”

Dive In, take a breath, blow the smoke through the hole in my chest. Still choking on the bed, found your waste while the ember red keeps falling down and burning holes. 

Pull the trigger tight and watch our distances explode. If Texas Is Forever, where is your home sweet home?

Pull the plug, I’ll keep on shaking and thrustin’ about your apartment, drowned on the blankets, Floral & Fading

Even with Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed, I can’t run because betrayal won’t come from my enemies. 

Save yourself, don’t ever look back; nowhere to go and so we both spin around in Circles

Today I Saw The Whole World, and I think heaven has a plot to take my life. Listen, I’m the one who made you, I’ll be the one who brings you down. 

We’ll look at the lights, over the atmosphere, eat Gold Medal Ribbon ‘till we die. Up here, it’s self-sabotage, suffocation, and stale taste of blood. 

These stars defy love, so I close my eyes and sleep inside your worn-in Bed outline. And it won’t be long until we drop the match, when I burn to your fingertips, you can throw what’s left.

Isabelle hides so I can find my way, I’d give anything just to surround your dreams. // Isabelle hides, so I can’t find my way. I’d give anything to carry on and one in the same way.