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i know that draco was awful but imo no one was worse than ron. he treated hermione like shit for half of HBP, all because she dared kiss another boy in 4th year. that shit killed any sympathy I had for him. also straight up abandoning Harry and Hermione in Deathly Hallows. sure, he was emotional and sure, he came back...but THAT was not nice.

NO. Do you understand me? N.O.

I’m going to be as clear as possible here -  I love Draco Malfoy to death. He’s my favorite character ever and I will defend him tooth and nail. HOWEVER. there is absolutely no way that you can say that Ron was worse than Draco was to Hermione and Harry. Just the idea is completely ludicrious. Draco was a complete and utter shit to the entire golden trio during pretty much the entire time at Hogwarts. and while that doesn’t make him irredeemable, that fact can’t just be glossed over.

and okay, even though Ron had some weak moments that showed realistic flaws in his character, he was a terrific and loyal friend to both Harry and Hermione. you really aren’t cutting this boy any slack here i mean let me just start to list what he’s done for those two

1. He is one of the first people who likes Harry as a person rather than just as a famous person

2. Helps save Hermione from the troll even after their rocky start of a friendship 

3. Sacrificed himself as a chess piece so Harry could go ahead and save the Stone

4. Continuously defends both Harry and Hermione from Snape and one Draco Malfoy

5. Even when he was mad at Harry for a while in Goblet of Fire , Ron still made sure that Harry got the message about the first task 

6. Let Harry practically join his family with open arms and took him out of the Dursleys house to go to the world cup together

7. His boggart is a spider, and he willingly accompanies Harry to see Aragog featuring hundreds of fucking spiders

8. In Prisoner of Azkaban Ron stares up defiantly from his mangled, broken leg and tells Sirius Black (who he thinks is a murderer at the time) that if he wants Harry, he’ll have to get through his friends first

9. When they are captured he screams at Bellatrix to harm him and let Hermione go

10. He put his life and his families life in danger to follow Harry and Hermione on the horcrux hunt 

11. Ron is what binds Harry and Hermione together and he brings out the best in both of them.

(also one of the reasons that Ron left was because he was under the influence of the horcrux which fed off of his insecurities which were both very human and very realistic and not many of us could say we wouldn’t have felt the same. Yeah it was bad of him to leave, but try to be a little understanding of the amount of stress he was going through. AND he came right back and owned up to his mistakes because thats who he was) 

tbh i love Ron Weasley and would kill to have a best friend like him


Okay this is a really odd request, but would you mind writing an imagine were the reader is really ambitious and goes through a phase were she feels like nothing gets done and he comforts her? Thank you!!!

I did a lot more research for this fic than most but it was fun. Also, if you can catch the reference I will sell you my soul. Just kidding, I don’t have a soul

You walked into one of the only places you felt at home. The library. You had a mountain of books beside you just waiting to be read. You snuggled into a chair and opened the first book. You were s couple chapters in when your friend rushed up to you. 

“Y/N! Where have you been, you promised to help me on an essay for potions” they exclaimed. Of course, how could you have forgotten 

“So sorry, let’s go” 

You give one last look to your books sitting on the table before being dragged away to the common room. 

“Okay, so you’re studying the Draught of Peace correct?” you ask your friend. 

“Yeah, So I have the ingredients down but it’s the uses that I can’t figure out and we’re supposed to write what other uses the ingredients have.This is absolutely ludicrious!” they shout, earning a few stares from other students. 

“Well Moonstone is used in some other love potions, Porcupine quills are used in the cure for boils. This really isn’t difficult” you explain. 

“Easy for you to say, your basically passing ever class” they retort back. You raise your hand in defense. 

“Okay okay, how can I help?” you ask. 

“Look in my book and find the instructions please” the tell you. You pick up their book and start flipping through pages. 

“Okay, then you have to add powdered unicorn horn until the potion turns pink.” you tell them. 

“What step is that?” They ask. 

“11″ you respond. 

You’re still searching through the book when your house quidditch captain, Griffiths, walks through the common room door. 

“L/N! We have practice in 5. Ready?” They call. You jump out of the seat. “Uh Comming”you yell back. 

“I know I promised to help so when I get back ill write some of it for you okay?” You ask. Four friend nods their head and you rush up to your dorm and grab your robe and broom. 

“Ready!” you say breathlessly. 

You walk down to the field. Still trying to remember the other uses for powdered unicorn hair when you crash into someone. 

“I’m so sorry” you say standing up. You look and see Newt. 

“Newt! I haven’t talked to you in ages” you say hugging him. He smiles that typical Newt smile. 

“Hi Y/n, um would you like to catch up maybe?” he asks. 

“Oh I’m so sorry but I have quidditch practice and then I have to help someone write an essay and then I have to finish my own homework. But maybe tomorrow?” you reply in a rushed voice. 

“Y/N!” your captain yells. 

“I’ve got to go but see you later” you yell to Newt before rushing down to the quidditch field. 

“Uh Yeah, See you later” Newt yells back. 

He watches as you sprint towards your teammates. A small frown on his lips, he’s noticed how much you’ve been doing and it worried him. You were one of his first friends but lately, he hasn’t seen you due to your very busy schedule. He decides to just go back to his common room and hope to catch you at dinner. 

“Okay, L/n, we need you to stay low, we’re trying a new technique and you’re our best at scoring on this team” your captain tells you. You set off and follow the quaffle below your teammates. 

“Broadmoor! look out for the bludger!” Griffiths yells. Broadmoor dodges but the bludger comes straight towards you. 

“L/N!” O’Hare, the seeker yelled at you. 

You were lost in thought about your classes and Newt that you didn’t see the bludger until Morgan came chasing after and hit it away from your face. You yelped in surprise and fell off your broom. You gripped it by your hands and struggled to get your feet back on it. You slowly floated to the ground. the rest of your team joined you. 

“Y/n, are you okay? you seem so off. Usually, you’re on top of things” Griffith asks concerned. 

“I’m sorry, I just have a lot going on” you apologize. 

“Go back to your dorm and relax. You clearly have too much on your mind” they tell you.

 “But-” you start to protest

“No buts, we need you with a clear head for the match this weekend” they demand

You sigh and trudge back to your common room. You fall on the small couch in the corner before getting interrupted once again. ]

“Y/n” they say quietly. 

“What” you groan out. 

“We have class. Muggle studies”. You hear them walk away. You roll off the couch and run back up to your dorm and grab your books. 

“Glad you could finally join us Y/n” Professor Quirrell says. 

You put on your best fake smile before sitting down next to Newt. You almost forgot you had this class with him. While most thought it was boring, you thought muggle studies was interesting. You usually took very detailed notes but today you just couldn’t focus. 

“Your homework, will be a 7-inch parchment on muggles newest invention, electricity in homes” Quirrell announces 

“and y/n, please arrive on time next time” he says curtly. 

You nod before dashing out of his class. Newt tries catching up but he watches you run back to your dorm. You sit back in the library. It’s quiet and peaceful, you breathe a sigh of relief. You pull out your friend’s essay and start writing. 

“also, if too much of any ingredient is put in the potion, it could cause the drinker to fall into a deep sleep, possibly one that would be irreversible” you murmur to yourself. 

When you get stressed you tend to say what you write out loud. You glanced at the clock and saw it was dinner. You sighed and looked at the mountain of homework still left. You keep working deciding that missing dinner one day would be fine. 

Newt thought otherwise. He kept looking around the great hall for you. When he couldn’t find you he got curious. He slipped out of dinner and walked to the place he thought you would be. The library. It was virtually empty besides a strong candle light in the corner table. He walked over and saw you scribbling down words on parchment. Your hand cramped and you dropped the quill. 

“Y/n, you need to take a break” he says walking closer and sitting across from you. 

“Newt! why are you here, it’s dinner time?” you ask, going back to writing. 

“I could ask you the same thing” he replies. He sees your hand shaking as you write. He swiftly takes the quill from your hand. 

“Newt! Give that back!” you yell, reaching across the table. 

“Not until you come to dinner with me” he says, holding the quill out of your reach. 

“I can’t, I have way too much work to do” you whine. 

“Y/n, you’re always pushing yourself so hard. Just come to dinner, please” Newt begs. 

“But Newt, I have so much. I have to finish this essay for my friend, then i have my own homework including the essay Quirrell assigned and I have to do well on it because he seems to hate me which by the way I didn’t take sufficient notes on because I was stressed about Quidditch, I have a game soon and I need to practice strategy and I haven’t done anything I need to!” you exclaim resting your head on the table. 

“Oh y/n, you don’t have to do someone else’s essay, it’s not your responsibility and Quirrell doesn’t hate you. I heard he’s just stressed. He might lose his job, a new teacher might replace him. And, you’re the best quidditch player I’ve ever seen. You need rest.” 

Newt says softly as he scoots his chair closer to you. He rests his hand on your back and rubs soothingly. 

“I-I just, i’m always so on it.” you say. 

“I know and that’s amazing but everyone needs a break once in a while love.” Newt says. He stands up and takes out his wand. 

“Come on love, let’s go to dinner” he says reaching out his hand. You look up at Newt who put on puppy dog eyes. 

“Fine, but after dinner. back to Homework” You say taking his hand.

“Mhm” Newt replies. Newt points his wand at your books. 


Your books and papers neatly stack themselves and float into your bag. Newt picks up the bag and takes your hand. 

“Allons-y love!” he says. 

“Allons-y?” you question. 

“Um, it’s french. for Let’s go” he explains. 

You smile at him and start walking. 

“Allons-y Scamander!” you giggle walking towards the great hall. 

Dragging the hufflepuff behind you who has a big smile on his face, satisfied he got you to relax for once. 

I’ve never related to the reader more tbh. Hope y'all liked this one

Ahimsa, Find your Authentic Self

Motherhood has taught me many things especially as a spiritual person but mostly the biggest thing I have learned is never take things for granted because the truth is when you become an adult sometimes even the most simple things are going to be taken from you and you have to just ride the wave in the process. This isn’t always easy to do but you have to step back and see the bigger picture. This is what has helped me understand compassion and selflessness the most. 

For instance basic things can often become a privilege: a long hot shower, a delicious bubble bath, a hot meal, alone time/space to yourself, eatting sweets, SLEEP, clean house, time to work on your creativity, a clear head space, the list can go on…

It used to make me resentful in some ways but what i’ve come to understand is that we take for granted the simplicity. The beauty of simplicity in our everyday lives. Also the reasonablity that many Spiritual figures and idols have a perfect image of how we PROJECT and view spirituality. As if these “holier-than-thou people have never had a negative emotion which is a very ludicrious way to look at spirituality. Life is a series of ebb and flow, there is going to be negative emotion as much as there is going to be positive emotion but we also need to learn “ahimsa”, non-violence towards ourselves, verbally, mentally, spiritually, emotionally. Ahimsa means it is okay if you have negative emotions but you need to accept it and be gentle to yourself in the process. 

No spiritual person is perfect yet many of these people often portray themselves that way as if we are not human capable of emotions. I am a firm believer in authenticity. So while many of us are enlightened or self-realized, we also need to remember we are human. Sorry to break it to you, but you are both positive negative light dark, ego, soul, I’m willing to bet SOMEONE at some point in time has pissed you off, broke your heart, or made it your prerogative to fix them/save the world. We all have RAW EMOTIONS. 

We should never put anyone on a pedestral including ourselves!
I have peaceful profound otherwordly days and I also have very egocentric days usually when i’m sleep deprived/exhausted but i’m still processing that emotion. That is just it. 

Find your authentic self. Accept that negative emotions happen. however it doesn’t mean you need to beat yourself up about it. 
You are not suddenly switched off from awakening, you aren’t off the spiritual path. We are always on the spiritual path. 

Sometimes I have to argue with my stubborn toddler, sometimes I go through the motions, sometimes I cry in the bathroom to just release myself from a bad day and sometimes I literally meditate while doing the laundry lol…it happens but I still benefit from these experiences. They are a part of me. 

Life is going to throw challenges and obstacles your way, that is naturally a part of the flow but when we resent these emotions, when we feel guilt, ashamed, angry or sadness from them, we aren’t accepting the challenges as part of us. This is especially important towards acknowledging the Ego as a teacher rather than a slave to us. The Ego is a catalyst. The lessons is that are you going to impulsive react on emotion or are you going to consciously observe it?

You may have a bad day, but it is okay! You may hate life, you may thing you’re nothing, you may think you’re alone, lonely, that the ascension symptoms are tearing you apart, you be low vibrations one minute, then flying high the next.

But don’t suddenly say that you’re not on the spiritual path or you’re not being true to yourself in that moment which makes you a bad person. I think this type of thinking is underlining self-sabotage and the sad part it is soooo common in the new age community. “he’s too full of ego” i see more than I like…

It is okay to be darkness
It is okay to be the light
It is okay to *feel*

Accept it, be gentle to yourself, but most importantly Stay Authentically You. 
Process emotions. Observe, Accept, Let Go.

This is your reminder from the Universe
Accept being all facets of you
because crystals aren’t created by magic
there is hardness and there is softness
Respect and Accept the Balance
Always <3


In The A | Big Boi ft. Ludicris & T.I.
(h/t matt-t

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The fact that OUaT writers/showrunners have ignored the fact that Regina and Emma have combined magic three times is fucking criminal. Apparently, two of the main characters combining their powers doesn't mean much on a show where MAGIC MATTERS SO VERY MUCH (or am I missing something?). Pardon my outburst. Perhaps I've watched the show too closely...? I suppose I'm looking for commiseration because it's driving me crazy.

Oh, we completely understand, friend. And the simple answer is — you are delusional! *snorts* Sorry, I had to. But that’s just it, it’s easier to call a mass of people delusional for finding that logic and significance in this ‘action-packed’ jumble of inconsistencies — than simply admit that there are only two other possible explanations:

  1. Insipid, unintelligent writing with no plan, construction or logic, no consistency in development or characterisation — nothing but simple catering to the lowest common denominator (Fifty Shades of Twilight mundane GA) and vapid use of currently marketed golden-hen franchises (Frozen, Maleficent) as all they care about is ratings and cash flow.

  1. Blatant queerbaiting (including the latest “entire episode devoted to just that relationship and how they feel about each other” thing?) which again, only for ratings and cashflow, because…


(if you’ll pardon our outburst ;)

Which one IS it then? What do you think?


I don’t want to brag, but I’ll be the best you ever had!

tbh i think that the reason a lot of mras/anti-feminists like to focus on the whole “feminists are made because we are holding doors open for them!!!! and pulling out their chairs!!! isn’t that so ludicrious and laughable!!!11!!” angle is because they don’t actually have any response to the major and serious topics that feminists consistently bring up and get consistently ignored