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The fact that OUaT writers/showrunners have ignored the fact that Regina and Emma have combined magic three times is fucking criminal. Apparently, two of the main characters combining their powers doesn't mean much on a show where MAGIC MATTERS SO VERY MUCH (or am I missing something?). Pardon my outburst. Perhaps I've watched the show too closely...? I suppose I'm looking for commiseration because it's driving me crazy.

Oh, we completely understand, friend. And the simple answer is — you are delusional! *snorts* Sorry, I had to. But that’s just it, it’s easier to call a mass of people delusional for finding that logic and significance in this ‘action-packed’ jumble of inconsistencies — than simply admit that there are only two other possible explanations:

  1. Insipid, unintelligent writing with no plan, construction or logic, no consistency in development or characterisation — nothing but simple catering to the lowest common denominator (Fifty Shades of Twilight mundane GA) and vapid use of currently marketed golden-hen franchises (Frozen, Maleficent) as all they care about is ratings and cash flow.

  1. Blatant queerbaiting (including the latest “entire episode devoted to just that relationship and how they feel about each other” thing?) which again, only for ratings and cashflow, because…


(if you’ll pardon our outburst ;)

Which one IS it then? What do you think?


I don’t want to brag, but I’ll be the best you ever had!

tbh i think that the reason a lot of mras/anti-feminists like to focus on the whole “feminists are made because we are holding doors open for them!!!! and pulling out their chairs!!! isn’t that so ludicrious and laughable!!!11!!” angle is because they don’t actually have any response to the major and serious topics that feminists consistently bring up and get consistently ignored 

i’m so tired y'all. i’m so tired of the self indulgent discourse around protest voting. ok so hillary wasn’t your first choice, i get it, but from where i stand she’s now the ONLY choice. the only choice that doesn’t lead to the possibility of roe v wade being overturned, obamacare rolled back, the attempt to deport or imprison millions of people based on their religion or skin color. the only choice if we hope to keep fighting for victims of sexual assault, to keep marriage equality, for equal pay, for paid family leave. you want to vote third party? cool. it must be nice to be able to vote from a place of privlige and not fear. fear that your basic human rights will be infringed upon because one of two things is going to happen on november 8th. either hillary will become president or trump will. a third party candidate is not going to win. it’s that simple. we’ve talked about it and talked about it and if you don’t realize that by now idek how to convince you. if you do realize it and choose to throw away your vote…idek how you can rationalize that.

it’s a luxery to be able to vote from that place of privlige. so at the very least recognize your privlige and also recognize the fact that there are millions of us in this country that will no longer be safe if hillary loses because you “vote your conscience”.

I miss when Nicki used to do her characters. People acted like they couldn’t relate to them when she did them, but love Slim Shady and K. Dot. Hell, y'all loved Ludicris’ ass. Y'all love all 3 of them niggas doing characters and more, but you suddenly can’t relate when it’s a woman doing them.

i absolutely despise clinton, but the idea that you should therefore back trump is so ludicrious. the man is beyond reprehensible, vile, arrogant, and lacks any knowledge or foresight that would be required to have even the slightest positive impact upon the world, in any context.

he is a populist who eagerly courts fascists and white supremacists, and whose only goals are to feed his own ego and utilize his power to increase his net worth. the man has always been, and always will be, a waste of oxygen and a pathetic excuse for a human being.