So…a boy from my class saw this photo of Luhan on my phonescreen and asked me :”Who’s that girl?” I told him that he’s a boy and he replied:”He is so gay and he looks very girly!!Why do you even like him?!?!?” I wanted to prove him that he really is a boy and he doesn’t look that girly using this app

but something went wrong…

and I though that there is something in the photo so I chose another one MORE MANLY


You Are Not Alone (Luhan drabble)

Idol: Luhan

Type: Fluff

Word count: 686

A/N: Even though requests are closed, my friend who’s been feeling a little bit down latetly asked for a oneshot, and I just want her to feel better, so here it is. Im sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted but I still hope you like it.

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It was just another “one of those days”… I went to school and did an stupid test I had no idea about. I didn’t know how did it go, and tbh, I didn’t even care that much considering how stressed school and life itself had had me lately.

Luhan, my boyfriend called me to see if I wanted to hang out for a while but I was not in the mood, I just wanted a little time for myself, so I could relax a bit.

I decided to go to the park of my neighborhood. It was a cold kind of rainy day so there were no children playing, the whole place was empty which was perfect for my main purpose of having some time alone. I sat down in one of the park benches with my gaze lost in the horizon.

After a while I felt something on my shoulder and then I realized it wasn’t something but someone poking me, it was a guy I knew well. I didn’t even need to look at him, his scent was enough for me to know it was him.

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[LuMin/XiuHan] “UNFAIR” Song



LOL YOU TWO ’RE SO UNFAIR  (/¯◡ ‿ ◡)/¯ ~ ┻━┻ 

When I read the lyrics, I wonder if the song-writer want to reveal Xiuhan story.

“When you smile at me like that
it’s so hard for me to pretend like it’s nothing”

we all know about Luhan’s special gaze with Minseok

and how precious smile Minseok gave Luhan only

“I bet if my friends saw me they’d curse me out,
seeing me act and talk like this”

When they were together, it was their own world and no need anyone else

So let’s talk about their same age ‘chingu’ Galaxy style Yifan instead muahahaha

Someone please give him a spaceship to get off this fu*king sweetie couple and return his mother planet~

“Pulling me in and letting me go
while I’m just getting more and more lost in you
is just so cruel”

He ‘s so serious

don’t flirt, don’t play that deer Minseok ah!!!

“I think my trembling will let you know more clearly than any words could.
Nothing else is important.

“As time passes I’m just calling you again”

Ofcourse it have to be Minseok, just Minseok

“I know this is strange,
but don’t talk back and just listen to me”

“Am I just selfish? (What do you think?)
Is me wanting to be the only one to see
your eyes and nose and lips greedy of me?”

Yeah, only look at him

only hug him

only kiss him

only choose him

only love him

“…be my love,
we’ve had coffee together every day (my baby, yeah)”

“…be my love,
we talked on the phone a long time each night”

“It’s about time for you to fall for me”

“oh baby, falling,  let’s fall in love”.

I also found the perfect match between some lines of songs EXO - Sing For You, On The Snow and Lu Han - Our Tomorrow, Promise,… I hope someone could mash up the songs, Your Song & Sing For You (”Babe it’s your songgg~” - “I’ll sing for youuu..~”), or On The Snow & Our Tomorrow - Promise, Unfair & Deep,… or all of them. It’s must be beautiful melody.

Manly laundry (Luhan Imagine)

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Summary: Luhan goes to your apartment to help you do the laundry, how bad could it be?

Idol: Luhan

Type: fluff

Words: 1243

It was Saturday so that meant you had to do the house work in your flat like every single weekend. You hated it but since you had no money to pay someone who did it for you, it seemed like you had no choice but doing it yourself.
You were almost done when you heard the door bell ring. You ran to see who was behind the door, and your heart stopped for a second when you saw Luhan as you opened.
He had that familiar perfect sweet smile of his on his face. That face you hadn’t seen in months since he moved back to China. Of course you were still close (if you could call it that) but it wasn’t the same just talking on the phone by text messages, or those shorts video calls that were never long enough for your liking. Sometimes it could be days or even weeks when you two wouldn’t talk at all, and that made your heart ache like you’ve been stabbed.
But who were you to complain? In the end, you were “just friends”. You hated to admit that but that was it. You were so into him since the day that you’ve met, but he always seemed to have eyes for every girl on the planet but you.

Actually, you could even think he was more into his friends Sehun and Xiumin, than you. But once again, as he wasn’t yours, you shouldn’t complain about it. Or at least that’s what you tried to make your heart understand (although it wasn’t working at all).

- Oh well… I gotta admit I was hoping for a little more excitement from you- he said still smiling as he realised you were just frozen in front of the door staring at him with your eyes wide opened.
You giggled a little and rushed to hug him.
- I… I just can’t believe this! What are you doing here?- you asked while hugging him so hard you could bet he wasn’t breathing.
- I had some business to do in the city so, here I am.
- Why didn’t you just tell me?! I’m such a mess right now. Doing the housework and stuff… I’m still on my pj’s.
- I wanted it to be a surprise.
- It worked though- you said letting go of him. - Come in.

As soon as he entered to the apartment you two started catching up with everything you’ve missed those last months, laughing to death like you used to before he left.

You missed everything about him. His laugh, the way he could be amused with anything, his voice… Damn, how much you’ve missed his voice. You couldn’t help but stare like A LOT when he spoke, like you wanted to save every single detail of his beautiful face for when he was gone once more.

He was so into the story he was talking about that he couldn’t even tell what you where doing (which was great because the last thing you needed was him noticing you were in love with him).
After a long silence you didn’t notice he spoke again.

- Hey, are you okay?- he asked a little concerned.
-Sure- you cleared your throat - Why?
- You seem a little off…
- Not at all. I’m just a little tired. That’s it.
- Would you like to go out and get something to eat?
- I can’t… Gotta do the laundry. If I don’t do it now, I won’t have anything to wear next week.
- Wow… What a dirty lady we have here- he teased you.
- Shut up, Luhan!- you said punching him jokingly - I really need to get this done.
- Let me help you, then.
- What? Do the laundry?- you bluffed.
- Yes, what’s so funny about it?
- Nothing… It’s just that, that’s soooo manly, you know?- you said laughing your ass off.
- Shut up! Imma show you how a real man does the laundry.
- Okay, then. Make me proud, Deer!
- I will.

You let him go to the little room where the washing machine was so he could do his own business while you took a shower and got dressed, you were not going anywhere on your pj’s.
Once you were ready you went downstairs to look for him. Why was he taking so long? You didn’t have that much clothes anyways.
When you opened the door, your jaw crashed with the floor. The whole room was full of soap foam, and there was and scared and wet from head to toe Luhan trying to contain the foam that was still coming out the washing machine.

- What the hell, Luhan?- you yelled at him trying to look pissed when in reality you loved how cute he looked all full of soap.
- It seems like in China you need more soap to wash your clothes than you do here…- he said with an ashamed smile - Sorry? - he said  staring at you with puppy eyes. How could you even get mad at him?
- I don’t like the way “real men” do laundry - you finally said unable to contain your laughter.
He walked straight to you and hugged you so tight getting you all wet and full of soap just like him.
- Hey! I had just changed!
- What a shame- he said hugging you again.

You didn’t wanna let go of his grip but that was war, so you two started fighting with the soap foam, running after each other in that small room. You filled his hair with soap and he threw some water on your back, which made you even more desperate for revenge.

“Now this is personal…” you said and you kept on fighting  until you both slipped and fell on the floor, with him on the top of you.

This time you noticed he was the one staring at you, minutes felt like years and you just wanted to stop time and stay like that forever. Feeling his body against yours.

- Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?- he asked. And you had no idea if that was even real. Why would he say something like that to you. - Even all covered with soap- he said chuckling.

- What?… What are you talking about?- you said with an awkward laugh.

- People say I talk too much. Let me just fix that.

He smiled, still staring at you and you felt he could see straight through your soul. He leaned in crushing softly his lips with yours.

At first you were so confused, even though this was the moment you’ve been dreaming of for so long, you didn’t think it was going to be like this, so out of nowhere. But as he gently put his hands on your cheeks, you didn’t even care anymore.

You kissed him back running your hands through his soapy hair which still felt so soft, and deepened the kiss even more feeling like fireworks just exploded inside that small room.

As you stopped, both smiling like crazy he said:
- I’m so glad my surprise worked the way I planned. I had been thinking of doing this for so long- he said as you saw his cheeks on fire.
- Now I do like this manly laundry thing- you replied by kissing him again.

A/N:  Okay. This is my first imagine ever, so I hope it’s not as trashy as I think. I hope you liked it ^^ Feel free to request any other scenario/imagine/reaction/text or whatever. 

  • Xiumin: hm idk if I'm feeling this nude eyeshadow
  • Stylist: but you look good in nude eyeshadow
  • *Luhan bursts into the room*
  • *pushes stylist out the way*
Luhan winning Sehun’s heart like...

Luhan: Sehun, come over.

Sehun: Can’t. I’m filming some Teletubbies’ shit.

Luhan: My parents aren’t home.

Sehun: Told you I can’t.

Luhan: I have bubble tea…


Luhan - Security (Wolf!Au) -Part 2

     Y/N was finishing making a new bandage, Luhan could be able to heal quickly, but Y/N couldn’t. She wanted to go home, but Luhan persuaded her to stay at least until her wounds heal.

     And those days were the craziest of her life, Luhan told her that she was his mate, Y/N just couldn’t believe people were meant to meet even before birth. Sure, why not? Luhan was kind to her and he seemed nice, but Y/N didn’t know if she could trust him.

    Better saying, she didn’t want to trust him.

    Y/N didn’t have many good experiences in relationships in the past, but her heart said, “but he seems so nice” but her mind insisted on “Remember what happened last time”

    Y/N looked at her reflection and she saw that most of the injuries were already in good condition, she decided she needed to continue her life. So she took her things and went downstairs, Luhan was in the kitchen with some of his brothers that Y/N also met.

    She said nothing, she just wanted to disappear, she continued walking, but when she heard the sound of a spoon hitting a plate, she knew it wouldn’t be so easy. They were outside the house, the bright sun made Luhan seems like an angel

    “Where are you going?” Asked Luhan.

    “Home” she said continuing to walk.

    Luhan placed himself in front of Y/N, blocking the passage, Y/N sighed audibly, she was starting to get annoyed

    “Luhan, please, if you don’t mind, I …” said her

    “I do mind” he said “Please, Y/N, stay here”

    Y/N looked deep into Luhan’s black and pearly eyes, she was frustrated, why everything about him had to be so perfect? The way his hair was right after he wakes up, his sweet eyes, beautiful smile … Y/N tried to get back to reality and not to be swayed by a pretty face.

    Luhan came closer, Y/N froze, her heart was beating fast, she was waiting to see what he would do. Luhan inhaled her scent and smiled.

    “You like me, don’t try to deny it, I can feel it in your scent” he said.

    Y/N laughed, she still thought he was teasing her.

   "Oh yeah, nice power, I want to be Superman,“ she said. 

   Luhan looked at Y/N, he looked sad, or even disappointed.

   "You don’t believe me, do you?” He asked

   "No" she answered

   Luhan and Y/N stood there for a while, Luhan couldn’t believe, after everything he told her, she still didn’t believe him. He told about the mating thing and the fact that he had found his mate on her and no one else and he never could find his mate in anyone else again.

    It was her, only her, his mate, Y/N.

    Luhan thought of some way to make her believe, then he slowly approached her, feeling her breath making his skin crawl and stroked her face. Then Luhan kissed her, lips touching and it was as if an electric current went through Y/N.

     Y/N felt something she had never felt before, a feeling so good, as if she had finally found her peace, her place. The kiss managed to convey a little of what Luhan meant, Y/N could feel his huge love and how much she meant to him.

     Y/N broke the kiss, it was too much for her, her mind flooded with everything she felt and mixed with what Luhan was feeling, it was like she was going to explode.

     Luhan looked at  Y/N like he was amazed and maybe a little hopeful.

    “Luhan, I …” tried Y/N.

    Luhan expected her to say everything he wanted to hear, but instead he had a surprise.

    “Sorry, but I need to leave,” she said.

    “Why?” He said confused “I thought you felt that too”

     "And I felt, I felt it" She said “Luhan, you are a great guy, but we cann’t be together”

     "Why not?“ He asked

     "You’ll break my heart!” She said

    “I would never do that!” He said

    “Prove it!” She said

     "I’ll prove it to you" he said kissing her again


♤ pretty ludeer
♤ not even kidding
♤ how does he manage
♤ like with a full face of makeup i’ll never be that pretty
♤ that’s it i accepted my fate i’m so done right now
♤ crying because hOW ARE YOU
♤ natural beauty
♤ please just let me live
♤ when luhan wears makeup the world cries
♤ cough miss universe cough luhan cough 

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♤ luhan + xiaotong = cUTE COUPLE
♤ legit visual couple
♤ hella visual couple
♤ i’m not even gonna say he’s as pretty as her bc comparing isn’t nice
♤ also damn he got a nice girly she’s so nice :)))
♤ bitch i swear he’s finally happy now
♤ this boy like
♤ also he’s a cutie okay

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♤ and you can call me stupid or young or whatever but
♤ hunhan was one of the biggest blessings the world has been given
♤ like yeah it might not be your thing BUT
♤ it’s cute
♤ and it’s true
♤ fucking cute
♤ they look like avocados on toast which is minseok THREESOME
♤ they’re on minseok and i’m done this part i’m so done

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♤ he’s so pretty
♤ why 
♤ how
♤ confusing
♤ why is he so just
♤ H OW
♤ honestly how are
♤ i have no words
♤ he’s so fucking pretty that can’t i properly spell
♤ bitch how let me be as pRETTY AS YOU

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♤ i think that luhan + tao interactions are the softest
♤ like commenting for birthdays
♤ cute
♤ how cute
♤ tbh luhan looks cute w anyone
♤ esp yixing
♤ he and yixing
♤ don’t you fucking say layhan is dead
♤ it isn’t and you know it okay

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♤ how does he manage to be so cute
♤ i know you’ve heard this 190382094810948109 times but hear me out
♤ dude that’s beautiful
♤ okay also all exo members are beautiful kids but
♤ this kid in particular
♤ w ow
♤ let me be as pretty as him
♤ please
♤ my only wish
♤ in life is to be beautiful as luhan

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♤ i swear luhan can be shipped w anyone
♤ anyone in exo
♤ anyone in bts
♤ anyone in got7
♤ idc he’s just 
♤ also xiuhan anyone?????
♤ it’s the softest thing ever
♤ crying they’re so cute
♤ cries
♤ i like watching luhan be pervy and m and minseok brings out those qualities

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♤ luhan is everyone’s ot12 biaswrecker
♤ could you fucking not
♤ also luhan was everyone’s first bias
♤ stop it lu
♤ it’s true though
♤ how could you not like this mAN
♤ not even gonna make manly jokes bc i’m not eight anymore
♤ fucking stop it stop stop stop it
♤ sometimes i feel pissed bc sTOP 

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♤ this fucker never ages
♤ i swear
♤ like y’all talking abt sehun growing up too fast
♤ and i’m just here like
♤ nope sorry can’t relate
♤ like bITCH STOP
♤ luhan just makes me angry
♤ all the time
♤ talking about him nope it’ll piss me off bc i can’t make fun of him

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♤ i feel like luhan and ot12 memories triggers a lot of people
♤ so i won’t touch on that for the sake of your sad eye tears
♤ but i’ll just say that luhan in miracles in december made my mum cry
♤ that’s how sad everyone is
♤ also i’m sad bc he derps like a lot ??????
♤ looks like whenever he meets up with yixing it’s like yo u got the drugs man ??
♤ jfc i swear he’ll eventually be like YIXING SOLD ME DRUGS
♤ everyone in exo is on yixing’s drugs okay luhan was the first victim
♤ anyways all in all luhan is perfect end of story
♤ i just wrote about my first biaswrecker uggggggggggggggg