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I reached 600 followers….which is something I could never really imagine. Wow. I joined tumblr for a couple of years now actually but never really bothered to do anything about it other than reblogging anything that I like.

I was a lonely girl back then. sobs. But now (in March), thanks to a friend, everything changed. I started to learn photoshop and decided to post up my first gif. Everything just sorta rolled over from there. I got addicted to photoshop and I can’t stop making one gif after another. ;~; lmao

Then come in the best part, people started talking to me. I always have this crazy little problem where I am just too afraid to talk to people. I started getting these weird ideas in my head that just tells me that everyone hates me and everything I do is crap. And you are all so amazing. Beautiful themes, beautiful graphics and beautiful personalities, which is something that I don’t think I can match up to. 

I was so happy because I finally have friends in tumblr. I finally have people that I can proudly proclaim THAT BITCH IS MY WIFE, THAT BEAUTIFUL PERSON IS MY LOVER, THAT GIRL OVER THERE WITH THAT CLOUD BLOG IS MY HUSBAND. YOU ARE ALL PART OF MY HAREM AND I AM PART OF ALL OF YOURS OMG. 

You are my family, even if you don’t follow me or have a grudge on me or something, you are still part of my experience here in tumblr. I love everyone of my followers and everyone I follow. 

But these people who I am listing here are my friends, my family, my harem, my mentors and my inspirations. I love you all. 

I really do.

Thank you for this amazing experience. We may not talked much or we didn't even talk at all but thank you so much for all the perfection you guys are. forgive little old shameless me for calling you my friend buttt

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I think I got everyone down to pat. LOL /moodspoiler. I am pretty certain this list will grow even bigger than before. I am certain of it. This is just the start of something new. So don’t be mad at me if you aren’t on this list. :( I still love you all equally.

Thank you. :)

lucentezza replied to your post: Officially going on a hiatus…

good luck!!! ♥♥♥

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pokkichu replied to your post: Officially going on a hiatus…

;w; kill those exams!

lucyora replied to your post: Officially going on a hiatus…

Good luck on your exams! I know how you feel. ):

thank you so much guys!

alright i got to go. see you guys in a month or so. ;~;