Oh wow, I mean I did a series before PLL that went for a year and I did a series before that, and I’ve done four or five pilots that we shot that just never got picked up… So a total in my life of auditions… I mean thousands, there are so just so many you start losing track! But it’s fun - I enjoy the auditioning process. I love reading material and I love going in and trying new things but there’s a whole story before PLL that people don’t even know about me; I’ve pretty much been working and supporting myself since I was 15. I booked PLL when I was 20, so it’s been a steady incline since then.


I don’t think young girls are told enough that what makes you different is what makes you cool. I didn’t really feel that way when I was younger and had big eyebrows and braces, but that’s unconventionally beautiful. And I wish girls could embrace their quirks a little more, because I’ve always thought that the stranger-looking people are the most beautiful, and most confident. Plus, I think it would be boring if we all looked the same.