So, who wants Comic Con swag!?

Patsy and I got a lot, so we’re piling up what we don’t want (along with a few other things, maybe) and putting it in a giveaway bag.

Hope you’re ready, guys! It’s going to be good.

It’s almost that time of year again, folks.

As previously mentioned a few months ago, I’ll be going to San Diego Comic Con once again this year. While I’m there, I’ll be posting pictures on my instagram and will be tweeting as well.

All instagram posts will be tagged with #lucyatsdcc and #sdcc if you want to either follow along or blacklist them.

And I guess if you have any requests about what you wanna see (on the floor), let me known and I’ll see what I can do. I’ll be posting my schedule for panels and such when the official schedule comes out this week (at least I hope it comes out this week.)

Also, for those going to SDCC and watch Hannibal/are going to the Hannibal panel, WE SHOULD MAKE SIGNS THAT SAY #SAVEHANNIBAL.

Everyone interested, say aye.


HELL YA SON!!!!!!!!!! #HallH #SDCC #lucyatsdcc