“We don’t have the perfect relationship, sometimes we can’t comunicate properly, and I’m a horrible sister. You get all the shots, while I’m a lying piece of shit. But I love you, Lucy, and I’m trying. I swear, I’m trying to be a better sister, a better person, or at least to be honest. And I’m not trying for father, for mum, or anybody else. I’m trying for you.

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Woah! The epilog takes place this year! That's so cool! Do you have any thoughts on the kids that you'd like to share in honor of that?

I know! Pretty soon it will really be nineteen years later, and we’ll still be here with Harry <3 Sometimes I think about this fandom and I’m so blown away by the depth and breadth and everything we’ve accomplished. I’m so proud to be a part of the Harry Potter generation. I asked my cousins who I rarely see today what Hogwarts house they’re in, and even though they’re ten years younger than me and very shy - we got to bond over this thing. This series when I was nine and it’s my whole life now. 

You asked for some thoughts on the kids, so here’s ten little headcanons :) 

1. Teddy’s favorite person in the whole world is Harry - he idolizes Harry…but not in a “Chosen One” way, more like a father figure whose hair is really cool and casts a patronus for me when he reads bedtime stories way. 

2. Molly and Lucy are twins - Percy was very worried about breaking it to George that he would be the one with the family’s next set of twins. George cried, but ultimately hugged Percy and said he hoped these two would be better to him than he and Fred had been. 

3. Gabrielle is the best aunt ever, not only to Fleur’s three kids, but to all the Weasley bunch. 

4. Myrna and Rhea, Dudley’s daughters, know the Potter kids fairly well - but it isn’t until Myrna enters Hogwarts the same year as Lily that they become friends. 

5. Rose and Hugo are best friends, not unlike their dad and Aunt Ginny. The Weasley-Potters aren’t as close with each other. 

6. When Albus haltingly comes out to Harry and Ginny his fourth year, they tell him they love him, and Ginny asks wryly if he wants her to invite the Malfoys for Christmas Eve. 

7. Neville and Hannah never have kids of their own, but they both consider their students at Hogwarts to be their own. They - especially Hannah, up in the infirmary - see quite a bit of the Weasley brood, both in and out of school. 

8. Ginny was so happy that Harry agreed to let her call their first daughter after her ex-girlfriend, she gave him free reign over their second kid’s name. 

9. Angelina cried each time one of her niblings left for Hogwarts for the first time - when it was little Freddie’s turn, she almost couldn’t let go of him long enough to let him on the train. George convinced her by whispering in her ear that all he thinks they should have another baby.

10. Easter when the kids are little is taken very seriously - Charlie hosts it at the ranch every year, and hides hundreds of eggs for all his niblings. 


Harry Potter Series: Lucy Weasley

Lucy is of Latin origin and it’s meaning is “light”. Feminine form of Lucius; vernacular form of Lucia. The feast day of Saint Lucy (fourth century), patroness of sight, is called the Festival of Light in Sweden. Lucy can also be short for Lucille.

Molly Xifeng Weasley & Lucretia “Lucy” Eun-Kyung Weasley

“Molly is a Curse-Breaker and freelance Metal Charmer, in Egypt. My youngest Lucy is studying dragons in Peru!”

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Freya Mavor as Victoire Weasley
KJ Apa as James Potter II
Sophie Skelton as Lily Potter II
Crystal Reed as Lucy Weasley
Dudley O'shaughnessy as Fred Weasley II
Bridget Satterlee as Dominique Weasley
Max Irons as Teddy Lupin
Sam Heughan as Hugo Weasley
Alisha Boe as Roxanne Weasley

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“the scar had not pained harry for nineteen years. all was well.”

( james, albus & lily - half black; rose & hugo - half black; victoire, dominique & louis - half korean; fred & roxanne - half black; molly & lucy - half indian; scorpius & teddy - chinese; lysander & lorcan - filipino )

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