It was a miracle that we met in a corner of this endless world
I won’t forget, not now, not ever... (x)

Nalu Week (2015) Day 2: Gratitude

nalu week day 2: gratitude

Just a really quick first meeting AU thing. Thank mslead for the inspiration ;)

With a critical last look into the big mirror, Lucy ridded herself of the remaining bit of clothing covering her body and stepped into the running shower.

The day couldn’t get much worse.

The only thing that was missing was an unfortunate step that would send her flying onto the slippery shower tiles, leaving her with a broken bone and no one around to hear her screams. When nothing of the sort happened, she was almost surprised.

Holding her face beneath the stream, Lucy let the sounds of gurgling water drown out everything around her. She didn’t know how long she stood like this, losing her sense of time as she focused of the sensation of hot water running down her tired body.

“ If I should staaaaay….”

Lucy snapped out of her little reverie when a loud voice hollered through the tiles. In disbelief, she turned her head to the wall, that stood as stubborn and solid as ever. But not thick enough to stop the sounds from the apartment next door from coming through, apparently. Now that she concentrated, she could make out water running on the other side aswell, mingling with her own shower.

This had to be… her neighbour?

His voice was deep, loud, emotional - and definitely out of tune.

And was he singing Whitney Houston?!

“I would only be in your waaaaay. So I’ll go, but I know - I’ll think of you every step of the waaaay.”

His voice even broke on the emotional parts. Lucy couldn’t help it - she started laughing, alone under her shower. The first time on that stupid, dreary day. 

The sound must have made it over to her unsuspecting entertainer, because suddenly he interrupted himself.

“Hello?” he called, confusion clear in his voice. When he was not singing, Lucy decided, she liked it even more. It was a little rough, even scratchy as he raised it.”

For a short moment, one which her heart gave a leap, Lucy considered remaining silent. But she had been missing some social interaction all day, and it was already bad, so she would take the risk of making it worse - or infinitely better.  

“Oh my god,” she called back, certain she would reach him, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. Just– uh. Continue?”

For a moment it remained quiet, with only the sound of falling water keeping her company. But then, to her infinite relief, he spoke again.

“Aw, you gotta join in then!”


“You heard me! We gotta do it together or it won’t be fair!”

“Uhh.. I - I guess!” she called back, asking herself what the hell she was agreeing to, and what in all the worlds she was doing in the first place.

Having a casual conversation through her apartment wall. With a stranger.

Maybe she had been wrong.

Maybe her day could get better.

Sudden gratitude flooded her; gratitude for a faceless singer with a weakness for emotional love songs. Lucy smiled.

He apparently decided to take the first step, because now his voice came booming back at full force.

“Aaaaaannnddd IIII will alwaaayyyys….”

“…looooveeee…” she joined in, unable to stop a massive grin from working onto her face. She didn’t even care that she probably sounded even worse than him. She giggled at the thought that she was about to confess her “love” to a man she knew nothing about.

“y-” she began, but was suddenly cut short.

“Fooooooood!” he all but screamed, voice cracking at the highest tone.

Lucy lost it. 

She started laughing, accidentally swallowing some water, but unable to even care about her coughing. She laughed until her chest ached in the best of ways, resting a hand against the cool tiles to stabilize her shaking limbs. Only when she started to gasp for breath did her laughter slowly die down, reduced to small guffaws.

“Yo,” her mystery man called, “You okay?”

“Couldn’t be better!” she answered, and suddenly realized that she really meant it. He had sung the sadness and frustration out of her like it was nothing. Wiping some dripping strands of hair out of her face, she smiled. “Thankyou.”

Her tone must have changed considerably, because he remained silent for a bit. But not for long.

“Wanna come over?” he sounded a little unsure all of a sudden. “I made too much pasta and, uh, if you want… I’m a little bored right now.”

Lucy’s grin almost reached her ears. 

She couldn’t wait to find out what her dedicated shower performer with the deep voice looked like. Or, she thought with a little mischief, if he could cook.

Either way, her day would end infinitely better than it had started, she was sure. She felt the sudden overwhelming urge to thank him.

“Give me five minutes.”

yknow how we all used to be like ‘NOOOOONoNOOOOooooNOOOO DONT LISTEN TO UNRELEASED SONGS TAYLOR WOULDNT LIKE IT!!!!!1!!1!!!’ and we would all just secretly listen to them? when did that die or did we all just hit late 2012 and unanimously go ‘lmao naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah’ and start screaming them from the rooftops 

Day 2: Gratitude

Fluffy AU: Lucy begs Natsu to go with her father’s annual business ball.

“Natsu, pleasseee?!” Lucy begged, grappling onto his muffler.

“Lu-cy!” He tried to tug it out of her grip, “Let go!”

“Not until you say yes!” She pulled even tighter.

“Choking…me…” he breathed tightly.

She blushed and immediately loosened her grip.

“Can’t you ask someone else?” Natsu exasperated, gazing into her doe brown eyes. She was making this so difficult…

Lucy let go of his muffler and shyly looked away, “I don’t want to ask anyone else…”

Natsu let out a choking noise before saying, “Fi-fine, I’ll go with you—”

“OHMYGOD, THANK YOU, NATSU!” She squealed, throwing her arms tightly around him for a hug.

“Don’t mention it,” Natsu blushed, not returning the hug.

Lucy pulled away, not seeming to care that he didn’t hug back.

“See you tomorrow night then!” She gleamed. “Remember to be at my place by seven and wear a tux.”

And then she dashed off.

“What did I just agree to?” Natsu rubbed his temples.

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nxtsxdrxgnxxl asked:

"I'm gonna be sick."

Lucy shook her head as she looked at her best friend,“Why’d you eat it? It was obvious that the meat had gone bad!” The blonde exclaimed as she got him a glass of water as she threw away the remaining food. Some meat had gone unnoticed in the back of her fridge for a while and gone bad, though a certain pink-haired dragon slayer found it and decided to eat it.


“End of line, eh? I will just gonna die here? Maybe I deserve it. Without money, without clothes, heh… Without a place to call home, without Jenny… Only laments for stars? Hahahaha, what is my problem… I’m such a fail. I wished so many things, battled for all of them and that’s all I got, the worst death, without anyone knowing my name. And Jenny, my little girl… I wondering if she’s safe now… Just only one right thing in my entire life. I’ll just close my eyes and wait for the better, like always.”

“Wait for the “better”, huh? Sometimes you just don’t look like a pirate, Lucy.”

ftcrackshipper asked:

Rogue Cheney from Fairy Tail please


Sexuality Headcanon: Bisexual, slightly more attracted to males than females.
Gender Headcanon: Male
A ship I have with said character: Sting/Rogue and Lucy/Rogue 
A BROTP I have with said character: Rogue/Gajeel
A NOTP I have with said character: Rogue/Minerva and Rogue/Yukino in equal parts
A random headcanon: He and Sting are like the best pranksters ever.  Rogue BECOMES ONE WITH THE SHADOWS, plants the prank, and the gets back just in time to see hell unravel upon the poor victim.  Sting cheerfully takes the blame, nobody ever suspects Rogue, and thus the cycle continues.
General Opinion over said character: HE’S MY BABY.  I was okay with him during the Games, mostly because you could see him trying to keep Sting in line, and he didn’t laugh when Lucy was tortured (he looked kind of disgusted by Minerva if anything), so you could tell he was a gentleman if anything.  THEN CAME FUTURE ROGUE AND ROGUE LOOKED SO HORRIFIED BY WHAT HE COULD BECOME I JUST.  I CAN’T.  He’s such a precious dorky dork, he’s totally head over heels for Sting let’s be real here, and he’s such a proud dad to Frosch it’s fucking amazing.  Literally, Rogue is an angel.

A Series of Mostly Unfortunate Events

Nalu week day zero (ie I’m too lazy cool for writing prompts)

AN: This was inspired by a prompt I saw somewhere on tumblr, but when I started writing it quickly grew into a monster that was nothing like what its creator intended for it to be.

Sorry about that.


Lucy sighed, tapping her foot and looking at her watch for the umpteenth time in the past ten minutes. No, like the last time she had checked, time still hadn’t suddenly decided to move at light speed, and it was still a quarter to twelve.

She sighed again, louder this time, and earned herself a few dirty looks from the people standing behind her. It wasn’t like it was her fault that the stupid fat asshole in front of her had noticed that they were selling cream eggs at seven for the price of three and had decided to buy every single one in the entire store.

Every single fucking one.

The poor cashier, who had been forced to count them all of them by herself, was starting to look more than just slightly flustered at the obvious irritation of the eight or so people in the queue, but Lucy just couldn’t bring herself to care.

Not at eleven forty five pm, when she had to be back at her dorm in fifteen minutes or else she would be locked out for the night because of that god forsaken curfew.

Finally the man in front of her was finished and Lucy was able to be served. The cashier was extremely quick at buzzing her stuff through and Lucy suspected that this was because she she didn’t want to annoy the others in the line any more than they already were.

Lucy once again checked her watch as she went to leave the building, only to discover that she only had seven minutes to reach a building that happened to be a ten minute walk away.

And, to make matters worse, it was raining.

Actually it was a lot more then just raining. Lucy stuck her hand out and quickly withdrew it again when she felt golf ball sized drops of water hitting it in a furious pelt. She glanced out the door and discovered that she could bearly see ten feet in front of her due to the rain being so heavy. How the hell was she going to make it back to the dorm in time like this?

She smiled. It was lucky that she had brought her umbrella with her.

Lucy reached into her bag and drew out the aforementioned object, pushing it up and preparing herself to leave the shelter of the supermarket. She stepped out cautiously, both hands clutching tightly on to her umbrella, only to promptly dicover that she had walked right into the path of someone else.

The body of the other person slammed into her, and Lucy let go of her umbrella in suprise and found herself falling back back towards the main road, unable to find any grip on the slippery pavement below.

A hand reached out and grabbed her wrist, steadying her and pulling her to safety.

“I’m so so sorry,” Lucy gushed, temporarily forgetting that she had seven, no, six minutes now to get back to her dorm. “I’m really really very sor- oh, its you.”

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“Honey, there’s something I think we should discuss,” he said as they were getting ready for bed.

“Oh? What is it?” Jennifer said.

“I was wondering how you felt about maybe having another child?”

She turned to look at him.

“We already have Lucy. Lucy is almost perfect. Why would we need another one?”

“Because we might want one?”

She crossed her arms over her chest.

“You mean you want one.”