lucy x tom


Snakehole lounge is where we first met. On our first date, I gave you a single daisy, like this. And after that, we ate late night pancakes at JJ’s and while we were there I pulled out a deck of cards. I tried to show you a magic trick I learned on a David Blaine special. Unsurprisingly, I failed and you made fun of me. Ruthlessly. I haven’t done this trick in a while but I think I’m ready to try it again.

AU memewarrior sequel : in which after Lucy was Tommy’s first girlfriend, now a single mom and their paths cross one more time.  

She was the same than in his memories. Her hair was a little blonder maybe. And she was slightly slimer than in his memories. But mostly, she seems fine, even good from where he was standing. He hesitates a few seconds then decided to come closer to her. Seing her again was like retrieving an another life. Being in the same place than she felt like ages ago. So many things happened. So many things changed in his life. He had to go through with experiences that destroyed him before saving him. See her again was the last step. He has a family again now. It wasn’t like it used to be yet but they were working on it. He has a job too. And even a car. He still has to live with his father though. But it was only a matter of time. He pushed the little white gate, approaching her as she was bending. His heart missed a beat when he saw her holding a baby. What was he doing ? She has a life too now. Things had changed not only for him.
Lucy – Tommy ?!
There was no going back, now. It was too late. He gave her a fragile smile, the only one he was capable at the moment.
Tommy – Lucy.
The silence suspended between us as she put the baby more comfortably on her hip. He could read all the surprise in her eyes, slowly fading into something else. The way she looked at him when he left her.
Lucy – What are you doing here ? I believed you were…
Tommy – There ? No, I came back last year.
Lucy – No. I know…Rob told me for the fight.
Tommy – Oh, you knew ?
Lucy – Yeah. We watched it in fact. As soon as we heard your mother’s name, we knew. Well, Rob knew.
Tommy – How’s he doing ?
Lucy – Fine. The usual Rob thing.
Tommy – Did he and Martha finally … ?
Lucy – No. She broke up 4 months ago.
Tommy – I’m sorry.
Lucy – Don’t, it’s his fault. I’m sure they’ll end together again. They’re meant to each other.
Tommy – So, you still believe in soul mate.
Lucy – I do.
The young man pointed the little baby, finally according him or her attention.
Tommy – He’s lovely. What’s his name ?
Lucy – Jake.
Tommy – Is he yours?
Lucy – Yeah.
She moved on. Of course, she moved on. How could he have been stupid enough to think that she could wait for him ? Especially after what they said each other the last time he saw her. Still, he had hope that maybe…
Tommy – Is he mine?
He wasn’t expecting her to burt into her little laugh she used to have whenever he teased her shamelessly.
Lucy – Math was never your strong subject, was it ?
He simply shrugged.
Lucy – No. It’s not yours. He’s seven month old.
Tommy – Congrats to you and the lucky father.
Lucy – There’s no… We’re separated.
Tommy – Oh, if you need anything, if both of you need anything
Lucy – You’re noth his father, Tommy. You don’t have to…
Tommy – It’s not important. If you need anything…
Lucy – Ok, thanks.
They smiled to each other before Tommy decided to let her.
Lucy – Take care of you, Tommy.
Tommy – Sure. Same. Can I come back ? Just to check the little boy and you are ok ?
Lucy – Sure.