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This is my gift for @thefairywrites for the ft christmas fic exchange (I hope you like it!)

Summary: Lucy, an aspiring writer who was looking forward to staying with her friend ended up being roommates with Natsu, a lively artist who she met for the first time. Now they must try to coexist together peacefully.

Rated: K+

Words: 3,800

To say Lucy was excited would be an understatement. She was on her way to her new home where she would live with her friend, Yukino Agria.

Yukino was one of Lucy’s few friends. They met at her work in the Sorcerer Weekly magazine and while they weren’t best friends they enjoyed each other’s company. Lucy didn’t have close friends during her high school years so she was excited to be able to live with Yukino.

Moreover the place was located in a quite peaceful neighborhood which would help Lucy to write her novel.

Lucy arrived at the three story building that would become her home. She quickly found her way to her apartment on the second floor and opened the door to come face to face with a pink haired man.

Lucy stared at him dumbfounded.

“You’re not Yukino” she concluded.

“Well you don’t say.” His voice dripped with sarcasm “I’m Natsu Dragneel your new roommate! Nice to meet you!” he flashed a grin at her.

“My what?” Lucy stared at him still confused “There must be a misunderstanding. I’m supposed to stay with my friend Yukino! You have the wrong person.”

“No way, you’re Lucy Heartfilia right? “

“Yes… how did you know that?”

“Because I’m your roommate you weirdo. We just sorted that out. Didn’t you know that we’ll be staying together?”

“No I did not know that!” exclaimed Lucy “Wait a moment I have to make a phone call. And I’m not a weirdo!”

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FT Characters, you’ve just found Freed and Laxus making out in the closet!

(As requested by Blue Blast)

So you’ve discovered Laxus and Freed kissing in the cupboard, thoughts?

Lucy: Um, I gotta go and start writing a new novel!

Mirajane: Cute blush Freed. [winks] [leaves them alone to continue]

Erza: [shuts the door quietly with a red face]

Natsu: Hey what are you two doing?


Freed: … [hiding a red face in Laxus’ chest]

Natsu: [sent flying by Laxus’ punch]

Gray: Yeah I’m gonna go…

Gray: I think I’ll call Lyon…

Sting: Did Rufus dye his hair green?

Rogue: Come away Sting, this is a potential health hazard zone.

Sting: How come?

Rogue: You do see Laxus Dreyar glaring at you right?

Makarov: Please just let me be going senile.

Cana: Yeah I’m just gonna stand here and watch you for a minute, k?

Orga: This had better not mean I have to start kissing Rufus.

Lyon: I think I’ll call Gray…

Juvia: B-b-boys love!?

Gildarts: And they say it’s weird to think about your parents doing it.

Evergreen: … [scowls]

Bickslow: … [grins]

Evergreen: Oh here’s your money.

Bickslow: I totally called this.

Elfman: Manly. [sent flying via Laxus punch]

Levy: [casually drops her books on the floor to set a recording lacrima to watch later]

Freed: [is aware of what she planned and continues with a large blush on his face]

Hibiki, Ren & Eve: We can’t let the boss see this.

Master Bob: Well aren’t you two yummy?

Ichiya: Meeeen!

Hibiki, Ren & Eve: [facepalm] Why do we even bother?

Trouble Twins and Troubled Love

A little AU for the light novel bc hell yeAH GAJEVY BABIES. But you already know this is a Nalu fic U-U


“WHERE DID THOSE RUNTS GO!” An angered roar shook the walls of the guild, followed by various giggles and shuffling of furniture.

“You’re so funny young uncle Natsu! Even funnier than our old uncle Natsu!” A shrill voice echoed from the balcony.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN UNCLE? WHO HAD YOU BRATS?"Natsu shouted, shifting his feet to bolt for the stairs.

Unfortunately, he choked on his scarf and fell to the ground with an embarrassing thud.

He swiveled his arm over his head,reaching for the little boy that had tugged on his scarf. The kid stepped on his hand and made a mad dash for the stairs, hiding once more.

"Oh? What is this? Natsu Dragneel can’t deal with kids?” The blonde beauty said smugly, leaning over Natsu’s body with and outstretched hand.

Natsu eyed her with irritation before grabbing her hand and getting back on his feet.

“They aren’t like Asuka. She’s a sweet kid. ThEY. ARE. EVIL.” Natsu said, pointing at the balcony where the two twins were watching them.

“How are you ever gonna handle kids of your own?” Lucy giggled once more at his agitated expression.

“I’m never having kids if they turn out like thoSE DEMONS.” Natsu called out.

The children responded by sticking out their tongues, causing Lucy to hold Natsu back before he tried to spank them.

After countless hours of trying to keep the twins at bay, they finally burned themselves out around 8 o clock.

“Are you sure you don’t want us to watch them at the guild?” Mira asked as she watched Lucy rock the sleeping girl in her arms.

“I really uh…” Lucy began, trying to release the girl from her arms, receiving sleepy whines in return,“…have no choice.”

“They are really attached to you.” Mira smiled.

“Future me babysits them all the time. At least that’s what she said.” Lucy said softly, looking down at the child.

“Lucy! Let’s get going! This one is getting bitey!” Natsu grumpled, looking down at the small boy who began munching at the metal buckles of his bag.

“See ya Mira! Let us know if that portal shows up again.” Lucy said before walking out of the guild.

Once they made it home, the kids were given a bath as Natsu washed and dried their clothes, although the small girl complained that her shirt felt a bit crispy.

Then, the children were fed some snacks, harassed Natsu a bit more, and finally went to bed.

“How old are they?” Natsu asked, watching as Lucy lay beside the small girl and brush small strands of hair from her face.

“I’m not sure. Why?” She asked softly, trying not to disturb their sleep.

“Because that one read your whole novel thing in a few minutes.” He said in disbelief.

“Her parents are probably huge book worms.” Lucy smiled.

Her hand came to a stop as her eyes widened, and when she met Natsu’s gaze, she knew he was thinking the same thing.

“You don’t think Levy and Gajeel are..” Lucy began, noticing the dark blue locks of the small twins.

“That explains why the runt was munching on my buckles….” Natsu said in deep thought.

“Oh I can’t wait to tease Levy about this. Too bad she and Gajeel weren’t in the guild today.” Lucy pouted.

Natsu snickered as he lay beside the small boy, wrapping his warm around around him to keep
him warm.

“What’s so funny?” Lucy said with a brow raised.

“Well, they were probably out making these two two trouble twins.” Natsu smirked, smiling wider as he earned a smack against his arm.

Lucy rolled her eyes before her fingers began twirling the girl’s hand once more.

Natsu felt himself dozing off as he watched Lucy, keeping his eyes glued to her soft smile and lidded eyes.

“Natsu?” She began, bringing him back to reality.

“Yeah?” He said huskily, becoming drowsy from eyeing her.

“Is it true?…You’ll never have kids?” She spoke softly, her gaze averting his.

His heart rate spiked and his breath hitched.
Why was she asking that? Why does she wanna know? Of course I’m gonna have kids dumby….

“Weirdo. I’m gonna have kids….Even if they end up being little punks like these.” He smiled, looking down at the boy who cuddled into his side.

“Oh. That’s good.” Lucy said.



Natsu’s face was a bright red, barely rivaling Lucy’s rosey cheeks.

“Goodnight!” She said softly, dropping her head into her pillow as she cuddled against the small girl.

Natsu smirked as his arm extended towards Lucy’s waist, pulling her as close as he could while still leaving space for the twins to sleep.

“Night.” He said, looking at her lidded brown eyes before closing his own.

When the portal finally opened, Natsu felt a swell of pride as Asuka and Romeo lead the twins back to their time period.

“Oh man you guys are so grown up! I’m gonna cry!” Natsu whimpered, feeling Lucy’s small hand rubbing circles in his back.

“We’ll see ya!” Asuka smiled, tipping her hat towards him.

“Wait! Did my novel become a success? Do I ever get married!” Lucy asked.

“You’ll find out on your own!” Romeo laughed, walking away as the portal slowly began to fade.

Before the circle could close, the small twins turned back for one last goodbye.

“You’ll find out reaaaal sooon~” The girl giggled, giving one last look to Natsu and Lucy before closing the portal.

“Soon? Soon? Im getting married soon?” Lucy blushed, feeling a slight bit of panic.

“What? You don’t wanna get married?” Natsu asked as he began walking to the bar.

“Of course I want to get married dummy.” Lucy snapped.

Natsu began smirking at her.

“That’s good.”

anonymous asked:

I've adored your writing style since I first read droplets (it only had 13 chapters at the time) and at one point I pledged to myself that I would buy any book you wrote immediately without any hesitation because that's how much I love your style, and the plot of your book sounds so interesting that it looks like I'm 100% going to follow through on that pledge; I can't wait and I wish you the best of luck!!

thank u so much !!!!! :’^) it means a lot to me that people are excited about my original content … i hope to live up to expectations !!! it’s a different battle producing original material (compared to fic) whereby you have to start from scratch with making people fall in love with your characters, but i am gonna work hard so you guys love parasuns as much as i do :^D

What if Gajeel proposes to Levy though a book? Like, he gets Lucy to help him write a shorter romance novel that seems like a typical book but is actually all of their cute moments together put into a story setting, which Levy would obviously figure out and think it’s an insanely sweet gift and wonder why he’s doing this. And then it ends with a short description of a wedding and the last line is “Levy, will you marry me?”