lucy whitman

high school senior; seventeen.
asami zdrenka.
CLOSED FOR AUDITIONS. and, as lucy whitman once said: “You just became a statistic.”


Luna Whitehall has spent her whole life in Rosewood. She went to grade school with these students and played little league soccer with them. With a brain filled with knowledge, Luna Whitehall is exceedingly smart. Her love for all classes, labels her as a nerd, but she also cheers and is mainly bestfriends with Fawn.

Her biggest secret at Rosewood, is that she’s a scholarship student. The once wealthy Whitehall family, lost all of their money thanks to her mothers gambling problem. She works at St. Elmo’s to help pay off most of her dues and to uphold the standard of Rosewood Elite. Luna has bigger things to lose than the other girls if they get caught.

Being on scholarship, Luna is quite friendly with Lillian, and feels sympathetic when they discover she witnessed their crime. Lillian really doesn’t stand a chance against these girls and what they want, no one does.


Luna tied her hair up and slipped on her black converse. She was doing this, she was really doing this. She was fighting with the her voice of reason, telling her that she’d regret this and would never be able to undo the crime she was willing to commit. Blocking it out, she met with the rest of her bestfriends outside of the schools main entrance, stomach churning the whole way. Fawn smiled at her and grabbed her hand, she was nervous too. Dana did a head count to make sure everyone was there, while Alaska skillfully picked the lock.

As they gained entrance into the building, the kept a single file line along the right side of the hallway, stopping at the door. Dana opened it slowly and pulled it back as they swiftly entered the room. Luna immediately went to her rehearsed place, holding the cloth over the CCTV camera. Dana and Fawn immediately found the red folder they were looking for. They spread the sheets out as Alaska took pictures of them. Luna looked back at the door where Carson and Hayley stood watch. Within minutes they were done and heading out the door, when a soft sneeze was heard. Luna’s brain started to race wondering who it could be. The girls pushed her over to the desk where it came from, to check for any witnesses. She walked slowly over to the desk, becoming more frightful and scared by the minute. Coming to the opening, she bent down to look and stared in shock at Lillian Jones.

How could she have forgotten that Lilli worked here almost every night of the week? Making a rash decision, she motioned for her to keep quiet as she made the show of checking around for anyone. She looked back at her friends and gave the thumbs up as she made her way to the door. Alaska squinted at her in disbelief and told Dana she was going to go check. Luna’s heart began to race as Alaska started walking, when sirens were suddenly blaring through the walls and she could see dancing flames in the distance.

Alaska immediately turned around and the girls ran out of the office and out of the school. Luna sighed with relief as they made it outside of the building and saw what all of the commotion was. They’d gotten away with it. If anybody could keep a secret, it was Lillian Jones.

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