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Anxieties (Ignis x female!Reader-Spoilers)

Gosh damn I really need to learn to not write like 7 pages for one prompt. This was supposed to be super short, but I like to just keep on writing and writing. I thought i’d post it all anyways, because why not. 

I’m gonna tag @ladyscientia because it was pretty much her fault that inspired me to write this. 

Also, Spoilers under the cut. 

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Game Night

Game Night

Secret Santa Gift to; @watchmist1412 (hope you like it!!)

Prompt: Roommates!

Summary: Lucy and Natsu are cheeky best-friends that totally read each other’s mind. Jellal and Erza don’t like losing.

Rated: T (just in case)

Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to Fairy Tail or the characters. That is all Hiro Mashima’s fault.

“Killer… dead… zombies? Oh!” Lucy jumped up from her spot on the lounge, waving her hands wildly as the movements Natsu were making, clicked in her head.

“Shaun of the Dead!”

She heard the mutters of disbelief Erza and Jellal made when Natsu grinned, nodding. The pair let out matching yells of triumph, which went well with their matching Christmas sweaters; something that Lucy come up with in celebration of two years of being roommates/best friends with Natsu.

The latter floated over to his blonde ‘bestie’ and they shared an enthusiastic high-five as Erza drew another dash on the whiteboard, mumbling something out them being cheaters.

“I still believe you are both cheating.” Jellal stared at his girlfriend whom was grabbing a piece of paper from the bowl on the coffee table.

“Says the guy who is super jealous of our psychic abilities.” Natsu grinned and Lucy nodded, conceding with his statement. It didn’t really matter that Natsu and Lucy had rigged the game a little bit, and wrote down practiced movie titles.

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I didn’t make this happen.  I sat there all through s1 quietly side shipping Kara and Lucy while genuinely smiling at Kara and James.  It’s not my fault I’ve got to wrap Kara in a pride flag and Mon-El in the void made of his own lack of a sense of self in order to cope with my stress nowadays.  I didn’t make Lena Luthor’s sexuality on screen a oceanic wave lifting Kara up into greater happiness than I have seen all this season.  I didn’t turn s2 into a literal dramatization of how women discover their capacity for bisexuality.  Did I?  

“It’s all my fault,”Peter confessed to Lucy. The long lasting pain  would never go away because deep down he knew it was his fault.”If I didn’t insist on going, they would be with me right now.”

“You did what you thought was best. Y/N understood that, they supported your decision,”Lucy told them.”They would forgive you, but will you forgive yourself?”


30 days of narnia → day 6 | a scene in the books that you wish were in the movies
 "don’t snap at Su like that”

They had come, without seeing it, almost to the edge of a small precipice from which they looked down into a gorge with a river at the bottom. On the far side the cliffs rose much higher. None of the party except Edmund (and perhaps Trumpkin) was a rock climber.

“I’m sorry,” said Peter. “It’s my fault for coming this way. We’re lost. I’ve never seen this place in my life before.”

The Dwarf gave a low whistle between his teeth.

“Oh, do let’s go back and go the other way,” said Susan. “I knew all along we’d get lost in these woods.”

“Susan!” said Lucy, reproachfully, “don’t nag at Peter like that. It’s so rotten, and he’s doing all he can.”

And don’t you snap at Su like that, either,” said Edmund. “I think she’s quite right.
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The Places His Father Cried

Only one person is aware of the repeating timeline. It’s his fault after all. 

One Magic

You guys may hate me for this.. heheh :)

this is just a idea I had of what might happen when Zeref is defeated. Have fun!

“Ahhhh!” Lucy screamed as Zeref’s magic pushed her back, it burned her skin. She collapsed on the ground near her comrades, Wendy ran to her side to help. Gray and Erza stood in front of them to stop any more attacks.

“You can not stop me, daughter of Layla,” Zeref smirked.

Far behind them, Natsu stood and watched as Lucy screamed in pain. She was hurt, and it was all his fault. Rage fueled his being as he ran. He ran past his guild mates, past other guilds, until he was closing in on Zeref. Happy watched him with tears in his eyes.

“NATSU, NO!” he flew until he reached Gray, who grabbed his tail. Flames were already sprouting from the dragon slayer’s body, “STOP NATSU!”

Natsu heard him, but knew that he couldn’t stop, not this time.

“NATSU!” Happy cried, desperate to stop his friend.

“YOU HURT MY GUILD!” he ignited his fists, “YOU HURT MY FRIENDS!”

Zeref took a step back in genuine fear as his younger brother sped towards him.

“YOU HURT LUCY!” he jumped up, using his fire to make dragon wings, “I’LL MAKE SURE YOU NEVER HURT ANYONE EVER AGAIN!”

Zeref raised his arms to shield himself, Fairy Tail also took cover. Gray let go of Happy to make an Ice shield, the little blue cat sank to the ground as he watched the inevitable happen.


The explosion of fire blinded every wizard near by, the only one who saw the dark wizard fall was Fairy Tail’s first master.

Minutes after the dust had settled, Happy saw Natsu standing before the kneeling Zeref. The dark wizard was coughing blood, his body covered in burns, it looked like durning their moment of blindness, the two had fought. A gaping hole was in Zeref’s chest, and Natsu’s fist was coated in blood.

“Th-thank y-you.. Na.. Natsu..” Zeref smiled as he fell to the ground, breathing his last breath, “I’m so-sorry.. that this.. is.. it for.. you.. too…”

Happy and the rest of the wizards watched as the life left Zeref, and Natsu fell to the ground.

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My terrible spn poem cuz I don't pay attention in English class

Roses are red, violet’s are blue, do I look like a ditchable prom date to you?

Goodnight Sammy, Mary is dead, and poor old John Winchester is filled up with dread.

Dad’s on a hunting trip, Sam loves Jess, but it’s to late, Azazel made Sammys life a fucking mess,

67 Chevy, Dean loves his pie, we all hope that he’ll share it with Cas, the right guy.

Wow Sammy got stabbed! Dean went to hell! Oh wait! He was raised from perdition! Thanks Cas your swell!

Crowley is king, Cas keeps getting broken, and we all fucking know it, Cain was like, smokin.

What’s up bitches! Kevin on the honor roll. It’s not his fault the car of life rammed into a pole.

Luci is sweet, metatron is evil, I don’t care if this doesn’t rhyme SATAN is nicer than metatron.

Carry on my wayward son, there’ll be peace when you are done, lay your weary head to rest, don’t you cry no more.

One jewel for your thoughts

“Dude you are so fucked” Gray said rolling his eyes at Natsu.

The dragon stopped his tasks just to look back at Gray throwing his punch in the air “What for, iced butt?”

The Demon slayer smirked shocking his head “I mean, you brought me here, because you want me to keep cool this strange fruit so, when Lucy comes back from her mission, she can taste it fresh”

“Yeah not my fault if this thing is really delicate and it comes out only few days per year. Erza said it is sweet and juicy, Lucy will surely like it!” Natsu said jumping down from a tree with the prize in his hand.

“Yeah, and obviously it has to be in this Monsters’ territory” Gray said looking at the pile of strange creatures knocked out at their backs.
He then took the fruit inspecting it. It sure looked good all soft and glossy. “How many of this things are here on this tree?” He asked.

“Oh, just this one” Natsu answered- “Mira told me that this kind of fruit is very rare, every tree makes only one of those! You have to be very lucky to take it!”

“And you want to give it to Lucy, right?” Gray gave the fruit back to Natsu covering the red little apple with a thin shell of shiny ice.-“Don’t you want to taste it yourself? I mean when we talk about food it’s rare that you don’t shove everything into your mouth without thinking twice,why do you want to give it to Lucy?” Gray asked passing a hand through his hair and looking strangely unconfortable about something. Like in his head was going on a more complicated thought than the one he was voicing.

“Don’t know man” Natsu looked at his distorted reflection on the ice and put the fruit in his bag-“I think Lucy will like it and that’s all.. Oh and then she will probably smile and thank me, cooking for me so I’ll have even more food than just one fruit! This is how it works!”

“I see!” Gray mumbled, deep in thoughts-“however you really are fucked!” The ice make mage smirked.

“What? Why?“Natsu shouted lifting his fists.

“I mean, do you ever stop thinking ‘bout Lucy?!” Gray’s smirk became larger.

“I..” Natsu opened and closed his mouth “It’s Not like I think about her this much, iceass” the dragon slayer said pouting and crossing his arms.

“Oh really? Then let’s make a bet!” Gray suggested with his branded smugface, licking his lips already tasting the flavour of victory.

“I’m all fired up!!” Natsu nearly shouted, hitting his fired fist on his open hand.

“You will give me one jewel everytime you think about Lucy!” The ice mage proposed.

“Pfff” Natsu shrugged “one jewel?! That’s fine!! Lucy doesn’t want me to bet money, but one jewel is a sum she would approve so I’m in!!

“Good!!” Gray said stretching his open hand toward Natsu.

“What?” The dragon slayer asked, eyeing Gray suspiciously.

“You already lost your first jewel.”

“Damn!!” Natsu swore looking in his poket for the money. Two seconds later he swore again under his breath and gave Gray a second jewel.

“I’ll be rich in no time!” The ice mage smiled taking the money. “Now let’s look for another one of those trees! I want one of this fruits too!” He added putting his hands in his pokets and blushing slightly.

“Aw come on let’s stop with this stupid thing!!” Natsu said nearly crying while Gray kept laughing.

“Are you crazy? I’ll probably never need to work anymore, for my whole life, if I keep this bet up!!”

“Yeah but Lucy will kill me if she knew I lost all this jewe…..Aaaaaw fuck I have to give you another jewel, haven’t I?” Natsu was pulling desperate at his hair at this point.

“Yup!” The ice mage laughted “and with this last one jewel, I reached the amount to go to the Fiore’s best resort, two days all inclusive for two!” He said putting the money in his poket.

“I’m so fucked!!!!!” Natsu shouted bumbing his head on the wall.

The guild door opened,revealing two chatty, pretty girls full of bags.
Lucy and Juvia reached for the first table waving goodafternoon to Mira.

“Juvia is soo hungry!!!” The water mage said.

“My feet hurt!” Lucy complained taking off her shoes.- “but I had fun!”

“Juvia too!” She smiled.

“Yo!” Natsu said approaching slowly the girl’s table.

“Hey there Natsu! Is it everything ok? You seem a bit off!” Lucy said inspecting suspiciously the dragon’s expression.

“He is just sulking coz he’s a looser, or better a goner!” Gray smirked getting close to the table.

“Gray sama!” Juvia called smiling bright.
“Juvia didn’t know you’d be here at this hour! Juvia is so happy to see you!” The girl said trowing her arms around Gray’s chest. The ice mage just stood awkwardly still letting her brush her face on his naked torso and blushing slightly when she lifted her smiling face to look directly at him.

Natsu sat next to Lucy staying oddly quiet while the celestial mage started to tell him about her mission.
“…-and then we jumped off the tree and Juvia created this giant wave and we looked like two surfer and I Lucy kicked the idiot and…”

“Wait” Natsu said “did you say tree?”

“Yeah” Lucy answered confused.

“Lucy, I have something for ya!” Natsu said digging in his bag.

“Really? What is it?” Lucy said exciting.

“Buut… I’ll give it to you only If you promise you won’t get mad at me today!!” He said interrupting his quest.

Lucy eyed Natsu suspiciously.
“What did you do?”

“It’s all Gray’s fault!” He said lifting defensively his hands.

“What did you do,Natsu?”

“I lost money on a bet! Natsu admitted feeling ashamed "it was a one jewel bet, but then I lost all my savings!!! He said bumbing his head on the table while Lucy crossed her arms on her chest.

"Natsu, What did I tell you about betting money? And how could you lost all your savings betting one jewel at time?” She said crossing even her legs on the bench.

Natsu toyed with his fingers,duelling with himself about how much to tell her without looking like a total idiot.
“I bet a jewel for every time I thought ‘bout you during these days” He said talking fast.

“What?” Lucy asked with her eyes wide opened. Suddenly she couldn’t look at his face nor find the strenght to be mad. All the blood in her veins had reached her cheeks and she was boiling like a steam engine.

“I’m sorry Lucy!!” Natsu whined “I’ll do anything! Do you want a feet massage?” Natsu said taking Lucy’s foot in his hands and starting to rub it.

Lucy looked at Natsu’s face, his eyes so fixed on her she couldn’t breath fine. “Eerm…”

“Take a room you two!!” Juvia smirked hugging Gray’s arm that smirked alongside, looking at Natsu’s oblivious face and at Lucy that seemed like she could explode any time soon.

“What..uhm, What did you have for me?” Lucy mumbled trying to change the subject.

“Oh this!!” Natsu smiled bright giving her the red juicy fruit. “I think you’ll like it!!”
Lucy took the apple and blushed even more. “Na..Natsu is this? I mean.. How did you?”

Natsu smiled wider looking at Lucy’s face “I knew you’d like it!” He said proudly.

“Lucy is soo lucky!!” Juvia whined “Juvia always dreamed about receiving that Apple one day!”

“Actually…” Gray said looking everywhere but at Juvia’s face “I took one too, and If you want it that badly…” Gray took the fruit from his bag giving it to Juvia. The water mage looked speachless, then her face morphed into the brighter smile he had ever seen, she could lit up the whole guild, and then she started to cry,hugging Gray like her life depended on it,while the ice mage complained and blushed.

“Is that Apple really this good?” Gajeel asked Levy, looking slighty annoyed about their friend’s noise.

“You don’t know the legend, do you?” The blunette asked. Gajeel looked at Levy’s face with a puzzled expression.

She closed the book she was reading and took off her glasses.
“The legend says that the Gods took one fruit from heaven and decided to throw it on the eath. This fruit looks like an Apple and matures only for few days per year, usually in the most dangerous places, so it took a lot of strenght and luck to find the right tree and grasp the Apple, so much that the legend says it is like meeting the right person. The legend also says that the fruit, it is so good and beautiful that everyone who find it, would eat it without a second thought, but if you can resist it, thinking about giving it to someone else instead, it means you care about that person more than you care about yourself. So basically receiving that Apple from someone means that he truly loves you, and so the Gods will protect forever your love assuring you a happy future together.I bet Juvia and Lucy knew about the legend” Levy smiled looking at her friends.

Gajeel stood quite few minutes letting the story sink in, then he abruptly stood up placing both his hands on the wooden table and mumbing something about the future together…“Shrimp I have some errands to do!” He said running outside while Levy blushed and smiled, wishing him good luck.

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Natsu is NOT responsible for Lucy’s feelings.

He shouldn’t be worried about her all the time over his OWN issues that he needs to cope with.

Sorry but no.

They’re partners, but to expect Natsu to always worry about Lucy and not face his own problems is not fair.

And another thing: it’s not solely Natsu’s fault. It’s not his fault the guild disbanded and everyone else went their own ways.

There’s other things that hurt Lucy. Not just Natsu.

So by this logic that people keep giving me, can we blame Cana too? How about Mira? Erza? Juvia and Gray. HOW ABOUT LEVY??? They are all at fault by that logic because they didn’t think about how Lucy would feel if they left too.

And on that, I’ve gotten the argument that “partners don’t do that to each other.”

Well. I hate to break it to you, but partners don’t always share EVERYthing With each other. Sometimes partners split up for a number of reasons. So the partners argument doesn’t convince me otherwise either.

This isn’t fair to Natsu and I’m so frustrated with that. It sucks, yeah. But the way people are looking at this is is so unfair to Natsu.

Lemme get some things straight

I love Natsu.

I love Natsu more than the sun and the moon combined. 

He is an adorable cinnamon roll who needs more love and appreciation.

However, I still feel like there needs to be a confrontation between him and Lucy.

I understand it’s not his fault. He hit a rough patch, we all do at some point, but Lucy still needs to let it out. She probably understands it wasn’t his fault too, but that doesn’t fix her. She’s still in pain. She has lost everything and the person who gave her a family again disappeared leaving nothing but a note. She went through insurmountable levels of pain during tenroujima to simply stay by his side and I have very little doubt in my mind he would have done the same for her. As much as I ship nalu, consider what I’m saying in a completely platonic sense. Natsu was Lucy’s first friend in Fairy Tail. He brought her to Fairy Tail. He saved her countless times and caught her whenever she fell. For god’s sake, he dug up a tree and sailed it down the river for her when she was sick. They mean a lot more to each other than most people seem to realise and they go out of their way to protect the other and make the other happy. That’s why Lucy’s still hurting. Out of every member of Fairy Tail I sincerely believe Lucy trusts Natsu above all others, and by doing what he did when he did it, he broke her trust. Regardless of whether he knew about Aquarius or not, he hurt her. I know it’ll hurt Natsu and I’m worried in that respect, but I understand what it’s like to be in Lucy’s position and to have no closure. It’s hell. She needs to talk to him and get it all out before she can fully trust him again, before they can go back to how they were.

Part : 4 - final.

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3

Summary: Two years have elapsed since the slaughter of Lucy. Everyone decided not to mention his name when Natsu is present.They should act normal with him. So she wanted. Everyone was crying silently. Gray will not forgive himself. He felt it was his fault. And every time he saw his friend, he could not help remembering. All her friends miss her.Nothing was the same, even they stopped making their typical parties. Everything was a mess. And worst of all, Natsu didn’t know anything. All continued doing  missions. However, when they make missions with Natsu, they avoided at all costs mention anything that might remind Lucy. Not only by them but by Natsu. Today they were all together in the guild, was the anniversary of the death of Lucy.  They had been told Natsu to go to some mission today. They couldn’t stand not say the truth.

‘’It has been two years’’ Mira started with some tears.

‘’This gets painful every time…’’ Lissana added.

‘’yeah…’’ Wendy said.

Some men where with their heads down, girls were crying in silently. In a guild where there was only happiness, now only you hear the silent sobs of grieving members.

‘’If i only could do something’’ Gray was with his head down between his both fits

‘’If i only could stop her…’’ Erza added.

‘’Gray-sama, Erza-san, it’s not your fault.’’ Juvia told them in sobs.

‘’Even if Lucy-san couldn’t be happy seeing this… i can’t help it’’ Wendy added.

‘’It’s not what she wanted but…it’s hard.’’ Ever added.

‘’ I miss her…so much.’’ Happy said in Erza’s arms.

Suddenly Natsu appeared in the door of the guild, he was sorprised because everyone was crying.

‘’W-What is happening here?’’ He asked walking towards to them.

‘’N-Natsu,how about the mission!?’’ Mira asked him cleaning her face.

‘’It was too easy…Why is everyone-’’ Gray stood

‘’I can’t stand this anymore’’ Gray screamed.

‘’G-Gray what’s happening?’’ Natsu asked him nevous.

‘’Gray, leave it.’’ Erza demanded.

‘’ Gray, we know how you feel but-’’ Mira couldn’t finish.

‘’I can’t help it! i can’t stand this anymore. If i could…’’ Gray said under his breath.

‘’Gray-sama…’’ Juvia walked to him.

‘’I know this is not what Lucy wants but, i can’t help this anymore’’ He said.

‘’L-Lucy? Who is Lucy?’’ Natsu asked.

‘’Natsu, don’t you remember her? Don’t you miss someone?!’’ Gray asked desesperate.

‘’Gray, calm down!’’ Erza told him.

‘’I-I feel like something is missing but…’’Natsu answered slowly.

‘’Have you ever asked what is missing?!?’’ Gray asked even louder.

‘’N-No, i just…’’ Natsu looked down.

‘’It’s her’’ Mira showed Natsu a photo of Lucy with him, with everyone in the guild.

‘’Mira!’’ Erza demanded.

‘’Erza, i can’t stand this neither. He has to know even if is too late.’’ Mira answered with serious eyes.

‘’Is Lucy?’’ Natsu asked taking the photo.

‘’She gave…her life…for you’’ Erza finally said.

‘’W-What? i don’t even know her! it’s impossible!’’ Natsu screamed 

‘’You don’t remember her?!?’’ Gray took natsu from his neck slamming him into the wall.

‘’GRAY-SAN!’’ Wendy screamed.

‘’It’s not his fault, leave it gray.’’ Erza took gray’s hand.

‘’Is it! if  he had not become that monster … if only … she had been here.’’ He said crying.

‘’STOP IT GRAY!’’ Gajeel sreamed taking him.

‘’Leave me! it’s his….fault’’  ’’ He felt in his knee, slowly, crying against the floor. 

‘’G-Gray…’’ Natsu said looking his friend, miserable.

‘’Forgive him, Natsu’’ Levy asked him.

‘’Actually you don’t remember her, don’t you?’’ Erza asked him.

‘’N-No, i’m sorry’’ Looking at gray in the floor.

Natsu stayed there, seeing the tearful faces of his friends. He couldn’t help it. He doesn’t remember her. He was lost, ‘’What’s going on?’’ ‘’Who is Lucy’’? whas on his mind.

‘’W-Who is Lucy?’’ He asked with fear in his voice, he didn’t know if asking was good for his frineds.

‘’She was…your best friend…no, you loved her.’’ Mira answered.

‘’It’s ridiculous, how am i going to forget someone i love?’’ Natsu asked looking at Mira, wanting an answer.

‘’She erased herself from your memories…She didn’t want you to suffer for her’’ Erza added.

‘’But…W-Why me?’’ He asked confused.

‘’ Natsu, she loved you to the point to give her own life so you can live.’’ Levy said in tears.

‘’She knew, it was going to be even more hard for you losing her…that’s why…’’ Gray added in calm.

‘’ T-That’s why i was crying..there?’’ Natsu asked gray.

‘’Y-Yeah’’ Gray answered him.

‘’H-How was her?’’ Natsu asked looking to all the faces.

‘’ She loved fairy tail above all things’’ Erza said pressing her arms against her.

‘’She was…kindness’’ Wendy continued.

‘’Moody…she used to get angry when we burst in her room’’ Happy added smiling in tears

‘’She loved her friends’’ Levy added crying.

‘’ Y-You brought her to Fairy tail’’ Gray ended.

‘’D-Don’t you remember, Natsu?’’ Happy asked flyng to him.

‘’I’m sorry…i can’t remember’’ Natsu felt in his knee crying

‘’N-Natsu!’’ Erza screamed

‘’I CAN’T REMEMBER!’ He said in tears.

After that, Natsu left the guild. While the members  went to visit the grave of his dead friend. It was next to Mavis’s grave. In the Tenrou island. They brought flowers and stuff for her.It was painful for them.

‘’Lucy… i’m sorry’’ Gray started

‘’He doesn’t remember you’’ Erza continued.

‘’You didn’t want it but…he has to know you’’ Wendy put flowers.

‘’I’m sorry’’ Gray felt on his knee in fron’t of the grave.

‘’Lucy-san…we miss you’’ she felt and sat next to gray.

‘’Minna-san’’ Mavis appeared with a smile in her face.

‘’FIRST!’’ Everyone screamed

‘’It’s been a long time!’’ She said giving them welcome.

‘’It’s been a long…’’ Mira answered.

‘’Oh, you’re here visiting Lucy!’’ She said realizing.

‘’Yeah..’’ Wendy added.

‘’She doesn’t like this view’’ Mavis added.

‘’We know but…Wait, how do you know that?!’’ Erza asked.

‘’Well…’’ Mavis walked towards the grave.

Mavis took the grave of Lucy and above of it, appeared a big wall of crystal ‘’ Lumen Histoire?”’ Erza, Gray and Wendy screamed. It was actually the same image they saw in the guild, but there was a body, Lucy’s body. She was naked as mavis but her body wasn’t frozen, his chest  was rising and falling, she was breathing.

‘’H-How?!’’ Gray asked standing

‘’I-Impossible’’ Erza put his hand in her mouth

‘’Hmmm…’s a miracle!’’ Mavis said smiling

‘’First…how this is happening? Am i dreaming?’’ Wendy asked squeezing her eyes.

‘’Remember that she’s a member of fairy tail. Her desire to save his friends, when disappearing, took her here.’’ Mavis continued

‘’But why you didn’t tell us?’’ Erza asked.

‘’ Her body needed to recover…magic’’ Mavis answered.

‘’Lucy..’’ Juvia smiled with some tears

‘’S-She’s alive’’ Gray looked to Lucy’s face.

‘’It’s time!’’ Mavis screamed raising her hands like a little girl.

‘’W-What?’’ Erza asked seeing how the crystal started to break.

‘’Minna-san, please, stay away’’ Mavis walked to the middle of the crysal.

‘’Lucy-san’’ ‘’Lucy!’’ ‘’Rabbit!’’ they all were happy now.

Everyone had eyes full of confusion when the glass broke completely, there was no figure. Mavis had also disappeared.

‘’W-What happened? Where’s Lucy!?’’ Gray asked alarmed.

‘’I-I’m here’’ gently she replied with tears in his eyes.

They couldn’t believe what their eyes were seeing.  Lucy was dressed now with a beautiful pink dress, with her long hair falling til the end of her back, with tears in her eyes and smiling to them.

’L-LUCY!’’ Gray ran to her.

‘’G-GRAY!’’ Lucy answered in hapiness hugging him.

‘’I’m sorry…I’m sorry’’ He said in her ear.

‘’Gray, i’m here’’ She said.

‘’Thank you’’ He said sobbing.

‘’ I hope you’ve fulfilled my wish.’’ she replied smiling and giving a sly look.

‘’ I-I’m on it!’’ Gray answered blushed.

‘’Lucy!’’ Erza hugged her

‘’Erza, i’m sorry’’ Lucy said in tears

‘’Don’t you dare to do something like that again’’ Erza said crying as never.

‘’Minna, i’m back’’ Lucy screamed to them. They all gave her a group hug and telling her how much they missed her.

‘’Where’s natsu?’’ She asked

‘’About that….’’ Gray answered.

‘’I’m here’’ Natsu suddenly appeared 

‘’How?’’ Levy asked confused

‘’Mavis’’ he answered while everybody looked at mavis, she was smilng.

‘’N-Natsu!’’ Lucy ran to him but slowly stopped when didn’t get a call back.

‘’Lucy…he doesn’t…’’ Gray said.

‘’I…see’’ Lucy said looking down.

‘’W-Welcome home’’ Natsu hugged her.

‘’N-Natsu?’’ Lucy asked confused.

‘’I suspended  her  magic.’’ Mavis answered to all the confused faces.

‘’I’m home’’ Lucy hugged Natsu, dropping tears thought his shoulder.

‘’Lucy Lucy Lucy’’ Natsu repeated in tears.

‘’I’m here Natsu’’ She said passing her hand in his pink hair.

‘’I…You promised…You…’’ Natsu was hugging her 

‘’I know… I’m sorry,Natsu’’ She said in tears

‘’You promised’’ Natsu repeated again

‘’I’m so sorry’’ She said crying.

‘’I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you’’ He repeated

‘’Natsu’’ She said releasing the hug

‘’Please’’ He begged her in tears.

‘’Don’t cry please. I won’t leave you.’’ Lucy said calming him.

‘’ You’re here’’ he said touching her cheecks

‘’I’m here, and not going anythere’’ She said kissing his  forehead.

‘’Thank you for saving me’’ Natsu told her.

‘’I love you’’ She said.

Then, both in tears, kissed each other. Natsu had his hands in Lucy’s red cheecks and she had her hands around his neck. They were denied to separate. All the members of fairy tail now were looking to this beautiful scene in tears, tears of hapiness. The guild that once was sad, dissapeared, they were together again and nobody was going to take their  hapiness again aymore.


Final chapter, i hope you like this!♥