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Firing the Nalu Canon a Bit Prematurely... ButScrewit

OKAY! Everyone is talking about this ONE MAGIC stuff right. Well Zeref says:

The Magic that overcomes ALL MAGIC. But Lucy had a theory:

Which makes sense seeing as the mages get more powerful when they are emotional. I don’t know about you, but Lucy seems to have a better understanding about Magic than Zeref cus he’s fukin shit up left and right over here.

(It’s not his fault he just wanted to save his family and he’s been alive for way too long and the Mavis went all X_X on him and he just doesn’t want to be tortured by Acnologia for eternity and I just want to hug him, etc…)


Does anyone remember back in chapter 478 when Mavis was all:

Pause to stare at this perfect little family.

THEN she makes Lucy come to her and gives her END:

Like, she makes Lucy leave Natsu, gives her the book, then goes to Natsu and Zeref…Whatcha doin Mavis?

THEN she tells Zeref she knows how to save him:

Anyone else think this is proof it’s Nalu? Natsu is END and I think he will be the downfall of Zeref, but not in the way Zeref thinks, by killing him. Instead I think Lucy’s love for Natsu (and vise versa) and saving him will break the curse on Zeref and he will be mortal.

(I totally want to say then Mavis and Zeref can be together..but I have a feeling they both are going to die and be together that way because they are pretty done with living right about now.)

I mean I get it’s the love between the guild and friends and shit. BUT THE NALU IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE!

Mavis has been sitting on this information for a good 50+ chapters…and now Lucy’s writing in Natsu’s book and I’m not okay!

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Okay so now that the sad is over- what about 4. In The Moment Kiss ?

4. In The Moment Kiss - Maybe it’s in the middle of an argument or you just looked to damn beautiful not to kiss, but their lips were hot against yours and it felt too good to stop. 

“Okay, so I noted down eggs, chicken, rice and carrots.” Lucy paused to push a strand of hair back behind her ear, tapping the pen against her lips. “Is there anything else we n–”

The pen clattered onto the floor as she dropped it, taken off guard. Natsu’s lips were warm on hers, his arms wrapping around her to pull her closer. Her mind took a moment to catch up, but when it did Lucy brought her hands up to his neck and leaned into the kiss. It was a little clumsy at first, a little confused as to what kind of kiss it should be, but as it went on Lucy smiled against his lips and Natsu gripped her more tightly. He kissed her with a ferocity that made her knees weak.

Not a single ingredient remained in Lucy’s mind when he was done.

He pulled back with heat in his eyes, and she stood breathing heavily, too flustered to think of anything clever to say. She watched the desire slowly drain out of his eyes, leaving only fondness. He reached up to cup her face, lightly tapping his hands against her cheeks before letting them drop to his sides.

“That was nice,” he concluded with a grin.

“What… what was that?” Lucy blinked slowly, unconsciously licking her lips. A dazed smile sat on her face. 

“I dunno,” he said sheepishly, rubbing his neck. “I just… felt like it?”

Lucy blushed. “Is that a thing you will do… often? Not that I’m– I mean, not that I’m complaining.”

“Could be,” Natsu acknowleged. They were both still figuring out this relationship thing, but he was becoming quite sure and confident about what he wanted to be part of their daily routine. Like writing shopping lists together. Because then, Lucy did that thing… the thing that switched his brain off. “I really like that pen thing you do… you know, when you think.”

“The pen thing?” Lucy blinked.

“Y’know, when you concentrate… you tap it against your lips… like this.” He imitated the motion with his index finger. “I mean, it’s like you’re showing me the way! It’s not even my fault at all!”

A small smile appeared on Lucy’s face. “I do, huh? I guess you’re right… I just never really thought much about it.”

“Well. I do.” Natsu raised his eyebrows playfully, but then suddenly stopped to think. “… you won’t stop doing it now, though, will you?”

“No, Natsu.” Lucy laughed, catching the worry in his eyes. “Not if you like it that much. Besides, I probably couldn’t stop it even if I tried…”

“Good.” A happy little grin appeared on his lips. 

“Good,” Lucy agreed. “So now that that’s settled…” She reached for the pen and picked it up, but stopped halfway through. She looked at Natsu, whose eyes were trained on her hand. When he noticed her hesitation, they both laughed. 

“Sheesh, you’ve made me so self-aware now…” Lucy complained. “I can’t even concentrate anymore.”

“Eggs, chicken, rice and carrots,” Natsu repeated for her. He raised an eyebrow cheekily, taking a step closer. “I want you to concentrate. C’mon, Lucy, think.”

And she did.

And they didn’t leave the house for another hour.


Happy birthday @snogfairy <3<3<3 Have a lovely rest of your day!

Lucy wakes up confused and warm, her head aching with what she already knows is a nasty hangover. Groaning, she rolls over, nearly falling off the couch. She catches herself at the last second, swearing under her breath before sitting up. She sniffs, squinting at the harsh light of the morning sun, and frowns when she hears something sizzling. Curious, Lucy wonders is Cana stayed the night, considering she always ends up on the couch when that happens. Lucy stands on wobbly legs, making her way to the kitchen slowly, grumbling to herself about never drinking again.

It’s not Cana in the kitchen.

Lucy freezes at the threshold, blinking rapidly when she notices a man standing in front of her stove. His back is to Lucy, and it’s a very nice, well-muscled back. Her eyes trace his form, a brow quirking when she sees pink hair something dark poking through the strands. He hums to himself and Lucy shakes her head, amused to see her supposed one-night-stand cooking breakfast.

She’s about to call out to him when she notices a weird, circular shape on her kitchen floor, chalk smeared across the tiles. Now that she’s looking, she can see that her kitchen is an absolute disaster. There’s a large crack in her table and one of the chairs is laying in a pile, completely splintered.

What the fuck?

Mystery man turns around, smiling when he sees her. “Mornin’, Sunshine!” he greets, grin revealing a row of wicked, sharp teeth. Lucy glances down at his toned chest, gaze following the outline of his stomach muscles. He clears his throat suddenly, and Lucy’s eyes snap back up. He quirks a brow and that’s when Lucy notices the spiraled horns poking out from his messy hair.

Is that some kind of roleplay thing? Did she bring home some guy with a fantasy kink?

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Nalu Oneshot

Hey!  Okay so this is a little one shot that I just decided to write??  Idk, if you’ll like it, but let me know!  I haven’t written ANY NaLu in so long sooo here you go!

Rate T for language~

Natsu scoffed as he saw the hulking form, that Lucy called her ex boyfriend, step through her apartment’s front door.  He couldn’t believe that she had invited him to her party, he thought that they were over.  He treated her like shit and she knew it, yet she always managed to get back with him.  Natsu knew that they weren’t together at the moment, yet Lucy greeted him with a smile and he returned it with an apologetic smirk that Natsu knew wouldn’t last.  Needless to say, Natsu was steaming in his own skin.  Lucy had thrown a party for no reason other than it was summer break and they were off from college.  Natsu was not one to object to a party from time to time, especially if it was his best friend’s.  He sipped whatever nasty tasting liquor that Gray had brought back for him, and glared at the back of the beast’s head.  He didn’t even remember his name, so he was just going to call him dickhead.

“What does she even see in him?”  Natsu grumbled and Gray sighed and shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t get it either man, but there’s nothing you can do about it.”  Gray pointed out and Natsu huffed.  Gray was no help.

“I just don’t get it.  He treats her like she’s fucking garbage and then goes crawling back to him.  What a freakin’ concept.”  Natsu swilled down the rest of the drink in his red plastic cup and rolled his eyes.  “Where’d you get this?”  Natsu gestured to his empty cup and Gray pointed over to Lucy’s table that held a punch bowl.  That table was where he’d prop his feet up on lazy Sunday’s and he and Lucy would watch reruns of cartoons from when they were little.  Natsu mumbled out a ‘thanks’ and shuffled his way over to the bowl, picking up the ladle, and pouring more of the red liquid into his cup.  He might as well have a good time if he was going to be stuck in the shadow of dickhead. Natsu made his way back over to Gray who was looking off into space.  Albeit, Natsu was surprised that Juvia, one of there friends who was in absolute love with Gray, wasn’t clinging to his arm, but he felt relieved. He couldn’t be around that right now.

“Hey, at least we don’t need to worry about school shit for now.  Plus we’re seniors next year and then we can graduate and get out of this town.”  Gray chugged the rest of his own drink and sighed in content.

“I don’t know, I guess.  I mean that’s great, but I wanna know what Luce is thinking of doing.”  Natsu pondered and Gray tutted in disapproval.

“Look Natsu, you know I love Lucy as a friend, no, a sister, but you need to quite wasting your time!  It’s just not gonna happen.  I say, leave your options open.”  Natsu glared at his friend, his blood beginning to boil.  Gray always managed to get under his skin, but he knew he was right.  But mixing alcohol and Natsu’s short temper was never a good idea.

“Fuck you, Gray, you don’t know shit.  Besides, it’s not like I like her or anything, she’s my best friend.  I want what’s best for her.”  Natsu retorted and Gray rolled his eyes and chuckled slightly.

“Whatever you say.”  Natsu couldn’t stand looking at Gray’s ugly mug much longer, so he gulped down the rest of the punch, wincing at the poorly mixed drink, and stumbled slightly over to Lucy. 

“Hey, Lu~cy!”  Natsu greeted her, his speech beginning to slur slightly. Dickhead was standing next to her and looked bothered by his intrusion, but Natsu didn’t care.

“Hey, Natsu!  Did you find the punch?”  She giggled, her hair falling slightly in front of her eyes.  

“I may have.  But Gray was the one who gave it to me first.”  Natsu pouted and Lucy giggled again, her eyes reflecting the fairy lights that she had decorated her apartment with.  Her laugh was contagious and Natsu found himself laughing as well.

“You remember Jared, right?”  Lucy motioned towards the angry looking boulder next to her.

“Oh yeah, uh, hey dick- I-I mean, Jared.  What’s up man?”  Natsu stifled a giggle for almost calling the guy dickhead for real.

“Yeah, whatever.”  Dickhead replied and Lucy’s brow creased.  That was why Natsu didn’t like the prick, he made Lucy upset.

“Don’t be rude.”  Lucy muttered shortly, but he just rolled his eyes.

“Hey, why don’t you take your scrawny ass back over to that friend of yours?”  Dickhead suggested with a laugh and Natsu swallowed hard.  He didn’t want to make a scene for Lucy’s sake, but he really wanted to punch the guy square in the face.

“Why don’t you go sit in a pile of rocks, you’d fit right in as big and brainless.”  Natsu shot back smirking.  Lucy looked worriedly at the pair of them.

“Guys, stop-”  Lucy began to protest but dickhead cut her off.

“No no, I’ve got this.  I think I’ve gotta smash your face in.”

“Like you could keep up.”  Natsu scoffed and it only made him even more mad. He noticed Lucy’s eyes glistening slightly and she turned away from them and ran towards Levy and Gajeel.  “What’s your problem?”

“My problem is I don’t like you hanging around Lucy and I think you’re a little shit.”  Dickhead replied, his face in a permanent scowl.  Natsu had forgotten his name again.  The room was spinning slightly, the drinks had started to get to him.

“She’s my best friend.  You’re just some asshole she dated.  Why are you even here?”

“Because Lucy wants me here.”  He smiled horribly and Natsu’s heart sank a bit.  “She wants to get back together.”

“You’re lying.”  Natsu muttered and the guy just laughed.  Natsu felt like he was losing some steam, but he knew at the very least he could outrun the bastard.

“Why don’t you take your dumb scarf wearing ass and find your special friend and get out of here.  And by the way you little shit, Lucy’ll never be yours.”  Dickhead laughed loudly.  “I’ll be tapping that fine ass all night.”  Natsu’s hand balled into a fist and pulled it back, ready to swing.

“Natsu!”  Lucy shouted, tears stained her cheeks a bit and Levy stood behind her frowning.  “Don’t.”

“But-!”  Natsu protested, and dickhead made himself look as innocent as possible.  “I’m outta here.  See ya Luce.”  Natsu growled leaving a distraught looking Lucy.  Natsu flung open the door to Lucy’s apartment, an odd occurence since he usually came through her window.  They hadn’t hung out much when she was dating the piece of shit that he left in there with her and Natsu knew that, if they were dating again, he would see even less of her.

“Fuck, Gray’s right…  Damn…”  Natsu slumped against the brick wall of the complex.  Natsu heard a door open and footsteps set down the stairs towards where he was.  “Gray, I don’t wanna-”  Natsu stopped when he saw who it was.  “Oh.”

“Hey…”  Lucy’s sweet voice filled Natsu’s ears.  Her face was that of concern and her arms hugged her small frame.  Even though it was going to be summer, she was wearing far too little clothing to be warm against the chilly night air.

“’Sup.” Natsu mumbled, turning his face away from her.  He knew that if he looked at her, he would crumble under her brown gaze.  “Sorry for ruining your party.  But what can you expect, it is me after all.”  Natsu flashed her a halfhearted smile.  When he finally looked up at her, he saw that tears were flowing silently down her face.  “H-hey!  Why are you crying?  I-it’s my fault!”  Natsu stammered.  He never knew what to do when Lucy was crying, he usually just would scoop her into a hug until she stopped a bit.  So, that’s what he did.  He wrapped his arms around her as she sobbed into his chest relentlessly.  Natsu knew she had drank a little bit too much herself; Natsu did his best to focus, but that damn punch Gray had gotten him was really fucking him up.

“N-Natsu, I-I’m s-sorry.”  Lucy choked out and Natsu looked at her as if she had sprouted two heads.

“What?  Why are you sorry, Luce?”

“B-because I invited J-Jared.  I thought h-he’d be different today.  I-I don’t know why.”  Lucy explained and Natsu swallowed thickly.

“I thought you guys were gettin’ back together.  That’s what he said.  So, I can’t really blame ya for inviting your boyfriend to your own party.”  Natsu’s voice stuck on boyfriend.  He felt it was almost sacrilegious to even call him that.

“What?  We’re not, I just was being nice.”  Lucy looked at him in confusion and sighed.  “He always does this…  He treats people like shit.  He never liked you and I don’t know why…  Maybe because we’re so close.  Oh!  Sorry, I didn’t want you to know that he didn’t like you…”  Natsu laughed lightly and rubbed the back of Lucy’s head comfortingly.

“I pretty much got that he didn’t like me.  But I can’t believe that bastard tried to tell me you two were getting back together.”  Natsu practically growled and Lucy let a few more tears slip.

“Y-you probably don’t want to h-hear this, I’m sorry.”  Lucy cried out and pushed herself away from Natsu’s chest.  Natsu immediately missed her warmth.  “I-it’s my fault, but I’ve been drinking, and I know I’m a mess.”

“You’re not a mess, Luce.”  Natsu slurred a bit, but he was sincere.  If anything, Natsu thought that she looked beautiful out in the moonlight.  “You deserve so much better than that dickhead.”  Lucy lifted her head up to meet his gaze, and Natsu was startled by the intensity in her stare.


“Of course.”  Natsu was perplexed.  “You’re my best friend Lucy…  I wan’t you to be happy.”  Lucy tiptoed herself closer to Natsu, and he felt himself getting hot under her gaze and their proximity.

“Thank you, Natsu.  You’re always so good to me.”

“I-I care about you a lot…”  Natsu softened his voice as he looked down at her.  She swayed slightly as she placed her hands on his signature scarf he had gotten from his father.  “A-ah, Lucy?  H-how much have you had to drink?”  Natsu stammered as she pulled slightly down towards her.

“U-um, not too much…  Not enough to forget what I really want.”  Lucy whispered and Natsu practically audibly gulped.

“L-Luce, i-is this what you want?  Y-you know, this is me?  Natsu, Natsu Dragneel?”  Natsu felt ridiculous.

“I know who you are.  You are my best friend and you are amazing.  And I may like you a little bit more than normal.”  Lucy giggled and Natsu’s breath caught in his throat. 

“I d-don’t know-”  Natsu was cut off by Lucy pulling his face down to hers.  She kissed him fervently and impatiently, their saliva mixing.  Natsu squeezed his eyes shut and pulled her closer to his body, allowing a small sigh escape his throat.  Lucy’s fingers played with his scarf, and then were in his hair, pulling him down to deepen their kiss.  Regretfully, Natsu pulled away quickly.  Lucy slowly opened her eyes, her breathing heavy.  Natsu’s own breathing was ragged, and he had to shake his head slightly because he was more than a little excited.


“L-Lucy, I dunno i-if you want this.”  Natsu managed to croak out and Lucy frowned.

“Natsu, you don’t know how special you are.  And you also don’t get to tell me what I want and don’t want.”  Lucy crossed her arms defiantly.  “You’re my best friend and I’m stupid because I invited that asshole.”  Natsu just stared at her silently absorbing what she was saying.  “He’s not part of my life anymore, but you always will be.”

“I love you, Lucy.” Natsu found himself blurting out and instantly felt a raging blush spread across his cheeks.  Lucy looked taken aback for a moment and then broke out into a wide smile.  She hugged Natsu tightly and he wrapped his arms around her once more.

“Thank you Natsu.”  Lucy whispered into his shirt.  “I love you too.  As a friend and something a bit more, I hope that’s okay.”

“That’s more than okay.”  Natsu chuckled into her hair.

“Hey, you think you could take Gray home though?  I think he drank a little too much and before I came out here he was stripping and actually trying to find Juvia.”

“Wow…  Yeah, wow.  That’s…  That’s just…  Yeah, I’ll go get the bastard.” Natsu let out a boisterous laugh that mixed with Lucy’s peels of laughter.  Natsu wasn’t sure what had happened between them fully, but he was going to take one thing at a time.  The first thing he was going to take care of the perverted stripper that was in Lucy’s living room.

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Nalu & 6 because I'm evil

6: “ I lost the baby. ”

Title: Together

Rated: T

Words: 885

Prompt from here

(anon you must know me and how much I love to write angst)

It had been a long day.

First, Natsu had to deal what that annoying cop Fullbuster who was investigating a fire he put out the week before, then Captain Dryer threatened a demotion if he didn’t stop causing even more damage to the buildings that only had small fires. 

He couldn’t help it. 

If he say a cat stuck in the building he was going to save it. 

So, when he got home all he really wanted was a long shower and to cuddle his beautiful wife, and eat as much food as his body would let him. 

“Lucy, I’m home!” He called out, throwing his coat on a chair and kicking off his boots. 

No answer.

“Lucy?” He tried again, making his way through their house. The lights were all off, not a sound to be heard.

He started to panic. Lucy always answered him when he got home, and she would’ve called to tell him if she wasn’t going to be there. He took off in a run, racing to their bedroom. He prayed that she was just sleeping- he didn’t know what he would do if she wasn’t there.

Or worse.

Throwing the door open, he immediately spotted a head of gold, his wife curled up in a ball on their bed, sheets thrown haphazardly around the room as she clung to a pillow.

“Lucy?” Making his way over, Natsu sat beside her on the bed, hand moving to rub her back in a comforting manor, “what’s wrong?” 

She didn’t answer him, and Natsu felt confusion take over. She wasn’t like this. He had never seen her like this. 

A sudden thought came to the forefront of his mind, and he desperately tried to push it away. His eyes glanced to her stomach, eyebrows furrowing in worry. 

He shifted on the bed, lying down so he could press his front against her back, wrapping his arms around her securely. Tucking his chin in the crook of her neck, he took in a deep breath, her smell filling his senses. 

He moved his arm up and down her arm, humming a random tune as he just lay there, waiting for her to tell him what was wrong. He was starting to get really worried, but he knew he had to just let her gather her thoughts, he had to just be there for her.

A sob filled the air, and after letting that first one out, Lucy couldn’t stop it. She weeped, tears falling and throat turning raw. 

Natsu’s eyes widening, not sure what was happening or what to do. He just continued to stroke her arms, hoping it helped. He mutter lowly in her ear, random words of reassurance.  He hated seeing her like this, and it was even worse not even knowing why.

“Natsu,” she whimpered, once her cries lessened and her breathing evened out. “I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry.” She heaved, cries ripping through her once again. 

Natsu was confused. He didn’t know anything Lucy would have to be sorry for. 

“Hey, it’s okay,” he tightened his arms, throwing a leg over hers. He figured being as lose to her as possible right now was the best solution. 

“No, no it’s not. It’s all my fault.” 

“Lucy…” He just wanted her to be happy again. To smile, to tell him he was an idiot with her lips turning up in the corners while she pretended to be angry. He couldn’t deal with sad Lucy- it scared him when she was like this. 

“I’m sorry Natsu. You’ll hate me, god, you’ll hate me so much.” She sounded so utterly broken Natsu felt his heart tear. 

“Oh, Lucy,” he soothed, kissing her neck, letting his lips linger. “I could never hate you. You’re my world.”

Suddenly she flipped around, startling Natsu as she faced him, eyes red and wet, but that wasn’t what shocked him.

Her eyes were filled with sorrow, a sadness he couldn’t comprehend in the slightest, but there was also something else, something he couldn’t quite tell what it was. 

“It’s-I lost the baby, Natsu.” And then she broke.

Natsu thought she had already cried all her tears, but this was something else. Something feral. Her sobs were uncontrolled and heart wrenching, hands clenching on the sheets that were still left on the bed as she curled further into herself and away from Natsu.

He was in shock, eyes staring at her in disbelief before turning soft, a sadness filling him that he had never felt before. 

“Oh, Lucy,” he sighed, moving close to her once again, not letting her jerk away like she tried. “This isn’t your fault. I’m so sorry.”

He repeated it over and over, not letting her think for one second that she had anything to do with this. 

Across the room he spotter their comforter, quickly getting up to grab it before wrapping himself around her again, slinging the blanket over them as he held onto her for dear life, tears falling down his face. 

He breathing deepened, her cries lulling her into sleep from exhaustion, and he lied there, finally letting out a sob of his own when he knew she was asleep. It hurt, it hurt so much.

But he still had Lucy, and they would get through this.


Anxieties (Ignis x female!Reader-Spoilers)

Gosh damn I really need to learn to not write like 7 pages for one prompt. This was supposed to be super short, but I like to just keep on writing and writing. I thought i’d post it all anyways, because why not. 

I’m gonna tag @ladyscientia because it was pretty much her fault that inspired me to write this. 

Also, Spoilers under the cut. 

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HUGE post about Drautos

My speculations about Drautos based on little number of canon facts we have but still remaining mostly in headcanon space. MANY gifs.  

However you look at it, Titus Drautos is a man of ideas, or maybe better to say mental constructs. He put himself under immense pressure, being a double agent for 10+ years leading a major force for two opposing armies. Successfully leading both, I can’t stress that enough, because that’s just crazy. And for what? What possible motivations could he have had?  

There are two major ideas he seemed to be living by. Both artificially constructed and absolutely disconnected from him by the end of the movie.  

Personal grudge against king Regis and the wellbeing of his homeland.  

First, I just want to say that it’s very clear to me that neither pure power nor any other personal gain was ever his goal. And there was no loyalty or other positive feelings towards the Empire. That much is clear from his words and his actions. 

I’m going to take the majority of what he says at face value because some offhanded phrases were revealed to be meaningful later on and I think he is trying to tell the truth as much as possible not to get tangled in a web of lies as any respectable spy would do. 

Also I regard the majority of his words about someone to be actually about himself as it is a customary way to show character’s motivations in any story.    

Like here. Drautos is feeling he has no power without the magic on loan from a person he hates. That was probably the reason he started working with Niflheim in the first place, to get an alternative which he got in a form of his armor.    

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Nalu 19?? (I don't know if you're doing it, but I saw the reblog so...)

19. Take one article of someone’s clothing off with your mouth NALU (Dirty Jenga)

Rated M because it’s NSFW.

Natsu grinned as he jumped up to Lucy’s window. He gave it a little tug, seeing she left it unlocked. If she wasn’t living on the second floor, he would have told her she should lock it, but her neighborhood seemed pretty safe for the most part.

Besides, the only one breaking into her apartment was him, even though she gave him a spare key months ago. He preferred this method.

He hopped into her apartment, taking a deep breath to see if she was home. His eyes slid shut as her scent surrounded him, the comforting smell relaxing him. No matter how many times he smelled her, it was always welcomed.

“Lucy!” he called out, heading to the kitchen to see if she was there. He looked around, frowning when he didn’t see her. ‘I can smell her… So she has to be here.’

Natsu’s eyes fell down to a piece of paper on her coffee table when he went to her living room, frown deepening when he saw it was addressed to him. She must have just left.

Natsu, I went to buy some supplies for tonight. Figured you’d stop by. I can’t wait for tonight! It’s going to be a special day! Love, Lucy.

His brows furrowed as he tried to figure out why tonight was going to be special. It wasn’t their anniversary. That wasn’t for a few more months. It wasn’t either of their birthdays. ‘What does she mean by special?’ To his knowledge, they hadn’t even planned for a date tonight.

He quickly scribbled a reply, saying he would be at the guild when she got back. He didn’t want to wait around in her apartment all day by himself when he could be at Fairy Tail. His fists were itching for a fight. He could figure out Lucy’s weird message later.

Lucy hummed as she headed to the guild. It took her a moment to walk normally, her hips swaying a bit more to compensate for the odd feeling around her core. She had read something interesting in one of her erotic books and thought it would be fun to try with Natsu. Fortunately for her, Magnolia had a sex shop hidden in town, filled with all sorts of goodies.


When Lucy stepped into the guild, she had no troubles finding her rambunctious boyfriend. He was grappling with Gray, neither giving up the fight. She stepped past them, her scent carrying in the air towards Natsu’s nose.

One sniff was enough for him to let go of Gray and jump up, leaving a confused ice mage behind in favor of finding Lucy. She was standing at the bar, ordering a drink.

“Hey ya Luce!” Natsu started, wrapping an arm around her shoulders before pulling her in for a hug. He pressed his nose against the crook of her neck, her scent flooding him.

When he leaned back, a lazy grin was forming on his face. “Did'ju get my message?”

She nodded, turning away from him for a moment to accept her drink from Mira before looking back. “Yup. I was wondering if you wanted to go back to my place? I have a surprise.”

Natsu’s features lit up. “A surprise? What is it?”

She shook her head, giggling. “I’m not going to tell you! You have to come over to see.”

“Can you give me a hint?” he asked, using his powerful nose to sniff the air around her. If she touched the surprise earlier, there was a chance he could figure it out now by smelling it on her.

“Nope. I told you, you have to- What are you doing?” Lucy asked, watching as he grabbed both of her hands to sniff.

“You smell like candy,” he mumbled, moving to sniff at her arms before he started going lower.

Lucy’s eyes widened as she jerked away, but it was too late. That sharp look in his eyes told her he knew something was up, though the furrow in his brows suggested he didn’t know exactly what.

“Lucy,” he started, standing up to step closer to her. “Why does your crotch smell like candy?”

Lucy flushed, eyes darting back and forth to make sure no one heard him. Her breath hitched when she saw Mira smiling behind the bar, her shoulders shaking from a suppressed giggle. ‘Damn it! Stupid dragon slayer nose!’

She grabbed his hand, pulling him around the corner so they could have some privacy in the hall. She didn’t want others knowing what was going on. It was bad enough the she-devil caught what he said.


“I,” she paused, not knowing what to say. “I was going to try to surprise you tonight.”

She looked both ways, making sure the coast was clear before lifting part of her skirt, revealing a string of rainbow candies going around her hip.

“What is that?” Natsu asked, kneeling down so he could get a better look. “Is that the candy I smelled?”

She nodded, letting go of the end of her skirt so it would fall, only to raise a brow when Natsu flipped it back up. “Why do you have candy on your-” he stopped, lifting more of her skirt to find out it covered her private area, just like-

“Is this edible underwear?” Natsu asked, a grin coming to his face. He looked up at Lucy, seeing her nod, cheeks burning with a blush. “For me?”

She nodded again, teeth catching her bottom lip before abusing the flesh. “I… I thought it would be a nice surprise. You like food, so I thought we could have some fun with it.”

Natsu’s heart warmed. “That’s really cool of you,” he said, turning back to her candy underwear. “That looks like the candy necklaces I used to eat when I was younger.”

Lucy nodded, her blush spreading as she admitted, “It tastes the same, too…”

Natsu’s green eyes brightened, not thinking twice as he leaned in, dragging his hot tongue against the panties. His tongue brushed the candy against her clit. It was engorged after having it rub against the panties for the better part of an hour.

A soft sigh fell from her lips, sending a wave of heat through Natsu’s body. If she reacted like that to a simple lick, what would she do if-

Lucy moaned when Natsu pressed his mouth against the panties, over her sensitive bundle of nerves. He licked at the same spot, tasting candy and hearing Lucy trying to hold back her whimpers. He hoped she was keeping an eye out to make sure no one could see them, because his attention was elsewhere.

“Tastes pretty good,” Natsu mumbled, his hot tongue traveling from the bottom to top, lingering on the waistband for a few seconds before breaking away. “But not as good as you taste.”

Natsu’s teeth caught the waistband as he started jerking it down, wanting to sample her arousal. The more he tugged, the more that sweet scent filled the air around him. He wanted to taste, to suck, to eat all of her. He knew Lucy loved when he devoured her.

Lucy was ready to let him do just that, but unfortunately for them, Natsu’s teeth were sharp and the string holding the candy panties together wasn’t that strong. One small nick to the string was all it took for the thing to start unraveling, small pieces of candy falling around them as the strings fell off her body.

Lucy didn’t think she could flush anymore, but she was wrong. Natsu jerked away, the sound bringing him out of his daze as he looked at the mess he made. He was just about to ask Lucy if that was his fault, but his voice caught in his throat when he heard Mira say, “What was that?”

Before either of them could say anything, Natsu was grabbing Lucy, throwing her over his shoulder to get the fuck out of there. He didn’t care that Lucy was now going commando or that he had a boner in his shorts. They needed to leave before the guild’s gossip queen caught wind of what they were doing.

“Great surprise,” Natsu laughed as he burst through the back doors, hand quickly moving to cover Lucy’s skirt so her ass wouldn’t be on display, not that anyone would see. People usually didn’t hang out behind the guild.

“Where are you taking me?” Lucy asked, voice a mix of concern and laughter, happy they didn’t get caught back there. She felt bad someone would have to clean up the mess, but it wasn’t worth going back and letting everyone know what happened.

Hopefully, no one would try to eat the candy. Lucy’s face scrunched up from the thought alone. It fell on the floor, so she figured it was too dirty to put in someone’s mouth anyway.

“Back to my house!” Natsu finally answered her, running towards the forest. Before she could ask why, he yelled, “Gotta finish what I started!”

Lucy giggled, hands clutching at his back to hold on, not that she thought he might drop her. His strong arms never let her down. She wished the panties would have lasted longer, but she guessed things worked out pretty well in the end.

Though, she would have liked to eat a few more pieces of candy too. She could always go back to the sex shop for more… after Natsu finished the job, of course.

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Master List of My Stories (In case you want to read more?)

Imagine your boyfriend, Lucifer, not turning up for your birthday

Word count: 612

Warnings: Implied sexy times

A/N: Requests for one shots/imagines are still open boiiii! Also, sorry this fanfiction is really bad, I kinda just got bored, started writing with little to no idea of where the story was going to go and just went with it.

You sighed out loud as you carelessly pushed the cake around on its plate with a fork. Glancing up at the clock, another sigh escaped your mouth.

In 5 minutes the clock would strike midnight and it would no longer be your birthday meaning your boyfriend, Lucifer, didn’t turn up for a second of it. Even if he quickly popped in, gave you a kiss, wished you a happy birthday and then left, it would have been better than him completely standing you up. Maybe he just forgot it was even your birthday.

Anger flooded your body as the familiar sound of flapping winds filled your ears. When you laid your eyes on him, almost instantly Lucifer began to talk.

“Baby, I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it, the stupid demons were keeping me back in hell and-“ Lucifer rushed but paused when he looked at you and saw tears filling your eyes, “Y/N, baby? You’re crying,” concern laced his voice and he began to step closer to you. His arms reached out to hug you but you flinched away from his grasp causing a pained expression to flash over his face.

“Y-you promised you would come,” you managed to choke out. In that moment, Lucifer realised how much pain he had truly caused you.

Lucifer stepped forward but paused contemplating whether or not he should continue but when he heard another quiet sob escape your lips, he instantly ran over to you, engulfing your body in his arms.

You wanted more than anything to shrug him off and tell him to leave you alone but instead you leaned closer into his chest as he kissed the top of your head and ran his hands through your hair.

“I’m so sorry,” he whispered into your hair.

You and him had been planning this day for months. First you and Lucifer were going to watch the sunrise on the beach, he was then going to take you anywhere you wanted to go for lunch before taking you to a hotel in Paris and watching one of your favourite movies. It was going to be perfect.

You weren’t mad that he didn’t turn up though, in fact you fully understood that Lucifer, with running hell and all, wouldn’t have time to do things with you 24/7 and that he needed to be there to make sure that hell was running smoothly. You were just disappointed that you couldn’t go on the trip you had been waiting months for on your birthday.

“It’s okay Luci, I’m not mad,” you reassured him, placing a kiss to his neck after wiping away your tears. You knew it wasn’t Lucifer’s fault and that you were being too hard on him.

“You’re not?” Lucifer asked with a confused expression on his face.

“No, I mean, I’m kind of sad that we didn’t get to go on the trip and do all the stuff we planned for my birthday, I get that you needed to be in hell, without you it’d be well… hell down there, but we can do it some other time right?” you replied looking up at his shocked face.

“Father, of course we can, I love you!” Lucifer leaned down placing a kiss on your lips before pulling away, cupping your face and looking deeply into your eyes, his gaze filled with love, you could practically feel the grace radiating off of him causing you to giggle.

“I promise I will make it up to you,” he announced before pulling you into another passionate kiss.

“Bed?” you asked him with a wink causing him to smile.

“Bed,” he confirmed before taking your hand and following you.

(A/n:So you can drag me through hell, if it meant I could hold your hand, I will follow you, cause im under your spell and you can throw me to the flames, I will follow you, I will follow you… Anybody listen to BMTH? Oh my gosh, I should totally do a Lucifer x Reader song fanfic based on ‘follow you’, what do you guys think?)

FT chapter 539

Seriously? You’re blaming Natsu for disappearing? It’s not his fault at all. Acno just happened to transport all the Dragon Slayers to another dimension because he wants to end them. But that’s not going to happen (I hope). So Lucy doesn’t know the reason and just thinks he literally disappeared for good and I don’t blame her. It was so sudden. But Natsu isn’t to blame.

It stings that

Lucifer has so little belief in himself that he find all these reasons that the Detective kissed him- but none of them are that she actually likes him for who he is. First he thinks his powers are finally working on her. Then he thinks she’s being manipulated by his mother. Now he thinks that his Dad has something to do with it.

I’m just sitting here like, Luci babe, no. Your Dad made her immune to your charms so she could fall for the real you. You sweet as hell deep down inside under all that self-loathing.

Also can we talk about Chloe being hella into him?

She’s full on staring at him with heart eyes and having sex dreams about him and Lucifer’s in the corner going ‘she’ll never love me I’m a monster’. Like he’s the best partner she’s ever had, always has her back, calls her beautiful, defends her to a fault, never lies to her and pretty much worships the ground she walks on… but you know. Why on earth would she ever like him ?

Luci, you damn fine. But you also dense as fuck.


“Sailing with Fire”

Rated M for eventual smut.

Summary: Lucy is in desperate need of a break from the mage life and embarks on a two week long cruise alongside her partner, Natsu. What they don’t know is that it’s a cruise designed specifically for couples. With no other choice than to pretend they are married, the two try to enjoy the cruise the best they can all the while dealing with uncharted feelings.

Read earlier chapters on

A bright smile was plastered to the girl’s face as she walked beside her partners. She had been away from the guild for a whole week on a job, which meant that she was also away from a certain iron-eating dragon slayer she was completely head over heels for. And though their relationship wasn’t official in the slightest, she still missed the boy and longed to be near him again.

Opening the grand doors of the guild, Levy McGarden stepped inside the guild and immediately searched for Gajeel Redfox. Her breath hitched in her throat from excitement when she found him sitting at his usual table in the corner along with Pantherlily. She briskly walked towards them, eager to finally talk to Gajeel after a whole week.

Gajeel’s eyes landed on her as she approached. “You’re back.”

“Yep!” Levy replied, giving him a smile. Her cheeks dusted pink as she sat across from him. “How’s the guild been since I was gone?”

The dragon slayer gave a disinterested shrug and answered, “The usual, I guess. Nothing interesting happened.”

“Don’t lie to her like that, Gajeel,” someone else chimed in. Levy turned to find Erza approaching them, her arms crossed over her armor-covered chest. “What about what is happening with Lucy and Natsu?”

“Tsk. Who cares about what Salamander and Bunny Girl are doing?” Gajeel asked.

“Considering you put money in the bet too, I would assume you do.”

Levy glanced around the guild in search of the said two. With a quirked brow, she questioned, “Where is Lu-chan anyways? She’s usually here by now.”

“She’s with Natsu,” Erza answered with a smug smirk.

Other members of the guild circled around them to get in on the conversation. Everyone was grinning, informing Levy that something interesting had happened between her fellow bookworm and respective dragon slayer. Everyone had known that something was bound to happen between the two eventually and their feelings were obvious.

Hopeful that her best friend had made strides in her love life, Levy asked with a wide smile, “What’s going on with Lu-chan and Natsu?”

“I’ll explain!” Happy said, flying onto the table by Pantherlily. “They’re on a couple’s cruise!”

“What!? How did that happen?”

“Lucy signed them up for it without even reading the whole pamphlet!”

“And now we’re betting on them,” Cana added, taking a swig from her flask. “Most of us think that they’re probably getting it on right now or at least will at some point during their cruise.” Pointing at Gray she continued, “And some people think that Natsu doesn’t have the balls to make a move.”

Mira covered Wendy’s ears. “Language, Cana.

The brunette shrugged and gave an unapologetic grin. "Gajeel here placed his money with Gray. Wanna join in, Levy?”

Levy glanced at Gajeel and gave a smug grin. “Yes I would! I have full confidence that something is going to happen between them!” Sure, money was tight at the moment and gambling wasn’t the wisest thing to do. But hey, the odds were in her favor. “It’s a couple’s cruise! That’s got to be romantic! Good for Lu-chan!”

“Gihi, you’re ‘bout to lose some money, Shrimp,” Gajeel jibed.

“No way! Natsu and Lu-chan are probably doing something romantic as we speak!”

Natsu sneezed as he was dragged alongside Lucy. His cheeks were green and puffy, his stomach churning with each step. Waking up with motion sickness everyday was horrible and part of him couldn’t wait to get home. On the other hand, however, he was able to kiss Lucy on the boat, so perhaps it wasn’t too bad.

Lucy groaned as Natsu grew heavier. Luckily, they were reaching the front desk, where the attendant was expecting them.

Lucy was a tad annoyed. It wasn’t Natsu’s fault that he had motion sickness and she didn’t blame him for it. But it definitely killed the mood that they had just a few moments ago.

Lucy had just woken up after a good night’s rest, her head resting over Natsu’s arm and her arms wrapped around Natsu’s side. Her legs straddled one of his, taking in all of the heat she could get. Not as embarrassed as yesterday morning, the girl calmly sat up, though her cheeks still warmed at the thought of cuddling with Natsu.

Thanks to her movements, Natsu woke up a moment later, a loud yawn escaping his mouth as he stretched. Sitting up, he gave the blonde a fanged grin as they sat side by side.

After their kissing session last night, the two felt incredible. Their hearts were light and they didn’t have any cares in the world. Even if neither knew that the other reciprocated their feelings, they were happy to be getting what they were.

“Good morning,” Lucy said, smiling shyly at him.

“Morning,” Natsu replied, scratching his head. “What’s the plan for today?”

“I was thinking we could eat breakfast and then take a walk around ship, see what else it has to offer.”

“How much stuff can one boat have?”

“It’s a pretty big boat.”

Natsu shrugged and leaned back against the headboard, crossing his arms behind his head. His eyes darted to Lucy’s lips, itching to taste them once again. And with their alias, he now had the ability to make that happen.

“There are going to be a lot of attendants out,” Natsu said uninterestedly. “Sounds kinda risky.”

“Really?” Lucy asked, arching a brow. “We’re just going to be walking around though.”

“Can’t be too careful on a couple’s cruise, you know? Maybe we should practice some more like we did last night,” Natsu suggested, his cheeks turning pink.

Lucy began to blush as well and she averted her gaze. Either Natsu matured overnight and was overly cautious or he actually just wanted to kiss her. The blonde hoped for the latter but she wasn’t sure. And even if he did want to kiss her, she figured it was because it was a new experience for him, just as it was for her.

But hey, she wasn’t going to question him. Not when it allowed her to kiss him again.

“You’re right,” Lucy said, scooting closer to Natsu. “A little more practice wouldn’t hurt.”

Natsu nodded and swallowed thickly, glad that his plan had worked. He leaned closer to Lucy, his heart speeding up after noticing she was leaning in as well. Their breaths fanned their faces and their lips were just about to graze each other’s when Natsu gave a pathetic whimper and covered his mouth with his hands. His cheeks puffed out and sweat dotted his now pale face.

“Damn…” he choked out, rushing to the bathroom and hurling what felt like all of his insides into the toilet.

A vein ticked in Lucy’s forehead as she sat on the bed in a catatonic state. Leave it to Natsu to get motion sick just when he was about to kiss her.

So yes, Natsu had ruined the mood for her and left her longing for kisses. Who could blame her for being annoyed over that?

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Whiskey Tango

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: Nalu

Rated: T

Summary: Without a second thought, Lucy quickly downed one last whiskey before jumping to her feet and grabbed Natsu by the hand without a word, dragging him to the dance floor. He didn’t seem to mind though, stumbling his way after her with his face flushed and graced with a smile.

Word count: 5247

Just a one-shot I thought up as I had a really rough week not too long ago with midterms and projects and this was the result. 

This deals with anxiety and alcohol and all that jazz so just a heads up on that.

Part 2/

I read tags guys so if you wanna leave a quick comment it’d be really appreciated! 

Also thanks to the amazing @x-benihime for your help with this. It honestly probably would have been shit without your input so thank you <3 

                                  Into each life some rain must fall.
                                   -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“A double whiskey please.”

The bartender nodded, pulling out a bottle of Jameson and pouring it into a glass, handing it across the bar. Lucy sighed, looking down into the glass with a sort of resentment before knocking it back in one swing. It had been a long week with her midterms and assignments all shoved together forming her own personal hell.

She ordered another.

She was tired. She was so tired, and she just wanted to drink and have a well-deserved break. It was a Friday night, and she didn’t have anything due again for a while so she told herself why the fuck not.

Though, she supposed, getting wasted at 8pm alone probably wasn’t the best decision she made in a while. But she didn’t have anything else to do (except study and catch up on some work, but who’s counting), and her friends all decided to go home for the weekend, so here she was. It’s not like she minded the alone time though; the bar was really relaxing at this time with only a few people around, and the music was pretty calming.

In any case, at least she would get a good night’s sleep for once.

“What’s a pretty lady like yourself doing all alone at a bar on a Friday night?” Turning towards the voice, Lucy fought down the urge to visibly shudder. An older man- probably in his 60’s- sat beside her, leering down at her.

Forcing a small smile onto her face, she politely lied, “oh I’m not alone, just waiting on my boyfriend. He should be getting here any minute.” Lucy turned her back on the man and turned towards the bartender, ordering another drink.

She was definitely going to have a headache in the morning.  

“Well that’s awfully rude, making his little miss wait so long.” The sickly voice drawled, slurring on his words and making Lucy twitch. She thought she had dealt with the situation.  

She just wanted to be left alone.

“I came early, he isn’t late. Totally my fault.” She avoided looking at the man, trying to give him the hint to leave her alone.

She heard a chair scrape against the floor, and glanced over to see him moving closer. She internally groaned, not in the mood to deal with this at all.  

Just as he was about to say something else- probably something sexist and degrading- she felt an arm slip around her shoulders, a voice whispering in her ear.

“Just go with it.”

Startled and confused, Lucy glanced to the side to see a man with pink hair and a large grin plastered on his face, hand giving her shoulder a squeeze.

“Hey babe, sorry I’m late. Got caught up with some work.”

Lucy saw the old man get up and move, probably to find some other poor young girl to creep out. The pink haired man moved his arm away taking the seat next to her, looking sheepish.

“Sorry for just springing up out of nowhere, just looked like you were really uncomfortable so I thought I’d try to help.” His cheeks were a bit rosy, from embarrassment or alcohol Lucy didn’t know. He scratched the back of his neck, almost absentmindedly as he ordered a drink.

“What’s your name?” she blurted out, face heating up after realizing she had been staring.

Whiskey was not her friend in that moment.

Looking surprised, the man quickly regained composure and offered her a large grin. “Names Natsu, nice to meet ya!” He threw out his hand, which Lucy took without a second thought.

“I’m Lucy. Nice to meet you too.” She supposed she should have been a bit more skeptical of the guy, but he seemed familiar- though she could place how- and he was, simply put, very attractive.

“I know.” Eyes going wide, Natsu started to fumble his way through his slip up. “I mean, you go to Magnolia University, and, well I’m not a stalker or anything, I know that’s what it sounds like but ah, we’re in the same economics class and, ah shit this is weird, but you know my roommate Gray and-”

Lucy couldn’t help it; she burst out laughing. This was honestly one of the cutest things she’s seen in awhile. At least she knew now why he seemed familiar.  “Oh! You’re Gray’s friend who sets things on fire all the time! He’s told me about you.” Apparently he even caught himself on fire once. Lucy remembered wondering why Gray would live with someone who could potentially set their whole apartment on fire, but to each his own.

Natsu’s face seemed to heat up even more at the fact that she knew about his pyro-like habits, and she suddenly felt bad. “But he’s also said you’re a great guy and a decent roommate, besides the fact.”

That seemed to ease him up, as he suddenly sat up straighter and a smirk appeared on his lips. “Ice princess said that? I’ll have to keep that in mind.” He leaned forward slightly on the arm he had resting on the bar, “got any other ammunition I can use against him?”

Lucy rolled her eyes, taking a sip from her drink. She briefly wondered when it had gotten half empty. “I’m not helping you out in whatever weird competition you two have.”

He downed the rest of his drink, quickly ordering another. “How do you know him again anyways?”

“My mother and his father went to school together and were good friends, so we used to visit each other a lot as kids.” Lucy smiled fondly while thinking of her raven-haired friend. She can’t even remember a time when he hadn’t been there, he just always was. “He’s like my brother honestly.”

Natsu’s brows squeezed together in confusion for the briefest of moments, but Lucy saw it. Her mind was in too much in a haze, however, to figure out what was confusing. She should probably slow down on the whiskey, but she was having fun, and she wasn’t quite drunk yet.

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kitsunesenpai180 asked:
Jealous older Noctis headcanon! XD Sorry, I love Noctis but I do love the other bros too!    

Dear, really, sorry for the delay. I had this in my askbox for soooooo long. I sincerely hope you’ll still enjoy this and again, omg I feel so bad for making you wait for so long.

Originally posted by emerentis

Jealous Older!Noctis Headcanons:

  • Annoyance. It starts with annoyance. Noctis doesn’t know why he feels like that or about what he’s annoyed exactly. Is it the way the others are looking at you? How they’re looking at their Queen, at his Queen? The way they take your hand and kiss your knuckles. He knows it’s formal, but since he came back from the crystal, he wants you more than ever. He wants you for himself, and himself alone.
  • At first, he tries to contain it. He can’t be jealous, right? He was never like that to begin with? Maybe because he never had to share you back then, when it was just him, you and his friends. He didn’t have to live with the fact that everyone’s eyes were on you, full of admiration for their new queen. He even try to deny it, but it just keeps growing.
  • Public display affection galore. Suddenly, Noctis can’t keep it around you and he starts holding your hands in public, even during political meetings. He particulary likes leaning close to your ears and whisper how he can’t wait for this to be over so he can be alone with you. It turns you into a blushing mess in front of all your advisors. And he loves it.
  • Shy and awkward Noctis is no more. Suddenly his hands are all over you, he’s touchy and even dares kissing you whenever he can, whenever it’s suitable. And not just pecks. He likes to devour you and doesn’t wait for your permission to use his tongue.
  • It’s not your fault, it never was. He doesn’t want to share at all. He doesn’t want to have to watch other men fantasize about you, tell you how you’re the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, how much of a great queen you are, how much they wish they could spend more time with you. It’s his privilege, as your husband, and no one else’s.
Fairy Tail GO! Ch. 51

Rated T. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: Lucy was having fun playing ‘Pokémon Go!’ when she accidentally put herself in harm’s way. Luckily a pink haired boy saved her just in the nick of time. A ‘thank you’ lunch helped spark a new friendship between them, but Lucy got more than she bargained for when she realized the boy she befriended had a complex past full of dark secrets. Fortunately for him, Lucy won’t be scared away so easily. Modern High School AU. Slight Angst/Drama/Fluff.

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60

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Chapter Fifty-One: Welcome to the family

“Wh-What?” Lucy sputtered, face growing red despite her best efforts to stay in control. It didn’t work. In fact it only caused the heat to spread to her neck and ears. The many eyes on her didn’t help her racing heart either.

She didn’t know why Natsu’s dad would ask that question. Her hand went to the hickey on her shoulder, but she felt her hair still covering it. ‘If he didn’t see the hickey, then why would he ask?’

She cursed her stutter as she spoke again. “Wh-why would you think th-that?”

Igneel only grinned as he glanced at Natsu. The boy panicked when all eyes landed on him. He felt like sinking into his seat, but he remained in place. “What? I already told ya we’re not dating!”

Grandeeney let out a soft laugh as she sarcastically said, “I guess we have the only teenage boy in Fiore who doesn’t lie then?”

“Err…” Natsu grit his teeth, feeling his own blush take over. “It’s not like that! We’re just friends!”

“Oh?” Igneel’s grin turned into a smirk. “That’s weird. So you two were kissing in the break room at the shop because what? You’re just friends?”

Natsu and Lucy were speechless, mouths hanging open and eyes growing wide. Seeing as they weren’t going to respond, Igneel added, “There’s a security camera in there. Caught the whole thing.”

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Dumbfounded (Nalu FF, 1/1)

For Mary (@siriusly-random​) as a high five for finishing her exams ♥ 

F for fluff~
Words: 1600
summary: Nothing inspires an epiphany like a snow fight. 
read on: [fanfiction]

Natsu was her best friend – or as close to it as anyone could be – but just this once she would throttle him if he took one step closer to her. She backed up, foot slipping on the uneven ground, and he gave a laugh that sent out a little burst of flame.

“Natsu,” she warned, watching the flame longingly as it flickered and died in the ground.

“Lucy,” he repeated, his hand lowering. Despite everything she knew about him – and despite the devious quirk of his brows – she still lowered her defensive hands, letting out a small breath that appeared like smoke in the air.

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Some incoherent thoughts on 2x17

I officially dig Lucifer in shades. I officially dig Chloe looking like a badass. I also dig the idea of them dressing up nice together and being the power couple that they are (they just don’t know it yet).

The jab at One Million Mums. I want to marry the devil (and the writers).

I’m mad at the ethics review guy because while he’s just doing his job, he’s enjoying it way too much.

I want to be mad at Maze for assuming that all things bad are Lucifer’s fault but she’s hurt so I can’t.

I’m definitely mad at Dad for giving Lucifer another reason to think he’s unloved. Well done. A+ parenting, 10/10 would recommend, NOT.

I am seriously, seriously mad at Amenadiel too. Not because he’s apparently the favourite (although I don’t follow God’s reasoning), but because he’s such an ass about it? Like, can he stop putting Lucifer down all the time? ‘Oh Luci, I studied languages, I’m better than you.’ ‘Oh Luci, Dad reaaally shouldn’t love you, so why are you the favourite?’, ‘Oh Luci, I’ve been a better angel than you, my life is so unfair’. Stop, just stop. 

In short, I’m mad, and I dig Lucifer in shades. I apologise

Edmund x Reader: A Queen from Earth

Anonymous said: So… I have a request. For an Edmund x reader. Where there’s this girl who is a really big fan of Narnia. And every single day she goes up to her parent’s spare room and walks into the wardrobe to see if it’ll take her to Narnia. One day it actually does. She meets Edmund and the other Pevensies while they’re all kings and queens. The girl and Edmund fall in love. They confess their feelings for eachother. (Maybe even kiss. :3) And one day she goes back to England with Edmund. Please do this.:3

~This fanfic is a collab with Danielle from @itsalwaysnarnia! She and I worked on this for two nights, and we stayed up until 2 AM making the finishing touches (dedication!). Please go over to her blog and send her some love, she is really such an amazing writer- and human being. We had so much fun doing this together! Expect more collab writing from us ;) ~

There it stood. Tall and lean. The age old wardrobe that was kept in the spare room-hidden behind curtains and stray books-stood before you. 

You had been up here countless times. It had become almost routine.

 Every weekend evening, when all the lights had gone out and everyone was asleep, you would venture up the stairs. You had convinced yourself a long time ago that the only reason you still climbed inside the old wardrobe was to check for spiders, although that was far from the truth. Careful to avoid the creaking step at the top of the staircase, you would walk with a flashlight in your hand and a hope of finding Narnia in your mind.

 Yes, you knew you would never actually find the magical land. Narnia was just a story; a fictional story that was never and would never become a reality.

But you still had hope

You took a small step forward, letting your socks slide across the wooden floor.

The wardrobe looked typically the same, but something felt…different. Something lured you inside and you couldn’t stop yourself.

A certain aura was emitting from the wardrobe, one incomparable to any other, and the soft tingling of bells seemed to be coming from inside. You stepped closer. The sound of bells rang louder now.

 You recognized the sound, not from anything in our world per say, but from a distant dream or memory. You dropped the flashlight. 

A sudden wind current brushed your cheeks and your breath hitched your throat. You brought your fingers forward and swallowed the lump in your throat. You felt before you saw. Something pricked your finger. You retracted your hand but still unconsciously walked forward. 

An unexpected gleam of light hit your eyes and you squinted, your feet hitting a new ground. You picked up your flashlight, moving aside a coat to see inside. 

You were in a forest. 

You were in Narnia.

There it was. Magical, impossible, unbelievable Narnia. 

You dropped your flashlight again, staring in awe at the magnificent forest. 

It couldn’t be.

As you stooped to pick it up, the door to the wardrobe slammed behind you, thrusting you forward into the autumn leaves of the Narnian woods.

 Before you had the chance to think another thought, something spliced passed your face and landed just a few inches from your head. You screamed and your body froze in fear. 

“Ed, you bloody missed!” 

You looked to your right and saw an arrow wedged into the tree next to you. 

“Well it’s a good thing I did, because I don’t think that was a deer.”

Your attention averted towards the voices in front of you. Four beings, residing on horses, made their way into the clearing. You tilted your head. “King Peter?”

Peter narrowed his eyes. “You aren’t from around here are you?”

A laugh escaped your lips. “I guess you could say that. Did my clothes give me away?”

“More the look on your face when we saw you.” 

The boy with dark hair, that you knew to be Edmund, smirked. “I’ve seen that expression on Peter and Susan’s face when they first entered Narnia.”

“Or maybe you almost shot me in the head.” You teased, smirking back at the handsome king. Edmund grinned. “That too.” 

Peter frowned slightly. “Where are you from anyway? Not…not Calormene or Archenland?” He eyed your star wars T-shirt.

 “I’m, uh-” You paused. What were you supposed to tell them? ‘Oh, I’m from the future. No, not the Narnian future, but the Earth future. I’ve read all the books about you four, and Edmund, I’m dying to marry you’? You couldn’t say all that.

“I’m from a…distant land. Not anywhere around here.” 

“How did you know his name, then?” Susan finally spoke up, emerging behind Peter on her horse and gesturing to him. 

“You called him ‘King Peter’. How do you know that?” 

You bit your lip, looking around at the three Pevensies. Three. Where was- 

“Su, I think I know what’s going on.” Lucy’s horse trotted along the dirt. She smiled at you, seeming to recognize something.

 “She’s from our world.” She said thoughtfully, jumping off her horse onto the ground. Peter’s eyes widened. He too dismounted his stead. “You’re from England?”

 You nodded slowly, processing what you were about to say in your mind. “I’ve read about you four. There are books, stories about your adventures.” 

Edmund and Susan looked at each other. “What-in England?”

 You nodded again, backing away slightly. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come here. I-I need to get back.”


Edmund cleared his throat, blushing a little. “I mean-no, you can’t possibly leave without telling us of these…these books.” 

Lucy smirked, eyeing the two of you. You tugged at your shirt. “Um…alright.” There was silence. 

“My, where are our manners! We haven’t yet asked you of your name.” Lucy said kindly. 

 “Y/n.” You smiled back at her, turning to the others. “And I really don’t mean to be a burden on you all. I don’t expect you to-” 

“There will be a room provided for you in the castle.” Susan said assuringly, smiling for the first time. 

“Yes! And fresh clothing and sheets.” Lucy grinned, offering her arm. “Have you ever ridden on horseback?”

You frowned a little. “No.”

 Edmund smirked, remaining on his horse. “Lu, let her ride with me. I’m a better teacher for beginners.” You rolled your eyes, sensing his mockery.

 Lucy nodded. “I’ll help you mount your stead, earthling. Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to call you that, I just kind of got into that ‘earthling’-y feeling, you know? oh, I’m sorry, I really-” 

“Lucy, it’s okay.” You said, laughing a little. You grabbed the sides of Edmund’s horse, hoisting yourself up.

 “Woah! Watch it.” 

You stared at the horse blankly. “Did it just talk?” You asked, horrified. Peter laughed, kicking the side of his horse. “You’re in Narnia. What did you expect?” 

His horse galloped off. Susan shot you a smile before quickly following after him, adjusting her quiver of arrows. 

“Well, come on then! I’ll meet you two at the castle. Ed, don’t wander off.” 

Lucy mounted her stead and went after the others. 

Edmund smirked at you. “You don’t want me to go too fast, do you?” 

You nervously gripped Edmund’s sides as you rode along with him on his horse, back to Cair Paravel. 

You supposed he was around your age, from what you had read and what you could see. And you also immediately noticed how nervous he made you. 

You barely uttered a word the whole ride. All you did was listen to the Pevensies’…um…colorful banter. 

As you rode, awkwardly clutching at Edmund, you took a look around the strange land. It all felt too whimsical, too unreal. You caught yourself barely blinking. 

Cair Paravel was no exclusion to the beauty you had seen so far. It stood so tall, so firm, so breath taking. 

As you neared the castle, guards swiftly made their way to the horses sides. One of the guards eyed you suspiciously. 

A warm laugh left Edmund’s lips. “We picked up a straggler. No need to worry yourself.” 

The guard nodded curtly and took the reins from Edmund’s hands. Edmund swung off his horse quite gracefully, but you knew you could not follow in the same manner. 

Thankfully Edmund, as the chivalrous young man he is, helped you down. His hands gripped your waist momentarily, forcing you to fight off a smile. Why did you have to fight off a smile?

Once all four siblings were off the horses, the guards guided them towards the stables. An inescapable breath left your lips as you admired Cair Paravel once more. It was exquisite. Yes, there had been pictures in the books you read, but no drawing was comparable to this. 

“You must be hungry. Dinner shall be served soon.” Peter stated, his eyes landing on you. “And I think it would be a lovely time for you to tell us how exactly you got here.”

“Well not until she is properly dressed.” Susan spoke up. She too glanced at you and smiled. “I have more than enough dresses to share.”  

You returned the smile gratefully, your cheeks feeling warm, and followed Lucy and Susan into the castle. You glanced back at Edmund. 

“See you at dinner.” He called, sending a wave. 

So much talking and laughter was exchanged at dinner; you didn’t think there was much left to say. 

Edmund, however, proved that otherwise.

After dinner ended, he insisted on showing you the gardens. Maybe a little sarcastically, but nevertheless, you followed him outside.

He had so much to say, many things to ask, and he was a perfectly good listener. He glided with such ease and he had such a strong aura about him. 

“…you wouldn’t believe it.” Edmund laughed. “Lucy honestly thought that I had broken my arm. I fooled her there. But then I ended up falling into a pond so all was even eventually.” 

“I would almost feel sorry for you, but I’m pretty sure you deserved that one.” You pointed out, your shoulder brushing Edmund’s. You tried to conceal the blush spreading quickly across your cheeks.

Edmund shook his head. “Siding with Lucy already,” He teased, “How typical.” 

You scoffed. “Well, she wasn’t the one who almost shot me in the head with an arrow.” You nudged him lightly. Edmund’s lips curled into a smile. 

“Y/N, that was an honest mistake. It’s not my fault you slightly resembled a deer.”

Your jaw dropped in mock-fury. “You little…”

Edmund smirked. “Little what? I don’t think I caught that.”
You mirrored his smirk. “Oh, I didn’t say a thing. Just remarking on your ever so accurate aim.” 

Edmund rolled his eyes indignantly. “Well it is a good thing I missed, because I am quite glad that I met you today Y/N.”

You felt a hot blush invade your cheeks, and you knew you couldn’t hide it this time. Edmund pretended he hadn’t noticed. 

You both continued walking until you had reached the beginning of the gardens again, meeting at the archway.  

“I shall bid you goodnight here. My horse Phillip insists I bring him an apple personally.” 

Edmund took a little bow. As sarcastic and mocking as he was, Ed was still a gentleman-y King of Narnia.

You curtsied a little awkwardly. “Of course, your majesty.”

Edmund chuckled, rolling his eyes.

“Y/n, I almost shot you in the head. You can call me Edmund.” 

Suddenly his hand met your jaw and a warm kiss was placed on your cheek. Without another word, Edmund disappeared behind a bush in true ‘Edmund fashion’.

You brushed your hand gingerly against your cheek. With a smile too relevant in your features, you stepped back into the castle. 

                                              **YEARS PASSED**

“Come on Ed, are you going to let your darling wife beat you again?” Lucy shouted, her horse jumping over a fallen tree. 

“He’s used to it by now.” Peter bantered, his horse slowing down, allowing Edmund to catch up. 

You all caught your breath as Edmund appeared, clearly annoyed.
“Oh please, Phillip can take half the blame.” The horse glared at the young King.

“I’m not as young as I used to be.”

Everyone exchanged laughter, all but Lucy, who seemed to be distracted by something. You frowned.

“What is it Lu?” Peter questioned, following her gaze to a tall lamp post.
Lucy mumbled inaudibly.

Beyond the clearing stood something you recognized. You could barely make out what it was, but you knew you had seen it before. You could sense it.

The youngest queen licked her lips. 

“Spare Oom.” 

You let out a sharp breath, suddenly remembering something. 

Spare Room.

Tall wardrobe. 

“Wait, Lucy, where are you going?” Susan inquired urgently, getting off her horse to follow Lucy. 

Everyone quickly did the same, and you all found yourself in a line, behind Lucy. You didn’t understand what was happening, but you knew one thing: Whatever lay beyond the clearing was familiar. 

“I know this place.” Lucy said, pushing passed tree branches. You glanced at Edmund. He smiled reassuringly, grabbing your hand and pulling you behind Lucy. 

Without even noticing, the trees blended into coats, and then shoving ensued. 

“Get off!”

“I’m not on your toe.”

The wood around you was blurry and faded, and you could barely tell what was going on. All you knew was that this wasn’t suppose to happen. The hand you were still gripping tightly started to feel different, almost like it was…shrinking. Softening. 

The next thing you knew, you were sprawled on the floor, next to the rest of the Pevensies. You let go of Edmund’s hand, quite confused. You were gripping the hand of an 11 year old boy. “Oh Aslan,” You muttered under your breath, staring in shock at your husband and brother and sisters in law. All children. 

“What were you all doing in the wardrobe?” 

You looked up instantly, eyes meeting the kind face of an older man.

 Peter smiled softly. “You wouldn’t believe us if we told you.” 

You let out a long breath. The man tilted his head. 

“Try me.”

You looked up to see the professor, with a twinkle in his eye, tossing you a ball. You caught it nervously, looking up at him.

 “My dear, it seems I have a lot of explaining to do.” You shared a look with Edmund. 


“You are not here by accident.” 

The professor smiled. “You’ve been granted your one wish. Now you are to remain here.” 

The four Pevensies looked at you in confusion.

 But you knew. Narnia was the wish, and this was the price. 

“I think I’ll manage.” You smiled, looking at Edmund.

“I already know how the story ends, after all.”

anonymous asked:

Hi, hi!!! You are seriously THE best!!! Can you imagine the Chocobros reaction if their s/o (fem, if that's okay!) proposed to them, instead of the other way around?? Ooooh my goodness, my heart melts just thinking about it!!! Thank you so so so much!!!! Xo I love your blog!!

*squeels excitedly for all eternity*
I swear, anon, this might just be the most precious fluff request I’ve gotten to date. My face was a blushing MESS when I read this.

When I was younger, I spent every Friday night bingewatching wedding shows on TLC. Suffice to say, I aboslutely adore proposals and all that warm and fuzzy marriage buisness.✨

Thank you endlessly for all of the support and love for the blog - I can’t tell you how much it means to Leigh and I!

Without further delay, let the Valentines week fluff fest begin 💜

Note: the s/o is implied to be fem


Song: “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron and Wine

  • One would think that when proposing to the prince of Lucis, only an extravegant affair of fresh flowers, imported chocolates, and a sky written message would do
  • Nobody would have guessed that the seemingly simple proposal Noct’s s/o planned, one leagues behind a royal engagement, would have meant so much to him
  • Love’s a funny thing… isn’t it?
  • Around 3 am on a starry summer night, Noct and his s/o found themselves tangled up in a bubble bath, surrounded by dimly flickering candles, loosely strung christmas lights, and floating rose petals atop soapy water
  • The skylight window above provided a stream of delicious moonlight that cast a hazily euphoric glow on the couples bare forms
  • Swaddled in warmth and comfort, Noctis held his s/o lovingly in his lap, running water softened hands along her body, tracing her curves thoughfully, as she pressed occasional kisses to his collarbone and neck

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