lucy the dinosaur!


I made a tulle skirt / tutu ! I’m now an official life unicorn. 
Actually I decided I absolutely needed to sew myself a tutu like a month ago. Someone was throwing a costumed party for the end of uni year and I realized I couldn’t make a unicorn costume based on what I owned in my (everyday) closet. Obviously, I was highly disappointed with myself. So there, mistake corrected ! 

I chose lilac because it’s cute and when I saw this glittery silver elastic I thought it would be perfect to complete my grown-up attire to be. It’s a very simple shape, even though tulle is extra annoying to work with. I’m really pleased with how it turned out :)

(I like blurry pictures of myself twirling)



Here’s another well-known one. The dinosaurs have been pasted into other Nick bumpers, but this is their original spot. The bumper was headed by animator Joey Ahlbum, who has a love for dinos. Joey is known for his Lucy the Dinosaur cartoons and books, mostly for Frederator’s preschool channel, Fredbot.  He also made the Nickelodeon pitch Thunder Lizards, another reptile-centric work. His style is iconic, but you may not yet understand just why it looks so familiar.

If that’s the case, I’d advise checking out this credits sequence from Sesame Street and seeing if that’s why.

The bumper is charming, short, and sweet. Dinosaurs have fun, and watch Nick. And they wear cute sneakers! What more could you want? The brief song concludes with the main dino putting on some sweet shades. Cool and wacky, very Nicktoons. 

You can follow @joeyahlbum on tumblr.
You can also see his animations on Youtube

Check out more nick bumpers over the next few days in celebration of Nick Animation’s 25th birthday.