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When every character has a sob story, no one does.

One of the main faux pas that I see young writers make is this idea that that they need to give every character a tragic backstory. There can be no happiness in the past for our main characters. Their childhoods must be steeped in sorrow to make them deep and tragic because being deep and tragic makes them interesting and no. That is just not true. A character can be interesting even if they had a perfectly normal and happy childhood.

That’s not the reason why I’m talking about this issue, though. I’m bringing it up because of a very real problem that comes with giving everyone a sob story: when every character has one, then no one does.

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What We once were

I truly hope so much that you like this story. It’s based of what was for months my reality. 

Plot: Y/N is in love with Harry and doesn’t understand why he cuts her off. 

Warnings: Mentions of violent behavior, however not in detail.

Picture isn’t mine which is quite sad. 

It was safe to say that I loved him far too much for my own good. Maybe it was the way he looked at me, eyes wide and full of warmth and with a hint of… wonder. He looked at me as though he was the only one who saw me as me, the person I truly was. And yet at the same time I know now that he also always saw me as somebody I couldn’t possibly be. Somebody I didn’t even want to be and now am glad I never became, even if it resulted in costing me him. To this day I think it was this misperception of his that doomed the two of us to fail.

Harry caused me so much unnecessary pain, forced me through a seemingly infinite amount of sleepless nights.

How had I ever made that man to somebody I cared about so deeply? I truly wish I hadn’t.

I stumbled into Harry’s life at a time when the both of us felt terribly out of place. He’d befriended a friend of mine and was soon thrown into a new group of friends, one that I happened to be part of a well. Of course he was on good terms with everybody and held the attention of everyone.

It caught me by surprise when Harry and I became friends. I’d expected to be just as much of a bystander in his life as I was in the lives of the other’s but for some reason he made an effort to know me. I let him of course, gladly in fact since I was just as much pulled under his spell as the rest of us were and greedy for any bit of attention he could spare.

Soon I discovered that he was funny, kind and not half as cocky as he always pretended to be. Harry made me happy. It was far too easy to fall in love with him it happened without me even noticing.

It would be nice if this story would turn into one of those that end with the two friends looking closely at each other, smile and then realize at the same time that the partner they had been dreaming of had been right there in front of them all along. What’s more beautiful than mindless flirtations turning into true words of love? I’ll say it right now this is definitely not that kind of story. If anything it’s the opposite.

“You should come with us,“ Harry suggested one day.

We were queueing for coffee, something we did at least once a week since he’d introduced me to this part of the city where we’d found what was undoubtedly the best cafe ever. I’d somehow hoped he would invite me to the party tonight, but at the same time I dreaded the thought of going.

I bit my lip. “Wouldn’t I be a bit out of place?“

“Next!“ Moving quickly I informed the barista of our orders and payed for them both before following Harry who’d already walked over to the side of the counter where our coffee’s would be served. He smiled when I followed him.

“Rubbish,“ Harry spoke, grinning at me with that smile I thought about far too often when alone, “You’d just stick to my side like you usually do.“

This idea I liked. Harry’s grin widened when I nodded. “Okay.“


Harry squeezed my shoulder before glancing to our right when’re a beautiful young woman came to a stand, checked something on her phone and then moved to sit down at a table near the wall. A sour taste settled on my tongue and I cleared my throat.

“Only so that somebody’s looking after you, which isn’t a piece of cake,“ I  said, smiling when I successfully distracted his attention away form the pretty female and back to me, “Drunk Harry is a pain in the arse I’ll tell you that much.“

Harry shook his head with arched brows. „Watch it love, ’nother comment like that one and m’gonna pinch you.“

“As if you’d dare,“ I laughed, but shrieked and moved away when his fingers reached out to assault my hips. “Ouch! Be nice!“

We waited another minute or two before he thanked the barista with a warm smile while handing me my coffee.

“How much do I owe you?“ he asked, taking a sip from his mug.

“Don’t worry about it. You payed for both of us last time.“

“Oh, so now you can be nice to me, huh?“ Harry playfully nudged my side with his arm and nodded towards the exit, silently asking for us to leave. Well, less asking than demanding it.

My heart sank a little. I’d hoped we would sit down and enjoy our coffees together and through that prolong our time spent alone with one another, but I assumed he already had other plans.

“I’ll pick you up at ten,“ Harry informed me out on the street, his hand a constant warmth at the small of my back. “That way we’ll be an hour later than everybody else and there when the fun really starts.“

I rolled my eyes. “Sure. Whatever you say.“

“That’s the spirit,“ Harry joked, laughing when I glared at him, “I’ll see you then.“

My heart skipped a beat when he leaned in, lips finding my cheek in a lingering kiss before he allowed his arms to wrap around my waist in a tight embrace. The untamable curls of his tickled my neck when he let his face nuzzle my skin momentarily and I giggled in delight, heart thrumming heavily upon hearing him quietly chuckle.

“I’ll see you later,“ I confirmed, more to myself than to him in order to soften the sting of us having to part, “Bye, Harry.“

I squeezed him to me one more time before letting him release me. He stepped back and for a moment I believed to see something change in his eyes. With a final wave he made his way towards the taxi station nearby while I turned to walk to the nearest bus stop.


Harry’s hand was holding mine tightly (his doing, not mine), our fingers intertwined and my heart singing. I smiled and let him pull me with him as he went to say hello to all of the people he knew at the bar, which were many. Nobody questioned our interlaced hands and my cheeks warmed at the thought of people not doubting for a moment that I could belong to Harry’s side.
While Harry spoke to one of his friends my eyes scanned the faces of the people around us and to my distaste found the all too familiar and rather attractive features of Cherry, Her evil eyes glared at me briefly before widening upon noticing Harry, her desire for him as clear to see for everybody as her red painted lips were. I shuddered and turned more into Harry’s side, reminding myself that it was me he’d asked to come with him and not her. I didn’t look but I could feel her angered gaze of jealously on my frame. I couldn’t fight the smile pulling at my lips. The next person I was was Jake, a friend, who smiled and raised his hand in a short wave. I waved back. Him I quite liked.


Harry’s eyes found mine briefly before he released my hand and let my friend Lucy embrace me so tightly I could hardly breathe.
When she let go again I was immediately forced into a conversation with her and before I could do anything to stop her she pulled me away and out of Harry’s sight.

The night turned out to be fun though, especially when Harry joined me shortly after saying hello to Cherry and only left my side after an hour when our friend Riley suddenly came hurrying towards us, saying that he needed to talk to Harry. I watched him walk away longingly.

“You know,“ Lucy began while biting onto the blue straw of her drink, “he really likes you.“

“We’re best friends,“ I shrugged, turning to her, “He better like me.“

“No, silly,“ Lucy rolled her eyes and nudged my arm, “I mean he fancies you. Maybe not as much as you do him since you’re practically head over heels for that guy, but still. I’m sure if you were to say anything he’d be happy to go out with you.“

With flushed cheeks I looked around us, hoping nobody had heard her words.

“I don’t want to risk anything,“ I confessed quietly, “I’d rather be his friend than be nothing at all. Besides, it’s the guy who has to take the first step, not the girl.“

At that Lucy laughed loudly, her long hair fell over her shoulders and I briefly admired how pretty she was.

“Welcome to the 21st century, Y/N. And don’t you think he already made the first step? Several times, actually? Think about it. He invited you here to come with him. He escorts you home every time you’re out late with us and he constantly calls or texts you. Jake told me the other day that he drove past the two of you when Harry was walking you home and he didn’t dare stop to say Hi, thinking he might otherwise interrupt something.

“Jake is being funny then,“ I replied, ignoring the heavy squeeze my heart gave, “Harry is like that with many girls.“

“But only with you it is real.“

I didn’t reply any further and did my best to change the subject, silently urging my heart to calm down. I wished Lucy’s words were true. I wanted Harry to adore me as much as I adored him.

Harry didn’t adore me as much as I adored him. It was about one week after that night that he told Lucy he hated me. 
Her expression had been one of pity and I could tell it was hard for her to speak the words, fully aware that they would break my heart, but I’d begged her to tell me what it was I had done to make Harry draw away from me. And that was all she got out of him.
Harry hated me, wanted nothing to do with me and felt as though he had absolutely no place for me in his life anymore. 
And while my world shattered at his sudden change of heart, he seemingly stayed unaffected.

“What can I say,“ Lucy recalled his words were, “I guess when one door closes, another one opens.“

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I continued to speak to Lucy and drink, though I made sure not to get drunk so I would be sober should Harry decide to get wasted. I was to keep my word and take care of him, which I didn’t mind at all.

“Can’t believe you’re doing this for him,“ Lucy said, brows arched, “Make sure that he’s actually drunk this time.“

I rolled my eyes, remembering with a foul taste in my mouth when Harry had pretended to be drunk and forced me to drag him home, making me then walk back to my apartment alone and in the middle of the night only to later on reveal that it had all been an act.

“Wanted to see if you were a good friend or not,“ Harry had laughed after humiliating me in front of everybody, “And you passed!“

It hurt me how easily he could play with my feelings for him and I know that I should have left him then. But of course I had instead forgiven Harry without thinking about it twice.

We were interrupted by a guy named Cory. His tall figure loomed over the two of us and he looked very much out of breath. Though he didn’t know me it was my face his eyes instantly found.

“Y/N, right? You need to come with me. Now.“

I was grabbed without further explanation and dragged with such quick steps it was difficult for me to keep up. I was confused and wondered what a guy I didn’t even knew could want from me.

Though when we reached outside I realized it wasn’t Cory who needed something from me, but Jake.

My good and kind friend Jake was crying. His body shook and his face resembled the color of a sheet of paper. The blue of his eyes was swimming in tears and the evident fear in his orbs frightened me. My stomach turned when I noticed how his right cheek shone with a flaming shade of red. I stumbled towards him, heart beating heavily in my chest.

“Jake, what-“

“Y/N. No.“

I flinched at Harry’s rough words and when my surprised eyes met his I froze. With his back stood against the brick wall of the building I hadn’t noticed his presence at first but now that I looked at him not even the dark could hide the heavy movements of his chest, the raw anger in his burning eyes. Instantly my worry was for him.

“Harry? What happened?“

My eyes wandered down and the racing of my heart increased at the sight of his trembling fingers, the knuckles of his hand already swollen.

I moved towards him and reached out for his arm before my brain could catch up. “Oh god, Harry, are you alright?“

Tears threatened to form at the sight of the one I loved in pain. Harry gently squeezed my fingers.

“I’m okay, love, don’t worry. Go. I don’t need you to see this.“ This time his tone was kind.

I turned to look at Jake. He’d shrunk back when I’d moved to stand by Harry’s side instead of his and I noticed how his tears increased, smearing his flaming cheek. I didn’t understand and desperately searched for answers in Harry’s face, but his expression had already hardened again. It was when his dark eyes found Jake’s trembling form that I realized what had happened. There was no kindness in his stare.

I let go of Harry’s hand and stepped back. “Harry, what did you do?“

Jake sobbed, breaking my heart further. I felt tears burn my eyes and roll onto my cheeks before I could stop them and I turned to look at the friend I felt was like my brother. With my entirety shaking I stepped closer and tried to reach for his hand.

“Are you okay?“ It was a stupid question to ask somebody who was so clearly devastated.

Jake nodded.

“Y/N,“ Harry growled form behind me, “Leave him be and go back inside. You have no business here so stay out of it.“

His voice was back to being harsh.

Still I pressed on.

“Did Harry do that?“

I didn’t need Jake’s nod to know the answer to my question.

It wasn’t the first time I’d been a witness to Harry’s short temper. He’d lashed out at people before my eyes more times than I liked to admit, but never before at one of our friends.
Never somebody we cared about. 

At first he would always scream and if the person confronted then didn’t step back, Harry would let his muscular physic do the talking.
I’d been so frightened when it had happened for the first time as I before that incident only knew him as a kind, warm and loving guy who did everything he could for his friends. Upon meeting him I wouldn’t have ever believed he’d be the type to solve his problems with physical strength, but over time I’d learned that if you push the false buttons, he could get as angry as a hurricane and destroy everything around him.
Normally he always tried to make sure I didn’t see.

“Oh Jake,“ I cried and moved to hug him.

Harry made a sound like I imagined a wild tiger would right before killing his prey.

“Y/N, I swear to god, go the fuck inside!“

“Stop it, Harry! Can’t you see you’ve done enough?“ I was properly sobbing now, “What the hell were you thinking? You hit Jake!“

“That prick deserved it,“ Harry spoke cruelly, “Didn’t you, you little shit?“

“Hey man, calm down, okay? I think he gets it,“ Cory intervined.

He’d stayed silent until now.

Jake’s swimming orbs found my face. “I’m going home.“

I brushed my hands against the wet skin of my cheeks and nodded. My friend’s scared eyes found the man’s who stood behind me before quietly continuing.

“Come with me.“

“She’s staying, aren’t you, Y/N?“ Harry’s tone was almost mocking, “She came here with me so she stays until I take her home. She doesn’t need you to do that.“

My head hurt and I shook my head. Breathing was difficult.

“Jake,“ I whimpered, “Just go, okay? Text me when you’re home.“

I knew my reply disappointed him but at the same time it was hardly a surprise. Of course I would stand by Harry’s side still. Of course there wasn’t anyone who I would choose over him. Harry knew it, too and grinned at the both of us with an unfamiliar shade of evil in his eyes.

I faintly heard him mumble the words Good girl.

My stomach turned.

“I can go home by myself.“

Jake moved to leave and when I turned to look at Harry his expression had changed from one of anger to one of surprise. I noticed that his eyes were back to their clear green color that wasn’t at all frightening and when I took a step back and out of his reach he frowned.

“Y/N,“ he spoke softly, “C’mon. I’ll take you home later.“

I shook my head. “I want to leave now.“

He sighed. “We’ll leave now, then.“

Once more he reached out to touch me and just like before I flinched away from his touch. The blood on his hand made me sick.

“I said I can go by myself, Harry.“


Any other person would have understood.

Of course I couldn’t bear to be in the presence of the male who’d just inflicted such pain and fear on one of my closest friends. It was all too much and I cried on my way home, thankful that the taxi driver didn’t dare asking what the matter was.

Jake texted me that he was fine and though none of what happened was my fault I apologized profoundly for what Harry had done.
But that was it. I didn’t offer to come over and take care of him, in fact I didn’t address the subject at all anymore the moment I found out what had happened.
Apperaantly Jake had run his mouth about something Harry didn’t like and before he’d been able to react or apologize Harry’d already begun to inflict physical pain on him, completely void of any compassion for his friend.

I felt bad, I really did, and though I was angry and upset with Harry, the fear of him resenting me should I side too much with Jake kept me from being a good friend to him.

I picked Harry without even consciously making the choice.


When I went to tell Lucy about what happened the night before she said that she already knew. Harry had told her everything after I’d left him standing outside the bar.

“He was pretty pissed at you,“ she said with worried eyes, “Said he doesn’t want to see you anymore.“

I shuddered. “Maybe I should call him. Talk things out.“

But he didn’t pick up. Not the first time I tried and not the fifth either. He didn’t even respond to my messages.

Slowly I could feel myself freak out. We’d had some spats here and there, arguments that had made him shut me out and avoid talking to me, but so far whenever I reached out to apologize he warmed up and welcomed me back at his side.

Only this time I honestly felt like there was nothing for me to apologize for. I wasn’t the one who’d laid hand on Jake, who’d commanded a friend around as though they were my property and I hadn’t been the one to spoil the whole night for everyone.

“Just apologize to him,“ Lucy advised after I’d spent three days with absolutely no word from Harry, “He’s on good terms with Jake again. After letting out his aggression Harry accepted Jake’s effort of making things okay.“

“Good for them,“ I said, genuinely meaning it, “But there is nothing I could apologize for and nothing that I did wrong that night. Harry knows that, too.“

In all honesty I felt as though it was Harry’s turn to apologize to me. So many times before had it been me who’d tried and tried to reach out for him to make things right, often I even let myself down just to please him and that just couldn’t happen again.
I would wait, I decided, wait for him to respond to one of my innocent messages, hoping desperately that this choice wouldn’t cost me him. 

But of course that was exactly the price I had to pay for not backing down this time.

Harry could be so kind. He was the first person to be there for me when I was in trouble, he always protected me against anything and anyone who made me uneasy and most importantly through him I experienced a never before encountered feeling of being needed. 

To him I was important and he appreciated me every day.

At times he was gentle and funny, blushing whenever he managed to make me laugh and his eyes would sparkle so lovingly it made my heart flutter.

He wasn’t all manipulative, arrogant and selfish.

I think Harry liked to think of me as an obedient and kind girl that wasn’t difficult to keep around. And he most certainly knew I was in love with him. So when I chose not to let myself down and apologize for standing up to him he was surprised and angry.
I’d proven his perception of me wrong and this newly discovered girl wasn’t who he had much use to.

Never before in my life had I cried so hard. It was like I couldn’t breathe, my chest was crushed under an immense weight and I was robbed of any feeling of comfort. Some nights it got so bad I was hysterical and trashed around in my bed with no hope of finding rest. It felt like I was forcefully ripped open and everything Harry had left in my heart was taken away. Left was a sickening emptiness.

I was devastated.

Harry hadn’t responded to any attempt I’d made at reaching out and after a while I had been forced to give up. So instead I sent Lucy to talk to him and find out what he believed I did wrong only for her to come back with the most awful news.

“Harry was so angry, Y/N,“ Lucy had said, voice quiet and careful, “So much so he acted completely indifferent. He said that you know exactly what you did, that he hates you for it and never wants to see you again.“

She might as well have knocked me out.

Lucy nervously toyed with her hands. “I’m so sorry, Y/N. There really was nothing I could do to calm him.“


Hearing that the person you love feels hate towards you is the most intense kind of heart break that can be inflicted upon you by a loved one. Any sense of warmth is sucked out of you, your skin is in a constant state of shudder and your heart might as well not be there. The sickness you may feel before sitting through an important exam or before your first day at a new job, that kind of nerve wrecking sickness doesn’t ever go away again.

Your body is always on alert. Not even sleep brings rest.
It is pure torture to bear a broken heart and it takes so much time until it gets better.


The crying didn’t stop and I had no control over it. My eyes began to tear up without me noticing and due to the constant ache in my heart it was difficult to tell when my body was overwhelmed by it. During those times I searched for solitude and refused to spend time with the large group of people I’d once called my friends. Lucy and a small handful of them were the only ones I wanted to be around, anyone else I knew would instantly go and tell Harry about the pitiful state I was in.
And he didn’t need to know how much him leaving me had shattered my entire being.

To my luck the intense pain, confusion and disappointment followed a lot of anger. Like, more anger than I ever knew I was capable of feeling. That helped so much and for the first time I could feel myself slowly getting close to feeling okay again.

Because honestly: How dare he put me aside like I was a used doll to him? How dare he pretend like I wasn’t the best friend he had? How dare he act as if I hadn’t always put him first, before myself even?

I hissed in anger at the mere thought of all the things I’d done for him, every sacrifice, every time I let myself down to please him. If he messed up, I was there to help make things right, if he was upset, I was there to cheer him up. Me, me me. Always Me.
And now what? I had cried at the sight of my friend in pain and that made ma a traitor?

“I’m okay,“ I told Lucy one afternoon after she asked me how I was coping. Five weeks had passed since Harry had stopped talking to me and I was happy to admit that my words were only half a lie.

“That’s good,“ she gave me a small smile before her expression hardened and she looked away. “He asked about you today.“

I almost chocked on my tea. Lucy elaborated: “I ran into him at the cafe he likes so much. He asked where I was going and when I told him he wanted to know how you were doing.“

“What did you say?“ I wondered, my voice much steadier than I expected.

She peered up at me form under her lashes. “That you were good.“

I nodded. “Good.“

“I also asked if I should talk to you and help him make things right again.“ Lucy looked at me expectantly.

With brows arched in surprise I cleared my throat. “You did? What did he say?“

“Nothing he just shook his head. But that’s only because he’s prideful, Y/N, trust me. If you were to call him now I’m certain he would want to talk.“

Slowly I raised the mug I held in both hands to my lips and took a sip. When I looked at her again I knew my slightly puffy eyes were hard.

“Well, I’m not going to.“

“You should,“ Lucy protested, “Put you both out of your misery.“

I shook my head. “He’s the one who acts as if I did the worst possible thing to him when in reality I have done nothing. No, I am definitely not going to crawl back to him like a whipped dog that learned its lesson and damn him if he thinks I will. Maybe he regrets being a dick to me but then it sure as hell means that it’s his turn to come back. After all, he’s the one that left.“

When I finished I was out of breath and my hands trembled.

“I didn’t know you were this angry,“ Lucy admitted, her eyes holding surprise, “I expected you to be happy about these news.“

“Well I’m not,“ I answered, “This is just another stupid test of his and after crying every night for almost a month now I no longer care if I fail it.“

“He told me you were the one who left.“

I gaped at her. “What?“

She shrugged. “In his version of the story you’re the one who backed away form him after what happened to Jake. He thinks you are the one who left.“

Once more my body was set on fire with anger.
“That’s what this is about?“ I cried, “He hates me for not holding the hand he used to beat my friend with?“

Lucy bit her lip, then she nodded.

“Fuck him then,“ I said harshly, “What a self centered prick. I was frightened sick and he is so selfish that me taking a step back and insisting that I needed a moment alone is enough for him to throw us away?“

There was a pause of silence and slowly my breathing calmed again.

Lucy cleared her throat. “Okay, well… it’s your choice. I just know how much you care for him and even after everything he did I’m sure he cares about you just as much. And as your friend I must say that I can’t bear to see you so hurt all the time.“

At that I smiled kindly. “If he cared as much about me as I do for him he wouldn’t be spending all of his time with Cherry at his side.“

Lucy’s face fell. “I didn’t think you knew about that.“

I shrugged. “Hard not to. Her Instagram is full with pictures of them together. Her hugging him, him holding her waist, them dancing. He doesn’t seem to miss me too much.“

“She’s a distraction and has a pretty head that is as empty as a head can be,“ Lucy spoke harshly, “He knows that she is nothing compared to the friendship he had with you.“

I shrugged once more. “He doesn’t seem to mind. And as long as he doesn’t try to come back to me with a solid apology I couldn’t care less if Cherry bores him out of his mind.“


Nights were still the worst. That was when my head was haunted by every moment I ever spent with Harry, every laugh we shared, every touch. My poor heart was tortured with the memory of him kissing my cheek, leaving the skin hot and burning. I was reminded of the wide smile he wore whenever he saw me and the look of his arms held open wide for me to step into.

What I found myself missing most though was his smell. I’d grown to love his scent, found it comforting and every night I feared I would forget it one day.

Nights were when I allowed myself to cry and mourn the hope of love I’d lost with him.

I missed laughing with him, because he was still the funniest person I knew. I longed to hear him talk, because he had such a smart mind. I couldn’t bear to think that I would never get to feel his arms around me again and it hurt to imagine that I would never have his protection again.

After giving him so much importance in my life it was difficult to cope without him. But I did. And after two months of no word of him, it truly was no longer a lie when I said that I was feeling good.


It was almost like he knew that my heard had mended and I believed he understood that as his cue to come back and fuck me up again.
I stared at my phone with shock. I had one missed call from Harry and four new texts.


How are you?

Can we talk?


Almost three months. That was how long he’d waited to reach out again. More than 40 nights of crying, more than 30 days of feeling like I was only a shell of myself.
And all I got was a Hey. How are you? Can we talk? Sorry. 
A ‘Sorry’ was all that my pain was worth.

„Fuck you, Harry,“ I muttered.

I reached for the device sitting before me, unlocked the screen and pressed onto the message until the small window popped up.

Are you sure you want to delete this chat? My phone asked.

I didn’t hesitate to press yes.

To this day I knew that there was nobody I loved as deeply as I did Harry.

Even after doing everything in his power to break my heart, I can’t help the small jump out of rhythm and the tiny squeeze it gives whenever I happen to see his face somewhere. So many years have past and both of our lives are so different now.

We don’t speak. We don’t reach out.

But his stare lingers when he sees my face and so does mine. It’s as if we’re both reminded of who we once were and for a moment we wonder what we’ve become.

Thank you for reading this! 

anonymous asked:

I really need kindergarten teacher Will and hot single dad Nico.

bruh me too

  • so nico’s job requires a lot of late hours so he hired a babysitter to pick up his daughter lucy every day so will always assumed that this was a suspiciously young mom or an older sister who came to pick up one of his students every day (but how was it his business anyway??)
  • one day nobody came to pick lucy up??? and the rest of the class was gone??? and will wasn’t busy so he figured it would be fine if lucy hung out in the classroom for a little while until someone came for her so will pulled out the coloring books and crayons and sat down at a table with lucy and they colored for about an hour until nico ran into the classroom
    • nico was apologizing immediately and going on about how his babysitter quit on him and he couldn’t get a replacement on short notice and he had a meeting at work that went on longer than it should’ve and it won’t happen again he promises
    • will’s like “its ok i dont mind we were just coloring i figured someone would be here soon dont worry about it” but like he really doesn’t mind bc now he gets to see this very attractive man in nice clothes and a loosened tie and messed up hair
    • but nico is a business man who wont take no for an answer and goes “no u know what take my phone number and if it happens again call me and i’ll be here as soon as i can ok” so he pulls out a business card and a pen and writes his personal number on the back and shoves it in will’s hand
    • and will’s mostly frozen until they leave
  • another time will’s too focused on playing a guitar and singing with his class that he doesn’t hear the phone ring, or someone knock on the door, and then he sees lucy’s dad standing in the back of the classroom and will’s fingers catch on the guitar strings and he stutters a few words and he stops and nico’s like “sorry the secretary said you weren’t answering your phone so i just came down here lucy has a doctor’s appointment”
    • when they leave nico asks lucy a bunch of questions like does her teacher always sing for the class, what kinds of songs does he sing, has he ever talked about singing at home for his own kids, has he mentioned if hes married; but lucy gets real tired of the questions real quick and nico figures he should stop
  • the next time nico shows up late to pick lucy up, he finds her and will sitting on the floor with will’s guitar, and will’s teaching her how to play (the guitar’s like, the same size as lucy but shes managing ok) and nico stands back and watches for a few minutes bc wills????? so cute?????
    • and then will notices him standing there and visibly blushes and tells lucy to get her stuff together and apologizes to nico for not noticing that he was there and nico tells him that it’s fine and please stop calling him mr. di angelo bc they’re like the same age and he can call him nico and can also maybe go out to dinner with him sometime?
    • wills immediate answer ofc is YES but as soon as the word is out of his mouth hes like “wait no no i cant lucy’s my student and youre lucy’s dad i feel like thats weird and possibly against school rules somehow??”
    • so nico pulls out his phone and opens up a calendar and goes “so then how do you feel about dinner at 7 on june 10, exactly one week after lucy’s last day of school?” and wills like “yeah yes that sounds super great ok”

!!!!!!! im always a fan of parent/teacher aus ok so i hope you like this as much as i do!!!!!

drop an au in my ask and get a list of headcanons!


He tells her he has to go home, and she isn’t quite sure why she’s so surprised.

(It’s not abandonment, she tells herself. She’s never been abandoned. She’d been too young to question why her parents put her in that pod alone—why one of them didn’t come with her, why more people hadn’t been warned about Krypton’s immediate destruction, why nothing was put into place to save her people. She’d been too understanding when Clark told her she needed a real family on Earth, too calm when he distanced himself and kept to mostly text messages and the occasional visit. She’d been too involved with hurt to notice Alex slipping away from her, James and Winn leaving her, J’onn finding new family without her.

She’s never been abandoned. She knew Clark was always a flight away, that James and Winn would come running at the first admission she needed them, that even now Alex and J’onn were hovering off to the side, waiting for the moment Kara was alone and could assess her emotional state. Kara tells herself she’s never been abandoned.

Yet it doesn’t stop her from feeling as if she has—again and again and again.)

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Commissioned by @summylise! Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy it <3

Pairing: Nalu

Works count: 7.5K

PS: If you want to feel like I felt, when you get to the fifth scene, start playing “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles!

Natsu stares through the glass, throat tight as he drinks in the sight of her, mapping every new curve and freckle on her skin. She’s still as beautiful as he remembers, even after all these years, but that’s not what matters to him. No, she’s alive, and that’s more than he could have hoped for. Lucy’s alive and here and he can see her chest moving with every breath she takes, her lips pursed in defiance as she stares down Detective Clive, her gaze bright and as intelligent and shrewd as he remembers. She looks absolutely fierce and he chokes up at the sight, releasing a shaky exhale and wiping at his eyes when Gray isn’t looking.

He just wishes that she wasn’t sitting on the opposite side of the interrogation room’s glass.

“It’s really her,” Natsu murmurs, voice low and gruff, more strained than he’s ever heard it. His palm presses against the glass, throat tightening with emotion when Lucy glances around the room, brushing her long hair away from her eyes. She looks at the glass—to her, a mirror—and, though unknowingly, her gaze locks with his, honey eyes softening just the slightest, as if she knows he’s staring back at her. “She’s alive,” he continues, more to himself than anything.

The look Gray sends him is sympathetic and Natsu hates it, but he keeps his mouth shut, knowing he won’t be let in if he picks a fight with Gray over nothing. God, he’s missed her, and she’s right here in front of him, and he can’t do anything. He barely hears Gray’s affirmative, turning to look at his partner quickly, the question slipping from his lips without him meaning to ask. “Can I talk to her?” he asks, voice cracking.

He knows his chances aren’t good. She’s gotten into something deep, something dangerous, but he’ll be damned before he lets her disappear again. He needs to talk to her—needs to touch her and make sure this isn’t just a dream. He’s had them before. He knows how real they can be, but in his head she always disappears before he can hold her, before he can tell her that he—

“That’s why we called you in,” Gray tells him, clapping him on the back and sending him a small, strained smile. He knows. Gray’s been with him since their academy days, so he knows: about Lucy, about the night she disappeared, about the six years Natsu spent trying to find her, hoping to whatever gods might be up there that she’d come home.

He simply nods, not trusting himself to speak. Gray reaches out, tapping on the glass three times in rapid succession. Gildarts glances up, looking towards the door. He murmurs something to Lucy, who frowns, expression twisting into one of confusion. She watches Gildarts stand, his back to her as he leaves the room.

The door clicks open, Gildarts slipping through. He gives Natsu a brief nod before turning to Gray, dismissing him, and Natsu takes the chance to slip through the door without another word.

She doesn’t notice him at first, her gaze directed at the table. It’s not until he walks up to the table, coming around to stand on her side and ignoring the offered chair, that she looks up, gaze hard and icy. She recognizes him a moment later, the ferocity leaving her expression as she stares up at him. Lucy’s mouth drops open, lips parting just the slightest when she sees him. She mouths his name, eyes never leaving his as she twists around to face him.

Natsu just stands there, drinking her in, wanting nothing more than to pull her into his arms, but knowing that he can’t—shouldn’t. She’s in here because she’s been arrested, and he knows that things aren’t the same as they were six years ago. They aren’t about to curl up together on his couch, watching movies until the A.M. and stealing kisses between scenes. God, but he wishes they were. Six years he’s spent missing her, six years he’s spent wondering if she was even alive, now here she is, and Natsu can’t even touch her.

She leans back in her chair, swallowing down the lump in her throat. Her eyes glisten when she sees him, and he almost reaches out to wipe away her tears, catching himself at the last moment. Her gaze drifts to the scar on his throat, something new, and he sees her cringe, something horrified creeping into her eyes. “Natsu Dragneel,” she breathes, voice quivering as she tastes his name on her tongue.

He wonders if she repeats it to herself at night like he does, whispering her name in the darkness, lest he forget how it sounds.

“So you do remember me,” he jokes, voice cracking. There’s no humor to it. Neither laugh at his pathetic attempt, but he does see a familiar light reach her eyes, brightening them. Her lips quirk at the edges, not quite a smile, but as close as he thinks he’ll get. He wets his lips, hand pressed against the tabletop to ground himself—to keep him from pulling her into his arms and never letting go.

He never wants to let go.

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I Missed You - Edmund x Reader (Pt. 1)

Characters: Reader, Edmund, Lucy, Peter and Susan Pevensie, and Caspian

Setting: Narnia, The Golden Age/LWW and Prince Caspian.

Warnings: None.

Summary: (Requested by @greekgeek24) Edmund and (Y/N) have had a great friendship since Edmund had become King of Narnia. The problem is, they haven’t confessed their feelings for one another. But when Edmund disappears when going after the White Stag, what happens to her?



“Oh come on (Y/N), cough it up.” Edmund whined as you gripped the item in your hands tighter. It was hidden behind your back and a mischievous smile appeared on your face.

“Cough what up?” You inquired innocently.

Your best friend gave you a glare and attempted to reach out for the book behind your back, but you chuckled and maneuvered out of his way; like sword fighting.

“Oh Ed,” you sighed dramatically. “I had no clue you had a diary.”

“It’s a journal,” he retorted stubbornly.

You laughed and before Edmund knew it, you began to sprint down the halls of Cair Paravel while handling your dress carefully.

It’s been a long amount of years since you and Edmund have known each other, and since you two were children, you were the best of friends. You had almost known everything about each other. Almost.

You had this feeling at the pit of your stomach every time you caught him smiling or laughing at your jokes. You’d also feel flushed whenever you found him touching you in anyway. Even if you had fallen off a horse and he would help you up, that feeling was still present.

It was this secret you had that couldn’t possibly be told to any of Edmund’s siblings; even your closest partner in crime Lucy. You had fallen for him in absolutely every way. But he didn’t know that, nobody knew that.

You stopped sprinting and held onto the railing of the staircase for support to catch your breath. Your heart was thumping so terribly, you thought that death was close. Turning around, you saw that Edmund wasn’t there and thought you were victorious. You brought out the leather bound book and began to skim through the pages.

Maybe you would find something worthy of black-mail in here. Or maybe something about you, you thought, as a blush appeared on you cheeks.

“(Y/N)!” A sudden shout beside you made your heart pound dangerously.

You yelped as you felt a strong pair of arms wrap around you from behind and lift you up.

“Edmund! Put me down!” You yelled, whacking him with the book. You couldn’t help but feel great wrapped in his arms, it was comforting and warm.

Before you knew it, Edmund had dropped you onto the couch closest couch in the study area, next to where you previously were. You saw him on his knees beside you and before you knew it, he began to tickle you mercilessly.

A series of giggles and snorts escaped your mouth as you tried to move away from Edmund’s grip, but you also didn’t want to. You didn’t have moments like these often; it was more about being proper. But obviously the both of you were sick of it.

“OKAY, OKAY!” You shouted through giggles.

Edmund paused and you opened your eyes to see him with his eyebrows raised handsomely, his golden-flecked eyes surveying your face.

“Give me the journal.” He said, almost breathless.

You sat up and Edmund was still on the floor, on his knees. You pulled out the book and saw his face light up.

“I will give you this, IF…” you began,“…you tell me the most embarrassing thing in here.”

“(Y/N)-” he tried to say but you intervened.

“And you have to swear by Aslan that it’s true.”

Edmund placed his hands on your knees and you tried to ignore the shots of energy you felt as he did so. You wanted him to hold you again, but you didn’t know if he felt the same.

“You really want to know?” He asked incredulously.

You nodded eagerly, but before he could speak, Lucy and Peter had bursted into the room shouting Edmund’s name.

“Edmund!” Lucy shrieked excitedly, before Peter told her to lower her voice.

Peter then spoke, “Sorry for interrupting, but Edmund…the White Stag. It’s here.”

Confusion overcame you as the both of you stood to stare at Edmund’s siblings. The Stag? They found it?

“What?” Edmund asked in disbelief.

“Susan’s preparing the horses now, come on we need to leave!” Lucy exclaimed impatiently.

They had been trying to locate the Stag for weeks and finally they found it. It might be a long hunt.

“Go, Ed.” You demanded. “Before it disappears.”

He looked at you apologetically and leaned in to quickly embrace you. Surprised but pleased by this movement, you wrapped your arms around his neck and held him close. You slowly took in his scent and warmth and he let go a little too early.

“I’ll be back soon (Y/N), don’t worry.” Edmund assured.

You smiled as he took an arm around Peter’s shoulder and they cheered with Lucy sprinting ahead.

You held the leather bound journal in your hands and you promised yourself not to read it. For Edmund’s sake.

But there was a feeling lingering in your stomach when Edmund left. You decided to try and repress it but you somehow knew, you wouldn’t see Edmund again for a long, long time.


*Earth, London, one year later…*

Edmund’s P.O.V:

“You’re welcome.” Edmund grumbled, referring to the fight his brother was in just a couple of minutes ago.

“I had it sorted,” his brother replied impatiently. Edmund rolled his eyes as he watched Peter move around restlessly.

“What was it this time?” Susan asked.

“He bumped me.”

Edmund let out a light scoff.

“So you hit him?” Lucy exclaimed worriedly.

“No.” Peter claimed. “After he bumped me, they tried to make me apologize. That’s when I hit him.”

Susan sighed and tried to reason with her brother. “Really? Is it that hard just to walk away?”

“I shouldn’t have to. I mean, don’t you ever get tired of being treated like a kid?”

Edmund intervened. “We are kids.”

“Well, I wasn’t always.” Peter stated.

Edmund closed his mouth and looked at his feet, the memories of Narnia rushing back to him. The memory of you.

“It’s been a year. How long does he expect us to wait?” Peter said almost worriedly.

The rest of the conversation filtered out of Edmund’s ears and he reminded himself of your smile. You were real.

He shouldn’t have left Narnia, or even better, he should’ve confessed that he was completely in love with you. But now you were gone. He had thought you probably forgot about him.

“Ow!” Lucy exclaimed loudly as she jumped out of her seat, dragging Edmund out of his thoughts.

“Quiet, Lu.” Susan said.

“Something pinched me!”

Peter then stood up, slightly agitated. “Stop pulling!”

“I’m not touching you!” Edmund replied. But Edmund soon felt a tug at his side, and shot up from his seat in surprise. A train suddenly sped past, the air almost knocking Edmund off of his feet.

“Look, would all of you just…” Susan began, but the look on her face told that something was touching her too. “What is that?”

“It feels like magic.” Lucy smiled hopefully.

“Quick. Everyone hold hands.”

“I’m not holding your hand!” Edmund yelled over the passing train.

Peter snatched Edmund’s wrist and the four siblings stared at the train, a feeling of hope was clawing at Edmund’s chest.

Was this it? Were they going back?

In response, Edmund saw the train station’s walls literally peel off and the signs and people around them slowly began to disintegrate. Edmund’s stomach was tugging with excitement, and a few moments later, they found themselves in a cave, overlooking a beach with a crystal-looking ocean and bright sand beneath their feet.

‘Narnia’, was Edmund’s first thought.

He promised himself, as he ran out with his brother’s and sisters to the sparkling ocean, that he would find you.

But it was only a couple of moments later when he looked up at the cliff, that this place seemed eerily familiar.

“Where do you suppose we are?” He asked his siblings quite worriedly.

“Well, where do you think?” Peter chuckled.

Edmund looked up again, squinting through the rays of sun blocking his view. “Well, I don’t remember any ruins in Narnia.”

His memory was hazy, but not too far away. It’s like there was some part of him that remembered the way the beach glistened in the sun and how the waves sounded crashing against the rocks.

“Alright,” Peter sighed. “Let’s check it out.”


His eyes were darting around from tree to tree and his gaze lingered on every piece of stone which decorated the wide area.

The top of the cliff overlooked a wonderful view of the beach and the distant islands ahead. Edmund looked at the carvings of the walls beside him and ran over them with his thumb, suddenly noticing the intricate design.

It was so familiar…

“Wonder who lived here.” Lucy stated, raising her voice slightly for the rest of her siblings to hear.

Edmund furrowed his eyebrows as his eyes noticed a torn piece of deep purple cloth caught in a nearby tree. He removed it and brought it to his nose, seeing if it smelt familiar.


Edmund’s eye also caught something glistening in Susan’s hand as she responded to Lucy, “I think we did.”

He approached his sister in order to see the shining object in her hand, and surprisingly noticed it immediately.

“Hey, that’s mine.” He informed his sister. “From my chess set.”

“Which chess set?” Peter asked.

“I didn’t exactly have a solid gold chess set in Finchley, did I?” Edmund retorted, taking the golden knight from Susan’s palm and admiring it.

How could a piece of his chess set be on a cliff in the middle of nowhere? The memories flooded back to him of late nights with you. Sitting on your bed in the dead of night as you argued and tried to play chess without hitting each other. It brought a smile to Edmund’s face immediately.

Lucy’s voice interrupted his thoughts. “Can’t be.”

The smile wiped off of his face rapidly as he caught Lucy rush past Peter and Susan. He and his siblings eagerly followed their wild, young sister.

Edmund stopped at a clearing; well, sort of a clearing.

There were sandstones stacked over each other in several areas, and one seemingly incomplete wall. The stone floor was clearly uneven, but there was fine detail etched into the stone which was covered by moss and weeds.

Edmund walked towards his sister Lucy who was standing on a level of stone much higher than any of them were. He crouched down and picked up a decorative silver pin, suitable for a noble woman. It couldn’t be yours though, Edmund knew you hated extravagant things.

“Don’t you see?” Lucy stated.

“What?” Peter sighed as he was dragged by his sleeve to a stone pedestal.

“lmagine walls.” She looked outwards towards the ocean, her eyes gleaming with excitement yet anxiousness.

“And columns, there.” She said, also positioning Susan beside her brother. Edmund stepped off towards the side to try and catch a more vivid memory of this place.

Lucy continued, gesturing towards the sky. “And a glass roof.”

There was a moment of silence and when Edmund heard the waves crash against the cliffs and the echo of the breeze in the forest, he knew where he was. He remembered.

A sudden fist clamped over his heart, and the world suddenly began to collapse as tears formed in his eyes.

“Cair Paravel…” Peter confirmed, awe evident in his tone.

Edmund took a step back as Susan blinked unbelievably before saying, “But-what happened? Where is everyone?”

“Edmund,” Lucy muttered. “(Y/N)…”

It was now a sudden yet distant memory; your laughs and smiles, the way you would dance at balls like nobody was watching. When you would steal books from his room. Your scent, and the way you hugged him.

“She can’t be gone,” Edmund shuddered. “She can’t.”

“Ed-” Peter began, moving towards his brother, but was shoved aside as Edmund sped past.

He wiped his eyes viciously at the threatening tears.

He had to find you. He had to.

But Edmund’s sight was blurred by the tears that his eyes carried. He crashed into a large, jagged piece of stone from the ruins and collapsed to the floor; barely able to stop the tears.

He felt Lucy embrace him from behind, her own tears soaking his shirt. His eyes shrivelled and his heart clenched as he tasted hot tears on his lips.

You were gone.

I wonder what he meant by that… why does Natsu have to die in order to save the future of humanity? Is ZEREFS real plan to just save humanity!?? And did you see how shocked Zeref was by Acnologias appearance. Maybe if Natsu dies END will come out and with the power of END they’ll be able to stop Acnologia?

Originally posted by n-wordbelike


Concept: Prompto takes Noctis clubbing. Prompto spends the whole night flirting and dancing and grinding… And Noctis is sitting a few feet away, drinking gatorade and shoveling stale chips into his mouth.

  • “Noct isn’t she hot?!” “Yeah but Prom, don’t you agree with me that 7/11 is a liminal space?? Where are you going.”
  • Sexual attraction is an exaggeration to him. He cannot relate when his friends talk about people they wanna sleep with. Sounds fake but okay.
  • “Why would I want to do that when I could get a pack of nice gel pens”
  • Kind of just assumes he’s a late bloomer until he turns twenty and Ignis has to step in and explain what’s actually happening
  • He’s asexual, but he’s got a sex drive. Which is frustrating for him but funny for literally everyone else
  • When Prince Noctis says Netflix and chill he means Netflix and chill. Stop touching his dick and watch the documentary about cryptids he put on
  • “Mothman is real and he tried to suck my dick”
  • Beach trips consist of Prompto and Gladio hitting on hot people while Noctis and Ignis make intricate sand castles
  • Says shit like “I’m a real animal in the sack ;)” but he’s just talking about the fact that he eats in bed and sometimes sleeps without sheets
Living With You

read on and ao3

tags: @beaxnalu

rating: t+ for sexual joking, swear words, and mild smut later on

pairings: nalu, slight gajevy this chapter, possible mentions of gruvia later on

characters: natsu, lucy, gajeel, levy, gray

summary: Finding herself thrown out and drunk after a party wasn’t the way Lucy expected her night to go. After blacking out and waking up in a room with three men, she has a decision to make: will she stay or will she go? Loosely based on New Girl. Roommates!AU

Lucy felt like she was drowning.

Her feelings felt murky like she was underwater and couldn’t get out. The words were muffled and the sights were but a blur. Everything felt plain wrong, like someone had wrapped cellophane over her whole body and tried to get her to move. Her limbs were stuck in their tight positions; just lifting the bottle to her lips to drown her sorrows was exhausting. Lucy fought to just stay awake. Her eyes fluttered shut, and her cold seat of a bench wasn’t much help for something to hold on to. Rain droplets flicked on her body and kept her from warmth. The only thing she felt was cold, and the only thing she saw was the bright lights burning her eyes.

Lucy was having an anxiety attack, an eight point three on a scale of ten, and there was no one to save her. As she fell off of her bench seat and onto the concrete, she didn’t care if she died or lived. All she wanted was relief from this hell. The face of the man who abandoned her came into her mind’s eye, and she curled up into a soft ball with the strength she could muster. Voices hit her all at once, calling her names like they once did. She succumbed to a quiet death on the concrete sidewalk next to a 7 Eleven, and she didn’t care who found her body.

And then, the sound of a voice was shockingly loud. The sentence crying for help was shouted, but to Lucy the emotions sounded dull and the words shallow, and she blocked them out. She could only trust the person that had found her.

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Regarding Jack: comments on the finale, with S13 Spec

I love the curveballs this show throws at me. I love these particular types of balls because they are so goddamn hard to catch that when I do, oh, the satisfaction is so sweet. Let me begin by stating (as it needs to be stated) I was wrong when I said Cas was powered up as in full-feathered and back to his Castiel-shaped angelic form - this did not happen when the nephilim worked through him to kill Dagon. I read that wrong.

And watching 12x23 on Friday, what threw me for the absolute biggest loop was Cas’ description of “the future” that Jack showed him; Kelly’s death; and that final image of Jack in the nursery in the dark.

All of these things are on the side of the rather overtly ominous and it shook me to the core, because even though I believed they weren’t going to have baby Jack come out with rainbows shooting out of his fingertips, I did expect him to be neutral: not glow-y eyed spitting image of daddy Devil having just killed the Good Mother figure and seemingly happy with leaving that rainbow-tree-sunrise mural in perpetual shadow. *internal screaming*

Now, breathe, refocus, reassess.

Nothing is ever exactly what it seems at first glance on this glorious piece of television (okay, some things are, except usually not, not even the fucking car the brothers drive is simply “a car”. moving on) and this morning, mulling over my reading of 12x19 and the cliffhanger of 12x23 it suddenly struck me, like a curved ball flapping itself all over my face until I had to slap it away to be able to actually process what it was flapping at me about. It was flapping about this simple statement by Cas:

Call it a miracle.

And holy bedazzled Chuck in the sky with diamonds - that’s it, isn’t it? That’s how Cas will come back!! 

Jack is - or, at least he can be - the bringer of miracles.

And whether Cas comes back because he has residual nephilim grace coursing through him after the power up - which to me just makes an enormous amount of sense (and big shout out to everyone who has pointed out that Cas’ healing of Dean revealed that something was different about Cas’ grace, because I didn’t notice that on Friday) or because Jack actually physically decides to resurrect him, it doesn’t matter in the slightest to me: the point is that the resurrection will be tied to Jack and I am certain of this now.

So, why does this make so much sense to me?

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Anonymous asked: The chocobros (plus Ravus if you’re up to it!) just woke up and their crush is snuggled up to them! How do they react? O w O

Noctis brushes off the weight he feels on his chest when he wakes up. He assumes it’s Prompto at first. Then he looks down and realizes that oh shit, this is (Y/N). It’s at this moment that slight panic sets in. But your even breathing calms him down, and he relaxes enough to cuddle you and go back to sleep.

Like Noctis, Prompto is going to panic. But then he’ll realize that hey, you actually look pretty cute when you’re sleeping! And gosh, the way your cheek is mushed against his chest is so endearing. How could he be afraid of you? He reaches slowly for his phone and takes about a million selfies. Unfortunately, he’ll be too wound up to go back to sleep, but that’s another issue.

Honestly, Gladio isn’t surprised to wake up and find your head tucked under his chin. It’s chilly, and and he generates a lot of heat. But the fact that it’s you does make him smile. He presses a sneaky kiss to the top of your head and drifts back off.

When Ignis wakes up and finds that you’ve burrowed into his side, he screams internally. Then, when he calms down, he shares his blanket with you and tries to get his heart to stop hammering in his chest. He has to be up early, and you nuzzling your face into his chest can’t stop that.

Ravus kind of just stares at you for a while. He’s not fully awake just yet, but he knows you can’t possibly be snuggling him right? Right?! It’s too good to be true! But then you ball your hands into fists against his shirt and shift your body, and he knows that yes, you are real. He wants to cuddle you back, but he’s not sure how to go about it. His hand awkwardly hovers over your shoulder for a long time because he’s scared that if he touches you, you’ll wake up.

Me: okay but Zeref’s proposal is really confusing  given we don’t know a lot about Fairy Tail’s stance on how alternate futures work, and how Zeref is planning to execute this plan in the first place. If he does “reset the timeline” to return himself to before he was cursed, then won’t the future play out exactly the same as before? What could he possibly change if he’s eliminating entire chunks of the future timeline? Is he planning to convert the Timelapse into a pseudo Eclipse Gate with Mavis’ power, or is he going to force it to destroy entire chunks of the timeline? If timelines really do correct themselves like Anna suggested (and is indeed supported by the events following the destruction of Hisui’s Eclipse Gate), then isn’t this an effort in futility and a paradox in and of itself? (If Zeref destroys the current timeline then he won’t exist to destroy the current timeline so he didn’t but then he did exist to destroy the current timeline etc) If he’s time travelling to stop his past self, will that create a paradox from there or will current!Zeref exist simultaneously alongside his past self and still not die (what would he be planning to stop if he did)? It seems like the latter will be true given what we know about Future!Lucy and Future!Rogue, as they existed  alongside their own past selves. Doesn’t this mean Zeref’s plan is flawed in and of itself? If the Timelapse does exist as a pseudo Eclipse Gate to support the paradox, then isn’t that… bad, given the very nature of the Timelapse as a destructive entity and not a stable one? Further, we don’t know whether or not future!Lucy’s vision of everyone from her guild greeting her was a real indication of her returning to her own future, an alternate version of her own future or her last thoughts as she died For Real, so do alternate futures exist in Fairy Tail or not? And what the hell does any of this have to do with killing Acnologia? Won’t it be a lot harder to do that if Zeref returns to the past and returns to his weakened mortal self? Does he plan to destroy Acnologia with the timelapse as well? Is Acnologia weak enough in the past for a human Zeref to destroy him?

Also me: lmao the dragonslayers got shot out of the eclipse gate like rockets 

minhosparrow  asked:

do you think you could talk about that period of time after the Pevensies' first visit to Narnia and the second? How it must've felt to have been adults - and kings and queens at that - and then having to go back to being children again?

And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3)


Edmund grows very quiet, afterward. He’s not certain that anyone other than Lucy notices—he is not king and judge here, none look to him for counsel. In truth, he’s grateful for it; he hates the sound of his voice now, the still-adolescent whine of it. He sounds like the boy who sold his siblings for a mouthful of Turkish Delight, that soiled and unworthy soul Aslan had saved on the stone tablet. He’s not convinced he isn’t.

You aren’t, Lucy says, when he confides in her one night. She takes his hand, squeezes it. You aren’t that boy, Ed, I swear.

How can you tell? he asks, his voice thin and reedy as a pipe. Lu, how can you tell? What proof do we have?

She has no answer.

Lucy returns to school blithe and full stories, with gentle hands. She is mocked for it—her little drawings of slyphs and fauns torn to pieces, her stories of wardrobes and mermaids and Calormene soldiers scoffed at as the dreaming of Loony Lucy.

Susan finds her behind the school more than once, red-eyed with bruises on her shins. Maybe I should stop, she says quietly. Maybe—maybe they would stop, if I said it wasn’t real.

Don’t you dare, Lucy Pevensie, Susan says fiercely, and her eyes are bright and hard. Don’t you dare lie about what you know is real. We really felt it, touched it, knew it—Aslan was real, we buried our hands in his mane, and he laughed, remember? It was real, because you remember it. We remember it. Once a queen…

She pulls Lucy to her feet, and helps her brush the dirt from her pinafore. They walk home together, gentle and valiant.

(In hindsight, this moment is cruel. Lucy treasures it always.)

The bow doesn’t fit the same way in Susan’s hand—the hand itself is a stranger to her, absent rings and scars, the callouses on her fingerpads. Her drawing arm aches after only an hour or so, a child’s muscles unaccustomed to the archer’s regimen.

Peter comes to watch her, sometimes. He says nothing about the arrows scattered wildly in the grass, and Susan is grateful.

It comes back to Peter in a rush, when his schoolmates pass around their smutty magazines, stolen out from under some older brother’s mattress, the shed their father keeps at the bottom of the garden. The slang seems cruder here, puerile as the boys who spew it and grin like apes. (He did not think he would ever miss the overwrought poetry of Narnia, but he does in this—he longs for talk of fruit and flowers, of the hart and the knight.)

Still, it comes back to him—if he shuts his eyes and stops his ears to the gleeful whispering of his classmates, he can near remember the sound of her voice, the breathless half-gasp of her laugh when he teased her, when she came. He tilts his head back and feels her hand ghost through his hair; he reaches out and he can almost touch her sleeve as she passes.

So he endures, watching hollowly as his schoolmates play at desire, posturing more for one another than any flesh-and-blood woman. When required, he gazes dutifully at their flat pinups with the empty eyes. 

He wishes vainly he could remember her face.

They talk of Narnia only in generalities, hunting and feasting beneath the lion rampant, verdant edging and red-lettered days for war. It was very jolly, wasn’t it? Edmund says once, the forced cheer in his voice making Susan flinch. Peter looks away, wincing as though he had swallowed something unpleasant.

Like a holiday at the seaside, Lucy says, echoing the same horrible tone.

(They have no other language for it than this—or maybe they did, once. All that terror and wonder, the bestiaries and blood. Something more than the whispered, it was real, it had to be real, and the press of each others’ hands.

Maybe Aslan took that too.)

But, liiiiike…
Ravus asking Noctis for forgiveness after the events of Chapter 13 subsides. And Noctis saying that if Ravus wants to be forgiven, he’ll have to prove his loyalty again.
So Ravus agrees and Noctis helps him escape the keep, in which Ravus proves to be a loyal follower to the prince – promising to devote heart, body, and soul to the prince. Noctis’s favorite servant.

…But soon after Ravus departed with Noctis, the real prince of Lucis arrives and notices that Ravus is gone and Ardyn’s voice has stopped resonating throughout the keep.

Day 4: Nightmares

Word Count: 1k

Summary: Flashbacks are one hell of a nightmare, especially when Lucy’s fear is being abandoned.

Thanks for helping me out! @chikach00 @brokenangelwings83 and @mushi0131 :D Really appreciate it!

  Heavy footsteps pounded against the cement sidewalk in the quiet night of Magnolia. Rain poured down hard against the ground soaking the soil to turn into mud and making the roads almost flood with run off water.

  The dark obsidian skies were clouded making the night all the more gloomy and the pounding of rain seemed to block out every single sound in the area.

  The girl hastily running down the street threw her soaking blonde hair over her shoulder, out of her face to try and see through the dark streets. Her half lidded brown eyes blinked through the raindrops to see where she was even going, but she had no idea herself.

  Tears quickly streamed down her face and blended in with the downpour hitting against her face painfully. Loud sobs choked their way through Lucy’s fragile voice as she continued sprinting against the wind.

  As soon as she turned a sharp corner, her foot caught in a pothole in the road of the alleyway. Her heel of her shoe got stuck, and her whole body twisted causing a sudden halt to her movement. Body weight thrown towards the ground, Lucy felt pain shoot directly to her newly broken ankle.

  A loud scream erupted from the depth of her being in complete utter agony. The intensity of pain she was experiencing was unbearable. Her hands flew out to protect her body from the road, scraping her palms on the gravel. Once the young woman landed, her loud crying turned into uncontrollable sobbing and bawling tears.

  She didn’t even hesitate to stay in that position, so she pulled all her strength into reaching her scraped and bloody hands outward to pull her body forward on the ground. She did her best to continue crawling forward, away from what she was running from or towards.

  Lucy didn’t get far before she gave up and collapsed from the pain. She dropped her head down, with her head with an ear to the ground, low on strength. Her sobbing finally slowed as she closed her eyes letting her mind wander to the darkness of her thoughts.

  “Natsu… don’t leave me alone.” She whispered to herself in a hoarse voice.

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So I’ve started a Fairy Tail au! It’s nalu centric, but will have other pairings. It’s set in the modern age, but magic is real. I’m thinking of calling it Stardust And Fairies, but that’s subject to change. Please tell me what you think of this story!

Magical creatures live in tandem with humanity, but hide their true selves in the shadows. Lucy discovers her Fae heritage one fateful night, the same night she meets the fiery Natsu Dragneel of Fairy Tail. Will Lucy learn to control her new powers? Will she figure out what really happened to her mother? And how is she supposed to finish college with this new life she’s been thrust into?

             Lucy always believed in magic. Ever since she was a little girl, she knew that she was special, that she was different from normal kids. Her mother told her she was a Starchild, born from fairie dust. Lucy, who was only but a child then, believed her mother. She could see things other kids couldn’t, and sometimes she would have conversations with the stars at night. The lights twinkling up in the night sky were a comfort for the child, even when she grew into an adult.

             It was when she was six that she discovered magic wasn’t always nice. It wasn’t just talking to the constellations, or talking to the small creatures that lived in the manor grounds. When Lucy first went to school, she soon learned not to talk about her friends in the sky, or the little creatures in the forests. The other kids would tease her, and when one boy pulled her long blonde hair and pushed her around, Lucy felt the shining golden ichor that was the magic burning in her blood burst open and explode out of her body with her screams.

             Luckily, her family paid for the boy’s medical bills, and then Lucy was kept within the manor and taught by private tutors. Her mother helped her understand the power flowing in her veins. Before Lucy even turned ten, her mother fell ill and died. It was that fateful day that Lucy stopped listening to her friends, the stars, and started to ignore the beings living in her gardens. Soon they disappeared, and the starts stopped trying to speak to her. Soon, Lucy forgot that she was made of stardust and light.


             With an exasperated sigh, Lucy closed her oversized textbook closed with a loud enough smack for the librarian to glare over at the tired blonde. She couldn’t even muster the energy to feel sorry for disturbing the silence of the library. Lucy slowly grabbed her belongings and piled them into her bag, then crept out of the library and out into the cool night air. Once the night sky touched her skin, she felt a sliver of energy pulse through her. The girl took a deep breath, then began her trek back to her apartment. She pulled out her phone and lamented at the late hour. It was already past midnight, and she hadn’t left the campus since that morning. Another tired sigh fell from her lips. College would be fun, she had told herself. She could make it as a full-time student and work in her free time, she told herself. What a foolish idea. Lucy didn’t regret leaving her old life behind in Crocus, but dammit it was hard to work and be a responsible student. At least she had a day off tomorrow, she told herself. A nice Saturday to spend in the bath relaxing after catching up on some much-needed sleep.

Lucy straightened the straps on her shoulder. In her tired state, she didn’t notice that her feet led her astray, away from her usual path home on the well-lit streets, and onto the dark side-streets and alleyways. Subconsciously she knew that the safer path with the street lights was quite a bit longer, but her tired brain figured one time down the shorter and darker path wouldn’t hurt.

A quiet, yet familiar voice, whispered in her ear that danger was near, and Lucy tensed when she heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps echoing behind her. Not daring to turn around and face the stranger on her tail, the blonde reached down into pocket for the handy pepper spray she kept on her person always. Her fist clenched around the cylinder, and Lucy quickened her pace. Her exhaustion was forgotten as adrenaline started to pulse through her bloodstream. Her heart fluttered in her chest when she heard her follower speed up to match her. Lucy whispered a curse, and considered bolting through the alley and towards the safety of civilization when another dark figure dropped down in front of her.

             Lucy froze, and heard her follower stop too. She pulled the pepper spray canister out of her pocket, and flipped the lid open in preparation to attack. Her heart hammered in her chest, and she swore it was loud enough for them to hear. The two figures encircled the scared blonde, their faces concealed in the shadows of their dark hoods.

             “What do you want?” She finally stuttered out. Although her voice was shaky, Lucy tried to conceal the terror she was feeling. One of the figures let out a grating chuckle that sounded too guttural to be human, “We are quite lucky tonight, yes, yes. Oh how The Dark Lord is smiling down at us,”

             Lucy felt a cold shiver drip down her spine, and her heart fluttered in her chest. Dark Lord, like the Harry Potter villain? The voice from before whispered again in her mind, but was too quiet and far away for Lucy to understand. The second person growled out something in a language Lucy couldn’t understand. It was a series of grunts and clicks that did not even sound human. The voice became a soft buzz echoing in the back of her mind, and Lucy felt a fervid warmth spread across her body.

             The one that spoke English slowly crept closer and closer to the blonde, muttering something about stardust and blood. When he was a few feet away, he spoke again, “Your trinket may hide your aura, but I can smell you through its magic.”

             Confusion mixed with the fear in the melting pot of emotions rolling through Lucy’s gut. These two must be deranged, to think that magic was real. Unconsciously, Lucy’s free hand grasped at the golden locked between her breasts, thumbing the warm metal. Not wanting to wait around and see what the two stalkers would try next, Lucy lifted the pepper spray and sprayed it at the man in front of her, then darted past him when he recoiled in shock. She pushed to a sprint, hoping that she could outrun them. Sadly, she was no match for their supernatural speed. The second man, who spoke the strange tongue, appeared in her path and Lucy skidded to a stop, eyes wide. How he moved so fast, she did not know. All she knew was that she was in danger, and she had to get out. Before she could turn and run in the opposite direction, a hand wrapped around her throat and flung her into the nearest wall. Lucy flew like a ragdoll, and when she collided with the brick her vision went white. A choked scream crawled up her throat, and her body screamed in agony.

             Sputtering, she willed her broken body to move. All she could feel was pain. She rolled onto her back and saw the glittering stars above. Her locket started to heat up, and Lucy felt a strangely familiar heat spread through her body from within her chest. She looked down at her arms and saw that her skin was fluorescing a soft golden glow. Before the shock could hit, the man was on top of her and his hand was once again wrapped around her throat. He purred, and stroked her shining skin with a clawed hand. A scream built in her throat when she saw what the man truly was beneath his cloak. Demonic red eyes gazed down at her, and his deep red skin felt like thick leather. He was not human.

             Gasping, the blonde tried to free herself from his grasp, but to no avail. She kicked her legs and tried to pry his claw from her throat. She did not want to die here in some dirty alleyway. The monster just smiled devilishly down at her, restraining her movements with practiced ease. The brighter her skin became, the hotter she felt. Lucy winced when she felt the metal of her locket burn through her shirt and brand itself onto her skin. Black spots appeared in her vision. Lucy tried to fight against the demon sitting atop her chest, clawing at his hand constricting her airway. As the need for air increased, her glowing skin started to fade back to normal. She flickered like a dying lightbulb as the life was slowly choked out of her.

             “Shhhh, don’t worry, it’ll be over soon. Zeref will reward me for this sacrifice,” The monster growled. Lucy felt her arms go weak and collapse at her side as her vision slowly turned to black. Right before she fell unconscious, she felt a flash of hot air and then a wild war cry echoed. The monster’s grip on her neck loosened enough for Lucy to take a gasping breath, and then he leapt up off her torso with a wild cry.  She felt another rush of hot air, and the smell of smoke wafted up her nose. Coughing and choking, Lucy rolled onto her side as she tried to catch her breath. She heard screams, and then a maniacal laugh. There was a loud crunching, then silence. Lucy finally gathered the strength to look up, and the sight was enough to fuel her nightmares. A strange man stood a few feet away with the charred corpses of her attackers at his feet. Flames licked up his skin, and smoke wafted from his lips. He wore a white scarf, and a strange tunic that left one arm bare. The strangest thing was the mop of pink hair atop his head. Lucy panted, and tried to sit up, drawing the attention of the strange man.

             “Oh hey, are you okay?” He asked, rushing over to help her sit against the wall. His skin was abnormally hot. With wild eyes, Lucy clutched at the scalding locket around her neck, finally tossing it away and rubbing the burn below her collarbone. The shock about what had just happened finally started to sink in and replaced the adrenaline that slowly evaporated away. Her head throbbed, and she could feel the bruises starting to form around her neck. The man gave her a sheepish smile and started to say something, but all Lucy could hear was the ringing in her ears. She blinked up at him with a gaping mouth, then darkness clouded her vision and she finally fainted.

Once again, please tell me what you think of this au! I’m pretty excited for what I’ve got planned, and it has been a while since I’ve written anything for Fairy Tail

False Facades

Characters: Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Juvia, Levy and Lisanna.
Rating: T (somewhat adult themes?)
Note: Inspired by Kuzu no Honkai, also known as Scum’s Wish, but doesn’t follow the same path.
Summary: Lucy has been in love with her childhood friend, Gray, who is only a few years older than her. But she knows her feelings for him are more than likely not going to be returned. Lucy then meets Natsu, a boy who is in love with his childhood friend as well. Lucy and Natsu make a pact to begin a fake relationship to satisy each other’s loneliness from their respective unrequited love. They agree not to fall in love with each other and end the relationship if love is returned from the people they love.

“But I guess it’s always been that way, wanting to be loved…to find someone that makes your heart ache in a good way.”
                                        —Brooke Davis
                                          False Facades
                                           Chapter One


An intense feeling of deep affection.


(it’s a human thing to do
as humans we crave it)

It was something, everyone desired in their life, for they didn’t want to live in this world by themselves. They didn’t want to live in the world—alone.

(to love and be loved, it’s a special feeling.
One that you never want to let go)

“Lucy?” It started to unnerve Sting, the way Lucy was staring at him. He didn’t mind that she was looking at him. But there was something off in her eyes, that made him feel well—nervous. She stared blankly at him, as if she was looking through him, as if he wasn’t there. “Lucy!” Sting called, waving his hand in front of her face.

She slowly blinked as if she just now realized he was there—right in front of her. “Ah, Ohayo, Sting.”

Flustered, Sting ran his hand through his blonde hair out of nervousness. “I need to ask you something, Lucy.” He swallowed the thick lump in his throat; sweat building on his forehead.


Do it!

It was now or never. Heart pounding and panic stricken, Sting closed his eyes—head down, afraid to look at her, he thrust the heart-shaped chocolate box tied by a red ribbon forward above his head and shouted, “Will you go out with me?!”

(I know that everything I do is being watched)
There was a long silent pause. The air between them was thick. He felt the awkwardness in the silence between them. Sting could feel the pain of his heart clenching. Lucy, his crush, came to his rescue, her voice cutting the silence, “Ano,”

His stomach dropped.

“I’m sorry, Sting.” She began to walk passed him.

Persistent, he reached out, and grabbed her wrist—trying to get her to turn to him, trying to see that chocolate colored gaze that made his knees weak. “I waited a week,” he whispered. “You really kept my expectations high.”

Lucy bit her lip, gently shrugging her arm out of his grip. “I’m sorry, Sting.” she said, “I just can’t.” She breathed in before glancing at him quickly over her shoulder, “I gave you my answer, now goodbye.”
And she left.
Autumn’s sweet breath chilled her as she walked around the campus. Tucking a loose blonde strand behind her ear, Lucy cursed for hurting Sting. She had been too harsh, hadn’t she? He, like her, wanted to be loved, by the one they loved. But sadly, Sting would never achieve that, only because Lucy was in love with—
Lucy staggered back immediately as she crashed into someone. A raven-haired boy looked down at her, with an amused look clear as day on his face.


After he helped Lucy regain her balance, Gray chuckled deeply, “Careful, Lucy-Goosey. You might hurt yourself.” He let go of her forearm once he was positive she wouldn’t fall.
(when someone loves you,
the way they say your name is different.
You know that your name is safe in their mouth)

“A-Ano, is that why my heart speeds up, whenever my names rolls off your tongue?”
Her rosy cheeks were now painted a darker shade of red, as she punched him in the shoulder. “Shut up!” She snapped, praying that he wouldn’t point out the obvious blushing. He grinned. She scowled. He laughed. She pouted. They talked. It was easy to talk to Gray about things, about everything, except—

I’m in love with you.

“So how does it feel to be a graduate?” Lucy asked, holding her wrist behind her back.

(there’s no one better than you)

Gray blew out a puff of air at his shaggy bangs, “Amazing. Besides the fact that I have to come here every damn day.”

(forgive me, please notice how I feel)

Lucy laughed, “Your fault, you wanted to work on becoming a teacher.”

The raven-haired male chuckled bitterly, “Yeah, keep reminding me about that, Luce. Sometimes, it gets too stressful, sometimes I just want to go out and have a smoke.”

Lucy arched her brow, “I thought you quit.”

“Quitting.” He corrected. Gray looked up at the single golden pirouetting down an invisible spiral of breeze. It blew past Lucy’s face, ruffling up her hair, she watched how it shook slightly as if it could be whisked away any second, but instead it kept twirling, floating down until it landed on the black mop of hair.

“You really need to cut your hair.” Lucy said, walking closer to him, examining his locks that nearly touched his shoulders.

Grab his hand.

Gray looked up, trying to spy the golden leaf on top of his head. “Tell me about it.”

Grab his hand!

Her heart thumping she reached forward, “Maybe—”


Gray turned his attention away from Lucy. The blonde, herself, slowly lowered her hand back to her side. “Oi, Juvia.”

The woman beamed at him, and Lucy felt her heart drop. “Ohayo, Ms. Heartfilia.” Her attention immediately turned back to Gray, eyes twinkling, “Gray-sama, you left you folders in the teacher lounge!” Juvia said thrusting the folders out in front of her.

A slight shock look appeared on his face before his cool, calm and collected, “Thank you, Juvia.” He said taking the folders out of her grip.

Lucy bit her lip, holding back the tears, as she saw the two graduates have a light banter. Suddenly, Lucy felt as if she were alone.

“Ah, Gray-sama you’re so cool!”

“Eh.” His attention turned to his bangs, “I really need a trim.”

“Don’t, Gray-sama! Juvia loves it the way it is!”

“Just Gray is fine, no need for the ‘sama’ part.”

“Gray-sama, Juvia couldn’t!”

Caramel-colored eyes sneakily glanced at the two. Although, Gray played it cool, she could see that he was nervous. The way his left eye ever so slightly twitched, and how his hand kept fiddling with the buttons of his white shirt.
The look Juvia that gave him, she knew, she knew that look because—
“I have that exact look whenever I’m with him.”

(painful love
heartbroken love
unrequited love are they really that beautiful?)

Autumn leaves spiraled in the wind, her feet stepping on the already fallen golden and red leaves. “He loves me, he loves me not.” Lucy repeated while she plucked each petal off the daisy, as she travelled her way up to the roof. “He loves me, he loves me not.” She finished as the plucked the last petal, watching it fall slowly beneath her feet.

She opened the door leading to the roof, eyes watering. She closed her eyes, afraid to cry.
He’ll never know how much I love him.
A body bumped into hers.
She opened her eyes.
Caramel brown bore into mossy green.
“Are you—are you crying?” He asked.

He has—he has pink hair?
(don’t take your eyes off mine once they’ve met)

Lucy glanced up at him, wiping her eyes, “No, stupid! I’m not crying!”
He rolled his green eyes. His hand reached out and flicked his finger at the side of her face.

“Ow.” Lucy whined.

He glanced at his now, wet finger, “So you are crying.” He confirmed.

“I’m not crying,” she said, using her school’s cardigan to wipe away the fresh tears cascading down her face, “I…I just have allergies.”

“Uh-huh.” He said skeptically. “So what’s got your allergies actin’ up?”

Lucy continued to wipe her eyes, “N-Nothing.”

“So you’re crying over nothing?”

“I’M NOT CRYING!” However, she couldn’t stop hiccupping with new tears. Be strong, be strong.

He stared blankly at her, “Uh-huh.”

The blonde glared through her watery eyes, “I didn’t come up here to have some stupid, pink-haired jerk—”

The pinkette grinned boyishly, “Feisty aren’t you?”

Lucy didn’t say anything.

“The name’s Natsu.” He said.

Natsu, the name that means summer…

She looked back up at him, not understanding why he was so tall, “…Lucy.”

“Well, Lucy.” He said testing out her name. “You’re not going to cry again are you?”
He rested his head on his folded arms which were placed on the roof’s railing. Lucy’s hands grasped the chain-link fencing, the flower stem still in between her fingers. She rocked back and forth on her heels.

Below them, they watched as people walked and talked amongst each other. One particular couple caught the blonde’s eye. Of course standing out with shaggy black hair, and the other one with long navy blue hair, it had to be them.
Her heart thumped loudly.
(if destiny is real,
then you are the person I’m destined to be with)

Lucy watched inquisitively as Gray and Juvia had stopped walking to talk to a girl with short hair. Lucy couldn’t see her face, very well, but she could tell she was very pretty. Lucy’s hands clenched tighter around the chain, crushing the flower stem and creating red markings on her palms. Why couldn’t it be her?
The blonde glanced at Natsu slightly to see he was staring at the two as well, with a deep scowl on his face.

The three seemed to be very good friends, as Gray sighed about something Juvia had exclaimed, the girl covered her mouth to keep herself from going into a fit of giggles. Natsu’s mossy green eyes never left the girl. Lucy looked down at his hand as it was clenched into a fist, his fingernails digging into his palm.

“I know that look,” she said turning her attention back to the view down below her. Her eyes shifted slightly just to see his reaction as she said, “You’re in love with her.”

Lucy expected him to deny it, to freak out, or mumbling something about how they were just friends because that’s how boys in Magnolia were. But instead he surprised her, by slowly nodding his head, “Yeah.” He whispered, “I am.”

Caramel eyes widened before they quickly went back to their normal state. Lucy stared at Gray, “Love wouldn’t be messy if it wasn’t important, right?” she asked, more so for herself, for self-assurance.

“Yeah,” Natsu he said softly.

There was a silence between the two as they just watched below them. Lucy figured Natsu didn’t want to talk anymore, and to be fair she did not want to talk much either. Then his voice broke the thick air, “We used to be childhood friends,” he stated, “we were close. She skipped a few grades, and then went on to study in biology.”

Lucy was silent.

“I want to confess, but—” he cut himself off.

It was silent again.

Lucy debated if she should say something, anything, but before she stopped herself she had already said, “Do you know who she likes?”

Natsu nodded, his pink hair blowing slightly with the breeze, “I do.” He lowered his head further into his arms, “and he’s not me.”

Lucy watched how the three parted ways, Gray looked up at the sky, probably to watch the trees shed the golden and red leaves. Then he continued to walk down his path, humming a soft tune that only the wind could hear.

Lucy twisted.

(there will never be another like you)

“Huh?” Natsu focused his attention to Lucy when he heard a soft sniffle. Her pale face, covered with red, and he watched. He watched how the tears cascaded down her cheeks, one by one, before the dropped on her small black flats. “Lucy?”

“I’m not crying,” she whispered, “I’m not crying.”

He didn’t say anything.

“I know how you feel, Natsu.” Lucy said to stare at him. She cracked a small smile, with a tiny heartbroken laugh. “Because she’s not me either.
And suddenly, they both understood how they other one felt.
"We were connected.”

“So who is it?” Natsu asked after sometime, no longer leaning over the roof’s railing, but instead sitting. His back pressed against the wall.

“Who?” Lucy asked, in the same position as Natsu. She looked up at the sky, enjoying the blue.

“The guy you’re in love with.”

Her cheeks reddened, and she said quietly, “Gray.”

Natsu’s brows furrowed, “Gray? As in Gray Fullbuster?”

She nodded.

“You’re in love with that asshole?” He groaned, tossing his head back so it could rest back on the wall.

Lucy scowled, snapping at him. “Don’t call him an asshole!”

“Fine. He’s a stripper.” Natsu finished. Lucy opened her mouth to retort, but found herself unable to defend Gray on that subject, so she closed her mouth, and said that he was a great guy.

Natsu chuckled, before sighing dramatically, “We’re both in a shitty situation.”

The blonde nodded, “You’re right, I just wish-” she sighed.

They were both thinking the same thing.

“—that I wasn’t so lonely.”

Natsu and Lucy both laughed.

The class bell rang. Lucy said, “I guess it’s time to go.” As she stood up, Natsu’s calloused hand wrapped around her wrist. Lucy turned to look at him, his bangs almost covering his eyes, but she could see them. She could see how intense they were.

Lucy licked her dry lips. “Natsu?”

He didn’t say anything. He moved closer to her.

Her eyes widened as his other hand cupped her cheek, but once again he didn’t say anything. His lips slowly brushed up against hers as he said—
“Why don’t you pretend that I’m Gray?”
With his intense gaze, Lucy felt herself with weak knees. She stuttered out, “I-I-I…have to go to volleyball!” Before stumbling out of his grip and out the door to get off of the roof. Leaving him on the roof by himself.

And once again,

Natsu was—alone.

(forgive me)

                                      not returned or reciprocated

Lucy wiped off the sweat on her brow with her towel as she grabbed her bag in the locker room. Practice didn’t go so well, her serves were off and her timing for hits were terrible. Coach had asked if there was something wrong, and made her take a break since her head wasn’t in the game.

For all of practice, all she could think about were Natsu’s words. His voice was like a broken record in her head. “Why don’t you pretend I’m Gray?” she scoffed to herself, he could never be Gray, her heart told her. But her mind, wondered off into the thought, of just what it would be like for someone to love you. Even if…

Even if it was all a lie.


Lucy jumped at her own name and turned around. Her best friend, of two years, stood short, her curly blue hair tied back in a ponytail. “Ah, Levy-Chan, Ohayo.”

Levy smiled, “Are you ready to walk home?”

Lucy beamed, “Yeah!”

The girls left the locker room. “You seemed out of it today, Lu. Is everything alright?”

The blonde sighed, flicking a wet strand away from her face, “Just a lot has been on my mind.”

Levy frowned, but didn’t pester her about it. “You know if you need to talk about it I’ll be here?”

Lucy grinned, reaching over to pull her friend in a sideways hug, “And that it was you will always be my best friend.” The two quickly bonded freshman year. They both had a passion for books, and once Levy found out Lucy had dreamed of writing a book, they were inseparable. Joined at the hip, they hardly left, whenever one needed cheering up, the other would go out of their way and drop everything.

Lucy was lucky to have someone as caring as Levy.

As they walked passed the rooftop, Lucy looked up.

Brown and Green.

Lucy froze.


The blonde, grinned sheepishly. “I forgot something in the classroom, you can go on without me!”

“Are you sure?” Levy asked skeptically.

“Yeah, I’ll see ya later.” And Lucy zoomed off back inside.
(if fate is real,
then I’m fated to be with you)

Lucy held the door open with one hand, as she panted. Her eyes finding Natsu’s.

“You’re back.” He muttered in disbelief.

“It doesn’t help that you were staring at me like a hawk.” Lucy said once she caught her breath. She stood up fully, and let the door shut behind her as she walked closer to the pinkette.

If I see Natsu as Natsu or not, it doesn’t matter.

Because I’m just a replacement as well.

Natsu grabbed her hand, the other caressing her cheek just like before. “Close your eyes.” He said. And for some reason Lucy followed his command. Although afraid, she did as he said. His hand had left her cheek, and slowly brushed her bangs out of the way.

—Pretend I’m Gray

Pretend he is Gray

His lips gently pressed on her forehead, and as she could vision was Gray. Something that she wanted strongly, his lips left her skin before they found away to her mouth, and her heart clenched painfully.

Pretend he is Gray

Pretend he is Gray

…he is Gray.

Lucy kissed back, her hands finding a way to tangle themselves in his messy locks. She pressed herself against him. It was electric, the feeling.
He pulled away and looked at her flushed face.

“That was my first kiss.” she whispered. “It felt…nice.”

She pulled him close, “One more time?”
“I’m just a replacement.”
At that moment, I couldn’t answer Natsu.


“Do you want to say that we’re dating?”


“We’ll be able to depend on each other.”
“Are you sure you won’t fall in love with me?”

He laughed, “You’re not my type.”

Lucy didn’t take offence to that, “You’re not mine either.”

He grinned.
She held out her pinky

“So let’s make a pact. No matter what happens neither of us will fall with the other, and at the end of the year we will confess to the one that we love.”
His pinky locked around hers.
(we are dating but we are each other’s replacements for someone else.)

“We mustn’t fall in love.”

Their fingers intertwined, and his lips were on hers once again.
(I know longer understand boundaries…
so don’t say anything for now)


Lyrics used: Scum’s wish intro and outro. Outro: Heikousen, Parallel Lines. Intro: Uso no Hibana, Sparks of Lies.

Note 1: This is the longest chapter I have ever written.

Note 2: My uncle is handling everything pretty well and I’m proud on how strong he and his daughters are.

Note 3: If you can handle slightly adult themes, and gross (spit-string) kisses from time to time, then I highly suggest you watch Scum’s Wish!

Note 4: I worked really hard on this please leave a review! Sorry if there is any errors, the ending was a little rushed so I will go back and fixed them later.

Note 5: I will see you next time and remember: YOU ARE LOVED!