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  • My future child: Why is cousin Diamond named that?
  • Me: Because her mum loves diamonds.
  • My child: So what about my name?
  • Me: Don't worry about it, The Unlikely But Optimistic Hope That The Lockwood And Co Series Will End Without a Major Character Death.

After Lucy left I swear to god that Lockwood and George used Lucy for all their problems indefinitely.

They fail a couple of cases after she leaves because they’re all a little shaken up. Lockwood from a distance is muttering to himself, “This wouldn’t have happened if Lucy was still here.”

When George runs out of milk in fridge, “We NEVER ran out of milk with Lucy here.”

When Lockwood can’t get his hair perfect in the morning, “My hair ALWAYS looked good when Luce was around.

When they both get flustered, “It was never like this! If only old Luce was still around…


From The Whispering Skull, chapter 27.

I really love the banter between Kipps and Lucy here. Kipps’ expressions are so fun to draw ^^
I really took a shine to Kipps’ personality by the end of this book. I think that was when I really start to value him as a character… I want to hug him and offers him warm tea.

Ok so Lockwood and co might be getting a TV series and well it better not turn out like Percy Jackson

My requirements:
-George has to be chubby
-if George ended up being some hot guy guy who’s a snob I’m not gonna be ok
-lucy can’t be a perfect model
-but she still needs some elegance and beauty, but like I said NOT A MODEL
-Lockwood has to be tall
-and hot
-very charming
-and jawline please
-the skull better have good animation
-as well as any of the other ghosts
-but like not toooo scary, cause like then I’d be to scared to watch the show..
-I’d also like the skull to have Ryan Reynolds with a British accent
-and the skull better the sassy and sarcastic ghost he is
-you gotta start the series with the annoying snobby kipps that we all used to hate
-but then later on show his soft side (like ok the books)
-Holly better be pretty (cause like she is)
-we need like to have parts where you can here Lucy Narrating (like the intro to each episode maybe??)
-then we also need the perspective of Lockwood and George when lucy first talks with skully
-when lucy is experiencing a psychic thingy we need those creepy flash back things
-but then again, not to scary
-actress of Kat needs to have a Pointy chin ok
-and flo
-flo gotta have white teeth
-and she gotta have her blue puffer jacket
-and Barnes has to be like Barnes

Ok guys add on if u like:


i’d like to imagine lucy finding those fortune teller papers in her pocket after the empty grave and thinking the prophecy was false cos lockwood is alive.. and then realising, the skulls been quiet for a while now…

Lockwood/Lucy height difference

-Lockwood casually resting is elbow on top of Lucy’s head.
-Lucy going on her tippy toes when feeling short next to Lockwood (If you look close enough you’ll see her on on her toes in every photo)
-Lockwood unconsciously resting his chin on Lucy’s head when he’s bored (resulting in Lucy blushing furiously, but is to shy to do anything about it)
-Lucy standing on chair to be taller than Lockwood in an argument. This results in Lockwood laughing and just going on his toes so that they are level (this makes Lucy even more infuriated)
-Lockwood teasing her and asking her “How’s the weather down there?” And her response being “huh? Huh? Did you say something? You’re too high up I can’t hear you!”.
-Lucy grabbing Lockwood’s shoulders and trying to push him down so they are eye level during the conversation

Lucy Carlyle

Also known as:

-idk why she hates me what have I done (by Holly Munro)

-bgff (best ghost fighting friend by George Cubbins)

-“I thought I was your bgff” (Anthony Lockwood’s response to George Cubbins)

-family issues secondary

-badass heroine (by everyone)

-my only friend (by skull)

-the girl who keeps stealing my business (by Fittes)

-most likely my future wife (by Anthony Lockwood)


Finally got round to getting some pics of my Lucy Carlyle cosplay feat. Skullykins!

Thanks @lucyjcarlyle for taking the photos, editing them and babysitting my dumb dog:

Okay I know that we’re all reeling from the fact that teg is out and a tv show might be happening but can we still talk about how Lucy’s upbringing fucked her up? Like, Lucy talks about being the youngest of her sisters with a drunk, possibly abusive father and a neglectful mother in the first book. She doesn’t think she’s pretty because her mom told her she wasn’t and she was raised to bank all her worth on being a good agent. This isn’t super prominent in the first couple books but in the third, when holly comes around, don’t these issues just blow up? Like holly is everything Lucy thinks she’s not and she just brings up all these insecurities that Lucy’s own mom encouraged and how fucking sad is that. Not to mention holly threatens lucy’s position of agent in her mind, essentially taking away a core part of her identity that, once again, her mom encouraged. There are quotes from thb that talk about this. Anyway can we all just take a minute and realize how much Lucy’s mom screwed her over and really focus on how her issue with holly was less due to jealousy of Lockwood favoring holly but more because of how her mother treated her.


My Lockwood and Co colour pencil illustration of the gang, and also in black and white coz I thought it looked cool… Drew it for the fan art contest Jonathan Stroud is holding atm so yeah… Hope you guys like!