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lots and lost of ‘about to kissus’  :^)  especially without his glasses to see them crystal eyes U_U

I said “Can you give it back to me?”
She said “Never in your wildest dreams.”

Lucy & Loke from We Are Young: Track 19
…because no i’m not crying you’re crying


FT Fluff week Bonus Day 1 - Puppy

Lucy: Age 08

Natsu: Age 09

“Dear Mama,

How are you? I’m fine. I’m sorry, Mama. Plue got lost today. But I found him thanks to my new friend, Natsu! And he has pink hair! He wears a cool scarf. He’s very kind to me. He didn’t want me to cry so he helped me look for Plue. Natsu found him for me and I was so relieved. Plue was the last thing that you gave to me so he’s extra special to me. I promise to take care of him better! Oh, I noticed that Natsu’s cheeks were red at some points. I wonder why. He has an abnormal temperature so I can’t tell if he’s sick. Oh no, I need to check on him later. But I’m so glad I have a new friend! He lives at the end of the street with his adoptive parents. He told me that he has a little sister named Wendy. I will meet her tomorrow! I’m so excited!

Dad is always busy with his work as usual. But I understand because it’s for my future!

I miss you and I love you Mama.

Love, Lucy.”

                       /That day was the start of their wonderful adventure./

Yes, I connected each prompt to one another, creating an AU story. 

Parts: I (Puppy)  //  II (Together/Come On)  //  III (Music/Games)  //  IV (Starlight/Rain)  //  V (Promises/Always)  //  VI (Count On Me)  //  VII (I Lived/Show Me)  //  VIII (Serendipity)  //  IX (Happy Ever After)

Season 7 Spec and Thoughts based on previous patterns. Updated 7/25

After SDCC and rewatching the series this season here’s a few things that I’ve thought of…. (and if you don’t care about the patterns, skip to below cut)

1) Once is the journey of 3 villains, Emma and Henry and the people that affect their journeys.  
2) The way the villain’s redemptions are written are similar a) Killian turned dark for love and Emma was his catalyst.  b) Regina turned dark for envy and Henry was her catalyst.  c)Rumple turned dark for power and Gideon was his catalyst.
3) All of the curses had two individuals involved, except the final one.  One person’s intentions were to hurt and the second person to help.  Season 1 curse - Regina to hurt, Rumple added savior twist.  Season 3 curse - Pan cast to hurt, Regina to save.  Season 3 curse - Snow cast to save, Zelena to hurt.  Season 5 curse - Nimue/DH cast to hurt, Emma to save. Season 6 - BF cast to hurt (was there a save added? perhaps)
4) When Rumple tries to do things alone bad things happen.  Pan came back, Zelena came back… and in the finale, he dispatched of the worst evil around alone.
5) To me, the overarching theme is that to save your family/town you work as a team but ultimately it is up to you to save yourself.  S5a, Emma saved herself, S5b, Kilian did, S6- Regina and Rumple, started so S7 needs to be Rumple and Henry.
6) The S4 finale AU persona, at their best, were where the characters really see themselves.  
7) Throughout the entire series, consistently they say magic comes with a price and that love, hope and belief are the most important things.
8) Season 6 yelled at us that season 7 was going to be the future and told through the eyes of the next generations POV.  


1) It’s a reboot, no renew, a new chapter, a new book, a sequel
2) Time is wonky because Henry aged but no one else did and Lucy is 10
3) It’s the ones who weren’t cursed in S1 plus characters from different versions of some stories they’ve already told.
4) We won't’ see other versions of the Old Guard
5) They continue with the same narrative.
6) In the round table interview that Adam/Eddy did they said a couple of things that stuck out a) that the cursed would be among the uncursed in the real world, b) that ‘she’ learned something from the first curse and separated the fairytale characters, c) that the show won’t be all about magic and d) that we wouldn’t know who cast the curse like we did in S1.  
7) Also just my thinking is that season 7 and Henry’s journey is a metaphor for a teen growing up and leaving home and exploring the world.  
8) The story is Henry’s love story and the journey of his adventure with Hook, Regina, and Gold.  And the words to promote are “To Save the World’.
9) In the finale, we saw Tiger Lilly with Lucy - the book that Lucy had there was the brown leather one. The book on the train is a hand drawn one like the one Henry made for Emma.  Significant?  
10) We see a new savior this season.  Is it Lucy who is sent from the future to save her family?  Is it Tiger Lilly who sends Lucy to help OR Is it Rumple who steps up to the plate and realizes love is power?  (I do not believe it is Henry)

So I think that……..

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