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Lucy is not a key

Okay so this is my theory on what the heck is going on atm in Fairy Tail…

Let’s go back to what we thought Zeref’s plan was in the beginning: world domination in the current era.

He attacked Ishgar for Fairy Heart, or unlimited magic power to supposedly defeat Aconlogia.

Going back to what we know now, I believe the only reason Mavis is a key to eclipse is because of that power. The gate was originally used to find a time with more magic, right?

Well, like they said in the GMG arc, it takes a whole lot of magic to ‘charge’.

So what if you had unlimited magic?

You could use the gate as you please.

Now, there’s 'one’ more thing you need to open the gate.

The Golden Keys of The Zodiac.

So, like the title suggests, I believe Lucy is not a key, but the keys she holds are.

Lucy and Yukino might be in danger.

Lauren & Lucy - Just Friends?

Lauren Jauregui and Lucy Vives cause constant uproars within the Harmonizer fandom due to speculation that the two are in a more than friends relationship. With the majority of the fandom shipping Camren, it’s easy to see that their favourite duo is being threatened by Laucy, the ship name given to Lauren and Lucy. In this post we take a look at Lauren and Lucy’s relationship from the beginning and how it developed - and we look to see if they are really dating - or not. 

The two have been friends since before Lauren auditioned for the X Factor and became part of one of the biggest girl groups in the world. 

Lucy was a prominent figure in Lauren’s life for a while after she became famous. She even hung out with Camila and the other members of Fifth Harmony. 

For a while afterwards, it seemed that Lucy was off the scenes, for some reason or the other. It seemed that she and Lauren had drifted apart. 

Lucy even tweeted this towards the end of 2014, when her and Lauren hadn’t hung out for quite some while. It didn’t seem as though they weren’t on agreeable terms, just simply the fact that life had gotten in the way of their friendship. Though they did hang out during 2013/2014, it wasn’t as much as now. 

But towards the end of 2015 / beginning of 2016 Lucy was back on the scene. Their friendship seemed back on for good, and stronger than ever. They were first spotted at the airport where they were allegedly mobbed, a story you can read about here. In this video here you can see that Lucy clearly puts her arm around Lauren and drags her away from the chaos that fans were causing in the airport.  This is one of the many spottings of Laucy together. 

Then, texts and pictures of Laucy together at Lucy’s college together emerged and the person in the texts claimed that Lauren was dating Lucy - 

Lucy even commented on the photo which was posted by a fan account on Instagram, in which she seemed extremely angry as her privacy had been breached: 

Furthermore, when Lauren, Dinah and Normani went to get piercings together, they snapchatted the encounter and it appeared that Lauren had a picture of Lucy as her background…. You can watch the video from from 2:43 here. Who puts their “friend” as their phone background?….Now if this was Camren, and Lauren had a picture of Camila as her background… Well we’d never hear the end of it. 

Let’s not forget the birthday posts that Lauren made for Lucy and the “adventure” they had to celebrate. 

And then they went to Coachella together and well…speculation about the two dating was getting more and more hype. 

You can watch the videos of them at Coachella together, here and here which Lauren posted on her Instagram. Just two friends at Coachella together? Probably. 

They were also spotted in London together, leaving the hotel together, Lucy holding Nala. 

This is also where the alleged Camren kiss on the cheek occurred - which you can watch here. So even though Lauren and Lucy are spotted toegther in London, Lucy holding Nala nonetheless, the Camren “kiss” made people dismiss Laucy. 

When the 7/27 Tour begun in South America, Lucy was with Lauren and she was spotted at the airport and together in other places a lot. 

Lucy at the airport in Chile 

(Fan taken photos of Lucy at the airport with the rest of 5H on their way to a country in South America for the tour)

Then a video emerged of Lucy at the same airport at the same time saying that 1000 hands is her favourite song on the album. You can watch here. Now, this strikes me as odd simply because Camren shippers often say that 1000 hands is Camila and Lauren’s song…but what does it mean that Lucy said it’s her favourite? I’ll let you think about that. 

This photo of them - on closer inspection it looks as though their fingers are intertwined..

The alleged Laucy kiss…

Lauren’s post about her birthday 

Spotted at a Fifth Harmony concert on June 26th - 

Lauren smirking/smiling at Lucy during Big Bad Wolf (1)

Watch here and read this.

And then again, more recently, Lucy was in the crowd again, and a bra was thrown at Lauren from the direction of Lucy. (2)

Lucy at the concert, laughing/blushing whilst Lauren performs.

Wearing the same shirt: 

Lauren saying she would go to Loyola University in New Orleans, the same one that Lucy attends.

Then on National Girlfriend day Lauren posted this

There are many more spottings of Lauren and Lucy together but I think for now we get the point. Now I didn’t want this post to become something that would out Lauren and Lucy or a theory post because I don’t particularly ship them romantically. I just wanted to provide you an alternative to the multitudes of Camren theories. And in reality, if half of these things had happened with Lauren and Camila, the romance rumours would have been everywhere. 

The purpose of this post is to show you the friendship between Lauren and Lucy. If we gather everything in this post plus some of the other stuff, it’s clear to me that Lauren and Lucy are very close friends. It’s immature of any of us to assume that they’re in a relationship simply because it’s disrespectful. 

A lot of Camren shippers and other Harmonizers are also saying that Lauren and Lucy are in a PR contract so that Lucy has a large platform when she releases her debut single and album. 

Whilst it does seem believable that Lauren and Lucy may be under such a contract, I find it hard to believe nonetheless. Why? Because Lucy is the daughter of Carlos Vives a renowned singer in Latin America. She already has a platform and has performed with her father on stage. Furthermore, Lauren is always refuting Camren rumours for one of two reasons. Either because she personally doesn’t like Camila or because she doesn’t want people to say that she’s interested in girls. This doesn’t mean she’s homophobic in anyway at all, it simply means that she is uncomfortable with people saying wrongful things about her. Same as if she were being shipped with a guy and she wasn’t straight. So why would Lauren go into an agreement to be in a PR relationship with Lucy if it means she’ll have an identity crisis? Would she simply indulge in something that is untrue to get away from Camren rumours? I don’t think she would because the recent Camren moment in That’s My Girl’s music video seems to say otherwise. 

Although it is true that Lucy has gained plenty of fans from the Harmonizer fandom, it’s silly to think that it was planned. What about Keana Marie, another close friend of Lauren’s? She’s also gained a fair share of fans because of her association and friendship with Lauren. 

Whilst I’m generally reaching the conclusion that Lauren and Lucy are no more than friends, I find myself unable to shake the fact that Lauren may use Lucy to get rid of Camren rumours. Not in a mean, horrible way but in the way that she posts tons of pictures with her and Lucy and is generally open about her friendship with Lucy because she’s come to the realisation that the fandom is always going to ship her with a girl, so she’d rather be shipped with someone whom she actually is close with. I’m not saying that Lauren and Camila aren’t friends, but their initial closeness has disappeared. Camren shippers often bash Lauren too, so it isn’t surprising why she gets mad at them a lot. For now, all the evidence suggests that Lauren and Lucy are friends. They could be more, but we don’t know and we don’t want to assume. 

The amount of time Lauren and Lucy spend together is one of the factors that people use to fuel the idea that they are dating one another. But if Lauren’s travelling all the time, she barely gets to see her friends. And if her and Lucy are really close, it would make sense that Lucy visits her friend often. 

I really wanted to make a Laucy post just to sump up everything about them with no exact direction of where my thoughts are simply because I didn’t want to be anything like a Camren shipper. So take what you want from this post, it’s yours now.

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Disclaimer: Some events may not be in the correct order. 

They hardly ever fight.

Disagreements they have in spades, ranging from the playful to the exasperated to the irritated. But actual fights? For Lucy and Lockwood, those are few and far between, and usually only about one thing: each other’s safety.

The quickest way Lockwood’s found to make Lucy truly angry is to imply—or worse, actually act on the assumption—that her life is worth more than his. It doesn’t matter if the act of risking his own life saves hers. It doesn’t matter that they both always make it out alive. One of Lucy’s deepest rooted fears is someday being responsible for his death, and when he is forced to make her face that fear he knows they’re in for a fight.

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I mean probably this is cliche idk i don't read enough smut but I feel like alex and lucy would def be using morse code on each other's clits.

Okay so originally this was going to be short and cute, then it ended up long, sappy, and smutty. Which apparently is the story of my life. Hope it totally fulfils what you wanted, my guy! It’s totally in beta’d and probably a mess but I did the thing and it only took me two hours. @bathtimefunduck i did the thinggggg


It starts with tapping. Alex’s fingers are drumming against the skin of her thigh and it takes Lucy more than a few minutes to realise that there is a distinct pattern. Another few minutes and she realises that it’s not just a pattern, but Alex is tapping in morse code. She can’t tell if she’s doing it consciously or not, but her heart swells when the pattern resets and she can translate what Alex is communicating.

Dot, dash, dot, dot.

Dash, dash, dash.

Dot, dot, dot, dash.



Lucy smiles to herself, pulling one of her hands from around Maggie’s waist, who lies on the other side of her on the bed, to rest against the bare skin at Alex’s hip. She lingers for a moment, letting herself bask in the way Alex’s fingers tap gently onto her skin, the way her breath leaves goosebumps on her neck.

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SWF 14

“Sailing with Fire”

Rated M for smut.

Summary: Lucy is in desperate need of a break from the mage life and embarks on a two week cruise alongside her partner, Natsu. What they don’t know is that it’s a cruise designed specifically for couples. With no other choice than to pretend they are married, the two try to enjoy the cruise the best they can, all the while dealing with uncharted feelings.

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“Oh, it’s you two again! Welcome back!”

Lucy smiled at Jean while Natsu nodded his head towards the feminine man. They had just finished seeing the medical mage for Natsu’s motion sickness, something that they had grown tired of doing. Luckily- and also unluckily at the same time- there were only two and a half more days on the cruise, not including today.

“Hi, Jean,” Lucy greeted. “We’ve won another spa day.”

The man’s brows skyrocketed as he stared them down with his widened orbs. “You won another spa ticket? Just what kind of people are you two?”

“Just a couple of awesome mages,” Natsu answered, a toothy grin stretching over his face.

“Clearly. Well, congratulations. You already know the routine then. Ready for the massage portion?”

Lucy sighed dreamily, remembering fondly the last massage. “Definitely. We were actually wondering if we could put the time of the sauna to our massages instead. Would that be possible?”

Jean frowned and shook his head. “Sorry. The tickets win you specific time frames with each activity. You could opt not to go into the sauna but you can’t get more time for your massages. I’ll give you two some time to think about it during your massages.”

With that, the three headed behind the front desk and into the narrow hallway from last time. Jean led them to the same room as before, giving them the instructions once again just in case they forgot. With one last lingering, lustful gaze towards Natsu, he left the room.

“He definitely has a thing for you,” Lucy teased with a smirk.

A shiver ran through Natsu. It wasn’t that he had a problem with guys liking him. It was just that it reminded him of Master Bob, and that man was determined and scared him to the bone. “I could tell.”

Lucy laughed, shaking her head. Knowing they only had five minutes to get undressed for their massage, she promptly grabbed the hem of her shirt before pulling it over her head.

All of the disgust and fear that Natsu held before vanished the instant Lucy took her shirt off. Lust replaced it in its wake and filled him to the core. He watched as her slender fingers maneuvered the button from her jeans before she shimmied herself out of them, which was difficult for her at first given her curves.

Natsu eyed Lucy up and down, dragging his tongue over his lips, though he’d rather be dragging it over her body. She was only in a thin bra and a pair of underwear that covered more skin than most of her other pairs.

Lucy reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. Glad that it only had one clasp, she unhooked it with ease, placing it with her other clothes. She was going to move to her underwear when Natsu’s hands reached from behind her and squeezed her breasts. A shriek escaped her mouth and she turned red in the face.

“N-Natsu!” she shouted, though she didn’t make any attempts to move his hands away from her. Instead, she relaxed into his body behind her, feeling the familiar bulge against her bum. “You’re supposed to be getting undressed, you know.”

Natsu used one of his hands to swoop her hair onto one side. He then returned his hand to her breast, giving her mounds another squeeze as he sucked her neck. “I know, but I couldn’t help it, Lucy. You’re sexy as hell.”

The corners of Lucy’s lips curled upwards into a satisfied smirk. “Well we can’t have them walking in on us doing anything.”

“What if we make it quick?”

“No way.”

Natsu groaned, dragging his hands from her breasts to her hips. “Fine. But I get to take off your underwear.”

“Only seems fair that you do,” Lucy replied with a chuckle.

Natsu hooked the hem of her panties with his thumbs before sliding them off of her. She kicked them off once they were around her ankles. He stood at her rear, admiring it in all of its glory before giving it a plentiful squeeze. Lucy was a squishy person. He liked that.

“Alright, go get undressed now,” Lucy instructed as she wrapped the towel around herself. Just like before, it was short and didn’t cover as much as it probably should have.

Natsu did as he was told, shrugging his vest off and letting it drop to the floor. Getting undressed didn’t take as long for him since he didn’t have as many layers. And while Lucy kept her clothes neatly folded and stacked, he simply balled them up, not caring that his boxers were visible.

The two positioned themselves over their tables. Natsu made sure that Lucy’s towel covered every inch of her bum before squishing his face in the hole of the headrest.

Eventually, the masseuses entered the room, standing in front of them. From their feet, Lucy and Natsu could tell that both masseuses were girls this time, which Natsu was thankful for. He couldn’t deal with another guy rubbing his hands over Lucy. Only he could do that.

Just as the last time they were there, the masseuses held different lotions in front of their faces, asking them to pick the scent that they liked the most. With that, the massage began.

Lucy gave a quiet moan of satisfaction as they dragged their hands over her back, kneading into her. Her muscles weren’t as tense from when she first boarded the ship, but it still felt nice to unwind. Her back felt uncoiled and relaxed. She wished she could bring home one of the masseuses once the cruise was over. She would need it after all of the crazy jobs they went on.

Meanwhile, Natsu was already snoozing away, his loud snores filling the room. The massage added with the mixed scents of the lotions put him to sleep like a baby.

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Companions Dreaming Sole's Death

Ada, Codsworth and Nick were excluded for obvious reasons.

Cait – She would wake up with a sheen of sweat on her skin and her lungs panting rapidly, realising with aching limbs and a blanket wrapped around her middle that she had been thrashing around in the bed. Cait is no stranger to nightmares, hell, she gets flashbacks from her past during the day when she’s awake so nightmares she could normally handle. But with Sole…Sole was different. With a hammering heart, Cait would down half a bottle of whiskey if she had some handy or would simply just wait it out, sometimes getting up to do a patrol around their camp. If romanced, Cait would get aggressive and extremely protective of them although Sole would have absolutely no idea, both as to why she was acting so strange and why their body felt like someone squeezed them tightly all night long.

Curie – The sweet little synth would wake up crying and confused as to what she just saw. At first she wouldn’t realise it was just a dream and would be in a state of panic and grief, but once her scientific mind woke up she would realise that nothing happened and Sole was just fine. Dreams were just another silly aspect of the human brain that existed for reasons she simply must investigate in the future. Despite knowing this however she would go check on Sole just to make sure. Sometimes if it was bad enough, she would stealthily slip into the room and place a gentle kiss on their forehead. If romanced, Curie would smother Sole in small kisses, her hands exploring their body as if making sure that yes, they were truly there and safely asleep next to her. She would definitely tell them in the morning and would probably try and get them to stay home safe with her all day.

Danse – The Paladin would wake up with a jump, shaking the bed he had fallen asleep on as he rose to check on Sole in the other room. It would take a while for his breathing to slow once he saw Sole was okay and sleeping soundly, trying to disperse the thoughts and the feeling of terror that he had lost one of his closest and most cherished comrades. He’d go back to bed and wait for sleep, reliving the dream and poking holes in it using his tactical knowledge of how he’d save their lives should the real world mimic the circumstances of the nightmare. If romanced, Danse would pull Sole close, breathing in their scent and losing himself in the feeling of their warm body against his. He wouldn’t tell them of it in the morning, but would be extra alert and protective.

Deacon – He would slowly be drawn out of the dream until consciousness when he would shoot up, Sole’s name flying out of his mouth. Deacon would rub his head (or his hair) and would make up some kind of alternate story in his head so he can try to catch up on as much sleep as he could before moving time. If romanced, he would practically climb on top of Sole to keep them safe in his arms and come morning, he would have come up with some kind of joke to tell once he told Sole of the dream. Despite his light-hearted joking attempts, the Railroad agent would be secretly worried that it was some kind of omen and would be at their back for the next couple of days.

Dogmeat – Would quickly scurry over to where he last saw his master, whimpering and whining quietly until he saw them and practically jumped on them. Whether they were sleeping or not he would relentlessly smother them in doggy kisses until he was assured they were safe and okay, staying with them for the rest of the night.

Hancock – The Mayor of Goodneighour would wake up grumbling to himself, regretting the past couple of chems he had taken that probably caused the far out dream. Sole couldn’t be killed. Sole wouldn’t be killed. At least, not under his watch. If romanced, Hancock would sit up for the rest of the night with a loaded shotgun, some mentats and some psycho with Sole sleeping soundly in his lap. Because of his…umm *cough* complexion *cough*…Sole wouldn’t notice how tired he really was until the next night when he would flop down exhausted. He never told them of the dream, but was extra careful of their surroundings.

Macready – The ex-Gunner would wake himself up when it happened with a slight yell. He’d look around panting and confused, finally running his hand across his face when he realises it was just another nightmare. He used to get plenty after Lucy died, most revolving around seeing her get torn apart by ghouls again or somehow loosing Duncan. He’d recover relatively quickly, having created his own way of dealing with the pounding of his heart and accelerated breaths, eventually falling asleep quite quickly. If romanced, his yell would be louder and more urgent and sometimes he’d even shoot up from the bed with a gun drawn. It would take some coaxing from Sole, but eventually he’d calm down again and fall back asleep, holding Sole close and safe.

Old Longfellow – His eyes would snap open and his breathing would quicken, as would his rickety old heart, but that would pretty much be it for the veteran hunter. He’d roll over, cursing the nightmare and if he had a bottle of liquor handy, he’d drink until he fell asleep again.

Piper – The intrepid reporter would wake with a start and shoot up into a sitting position, barely holding back the tears as she scrambled out of bed. Piper would sometimes quietly go check on Sole, just a peep through the door or window to make sure they were okay. Once satisfied, she would mumble to herself how silly she had been and that Sole wouldn’t get hurt, not if she could have a say in it. She’d grab some sugar bombs and find her notepad, returning to bed so she can draft up an article or an idea whilst waiting for her heart to quit hammering in her chest. If romanced, Piper would snuggle even closer to Sole, sometimes accidentally waking them up from her light kisses against their neck and face, not that they’d mind of course. She would probably tell them come morning and would be keeping a very close eye on them should they leave the safety of the settlement.

Preston – He talks in his sleep, mumbling quiet warnings and finally gasping and waking from his slumber when the killing blow was dealt to the dream Sole. For some reason, he always clasps the blankets close to his chest and stares at the ceiling, letting the dream slowly crumble away from his mind’s eyes as he mentally talks himself through it. If he’s really wound up, Preston would do a couple patrols around the camp before collapsing back into bed, thinking of nearly anything else until finally falling unconscious. If romanced, Preston would hold Sole close to his chest instead of the blankets and would be staring at their peaceful features until he finally calms down enough to sleep to take over again. He would accidentally let hints drop to Sole, but would never tell them.

Strong – The bug guy would get angry, at the creature that killed Sole in his nightmare and at himself for dreaming up the nightmare to begin with. He would grumpily roll out of his makeshift bed and go hunting for some fresh meat and something to smash so he could calm down. Strong wouldn’t tell Sole in the morning but should he see a creature similar to the thing that killed Sole in the nightmare, he would SMASH IT INTO PULP.

X6-88 – X6-88 wouldn’t be too bothered by the dream, after all he knew it was just a nightmare and that in the real world, it would be extremely unlikely that Sole would be killed in his presence. He’d never let anything happen to them, period, and wouldn’t tell them of the dream.


Since Forever ~ read on ch 1   ch 2  ch3   ch4   ch5   ch6    

Prompt: History. Natsu wants to start on his and Lucy’s future. Problem is, he’s not sure Lucy is as ready as he is. From friends, to guild mates and then forming a team; at least they’re growing closer everyday. Natsu has a plan. Hargeon. If he can tell and show Lucy how much their past means to him, he’ll be able to clear up her misconceptions and become much, much more than just friends.

Lucy hummed as she kept pace beside Natsu. He’d refused to tell her where they were staying, but insisted it was amazing. Having been on the end of many less-than-stellar surprises, Lucy gave Natsu a look that said ‘yeah, buddy.’ “How much farther?”

Natsu sniffed the air and said, “Soon.” He laughed at Lucy’s bewilderment, swinging his bag and Lucy’s shopping in bigger and bigger arcs. “You’re gonna love it - and I know it’ll spark a memory.”

“As long as you don’t spark a fire.”

“Hey, I haven’t done that for months!”

“So what you’re saying is you’re due?” Lucy hid her smile. “I’m getting hungry. Hope there’s somewhere to eat near this hotel.”

“Uh, I guess there is. But I wanted to take you to the same restaurant where you first fed me and Happy.”

“You remember that?” Lucy stopped walking and gave Natsu a wide, beaming smile. “You ate most of my money that day - but you did thank me nicely.”

Natsu looked at Lucy. “We have a history. I set up this vacation to show you my feelings.” He steeled himself and continued, “We’re friends and I want to talk about that, but after we eat.”

Lucy could feel the little rocks in her gut begin to merge into boulders. “Why are you dragging this out? I can see the writing on the wall. You already said it - we’re friends.” She pretended to be fascinated with a stray bit of garbage on the sidewalk, tapping her toe and kicking it - missing and trying a second time. “Friends.” Her voice gained strength and determination. “Buddies, pals, partners! Nothing needs to change.”

“C'mon, the hotel is at the harbour.” Abruptly, Natsu demanded Lucy’s luggage and grabbed her fingers after shifting his burdens into his other hand. “Mira warned me about keeping you sweet. You’re grumpy 'cause you’re hungry.”

“I am not grumpy!”

Lucy’s declaration was a bit of a washout - having said what she said with a vile grimace and angry toss of her hair.

Natsu smiled and walked faster.

Her mood softened after seeing the three-star hotel. A large, modern and classy hotel room - on the top floor no less, with a balcony. Only inside long enough to drop off their belongings and for Lucy to freshen up, (where she spent just as long coveting the immaculate bathroom as tidying her person) they then went to the eatery where Lucy had fed Happy and Natsu.

“Recognize this table?”

“It’s a table Natsu. A regular restaurant table.” Lucy drummed her nails. “Why would I recognize it?”

“It’s the exact same spot as the first time, the only thing different is Happy isn’t here!” Natsu leaned on his elbows and tilted his head. “D'you miss him?”

“Huh. A little I guess - but why are you asking?”

“He’s part of our history - a shared influence.” Natsu nodded slowly. “They weren’t gonna give me a reservation for this specific table. Not until I explained to them how important it was!” His expression screamed disbelief. “They didn’t understand why I’d want the same table.”

“I’m not sure I understand,” said Lucy. “It’s just a cheap place to eat.”

“I’m surprised at you.” Natsu shook his head. “Those that do not understand their history are doomed to repeat past mistakes.”

“I understand plenty.” Lucy set down her menu and glared at Natsu. “I have a hard time thinking you understand our history any better than what I do.” She sniffed, lifting her chin. “It’s like we’ve always been friends - since forever.”

Natsu grinned - so wide and beaming Lucy was hard pressed not to leap across the table and kiss him breathless. Did he even have any sort of clue how much he was driving her insane?!

“We’ll talk about that tonight.” Natsu flagged down a waitress and reeled off his order. Finished, he looked expectantly at Lucy. “I’m paying - so get all the greasy food you want!”

Instead of grumbling, Lucy lifted her water glass in a toast. “Here’s to me getting everything I want - never mind greasy food!”

~end of chapter 6~

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スクールフィクション by きのこ帝国 (Kinoko Teikoku) // グレープフルーツ by Lost In Time // Mine by Aimer // Mars 2027 by 青葉市子 // これから by Plenty // 遠い日 by Advantage Lucy // どうでもいい by Galileo Galilei // You Outside My Window by きのこ帝国 (Kinoko Teikoku) }

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Pregnancy Blues

Here is the second one shot I asked you guys about! Sorry it took me a while to get this out, hah. And it’s different than the fics I normally do, since this isn’t an AU. But I hope you enjoy anyway :)

Enjoy the tiny bit of angst ^^

Lucy stared down at her sleeping husband, his chest rising and falling to the melody of his heart beat. A sound she cherished.

Even in his sleep, he reached out and found her hand, and laced his fingers with hers.

“Silly dragon..” she let go of his hand to shake him, “Natsu, wake up.”

“..ire dragon..punch..”

Lucy giggled, even in his sleep he was a fighter, “Natsu, come on, wake up.”

“..wha.. Lucy?” his eyes barely opened, the sun coming in from the window behind them was making her glow.

“Good morning.”

“Mornin’,” he took her hand again and kissed it, “why’d you wake me up? I was having a good dream. I was kicking Gray’s demon slaying butt.”

“I’m sure you were, you are the strongest wizard in the guild after all,” she laughed when his fist pumped the morning air, “I have something I need to tell you.”

“Yeah?” He sat up and leaned against the headboard, after they were married she moved in to his and Happy’s house. They expanded the place to make a few rooms for Lucy, a nicer bathroom and a library where she could be alone and write. Their bed was now on the loft above the kitchen.

“OK,” now she was nervous, “You know how I’ve been sick for a while, how almost everything makes me sick?”

“Yeah, it’s been freaking me out. What about it?” he crossed his arms over his bare chest.

“Well, I know why,” taking a deep breath she gazed into his beautiful onyx eyes, “I’m pregnant.”

He stared at her for a minute, blinking rapidly. Then he gazed down to her flat belly. When he looked back up at her face, he was beaming, “Re-really?”

“Yes,” she was so happy to see that look on his face, “I thought I was and Porlyusica gave me a test I could take here so I did this morning and.. yeah.”

In a flurry of blankets and pillows falling to the floor Natsu stood on the bed pulling Lucy with him, “You’re having a baby!” he hugged her so tight she couldn’t breathe.

“Natsu,” she gasped. She hugged him back, squealing when he fell back to the bed, “We’re having a baby.”

He gazed at her with delighted wonder in his eyes, “I’m gonna be a dad..”

“You are,” she moved his bangs away from his face, “You’re going to be a great dad.”

He smiled, leaning his forehead against hers, “I will, because you’ll be a fantastic mom.”

Lucy happily smiled, everything she ever wanted was right here.

“What are you guys yelling about?” a sleepy blue exceed flew up to them, he now slept in his own bed across the room. He occasionally slept with them, but he never knew when they would want to do their married training thing he wasn’t allowed to see.

“Happy!” Natsu sat up, pleased that his little buddy was the first to hear the news, “Lucy’s pregnant! I’m gonna be a dad!” he looked down at Lucy who chose to snuggle back into her pillow, “Lucy’s gonna be a mom! We’re having a baby!”

Happy’s jaw slacked, completely shocked. He grinned and flew straight into Natsu’s chest, “I’m happy for you guys!”

“Correction,” Lucy thought as she accepted her own hug from Happy, “now everything I’ve ever wanted is here,” she placed a hand on her belly, listening to Natsu and Happy talk about names, “and in a few months I’ll get to hold you, who is already so loved.”

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Luvia + "The saddest part is you are so much better than the is and you don't even realize it"

“The saddest part is that you’re so much better than this and you don’t even realize it.” for LuVia

Rainy Day

Lucy wasn’t sure how much longer she could stomach watching Juvia throw herself at the ice mage. She was mad at the water mage for being so blind and not seeing that Gary had zero interest in her, but that anger also extended to him since he had yet to give her a direct answer. He’d talked to both Lucy and Erza plenty about letting Juvia down and both women agreed that he needed to be forward with her.

Here Lucy was though, standing in her kitchen with the water woman on her couch crying because of something that had happened with Gray. She was so upset that when Lucy opened her door an hour earlier, she was able to find out where she sudden rainfall had come from. Despite how Juvia teased the celestial mage about being her love rival, the two were quite close and it wasn’t unusual for her to visit Lucy’s place. Especially when it concerned her teammate.

The celestial mage sighed and walked to the living room carrying a tray of hot tea and cookies. She sat down beside her and handed her a cup.

“Thank you,” she said between sniffles.

“You’re welcome, Juvia,” she answered softly.

The women sat under a blanket together and Lucy listened to Juvia tell her what had happened with Gray. Seems the man finally told her that he wasn’t interested in dating her. Juvia admitted that she was a bit thankful to have some closure but that didn’t make it hurt any less. Well of course she was going to hurt. She’d only been after the man since joining the guild; no before then.

It hurt Lucy to see her like this. All Juvia had known for most of her life was rejection and sadness just for being who she was. Too many people attributed rain to a feeling of gloom, but not Lucy. She thought that the rain was beautiful and strong. It could cleanse away what made one feel dirty and brought life to so much. The rain was a blessing and it hurt the blonde to see that Juvia wasn’t able to see herself in that light.

“Why does no one want her?” she sobbed, breaking Lucy’s heart. She wanted to tell that she was wanted. That she had wanted her for a long time. “Juvia hates being so sad.”

“The saddest part is that you’re so much better than this and you don’t even realize it.” The words left her mouth before she’d even had time to think about them.

Juvia just looked at Lucy who had turned her head and was now looking out the window. She looks so sad, Juvia thought. She had seen Lucy sad before but this was different. She didn’t know why the blonde was sad but she didn’t like how it looked on her. The water mage set her cup down and moved to hug Lucy.

Lucy froze when Juvia’s arms enveloped her and she cried. “I’m sorry, Juvia. I don’t know why I said that.”

Juvia smiled when Lucy’s arms wrapped around her and she squeezed her close. “If Juvia knew that Lucy were sad, she would not have come.”

“Silly, that’s not the problem,” she sobbed. She pulled back from the woman, holding her hands and looked into her eyes.

Juvia listened to the blonde as she told her she was worth so much more than those who had rejected her could ever offer her. Lucy told her that it was okay to be sad because they didn’t love her, but that she couldn’t let it affect how she loved herself. That had struck something within Juvia.

She’d always thought that if someone loved her she’d be able to love herself. But to love herself first, she didn’t know if that was possible for her to do. As she continued to listen to the celestial mage, who was still holding her hands, she noticed how bright she looked while she talked about Juvia. She wasn’t sad anymore. If Lucy could look this happy when talking about her, why couldn’t she do the same.

“Can, Lucy show Juvia how to love herself?” she asked when the blonde had paused.

Lucy smiled and rested her forehead against Juvia’s. “Of course, because I love the rain.”

Thanks for the request dearie! I hope you enjoyed it!

The Screaming Staircase in Lockwoods pov - Chapter 1

Disclaimer - I do not own Lockwood and co or any of the characters, or even the dialogue. The only original things about this are Lockwood’s thoughts and the occasional added scene. 

As the two co-workers stood on the doorstep with their backs turned to the outside world, Lockwood rang the bell with a sense of authority. He was the leader, after all, so he assumed everyone thought he should be the one to take charge. In reality, Lucy was too busy analyzing her surroundings to pay attention to trivial things such as ringing doorbells. It was just the two of them; George was still in the archives when they were ready to leave, so they left without him.

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All’s Fair in Love and Pokemon

Pairing: Nalu

Summary: The best love stories start with a, “HOLY SHIT DON’T SHOOT ME!” Fairy Tail Pokemon GO Nalu AU.

AN: For @wordsofawitheringwriter–HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWIN!!!! You are actual sunshine and I only wish I could give you more; I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I hope you like a lil Nalu fluff and dorks. And to the rest of you: YES I’M ALIVE AND I STILL WRITE THINGS. :P



Lucy, as a true author at heart, had planned for this. For this action scene in which the intruder would slink into her house and she’d have to use her stealth and wits to stay alive in a dash about a dark, cold manor. But all the consideration about how she’d spray the burglar in the face with a fire extinguisher and then hit them over the head with it did not prepare her for the real thing.

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anonymous asked:

Are you taking prompts? How about one where Kara left Catco telling everyone it's for her art career but actually it was because it hurt too much to be close to Cat knowing she could never have her (which isn't the case). Lois stops by at Catco and then Kara's place. It's the perfume that gives it away. Cat says it's her custom scent. Kara looks lost for a second before replying it was a gift from a friend. Lois tells Lucy about her discovery and they decide to low-key play matchmaker.

Sorry this took so long! :D It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to go about this, and then I got stuck a few times. I know this is probably not exactly what you were looking for, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. :)

After a long, and rather revelatory day, Lois lay reclined on the sofa in her sister’s living room. She swirled the remnants of red wine in its glass as she contemplated how to share her day’s musings with Lucy, or whether or not she should.

“Spill it, Lo. What’s on your mind?”

Lois looked toward her sister who sat with her legs tucked under her, sipping her own glass of wine. “What makes you think anything is on my mind?”

“Well, other than the fact that something is always on your mind, you’ve been staring at the dregs of wine in your glass as if they hold the secrets of the universe.” Lucy gestured with her wineglass. “And, believe me, I’ve stared into, and consumed, many a glass of wine, and there are no secrets there. Seriously, though, something is up. You can talk to me.”

“I think Kara has a crush on Cat Grant.” The words rushed out, and Lois blushed, embarrassed that she even cared, but the thought of her sweet, gentle Kara developing feelings for that cold viper of a woman confused the hell out of her. It also worried her. “And, I think Cat has one on Kara, too.”

Lucy laughed. “Is that all? God, Lois, I thought it was something serious.”

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corgi pawty was such a success. we’re calling it mini corgipalooza in honor of our friends that always run corgipalooza but could not this year because of reasons.

there six corgis in attendance:  machete, jackson, cali jean, starbuck, marie, and lucy.

plenty of good food, good music, and good people.  also, one of the corgmoms made the most darling little bandanas as party favors for all the corgs. so sweet!

immblueversion-deactivated20160  asked:

I disagree when you said that Lucy forgave Flare and Minerva "just like that". She only pitied Flare at first, and wasn't at all happy to see her in Chapter 298 until she apologized. As for Minerva, consider that a whole year had passed since she and Lucy saw each other. Not only did Lucy have plenty of time to put aside any animosity, but she considered it to be part of their guild's rivalry than a personal issue, which was already resolved with the guilds reconciled and Minerva redeemed.

Maybe I should have elaborated more on those parts, so please bear with my long reply. Everything below is just my opinion though, and I understand that different people might interpret things differently.

I do think that Lucy to some extent pitied Flare at first. And to me, her expressions when she saw Flare in chapter 298 look those of surprise and some fear. It’s as though she didn’t know whether Flare was there to attack her again. I don’t think her “unhappy” expressions necessarily indicate a lack of forgiveness. I personally feel that Lucy never really held a grudge against Flare because she sensed that there was some unspoken reason behind her actions. That’s my opinion though.

In any case, Lucy had definitely forgiven Flare after Flare apologized. And I say “just like that”, because she accepted her apology with grace. Lucy had never tried to chew Flare out for what she did, or make her beg for forgiveness when Flare apologised.

And about Minerva… This might not be the best way of comparing things, but let me try to draw some parallels between Minerva’s situation and Natsu’s.

Yes, I agree that Lucy considered what happened between Minerva and her as part of their guild’s rivalry instead of something personal, and I attribute that to Lucy’s logic and reasoning. She knew that Minerva probably wouldn’t have done something like that to her outside the GMG. It was a battle between guilds; they had to fight, and their battle turned out the way it did. However, if Lucy was a very emotion-driven person, or if her emotions had gotten the better of her, I can see her then holding a grudge against Minerva. It’s obvious that Minerva had taken things too far, and even Minerva herself admitted that.

Now for the situation with Natsu: As mentioned in the original post, Lucy knows that Natsu had his reasons for leaving, and because of that, she knows it’s unfair to blame him for it. However, it seems that her emotional side takes over at times, and her hurt caused by his departure surfaces from time to time.

Lucy met with Natsu a year after his departure. She had plenty of time to convince herself that she should treat Natsu normally and not blame him for leaving. They’re officially just friends, and even though they’re a team, he’s not obliged to bring her everywhere she does. But she fails to do so in this case. I think that getting Fairy Tail back is Natsu’s way of apologizing and making things up to her, and I feel that Lucy is aware of it (to some extent) as well. However, their interactions still haven’t gone back to the way that it was before the one-year gap because Lucy isn’t fully able to let go of what had happened.

Even if Natsu apologized verbally, I don’t think Lucy is able to fully put the past behind her at this point of time. Which is why in comparison, I feel that Lucy forgave Flare and Minerva much more easily. Of course, this also has to do with the nature of the hurt that the different individuals has inflicted on her, and how close her relationship with them is, but no matter what, I feel that Flare and Minerva had it much easier.

Perfect Target

Merry Christmas 1st, everyone! I decided to celebrate this day by posting a new one-shot! This is a request by @no-one-you-should-know and I would just like to apologize for how long it took me to write. ;u; I’d also like to thank her as well, since I’ve never written anything fantasy-like before until now. This was a different experience, and I had fun with it! Hope you guys like it! (Also can be read here.

AU Prompt: I’m a fairy with really bad aim so while hunting I accidentally shot you in the shoulder with an arrow; I’m so sorry can I make it up to you in any way? Oh, shit, you’re a wizard, please don’t turn me into a frog I’ll do anything you want me to!

“Take a deep breath, and you’ll hit your target,” Lucy whispered to herself, her voice lighter than the gentle breeze that tickled her skin.

She used the shadows that were provided by the green leaves as a shield. The shade sprinkled across her body, like fairy dust. Just one misstep and Lucy’s effort to remain hidden would be a waste; she couldn’t afford to have anyone or anything on the ground notice her. This was her first mission to hunt in the woods, after all.

Lucy’s fingers clung onto her makeshift bow with all her strength as she angled it downwards, ready to release the arrow at any given moment. The sound of the arrow stretching back usually soothed her, but now, she was more anxious than she had ever been.

Her aim wasn’t exactly the bestalright, scratch that. Her aim was absolutely horrible.

No matter how hard she tried, how many hours she practiced, and how much magic she used, Lucy just couldn’t shoot an arrow properly. It was only once in a blue moon when she actually hit her target. But after finally getting the chance to go on a mission by herself for once, she couldn’t help herself. She needed to feel what it was like to hunt alone. Even if she wasn’t able to aim well, that wasn’t going to stop her from trying.

“Something’s coming,” she realized immediately. These were the perks of being a fairyshe was able to hear the faintest footsteps even if they were over a mile away.

Lucy stayed as still as she possibly could as she stealthily waited for whomever was coming. The woods had always comforted her, but it was at times like this where her body was entirely tense. By how faint the footsteps sounded, she was sure the animal approaching her was a deer.

Slightly shifting her weight to get into a better position, she anticipated the moment where she would be able to free her arrow and send it flying into her first reward. She was confident she would be able to aim at a deer, as long as it didn’t notice her. She could already feel the victory at her fingertips.

Lucy held her breath when she was able to hear the footsteps loud and clear. She was expecting for a deer with chocolate brown fur to shortly come into view; however, her body became frozen when she was met with a head of pink hair.

“What the—” she gasped in surprise, not aware of how clammy her hands had become. Then, before she could stop it, she felt the arrow move on its own.

“No, wait!” she whispered frantically as she started to lose her grip on the arrow. She cringed as the bow’s string did a soft pluck. With that, the arrow had vanished.

“What the hell?!" a voice roared seconds after Lucy’s mind registered what just happened.

Lucy didn’t hesitate to drop her bow and quickly speed down to the ground to where the blood curdling yell came from. Her jaw fell with horror at the sight she flew down to.

"I am so sorry!” she exclaimed, promptly falling to her knees and hunching down to the ground. “I am so sorry!”

“What did you do to me?” the boy groaned at his blood-stained shirt.

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