lucy orchard

PWR BTTM and Orchards were INCREDIBLE tonight! 

Outside in the queue before the show, there was a film crew from Channel 4 who were interviewing people for a programme called ‘Four To The Floor’. They’re going to be doing a feature on PWR BTTM some time in May, and I was picked along with a good few others to be interviewed so…. I might be on TV? Which is cool? And terrifying?
They were filming the show too which was pretty cool but also a little distracting.

Lucy from Orchards is adorable and I am still baffled as to how someone can have so much energy and such a huge voice! Also they have a song about accidentally punching a bee and feeling really bad about it, and if that isn’t a reason to listen to them then I really don’t know what is.
Oh, they also had confetti cannons. Nuff said.

Pwr Bttm themselves were hilarious between songs, lots of Enya, dead vocal teachers, and beauty. Got to hear at least one brand new song and I was in awe. I still am in awe. Omg. Liv was…. Beautiful, ethereal, an angel. Bean was… the usual glittery hot mess but beautiful all the same.

Orchard’s bass player Dan was also playing bass for PWR BTTM and he was awesome (and so was his moustache), and Lucy joined them onstage for LOL and her’s and Bean’s voices mesh together so well

After the show I got to meet Lucy and she complimented my pink eyebrows and I got her to sign one of the show posters I’d managed to get my hands on. She’s so sweet and I want to be her friend <3

Also! In the queue I made friends with a person called Frankie who looks like a brunette Yolandi Visser. We stuck together in the venue too and they’re awesome and I hope they got home alright! If you’re seeing this I hope you got home alright!