lucy never ages

theories for the side effects lockwood and lucy have

because they went to the other side, they never loose their powers. somehow, being in the ghost world made them more permanent (and more stronger.

lucy freaks out. she subconsciously really hates her powers, and was really ready for them to go away. they’re just so overwhelming for her. they keep getting more powerful, and they obviously harm her.

lockwood is excited at first. he has always been worried about what he would do without his powers in the future, considering he has no high school education. so he can just fight ghosts for the rest of his life. it’s perfect for him.

but, after a while, he breaks down, too. ghosts just really get to him after a while. his sight is so powerful that he can see almost every ghost vividly. he really panics when he starts to see his sister.

lockwood and lucy never appear to age. they do actually age; they will eventually die, but, somehow, being in the ghost world stopped their aging. so, for the rest of their lives, they’re stuck as teenagers.

and yeah, that’s really all i have. i was gonna do more, but i never ended up finishing it, so this is all ya got. sorry!

tolcveistodestrcy  asked:

(Crack cause of da tags) "What precisely is going on in this photograph?" Gellert showed Lucius the picture of the weird dancing family. "Where you celebrating a bit too much?"

               “Ah…yes…” Lucius barely held back the instinctive grimace that threatened to twist his otherwise cool countenance as soon as the offending photograph reached his field of vision  ——– and considering he was not yet senile, he vividly recalled demanding for it to be     DESTROYED !!  A demand his unhinged sister-in-law was all too pleased to ignore, no doubt. The Malfoy patriarch heaved a sigh, of resignation & exasperation, “…twas a strange night. We do not make a habit of it, I assure you.”