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How will Joan crossing over to the dark side come back to haunt her next season on Elementary? — Kelly
She may come to regret making a deal with the devil. “On paper, it would appear Joan’s business with Julio ‘Halcon’ Zelaya is concluded,” EP Rob Doherty says. “He gave her evidence that she was able to use to bring his sister’s killer to justice, but Halcon may not see it the way Joan sees it. He may think she owes him a favor, not the other way around. Gang leaders are funny that way.”


Y’know, of ALL the stories that DIDN’T need following up, it’s this one. You’ve got 13 flipping episodes to get your sh-t back on track.

What we NEED to see:

Joan/Lin finding and dealing with their Dad. 

Joan finally getting her damn Mary (or Mark) Morstan.

Three words – Mori. Freaking. Arty. Dormer is finally available.

Joan leaving Sherlock’s self-absorbed / childish ass and convincing Kitty to move back to NY and teaming up to open their own agency / spinoff.

Instead, here’s what we’ll get: Sherlock has some kind of hematoma from being hit over the head that will be resolved with an off-screen drain / surgery. Then, we get a repeat of the Halcon thing – you do me a favor or else, with no hint of menace or real danger behind it. That wraps in an episode or less, then it’s back to rich white men committing meaningless, complex murders no one cares about where the motive is money. Everyone will be brought to justice. The end. YAWN.


You really have to risk everything, you have to take chances and take on projects that are pretty diverse. Just because you do film, don’t limit yourself. You should also do theater because it puts you out there in a terrifying way in front of a live audience and it really tests your skills. The more flexible you are, the more the longevity of your career is going to sustain itself. That’s what actors want. We don’t want to blow up for two years or five years and then be done.


Having been in this business for a while, you kind of see and get a glimpse of everything doing film and television. I think it seemed like a natural progression to go into directing, and I hope to explore more of it, because it’s very exciting and a really good way to collide all the things that you’ve known and experienced in the business and put them all into one.

For inspiration reasons, here’s a list of actresses over 40 who can probably still kick our asses:

Kelly Hu (Age: 48)

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Linda Hamilton (Age: 60)

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Charlize Theron (Age: 41)

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Gina Torres ( Age: 47)

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Ming-Na Wen (Age: 52)

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Kate Beckinsale (Age: 43)

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Gwyneth Paltrow (Age: 44)

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Milla Jovovich (Age: 41)

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Jada Pinkett Smith (Age: 45)

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Michelle Yeoh (Age: 54)

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Lucy Lawless (Age: 48)

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Regina King (Age: 45)

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Lucy Liu (Age: 47)

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Helen Mirren (Age: 71)

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