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Benefits Snippet

Natsu frowns, eyes narrowing as he turns to Lucy. “You like Captain America,” he reminds her, looking part offended and part confused. The movie flickers to life on the TV, but neither pay attention to the opening credits. Lucy is too busy staring at Natsu and he’s too busy practically glaring at her. 

“I like Chris Evan’s biceps,” she corrects, giggling at his disgruntled look.

anonymous asked:

Hey Lucy, when you were young and still living with your parents, did you ever have a little childhood crush? Like maybe there was a boy who lived nearby that you often played with?

That would’ve been romantic, huh? Having a childhood friend? Well, unfortunately, my father rarely let me leave the estate, and he was very particular about who I met and when. I guess… the thought of a playmate never really occurred to him.