lucy is jealous of girl singer

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In the latest "Niall is a Womanizer" news, we go from Melissa/Lucy or whoever the hell she is to Australian singer Samantha Jade. Just like previous reports, "he hooked up with her". It's definitely promotion for her but I also suspect Niall is being groomed to take Harry's (fake) whoring reputation and leading man spotlight from him. Furthermore, all this "Niall's 'girlfriend'" talk doesn't do anything for the tour except make angry jealous girls post threats and inhumane comments.

Wow, there’s a lot of articles about this out there. 

Just a sampling:

Clearly 1DHQ has no idea how to promote a tour other than to either imply 1D is on the verge of breaking up or that 1D is out here slaying all the vaginas. And this has their fingerprints all over it.

Once again, they’re making the woman look desperate. Someone in management is living out their sexist fantasies via lying about 1D. Get help.

And what do we have here? They made sure the story got play in Indonesia, too.

And surprise surprise, tickets are still available.

I agree nonnie. Nobody is gonna buy a ticket because they think Niall is banging two broads. Is he gonna bang ‘em on stage?? Their team is mind bogglingly incompetent.