lucy in the sky with zeppelin


love, warm breezes, and bittersweet sunsets

↳ a moodboard and playlist for when you’re a tiny bit sad and you wanna cuddle your soft boyfriend tom but it’s warm and the sky is beautiful and he smells really good so you’re ok

listen here

mt. washington - local natives // obstacles - syd matters // everywhere - fleetwood mac // gypsy - fleetwood mac // boyfriend - best coast // lake michigan - rogue wave // shadow - wild nothing // paris - the 1975 // us - regina spektor // her majesty - the beatles // going to california - led zeppelin // spanish sahara - foals // shiver - lucy rose

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Vinyl Appreciation Club day!

Arrival music: Light as a Feather, Chick Corea and Return to Forever

The Playlist:
Wilson Pickett, Knock on Wood
Bruce Springsteen, Prove It All Night*
Minutemen, Viet Nam
Led Zeppelin, Thank You*
Rush, Subdivisions
Tom Jones, What’s New Pussycat*
The Beatles, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds*
Florence + The Machine, Ship to Wreck
Frank Zappa, Peaches en Regalia
David Bowie, Suffragette City*

* = student pick