lucy in the sky with diamonds shirt


request:  I’ve been listening to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (by the Beatles) lately, so I was wondering if you could write something like the reader has been listening to it non-stop and Harry acts annoyed but actually enjoys that the reader is so into a song (doesn’t have to be that song, anything works) thank you!!

hello loves! the amount of requests that i have gotten for part two of ‘Sorry’ is a lot, haha. i honestly didn’t think anyone would want a part two, but it is coming! i’m still doing my requests in order so part two will be up in two thursdays from now which is a very long time from now so maybe i’ll switch up the order! anyways, keep sending in requests from this writing lost or whatever you want! i think i’m going to switch up lists again soon because i found one that i absolutely love! hope you enjoy!

Music was everything to you. You may have not known how to sing very well, or been involved in the music industry besides learning to play the guitar in high school. Music was your ticket out of every problem you had in your world, no matter what age. You loved every genre, from classic rock, to country, to the top 40. You loved everything about the fact that a song could change someones mood instantly. It was your escape. Maybe that’s why you and Harry fell in love so quickly.

You both met at a music store, you looking for a new guitar, him looking for some inspiration. He sure found it with you. You had thought he had worked at the store, asking him which one he recommended. He still told you, but you hadn’t realized that he was a customer as well until you told him that you were going to buy the 1950 Martin and he told you that he was not an employee. You were very embarrassed, but Harry found it endearing. So endearing that he invited you to accompany him to dinner the next night. You both bonded over music, revealing your favorites from over the years. It was the first of many dates.

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princexsurana  asked:

all the even numbers for the bi asks!

thank yoooou!!!

bracelet bi or necklace bi?: necklace!!!

texting bi or talk on the phone bi?: texting :,D

earth, air, fire, or water bi?: water…and air… do you really expect me to choose??

smoking bi or drinking bi?: smoking :,D

sneakers bi or heels bi?: lol sneakeeers

hair tie bi or hair clip bi?: hair ties all on my wrist

lemonade bi or hawaiian punch bi?: lemonade!

strawberry bi or cherry bi?: :O both betray me everytime but i guess strawberries

‘i wanna hold your hand’ bi or ‘lucy in the sky with diamonds’ bi?: hmmm i wanna hold your hand??

stripes bi or polka dot bi?: stripes!!

button up bi or tshirt bi?: D: uh uh uh t shirt?? i dont have nice button ups yet

hoodie bi or jacket bi?: i evolved from a hoodie bi to a jacket bi last year

apple bi or android bi?: D,: i have an android

sun bi or moon bi?: moon bi!

beer bi or wine bi?: beeeeerr tho i’m finally getting into wine??

lava lamp bi or kaleidoscope bi?: kaleidescope!

bike bi or car bi?: i cant do either D,: i guess bike..

Roll To Me

AN: Ah, a little oneshot for the dearest blazexkeys as a belated birthday present.  :3  I hope this will do… a little short, but I hope you like it in any case.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Summary: Lucy thinks it’s insane enough that she ran away from her wedding, but she’s in for a whole new ride of crazy when she meets the cute getaway cab driver.  Based on the song “Roll To Me” by Del Amitri.  Nalu AU Oneshot.  (Found also here)

Look around your world, pretty baby

Is it everything you’d hoped it’d be?

The wrong guy, the wrong situation

The right time to roll to me

Roll to me

Lucy Heartfilia figured that on one’s wedding day, one should be looking in the mirror at their wedding dress with absolute joy, dreaming ahead to the countless days in the future to be spent with the love of their life represented by the pure white of her perfect dress.

A big indicator that this was probably her doom was the fact that she rather felt like throwing up all over the damned thing.

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