lucy flawless

So I was just pondering what early-2000s actress could have played Lady Luke in the Gilmore Girls alternate universe in which Luke was meant to be a woman, and I thought, “Lucy Lawless!”

LIKE, she’s got the credentials. Anyone who’s watched Xena will know that she is EXCELLENT at playing hilariously grumpy and crabby yet tender hearted. (Like Luke, all Xena really wanted in life was to a) do right by her beloved woman, and b) go fishing alone.) There is no doubt she would be magnificent in flannel. We know she can fit right into a charming quirky small town setting due to her role in Parks and Rec.

Friends, I rest my case. Someone make me an AU gifset.

Gabrielle’s death in “Been There Done That.”

Xena is still absolutely broken by her death and carries out a funeral even though she knows the day will repeat. She didn’t have to do the funerals at all. I think this definitely makes a statement about their relationship.

  • Since coming out as bi, my mom's been crazy supportive about me getting a girlfriend and gushing with me about girls.
  • Example A-
  • Mom:You liked Xena right? You should watch Sparticus. Lucy Lawless is in it.
  • Me:I heard.
  • Mom:She's badass, AND she gets naked.
  • Mom:Lucy Lawless. You know what they should call her? *leans in close and whispers in my ear* LUCY FLAWLESS
  • Me:*chokes on tea and falls off the couch*