I get that you love underwear. What are your thoughts about going without?

An interesting question. As you may know many of us at the Full Cup Bra have fairly large boobs, which present problems when one does want to go bra-free. Lucy Collett (above) shows just one of those problems - the peaky nipple. If you’re engaged in much movement then things start to get a bit Carry-on Film, Which is not a winning look.

Ginger, our B-cupped copywriter will admit to the occasional braless day and relates that feeling the small hand that fate has dealt her bouncing around can be quite liberating.

On the subject of panty-free days we are united in the belief that’s a terrible idea unless you’re desperate to flash your mary-jane to fellow passengers on the tram.

Please do bear with us whilst we indulge one of Vanilla’s girl crushes. Lucy Collett features in a number of our daydreams, not least because of her very honest approach to her figure. Lucy’s bosom is swelled by her recent weight gain, her belly is just starting to slip over the knicker waistband and her limbs continue the curvaceous splendour. We hope you enjoy this picture, Vanilla, even if your tastes are getting distinctly tuttifruity.

You will recall that our mission statement is “indulging your love of elegant lingerie”. As far as we were aware, it didn’t also say “and allowing Vanilla Cup to post her girl crushes”. However, we are a tolerant bunch that we recognise we’ve met young Vanilla at a very strange time in her life. And who doesn’t like cacti? For a girl whose only previous experience of desert flora was in examining the label of the tequila bottle she has just emptied, we can only applaud her thirst for knowledge.