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Pretty Little Liars Seasons 1-7

Pretty Little Liars Season 1: Who is A?

Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Is that really A or was it their twin or was it a mask?

‘Are you all right, Lucy?’
   I nodded, blinked ice out of my eyes. In that second in which my cape had fallen away, a coat of frost had adhered to my face.
   'Am I pressing too close?
   'Say if I am.’
   'I will.’

Lockwood and Lucy, The Creeping Shadow

-Jonathan Stroud

Fairy Tail Chapter 535 Review

Our cover page is of the Fantasia arc and it’s great. It’s simple but captures what the arc focused on, I was actually afraid that it do what the 4th anime opening did and just focus on Freed’s runes.

The chapter opens where we left off, with Lucy coated in darkness. It appears that she’s feeling extreme heat that’s related to Natsu’s fire. Now I do like this as it appears Lucy has become one with the organic link magic and now is connected to END. My only question is this is a book of Zeref, shouldn’t he be linked to this as well.

Happy. That’s stupid. There is no demon inside Natsu, Natsu is the demon. In fact here’s my main problem now is they keep talking about “saving Natsu” which I assumed meant they’re going to find a way to keep Natsu from dying when he kills Zeref. After all, Zeref dies, all demons die with him. But now it sounds like they are trying to remove the demon from his being, which doesn’t make sense as Natsu isn’t human to begin with.

Gray uses some forward thinking and cools Lucy’s body.

Cutting to Natsu vs Zeref the white. Umm Zeref just walk forward 3 inches. Like seriously you’re so close to Neo Eclipse, walk through it!

Zeref… HOW STUPID ARE YOU!? seriously, you just forgot the book that is the life force of your “beloved little brother” and you didn’t remember till now. Also so lets point out that again, JUST WALK THROUGH THE DOOR! None of this will matter!

As for Lucy falling into darkness, how do you know this? We’ve never seen anyone write in these books, in fact I bet you’ve never seen anyone write in these books. Where is this corruption thing coming from? This whole page is stupid.

You know Natsu you’re kinda being a dick right now. Like okay I can understand you thanking Lucy because you two are now linked. But you don’t actually seem to know that and are just going off of the events you experienced. I understand thanking Lucy and Happy as they saved your life. I understand Gray after that whole “Aren’t we friends?” thing. But you don’t thank Erza. I guess the panel is suppose to imply a thank you, but come on, you’re verbalizing Makarov and he did jack shit for you in this arc. Actually where’s Brandish? She was the one who saved your hide back when we thought you had cancer? Where’s her thank you? Porylusica the one who told Lucy how to save you, what about her thank you?

So the greatest power is friendship. I’ll try and contain my shock and awe.

We cut to Jellal trying to push in Acnologia.

Gee, It’s almost like fighting the guy who eats magic with a technique that coats your body in magic might be a bad idea.

Hey Erza! Why don’t you put on your heavenly body armor and help him. What? The movie came out I’m surprised Mashima is keeping himself from drawing it.

I do and I don’t like this scene. On the one hand it is incredibly debatable if what Jellal does in this series benefits Erza like he wants it to. But this moment actually feels right in doing “I must protect Erza” because the situation actually makes sense. The problem here is, not enough build up. With Jellal’s very high absence and the questionability of if what he does for Erza is actually good for her as he intends, this feels flat. What should feel like a big moment is kinda weakened. 

They Christina crashes and Jellal is now being crushed by Acnologia. Wow, it’s almost like this was stupid plan. Though knowing Fairy Tail, he’ll be okay.

Cutting back to Natsu vs Zeref. Where I am curious why your even bothering as we saw White Zeref is pretty much unbeatable and could probably just walk through the punches not caring. Hell we saw his extreme speed he used on Natsu.

But Zeref pushes back Natsu yelling at him about how Natsu is denying the world yadda yadda yadda but then Natsu seems to summon all his magic and turn it to flames. cool.

The Fight concludes with a clash of fire magic. (Hey look Zeref got Dark Regulus)

Umm Zeref won. We saw that demolition fist failed the first time, if it just turns out Natsu countered the attack he’s still screwed because he put everything behind that. Zeref also is immortal and can regenerate. This scene is cool but when you actually think about it, it’s really dumb.

Post Chapter follow up: This chapter was a breath fresh air. I’m not joking this has been one of the better fairy tail chapters in a while. That being said it’s not that great.

Positives first, I really like that Natsu is actually blaming himself,its something different and makes it feel like this arc actually has had an effect on him. I really wish he had more introspection on FT but I’ll take this.

Another on the plus side is Acnologia not falling to this dumbass plan of “push him in”. That is always a plus. Jellal’s scene would probably have been okay if it had more time to it.

I’ll even say it’s cool seeing Zeref use a fire magic. We’ve seen he can use flame magic but it’s always nice to have new spells.

Also the number one thing I give this chapter is it progressed the plot. For the last month and a half it has felt like the chapters have been meandering around with only moving the plot forward an eighth of an inch each week. It’s really nice to see some damn progress.

Now on to the negatives. There is also a fair amount stupid in this chapter. Zeref is just an idiot. I know shounen logic but come one, you are barely a foot away from what you want. I also kinda hate that Zeref just now realized his prized book is gone.

Another thing in the stupid category is the idea of making Natsu human. It doesn’t make sense given the fact he’s etherious by biology. I mean the fact this book exists pretty much shows he’ll never be human.

Also the ending. It is really cool but when you think about it and apply the logic of what happened two chapters ago, there is no way Natsu can win. But we’ll see.

Final Verdict: 6/10

  • Good progress
  • Decent pacing
  • Little to many stupid moments
  • Lucy: You didn't have a happy childhood?
  • Atsushi: My favorite toy was a vacuum. You finish the puzzle.
lockwood and co theories

Here are some original Lockwood theories I have for the fifth (and final) book, TEG! Spoilers from the previous four books are going to be present, so don’t read if you’re not caught up. 

  1. What if, because Lockwood and Lucy crossed to the other side as teenagers, they come out with even more powerful Talents? I was thinking about it. If there’s technology that can make adults see ghosts, this has to be a possibility. You can take it even further and say that they could never loose their Talents. What if, by entering the portal to the other side, they somehow become part ghost? 
  2. Lucy’s coat fell off when they were running away from the ghosts. What if, because of this, she becomes physically affected? It could be either good or bad. She could start having trouble walking, or maybe she ages extremely fast. Maybe she gets special powers even Lockwood doesn’t receive?
  3. I feel like something is going to happen with George. In the second book he was controlled by a ghost. Maybe that’ll happen again? Idk, I’m just worried about him. 
  4. This one is less of a theory and more of something I’m worried about; nightmares. Lockwood and Lucy have already been through so much, and now this. I can’t see Jonathan leaving nightmares out. 

Do you guys have any theories? I’d love to hear them! 

To Start Again || Ardyn Izunia x Reader (Part 1)

I’ve been working on this fic since March, and it has definitely gone through so much. It was originally meant to be a one-shot, but due to its length I decided to break it into two parts. I must give a special shout out to @fabulanova-ffxv for not only being my beta reader, but for being a huge source of inspiration. We’ve known each other for quite a few years now, and she is always there to help me out when I am stumped. This first part was very tricky and hard to write especially with pre-canon Ardyn. I hope I did him justice in some way. Anyways, I do pray you enjoy this nonetheless!

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Lucy the Stunt Man

S4;E5 ~ October 18, 1965


When Lucy needs money to buy a fur coat, she takes a job as a Hollywood stunt man.

Regular Cast

Lucille Ball (Lucy Carmichael), Gale Gordon (Theodore J. Mooney)

Mary Jane Croft (Mary Jane Lewis) does not appear in this episode.

Guest Cast

Joan Blondell (Joan Brenner) was born into a family of vaudevillians in 1906. She made her New York theatre debut with the Ziegfeld Follies and appeared in several Broadway productions.  She made her film debut in 1930. She was nominated for an Oscar for 1951’s The Blue Veil. In 1978 she had a small role in the film Grease. Although she was active in Hollywood concurrently with Lucille Ball, this (and the previous episode) is the first time she has appeared with her on screen. This is her final appearance on the series.  She died of leukemia in 1979.  

Don Magowan (Chuck Casey) worked on many westerns during his career, but was a regular on “The Beachcomber” (1962) playing Captain Huckabee. He will do one episode of “Here’s Lucy” in 1970.  

Lou Krugman (Mr. Wilson, Director) was born in Passaic, New Jersey, in 1914. He made a memorable debut at Desilu as the ever-patient film director in “Lucy Gets Into Pictures” (ILL S4;18). After that episode was filmed, Lucy sent him a telegram telling him how impressed she was with his acting. She rewarded him with appearances in “The Great Train Robbery,” (ILL S5;E5) and the role of the Club Babalu’s Manager in “Lucy and Bob Hope” (ILL S6;E1) and “Lucy Meets Orson Welles” (ILL S6;E3). He previously appeared in “Lucy in the Music World“ (S4;E4) and “Lucy Takes Up Chemistry” (S1;E26). This is his last appearance on the show.

Eddie Quillan (Mr. Briggs) was born in Philadelphia in 1907. At the age of seven he was already performing in vaudeville with his sister and three brothers in an act called “The Rising Generation.” He made his screen debut in 1926 in a Mack Sennett short and went on to appear in such classic films as Young Mr. Lincoln (1939), The Grapes of Wrath (1940), and Brigadoon (1954). He previously appeared in “Lucy Buys a Sheep” (S1;E5). In 1964 he was seen in Advance to the Rear starring Joan Blondell. He also made two appearances on “Here’s Lucy.”

Burt Douglas (Slim Jones, above left) appeared in more than sixty films and TV shows from 1956 to 1992.  This is his only appearance with Lucille Ball.  

Chuck Hicks (Buzz Perkaby, above right) was a stunt man and actor who’s career began in 1953. Hicks was a long-time stunt double for Brian Dennehy. He will appear on “Here’s Lucy” in “Lucy and Wally Cox” (S2;E21).  

Jack Perkins (Saloon Brawler) was often cast for his ability to play drunk.  He also has quite a few credits as a brawler and a bartender.  He will appear in two more episodes of “The Lucy Show.”

Dale Van Sickel (Saloon Brawler) was a Hollywood stunt man and actor whose career began in 1933.  He appeared with Lucille Ball in the films Roberta (1935) and There Goes My Man (1937).  He will also appear in both of the upcoming ‘Iron Man Carmichael’ episodes of “The Lucy Show.”

A few additional background performers take part in the saloon scene.  

This is the first episode written by Edmond Beloin and Harry Garson.  The two will pen five more episodes together.  This is the first of three ‘Iron Man Carmichael’ episodes, all written by Beloin and Garson. The other two are "Lucy and the Return of Iron Man” (S4;E11) and “Lucy and Bob Crane” (S4;E22).  

The date this episode first aired (October 18, 1965) actor Henry Travers died. Best known as Clarence the Angel in It’s a Wonderful Life (1946), he co-starred with Lucille Ball in A Girl, A Guy, and a Gob (1941).  

A clip from this episode was part of the season four 'kaleidoscope’ opening credit sequence.  

“The Lucy Show” stunt coordinator was Jesse Wayne who amassed over 500 credits as a stunt performer and actor.  Due to his small stature he started out as stunt double for Hollywood’s young actors.  He wrote an e-book titled “Confessions of a Hollywood Stunt Man.”  

The casting of Joan Blondell was another attempt to replace Vivian Vance as Lucy’s 'partner in crime.’ Ball and Blondell did not get along off stage, resulting in heated arguments.  After the final shot of this episode, with the studio audience still present, Lucy made a 'flushing’ motion in Blondell’s direction. Blondell shouted, 

“Fuck you, Lucille Ball.” 

The two never reconciled.  The very next episode Lucy brought back Ann Southern as the Countess Framboise.

Lucy brings up Danfield where she and Mr. Mooney used to live.

Lucille Ball resurrects her famous toaster gag that was so often seen on “I Love Lucy”: grabbing a piece of toast mid-air as it popped out of the toaster. She also did it on “The Lucy Show” in “Lucy Takes a Job at the Bank” (S2;E21), but with passbooks instead of bread!  

Lucy gets a laugh by saying the line “Jiggle it a little, it’ll open” very quickly. When Mr. Mooney said it there was no reaction from the studio audience.

Lucy Carmichael previously had trouble with her refrigerator back in Danfield in the episode “Lucy the Disc Jockey” (S3;E26).  It is possible that this is the same set piece she ruined back east but repainted apple green.  Despite deliberately wrecking the fridge to con Mr. Mooney into giving her money, the refrigerator is till in the kitchen in the next episode.

Lucy wants to spend $99.50 on a new leopard coat from Felix Franco the Friendly Furrier. Adjusting for inflation, this is more than $750 today.  Back in Danfield, Lucy’s friendly Franco furrier was Madame Fifi (Fifi D'Orsay).  

'Iron Man Carmichael’ says he’s been out of the country working in Lawrence of Arabia. His gruff voice is attributed to being kicked in the throat by a camel. Lawrence of Arabia is a 1962 historical film based on the life of T.E. Lawrence and taking place mostly in the desert. It won seven Oscars including Best Picture. The film was previously mentioned in “Lucy the Disc Jockey” (S3;E26). 

Lou Krugman (Mr. Wilson) also played a film director in “Lucy Gets Into Pictures” (ILL S4;18), his first job with Lucille Ball. It is fitting that he bookends his Desilu experience by playing another one.

When Gale Gordon addresses Lou Krugman as “Mr. Wilson” it is a bit of deja vu since Gordon played Mr. Wilson on “Dennis the Menace” just before he joined the cast of “The Lucy Show.”

As a dance hall girl in the saloon scene, Joan Blondell wears the same can-can style dress that Lucy wore in “Lucy and the Beauty Doctor” (S3;E24).  

Mr. Mooney jokingly tells Joan that he’s testing for the male lead in Liz Taylor’s next picture. Elizabeth Taylor will appear with her husband Richard Burton (playing themselves) in a 1970 episode of “Here’s Lucy.”  Gale Gordon (Mr. Mooney) is also in the episode.  


The plot of this episode starts off very similar to “The Fur Coat” (ILL S1;E9), including the scene where Lucy Ricardo does dishes while wearing her cherished fur. 

Lucy’s drag cowboy stuntman looks nearly identical to the one she created in “Home Movies” (ILL S3;E20).

“Lucy the Stunt Man” rates 3 Paper Hearts out of 5

Half the fandom believes Cece was always meant to be A…..the other half have actually been paying attention. don’t even get me started on the time line, like literally Cece went from being a 12 year old boy to a 21 year old girl in one year

Everyone is Secretly Dating and It’s a Mess

I want to apologize first and foremost for this disaster, but it couldn’t be helped. Also, it’s still crack week so I’m gonna hide behind that excuse. Also thank you to @danversgranted​ for being fantastic and editing this because she’s a winner. Title is pretty self explanatory- Supercat, Alexstra, and Lasquez (is that right? Lucy and Vasquez)

Also on AO3

“She’s hiding something from me, Cat.” Kara threw herself dramatically over the back of the couch in Cat’s living room, sighing deeply.

“And? She’s allowed to, you know.” Cat squinted up at her through her glasses, slightly annoyed that the dramatic alien was interrupting her work with such trivial nonsense. She had real things that needed to be done and she needed Kara to sit down and be quiet for fifteen minutes. “You’re not exactly telling her everything about your life, if I remember correctly.”

Cat ignored the frustrated groan that came from behind her, choosing to focus on the layouts in front of her instead. As soon as she leaned forward towards the coffee table, she felt Kara slip onto the couch behind her, throwing her legs around her waist.

“This is an entirely different situation,” Kara said, pushing her chin into Cat’s shoulder. “She’s not allowed to lie to me. I can lie all I want because I suck at it. She has a fair chance to catch me. If Alex is lying, I’m never going to find out the truth.”

“That doesn’t make any sense, dear. I need you to be quiet for five minutes. You promised you wouldn’t be distracting if I brought you home tonight.”

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Lockwood & Co. Character Description Masterpost!

So, I recently re-read The Screaming Staircase and recorded all the descriptions of the main characters… I’ll add to this when I re-read The Whispering Skull and The Hollow Boy.

Update 5/28: added Kat, Quill, Flo, and description from The Whispering Skull!

Anthony Lockwood

Physical Appearance

  1. warm smile (page 6, TSS)
  2. luminous smile (page 12)
  3. flop of hair (15)
  4. long, thin hands (15)
  5. very bright, dark eyes (76)
  6. tall, slim (76)
  7. lopsided grin (76)
  8. very slender face (77)
  9. long nose (77)
  10. mop of unruly hair (77)
  11. long, slim legs (108)
  12. big, dark eyes (111)
  13. sparkling, dark eyes (169)
  14. slim with an easy stride (169)
  15. bony elbows (223)
  16. radiant smile (367)
  17. thin, pale face (page 6, TWS)
  18. elegant nose (6)
  19. flop of ruffled hair (6)
  20. hair “dashingly” swept back (39)
  21. dark, calm eyes (104)
  22. at Fittes party: hair combed back (292)


  1. overcoat (page 15, TSS)
  2. long, heavy coat (47)
  3. dark suit (76)
  4. collared shirt (126)
  5. striped pyjamas (148)
  6. long, dark bathrobe (148)
  7. long, brown leather coat (169)
  8. sharp fencing slacks and loafers; jacket off, sleeves rolled up (page 32, TWS)
  9. too-tight suits (39)
  10. at Fittes party: crisp, dapper tuxedo with black bow tie (292)

Lucy Carlyle

Physical Appearance

  1. dark hair (page 44, TSS)
  2. tall (63)
  3. strong featured (63)
  4. large eyes (63)
  5. overlong nose (63)
  6. heavy eyebrows (63)
  7. sulky lips (63)
  8. thicker set than she’d like (63)
  9. hair in “multipurpose, ectoplasm-avoiding bob” (page 41, TWS)
  10. working-class northern (accent?) (147)


  1. skirt, leggings, padded parka (page 44, TSS)
  2. pink and yellow nightie (145)
  3. coat, roll-neck sweater, short dark skirt, leggings (169)
  4. t-shirt, shorts, flip-flops (page 31, TWS)
  5. dark top, skirt, leggings (184)
  6. heavy-duty boots (184)
  7. Fittes party: dark blue knee length dress with scooped neck, clings to stomach, makes arms look fat and feet too big; high heels (291)
  8. light, black jacket (314)

George Cubbins

Physical Appearance

  1. short, fat (page 73, TSS)
  2. large, round spectacles (73)
  3. podgy, bland features (75)
  4. prominently squared jaw (75)
  5. blue eyes (75)
  6. sandy, coarse hair (75)
  7. pudgy nose (75)
  8. glossy, shapeless face (75)
  9. “uniquely slappable” face (97)
  10. eyes look “small and weak” without glasses (222)
  11. eyes “sharp and steely” with glasses (286)
  12. pudgy fingers (page 11, TWS)
  13. general scruffiness (38)


  1. white sneakers (page 75, TSS)
  2. faded jeans (75)
  3. loosely tucked shirt (75)
  4. enormous, saggy blue pjs “at least 3 sizes too big” and decorated garishly with spaceships and planes (149)
  5. hideous, puffy jacket with elastic waistband that emphasizes his bottom (169)
  6. “foul” green bobble-hat (314)
  7. distressingly loose tracksuit bottoms (page 33, TWS)
  8. “accurately named” sweatshirt (33)
  9. bottom-hugging puffer jacket (38)
  10. wool hat (228)
  11. fingerless gloves (228)
  12. dark night-jacket (228)
  13. jeans (228)
  14. work boots (228)
  15. Fittes party: dinner jacket, saggy under arms and seat, looked like had belonged to orangutan (291)

Quill Kipps

Physical Appearance

  1. very slight, “almost birdlike” (page 176, TSS)
  2. small, upturned nose (176)
  3. narrow, freckled face (176)
  4. “severely cropped” auburn hair (176)
  5. probably almost 20 (176)
  6. slightly built (page 17, TWS)
  7. thin face (378)


  1. soft grey jacket (page 175, TSS)
  2. crisp black pants (175)
  3. complex, italian style rapier (175)
  4. glittering green stone in rapier (176)
  5. rapier “weighed down to the pommel with cheap plastic jewels” (page 17, TWS)

Flo Bones

Physical Appearance

  1. pale and filthy hands (page 145, TWS)
  2. tall; ½ a head taller than Lucy (146)
  3. hair the colour and stiffness of old straw (146)
  4. wide and grubby forehead (146)
  5. in her teens (146)
  6. small, uptilted nose (146)
  7. wide face (146)
  8. pinkish cheeks (146)
  9. bright blue eyes (146)
  10. mouth “broad and contemptuous” (147)
  11. clawlike hands (147)
  12. pale, thin arms (316)
  13. white teeth (317)


  1. tattered straw hat (page 145, TWS)
  2. “unutterably foul” blue puffer jacket to her knees (146)
  3. grimy shirt collar (146)
  4. patched and shapeless jersey (146)
  5. ancient and faded jeans (146)
  6. mens’ rainboots that reach her knees; splayed outwards (146)
  7. rope tied around waist (146)

Kat/e Godwin

Physical Appearance 

  1. chin small and slightly pointy (page 176, TSS)
  2. sharp flick of blonde hair angled over forehead, tip almost reached her eye (176)
  3. “striking, in a hard and plastic sort of way” (176)
  4. blonde hair (page 19, TWS)
  5. slim (19)
  6. “pouty” (19)
  7. good-looking (19)
  8. very sharp jaw (19)
  9. hair at back of head cut short, hair at front dangles over her brow (19)


  1. Fittes uniform spotless (19)
  2. perfume has “lemony reek” (263)
  3. crisp stitching on jacket (263)

Wren’s reaction to the Summer of Answers.