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I’m back from hell a week of exams, so I finally finished those ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و There are some more in my inbox but they’re pretty much [character] + one expression over and over, so this will probably be the last batch for now (though I want to finish the rest of them when I’m bored or have some free time) oh and one more thing


I thought that fact was pretty clear after I made that one post, but I’m STILL getting requests, so I’m just reminding you I haven’t been accepting them for some time now

FFXV 30 Day Challenge

Day One: Your favorite character

Day Two: Your least favorite character

Day Three: If you could pick one place to camp at on the world map, WHERE would it be? And WHO would it be with?

Day Four: How do you customize the Regalia to look? 

Day Five: Chocobros or Kingsglaive?

Day Six: Your favorite cut scene

Day Seven: Do you have an FFXV OC? If so, today’s the day to highlight on them!

Day Eight: Your favorite summon

Day Nine: Younger or Older Chocobros?

Day Ten:Your favorite recipeh

Day Eleven: If you could have any of the side characters join your squad, who would you chose?

Day Twelve: Your favorite fanfiction - show the author some love

Day Thirteen: How many hours you have on your main file

Day Fourteen: Your thoughts on the second half of the game

Day Fifteen: Your favorite city in the game

Day Sixteen: Your favorite side quest

Day Seventeen: The best photo Prompto took in your playthrough

Day Eighteen: Chose one Chocobro to go hunting with. What’s it like?

Day Nineteen: Elemancy or Nah, bruh

Day Twenty: Your favorite fan art - show the artists some love

Day Twenty-One: Your favorite gif

Day Twenty-Two: Chose another day’s topic to add more to

Day Twenty-Three: Swords, Guns, Polearms, or Daggers?

Day Twenty-Four: What REALLY happens after the ending?

Day Twenty-Five: Your favorite outfit

Day Twenty-Six: Your favorite beast/monster/daemon

Day Twenty-Seven: Pick a character to have their own spin off game

Day Twenty-Eight: Your favorite female character

Day Twenty-Nine: The best boss fight

Day Thirty:  Your favorite thing about the game