lucy and hugo

it's the little things that count..
  • james sirius potter: gryffindor. poet. musician. loves leather and jean jackets. always smells like cigarettes and cinnamon. quiet until you get to know him. life of the party once he's comfortable. loves black coffee. rebellious. non-conformist. mysterious. future auror.
  • albus severus potter: slytherin. quidditch keeper. outgoing. determined. kind. charming. polished. fashionable. always loads his tea with sugar. loves muggle history. lgbt activist. openly bisexual. slug-club member. outspoken when provoked. always fighting for a cause.
  • lily luna potter: ravenclaw. book worm. dreamer. quiet. shy. loves muggle novels. activist for animal rights. vegan. clumsy. obsessed with wandlore. planner. always has her nails painted lilac. hopeless romantic. secretly in love with scorpius malfoy.
  • rose weasley: gryffindor. outspoken. energetic. bossy when she's insecure. mostly laid-back. good sense of humor. as brave as they can be. loyal. has a close relationship with mcgonagall. easily defensive. always prepared to fight back. tomboy. intrigued by lorcan scamander.
  • hugo weasley: gryffindor. studious. gifted at herbology. sometimes too serious for his own good. introverted. curious. can come off as passive or indifferent. fascinated with muggle culture.
  • roxanne weasley: gryffindor. outgoing. friendly. warm. quidditch chaser. beautiful. genuine. caring. girly. loves fashion. protective of those she loves. seeks harmony. usually underestimated when she's provoked. will fight to the death for a cause she believes in.
  • fred weasley II: gryffindor. prankster. quidditch beater. handsome. charming. ladies man. receives top marks without trying. interested in muggle sports. secretly loves baking.
  • victoire weasley: ravenclaw. wise. friendly. dramatic. physically flawless. loves muggle fashion magazines. very interested in divination. painter. in love with teddy.
  • dominique weasley: slytherin. serious. introverted. sarcastic. dyes her hair often. rebels against her mother. in love with plaid. bisexual. feminist. incredibly intelligent. read abnormally fast for pleasure. doesn't care about getting top marks, even though her professors say she has the most potential.
  • louis weasley: ravenclaw. sometimes arrogant. naturally handsome. flirtatious. clever. intelligent. loves mind twisters. skilled in charms. has a close relationship with hagrid, and most people find that odd.
  • teddy lupin: hufflepuff. loving. friendly. extroverted. has the biggest heart. loves piercings. pink hair is his favorite. loves care of magical creatures. secretly a prankster. in love with victoire.
  • molly weasley II: slytherin. lesbian. tough. outspoken. goal-oriented. feminist. incredibly sarcastic. short curly hair. vodka is her drug of choice. wears combat boots with everything. leader of many clubs. intimidating.
  • lucy weasley: hufflepuff. kind. hardworking. softspoken. down to earth. pragmatic. intelligent. overly organized. excels in every subject. aspires to work for the ministry. daddy's girl. protective of her older sister.
  • lorcan scamander: ravenclaw. reclusive. quiet. top of his class. logical. analytical. loner. excels in arithmancy. loves having discussions with hermione. looks just like his mother. always thinking of the future. astronomy is his secret passion. has a secret crush on rose.
  • lysander scamander: hufflepuff. looks just like his father. amiable. great with children. asexual. the most genuine and caring person you'll ever meet. believes very strongly in everything his mother does/believes. very protective of his twin brother. is everyone's friend if they need one.
  • scorpius malfoy: slytherin. best friends with albus. ambivert. intelligent. very concerned about his image. kind. hates hurting people's feelings. determined to prove his worth. uncommonly handsome. skilled in potions and dada. has a massive crush on lily luna.

James Potter (Harry & Ginny)

Albus Potter (Harry & Ginny)

Lily Potter (Harry & Ginny)

Rose Weasley (Ron & Hermione)

Hugo Weasley (Ron & Hermione)

Victoire Weasley (Bill & Fleur)

Dominique Weasley (Bill & Fleur)

Louis Weasley (Bill & Fleur)

Teddy Lupin (Remus & Tonks)

Molly Weasley (Percy & Audrey)

Lucy Weasley (Percy & Audrey)

Roxanne Weasley (George & Angelina)

Fred Weasley (George & Angelina)

Lorcan Scamander (Luna & Rolf)

Lysander Scamander (Luna & Rolf)

Scorpius Malfoy (Draco & Astoria)

Frank Longbottom (Neville & Hannah)

Alice Longbottom  (Neville & Hannah)

Augusta Longbottom  (Neville & Hannah)

Teddy Lupin, greeting everyone he passed in the halls of Hogwarts, his punk exterior not changing his soft heart, especially around Victoire.

Victoire Weasley, wearing Teddy’s leather jacket with pride, her golden hair getting caught on the chrome studs.

Dominique Weasley, who spent hours dying her hair in her dorm, streaks of cherry red and pink adorning her blond hair, only to be changed to bright sapphire the next month.

Louis Weasley, who would only drink tea with perfect French macaroons, not able to choke down the British biscuits, storing boxes of the cookies under his bed, concealed behind a trunk.

James Potter, polishing his broomstick late at night, careful to protect his legacy and to avoid waking his roommates, making sure the wood shined as brightly as the summer sun.

Albus Potter, quietly writing everything down, observing and critical of his world, all in thick flowing ink, holding the pages dear to his silent heart.

Lily Potter, slicing through magazines and pasting pages on her wall, a mural of her views and likes, everything to show off who she really is.

Scopius Malfoy, borrowing Rose’s cat ears for Halloween, wearing them everywhere, the ginger fur a stark difference against his platinum hair, loving the lingering perfume from her skin on the furry headband.

Rose Weasley, reading through every book she can find, absorbing information, and recommending her favorites to her family, forcing Scorpius to read the rest, always enthusiastic about the facts and legends.

Hugo Weasley, always casting charms at school, making pillows float and tarts fly, just to watch the reactions of his friends and family, their smiles full of joy.

Fred Weasley, who would cheer profusely at every Quidditch game, singing at the top of his lungs, high pitched squeals and throaty giggles filling the air.

Roxanne Weasley, sneaking fireworks into Hogwarts, loving the sparks and the fire, all of the color and shine, all against the night sky, a bright spot of life.

Molly Weasley, wearing her the sweaters made by her grandmother, loving the woolly warmth, all of her jumpers in a deep purple, the color of kings and queens alike.

Lucy Weasley, painting with watery paint, all artwork about the light of life, golds and aquas staining her thin fingers.

Lorcan Scamander, who sat on the edge of the lake, absorbing the vaporous water, feeling like a part of nature, a vessel of the world.

Lysander Scamander, loving the feeling of a laugh, the way he was lightened by the phenomena, the euphoria accompanying the giggle.

It’s all the little things that make us who we are.

The Next Generation of Harry Potter
  • Lily Luna grows her red hair out from a bob to waist-length as she gets older, and skillfully braids/takes care of it every day
  • Albus Severus is a wonderful Seeker, just like his father, and likes to challenge him to Quidditch games all the time
  • James Sirius confesses to his father that he likes boys when he is in fourth year, and his reaction is a smile and a big hug
  • Rose has a mass of auburn curls that frames her angelic face in a cute halo, and gets so excited so easily she makes adorable squealing sounds
  • Scorpius is a handsomer version of his father, and although he is far taller than little Rose, he finds it quite hard to function normally around her
  • Hugo is a skinny, almost scrawny, kid who eats far too much sugar for his own good and loves running around
  • Victoire is like a human form of happiness, golden waves and a breathtaking smile with yellow sundresses makes her impossible not to love
  • Dominique has the heart of a hero, and layered pale hair that gives  her a sort of spiky feel, but her black boots and nails are just hiding a soft interior
  • Louis has chunky nerdy glasses and a shy face, but his mind couldn’t be more intelligent and he’s awfully ticklish
  • Roxanne is stunningly gorgeous, her wildly curly hair and strategically placed freckles on her golden skin making her far prettier than any model could ever be
  • Fred II lives up to his namesake, an impressive jokester who has a talent for mimicking accents, mannerisms, and even other people
  • Lucy is a lovable bookworm who does love her alone time but can surprise people with her quick words and stunning sarcasm
  • Molly II is the sort of person who thrives on attention and the energy of other people around her, which makes her popular at gatherings
My family is like a soulmate fabric. You get a soulmate, you get a soulmate, everyone gets a soulmate. It’s fucking ridiculous how everyone found their endless love and happiness. I think this way the universe is paying up for the pain it caused my family in the past.
—  The Wotters at some point
Next Gen Kids
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Lily, Dominique, Louis
  • Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: James, Rose, Molly, Fred
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Albus, Hugo, Lucy, Teddy, Lorcan, Lysander
  • Looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: Roxanne, Victoire, Scorpius
  • Lily: Are you and Scorpius dating?
  • Rose: No.
  • Lily: Are you sure?
  • Rose: I think I would know if I was dating Malfoy. Why?
  • Lily: Because ten minutes ago he told me that you two were going out. So then I told Dom, who told Lucy, who told Hugo, who I saw writing a letter to your dad. Whoops.
  • Rose: Should I kill the ferret or my brother first?
Little things about the next generation kids..
  • Teddy: Ravenclaw. Left-handed. Loves drinking tea, but he only adds milk, no sugar. Excels in Charms. Very shy. Hates flying. Horrible at Herbology. Wants to become an Auror like his mum. Enjoys drawing and painting. In love with Victoire his whole life.
  • Victoire: Ravenclaw. Loves to sing. Plays piano. Overly dramatic. Plays hard to get. Very outgoing. Hates tea. Excels in all classes but Potions. Hates getting dirty. Sometimes seen as arrogant. Known as being the most beautiful in her year.
  • Dominique: Slytherin. Very studious. Loves dying her hair. Drinks black coffee. Writer. Activist. Close to her little brother. Doesn't see eye to eye with Victoire. A subtle rebel. Wears a lot of black. Loves Potions. Doesn't see eye to eye with her mother. Fiercely independent.
  • Louis: Hufflepuff. Loves the outdoors. Very sensitive. Horrible at Quidditch. Close to Hagrid. Loves Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures. Loves photography. Close to Dominique. Hates conflict. Admires his Uncle Charlie.
  • Molly II: Slytherin. Outspoken. Challenging. Determined. Puts too much sugar in her tea. Sarcastic. Protective. Cuss words make up her vocabulary. Bisexual. Charming. Always gets away with everything. Resembles her Grandmother in looks.
  • Lucy: Hufflepuff. Loves her cousin Louis. Organized. Goody goody. Daddy's girl. Bites her lip when she's nervous. Wants to become a healer. Opposite of her sister. Very close to her Grandfather.
  • Fred II: Gryffindor. Handsome. Light-hearted. Jokester. Keeper on the Quidditch team. Reckless. Loves his Grandmother's sweaters. Fiercely loyal. Fascinated with Muggle sports.
  • Roxanne: Gryffindor. Fierce. Logical. Chaser on the Quidditch team. Very close to her brother. Sarcastic. Excels in DADA. Spitting image of her mother. Intimidates boys her age. Always has her nails painted. Gets good grades without trying.
  • Rose: Gryffindor. Outgoing. Likable. Albus is her best friend. Strategic. The brain. Loves reading about Muggle politics. Chews her nails. Has a ton of freckles. Concerned. Loyal to default. Afraid of failure. In love with Scorpius.
  • Hugo: Gryffindor. Light-hearted. Risk-taker. Loving. Extremely protective of Lily. Lives in detention. Secretly McGonagall's favorite. Clumsy as they get. Friends with all the ghosts.
  • James: Gryffindor. Mysterious. Future Auror. Charming. Rebel. Loves to party. Vodka is his favorite. Extremely intelligent. Smokes on occasion. Enjoys Qudditch but doesn't play on the team. Never takes anything too seriously.
  • Albus: Slytherin. Sensitive. Caring. Adores Rose. Soft-spoken. Book worm. Idealist. Ambitious. Has nightly discussions with Dumbledore's portrait. Loves long walks at night. Always sneaks out of the common room after hours. Has a sweet tooth.
  • Lily: Gryffindor. Personable. Talkative. Loves the outdoors. Sweet. Hippy. Excels in Herbology. Close to her godmother. Always wears her hair in a braid. Resembles her mother. Has her nose pierced. Daddy's girl. Vegan. Obsessed with Muggle magazines.
  • Scorpius: Slytherin. Crazy about Rose. Close to his father. Charming. Manipulative when he wants to be. Hates dressing up. Popular. Seeker on the Quidditch team. Loves to debate. Best in his year. Sensitive. Intelligent.
  • Lorcan: Ravenclaw. Serious. Dedicated. Loves non-fiction. Obsessed with Muggle science. Resembles his mother. Quiet. Loner. Loves Transfiguration.
  • Lysander: Ravenclaw. Idealist. Dreamer. Optimistic. Resembles his father in looks. Has his mother's spirit. Interested in wandlore. Tries to make the world a better place. Has a lot of friends.

spotted: Albus Severus, Rose, Lily Luna, Hugo, Lucy and Molly in the English countryside.

“spotted series”

random hcs

- james was born on halloween
- gigantic birthday parties/costume parties at hogwarts? hell yes
- the weasley-delacour kids can flawlessly slip through french and english before you even know what’s happening
- scorpius and albus are extremely close that when they announced they were dating everyone was like “what you weren’t dating before? sounds fake but okay”
- victoire and teddy? more like Mom and Dad
- dominique can kill you and then fix her lipstick without a second thought
- molly and lucy secretly love visiting their muggle relatives much more than they admit to
- fred and james called themselves the dream team for a solid six years
- hugo, lysander, lorcan and lily are their own little group and it’s no coincidence that hugo and lysander date and so do lily and lorcan
- rose will take zero shit from anybody
- the easiest way you can get on roxanne’s bad side is to nickname her without her permission
- louis is every girl’s dream you know with the surfer blond hair and the beautiful blue eyes — except he is demisexual/homoromantic oops
- scorpius’s favorite color is green “like al’s eyes” whatta nerd
- roxanne’s best friend is named harry chang and he’s like 50% korean from his mom and 25% english, 10% scottish and like 15% who knows from his dad’s side and he’s quite possibly the funniest person you’ll ever meet
- dominique dyes her hair every other week tbh
- albus’s dog is the Offical Mascot™ of the weasley-potters and his owl has major jealously problems
- charlie’s everyone’s favorite uncle
- they’re all in a bunch of different houses, but they all love each other just the same

want a part 2? just shoot me an ask (:

NEXT GEN! From left to right; Rose, Roxanne, Albus, Fred, Lucy, Molly, Louis, Hugo, Lily, James, Dominique (aka Domi), Victoire and Teddy.

I have this headcanon that James loves Teddy’s style and he wants to look like him. I also have the headcanon that the ginger gene in the Weasley family is so strong it stayed despite other strong genes. ALSO: headcanon that Percy doesn’t mind Lucy and Molly’s look. As long as they’re happy, have good grades and don’t act bad, he is happy with it. Also, they inherited their father’s eyes problems. Also, I love to think that Domi tease her sister all the time regarding her relationship with Teddy (she is the little sister after all). And I like to think Roxanne is the funny one and Fred is the serious one.

I kind of liked working on all their body shapes. Good practice, good practice.

Teddy was optimism. Teddy was the crackling warm fireplace on a freezing winter’s night.

Victoire was love. Victoire was the flowers that bloomed in the start of spring.

Dominique was radiance. Dominique was the blissful, wild and free moments with friends, doing careless things, and never forgetting them.

Louis was compassion. Louis was the comforting feeling of morning mist on a lake.

Molly was intelligence. Molly was the anticipation in the ending of a good book, the warm feeling of a happy ending.

Lucy was ambition. Lucy was the feeling she had when she danced, as she leaped and turned.

Fred was joy. Fred was the burst of fireworks in the night’s sky.

Roxanne was fearlessness. Roxanne was the adrenaline rush of a Quidditch dive.

James was confidence. James was the taste of the Butterbeer shared with friends in the Three Broomsticks.

Albus was thoughtfulness. Albus was the well thought out lines and plots of his books.

Lily was daring. Lily was the wild moments of facing your greatest danger head on.

Rose was admiration. Rose was nights of stargazing and counting constellations.

Hugo was loyalty. Hugo was the act of saving your friends before yourself, and the feeling of trust between family.

Next Generation ages in the epilogue

Teddy - 19
Victoire - 17
Dominique - 15
Louis - 13
Molly - 13
Fred - 12
Alice - 12
James - 12
Lorcan/Lysander - 12
Roxanne - 11
Rose - 11
Albus - 11
Frank - 11
Hugo - 9
Lily - 9
Lucy - 8

Next Generation Amortentia:
  • Rose: Old books, freshly made pumpkin juice, grandma's blueberry bread and coconut (Scorpius's shampoo).
  • Hugo: Soft sea-salt pretzels, hot chocolate, dry basil leaves and hazel wood.
  • James Sirius: Butterbeer, toasted sunflower seeds, cinnamon and chestnut wood.
  • Albus Severus: Strawberry jam, firewhisky, cinnamon cookies and clean sheets.
  • Lily Luna: Black tea leaves, cherry flower, rosemary water and blueberry.
  • Victoire: Orange and poppy seed juice (Teddy's favourite), lavender flower, incense and wet grass.
  • Teddy: Fresh ink, lavender flower (Victoire's hair), chai tea blend and rain.
  • Dominique: Almond wood, fresh ginger, bacon caramel and periwinkle flower.
  • Louis: Homemade chocolate-chip cookies, lemon-peel tea, Shell Cottage's wild blackberries and coffee.
  • Fred II: Basil tomato sauce, watermelon, honey-roasted almonds and menthol cigarettes.
  • Roxanne: Coffee grounds, apple and cinnamon soap, warm milk and chocolate.
  • Molly II: Lemon pie filling, olive oil, juniper wood and Diagon Alley's fish and chips.
  • Lucy: Freshly painted walls, chamomile flower, coconut oil and honey-lemon water.
  • Alice II: Wild flower garden, moist clay, lemongrass and pink pepper grounds.
  • Scorpius: Red Roses, roll-up cigarettes, elder wine and apple pie.
  • Lorcan: Cypress wood, blue champagne, jasmine tea and peppermint candy.
  • Lysander: Poppy flower, pumpkin-spice pound cake, caramelized apricot and muggle beer.