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"I don't want you" nalu


Pairing; Nalu

Word Count; 552

A/N;  Angst angst angst.

“I don’t want you.”

Natsu watched Lucy take a step back, eyes wide and lip trembling, as if he had actually hit her. Natsu’s stomach turned at the thought. Hurting Lucy was something he could never imagine doing, and yet it was what he seemed to constantly do. In fact he was doing it right now. 

“You’re lying.” Lucy whispered. She seemed to be mustering all the courage that she could, but Natsu could still see the trickle of fear in her chocolate gaze. And it killed him. Didn’t she know he was lying, that he didn’t mean it? Was he really so horrible that she doubted her place in his life?

“No, I’m not. I don’t want you. As my lover, my partner, my friend. Nothing.” Natsu said, voice hard and low. He was impressed his voice didn’t break, that all the emotions and fear that he held inside weren’t spilling out of his very pores. 

“You’re lying,” she repeated, hands balling into fists beside her. Natsu watched as all doubt was burned from her eyes, soul flaring wild and hot and angry

“I’m not lying Lucy, gods, can’t you get it through that pretty skull of yours? You mean nothing to me.”

Natsu looked away. He couldn’t watch her as she cried anymore, couldn’t watch how his words cut her. It was the only way, if he made her hate him then she wouldn’t be sad when he died. Either by the cancer his brother’s experiments had put in him or Zeref’s hand itself, it didn’t matter. Nastu was going to die, and he’d rather go to hell than drag her soul down with him. 

Natsu stepped back with a gasp, cheek throbbing with Lucy had slapped him. He touched a finger to the burning skin, gaping at Lucy. She’d hit him.

Gods did he love her.

“Stop lying.” Lucy snarled, crowding into his space, eyes bright and furious as she looked up at him. “You’re a terrible liar.” she spat.

Natsu pressed his lips into a thin line, trying to glare down at her. He had to keep this mask on. It was for the best. It had to be.

They stared at one another, tense and challenging, willing the other to back down. Natsu snapped his gaze away when he realized neither were going to cave. It was good to know his stubbornness had rubbed off on her. 

“Why can’t you just hate me?” Natsu mumbled under his breath, rubbing at his temple as he closed his eyes. He should’ve known this was a stupid plan. When did Lucy ever abandon a friend?

He looked up at the ceiling, water stains discoloring the wooden beams several feet above them, Lucy’s arms tight as she crushed her body against his. “Because I love you.”

“You shouldn’t.”

“Don’t tell me what to do,” Lucy said, squeezing hard enough for Natsu to feel his ribs shift inside him. He wrapped his arms around her, hugging her tightly as he buried his nose in the top of her hair. Despair clutched at his heart. He had to live for her, he couldn’t just leave her now. “We’ll figure something out, Natsu. I’m not letting you go.”

It would have been so much easier if she just hated him.

“I love you too.”

“Is it true that your dad’s grandmother was named Anastasia?” the girl asked after nearly a minute of quiet.

“Yes. Anastasia Marsh.”

“And they were going to name you that?”

“Yes, but they changed it to Lucy because of a friend of mom’s.”

“Good for you.”

She sounded a little bitter.

“You don’t like your name?”

“The kids at the last home teased me about it. And at school.”

“Well, you’re starting a new school now, and the kids there might not be so mean,” Lucy tried, but knew that probably wasn’t true. Kids were mean everywhere. “You know, my great grandmother, people used to call her Stacey. Did anyone ever call you that?”

“No.” Lucy could see she liked the thought of that though, because she smiled. “Stacey?”

“Yep. And hey, it goes well with my name. Lucy and Stacey, the unstoppable sisters! Do you want me to call you Stacey? It’s your name, so your choice.”

The smile grew wider.


Without warning, Lucy found herself in the middle of hug. A tight hug, and for the first time since Anastasia arrived, Lucy felt that being a good older sister maybe wasn’t something she’d have to just pretend to be.

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Greetings Earthling. 👽 Anyway, if you had to select one past character of Katie's to enter the Supergirl verse in some capacity, who would you select? Lena is still Lena, but maybe Jodi or Kate etc. (<-- my pick) wanders in for some reason. Hope everything is going well with you.

Hello Anon! Thank you for the question. I’ve thought about this a lot, more than I probably needed to, but I think I have my answer.

A crossover episode with Legends of Tomorrow where Kara goes back in time and meet Lena’s doppelganger… Lucy Westenra!

Kara and Lucy immediately hit it off and become fast friends. Kara reminds Lucy of her own best friend, Mina - strong, brave, has a big heart. Lucy, for obvious reasons, reminds Kara of Lena. The two of them get closer and closer in the short time they know each other, ending with Lucy kissing her and Kara rejecting her. But not because she isn’t interested. She enjoys the kiss but something just feels a bit off. It isn’t until that moment Kara finally realizes her true feelings for Lena. She cares about Lucy, she really does, but it just isn’t the same. She shares this realization with her new friend, who, while a bit sad, is a hopeless romantic who believes in true love and understands.

Kara feels terrible about the way she’s leaving things with Lucy, knowing how unhappy she is in her own life. She tells Lucy about the future, where her kind of love is accepted (at least more-so than it was then) and she believes Lucy has a real chance at happiness if she joins her. They check with Gideon to see how much bringing her along would affect the future and see that Lucy was destined to become a vampire. Taking her with them would actually be beneficial and save a lot of people (including herself), so it’s settled.

They travel back to present day and Kara seeks out Lena, immediately kissing her and telling her she knows now that they’re meant to be together. Lena wonders what took her so long. Lucy is happy for them and the new potential of what this life may bring for her. She takes some time to get adjusted, and is eventually brought into the DEO, to get an idea at what Kara and her friends do + thank everyone for what they’ve done for her. That’s when she meets… Agent Vasquez. BOOM.

SuperCorp happens and Lucy gets a happy ending, killed two birds with one stone.

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crawling out of pitioss dungeon like


A collection of all the FFXV phone wallpapers I’ve made 

Feel free to use for whatever ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Make me choose - @lenxlvthor asked: Supergirl or OUAT

Love bonds us all.

Ignis: Noct, how much do you love me?

Noctis: I would die for you

Noctis: I would never let you go

Noctis: I would do anything for you

Ignis: Can you eat your vegetables for me?

Noctis: Let’s not exaggerate


Thank you both @keiid, @unisonraidd for letting others color the FT and Disney crossovers. I loved coloring this one! I’m planning on coloring the others as well.

Aladdin is a personal favorite of mine and ‘A Whole New World’ is by far one of my favorite Disney love songs ever since I was a little kid. Seeing my otp as one of my favorites, I couldn’t pass up coloring it.

Thank you both again! 😍💟