Luctoru: Coming home.

There really had been no point in going off to China, Satoru mused, glancing out of the window as the plane made ready for landing. Nearly everything he’d thought about was related to Lucy– stuff like ‘Oh, Lucy would like this’ or 'I wonder what her face would look like if she saw this?’

But it didn’t matter now, he decided, leaning back as the plane hurtled toward the ground at JFK International Airport. He would see her as soon as he got out of customs, not much sleep or no, and then he could tell her all about it, and give her the presents he’d gotten her, and just… be with her.

Getting out of the airport took all of half an hour, and catching the airport shuttle to Manhattan took another hour. Satoru stared at his phone all the while, debating whether to send her a call, a text, or to surprise her. She did know he’d come home around today, after all. But if he could manage to surprise her, with her hacking and all…

Man, that’d be awesome.

Lutoru: Lucy's Birthday

~In which Satoru shows up at Lucy’s place without warning.~

For what seemed to be perhaps the thousandth time, Satoru stopped at Lucy’s door and looked straight at the camera, a light, fond smile quirking on his lips. “Heya,” he said softly, knowing her microphones would have been able to pick up the slightest bit of noise anyway. “Happy birthday, koishii."