lucrezia in the light


18 April 1480 – 24 June 1519

Lucrezia Borgia was born on April 18, 1480, the daughter of Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia (c. 1431–1503), later to become Pope Alexander VI, and his mistress Vannozza Cattanei, who was also the mother of Lucrezia’s two older brothers, Cesare and Giovanni. The task of raising Lucrezia, however, was given to Rodrigo’s cousin, the widow Adriana da Mila. While living in a palace in Rome, Lucrezia was educated at the Convent of St. Sixtus on Via Appia. Lucrezia was slender with light blue-green eyes and golden hair, which she later bleached to maintain its goldenness. The people of Ferrara adored Lucrezia, praising her for her beauty and “inner grace of personality.” Content to socialize with artists, courtiers, poets, and citizens of the Renaissance court, she helped make Ferrara a center for artists and writers. In 1503 Alexander died, along with many of Cesare’s political plans. Finally, some stability appeared in Lucrezia’s life. When Ercole died in 1505, she and Alfonso became the reigning duke and duchess of Ferrara. Lucrezia had several children by Alfonso d’Este. In 1512 Lucrezia withdrew from public life, possibly from the news that Rodrigo, her son by Alfonso of Aragon, had died. She began to spend more time in her apartments or in nearby convents, and turned to religion. As the years progressed, her body thickened, and she was said to have aged greatly. She also suffered from spells of deep sadness. On June 24, 1519, while giving birth to a stillborn girl (dead upon birth), she developed a fever that caused her to lose much of her strength. She died ten days later at the age of thirty-nine.

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Do you have brother/sister incest stuff to recommend? I know you did once but I can't find the ask. Thanks for your time, babe!

ummm yeah dude let’s see


  • the secret history by donna tartt, all the asoiaf books, wasteland by francesca lia block, josie and jack by kelly braffet, the holy innocents by gilbert adair, light on lucrezia and madonna of the seven hills by jean plady (most borgia books tbh), beautiful kate (the book and the movie), angels and incest insects by a.s. byatt (pass on the movie because it’s super boring), the cement garden by ian mcewen, against all odds by kels barnholdt, forbidden by tabatha suzuma, ruined by shelley pratt, pick up literally anything v.c andrews has ever written and i guarantee it will have some form of sibling incest although the writing will no doubt make you want to gouge your eyes out, ummm the mayfair chronicles by anne rice had some i think, les enfents terribles by jean cocteau, the steep approach to garbadale by iain banks, shadowing hannah by sara berkeley


  • the borgias (i feel like i should just stop here tbh. they set the incest bar so high you’ll probably never need anything else), the dreamers, the royal tenenbaums, cruel intentions, deadfall, true blood, innocent lies, the hotel new hampshire, the house of yes, happyland, close my eyes, tromeo and juliet, enter the void, daniel & ana, august osage county, rome, spartacus vengeance, the perks of being a wallflower, teeth, yellow, delta, love sick, drift, dogtooth, the hamiltons/the thompsons, how to draw a perfect circle, gemini, deadfall etc etc etc

“If someone says it’s wrong to hope, I will tell them that they’re wrong every time.” 

I’m crying over this picture Krow took of me during our photoshoot with Bakephotogatari (find him on instagram!  he’s awesome!) This cosplay took up 2 months of my life and I can’t believe it’s finished and I get to wear it with Krow as my Homura!  10,000 points to @xhowla for making those fucking wings they are amazing and I love you so much, I’m so happy we’re partners in this madness. also kudos to @lady-lucrezia for hand sewing probably half of those lights for me, ilu.  

more pictures to come!!!!  AHHHHHHHH!!!!!