lucretius chaucer

“What are you doing?”

“Hush, Lu- Tu verras.”

It didn’t matter what Landon was doing, really, because Lucretius was ever content to sit and watch. Landon gave him a strange sort of patience, one that he had never had before. Lucretius would sit and watch him compose for hours on end, if Landon would allow it, and he would listen to anything he would have to say. 

It was a beautiful feeling, the first real friend he had had since leaving Hogwarts, the first partner-in-crime, the first shoulder. 

The first kiss.

Lucretius felt guilty, sometimes, thinking of his cousin Lysander. It was a sort of abandonment, being with Landon so often like this. It was always in the back of his mind.

But Lucretius could not stop. He would not.


The story of Lysander Ellwood-Luxe and his cousin, Lucretius Chaucer, who is sent away to France- where he meets a boy named Landon Beauchamp. is a long-running AU Harry Potter RPG. We are accepting applications for new students beginning in April 2012, and again in August.