lucretia x ilithyia

Lucretia/Ilithyia: 2x09

I’ll be very surprised if this relationship doesn’t go down in flames in the finale, but after 2x09 I do feel that at least Ilithyia had truly come to love Lucretia, which offers some comfort. She told the truth about the baby’s paternity of her own free will even though Lucretia had never hinted at having considered the possibility and her situation with Glaber was still terribly precarious. The baby had kept Glaber from killing her, but her faith in Lucretia was such that she handed her this weapon without seeming to think it a risk. Ilithyia even forgave Lucretia for the bed trick.

Lucretia, on the other hand, appeared very affectionate when they were reunited, but during the paternity reveal there was a brief slip away from her friendly/sisterly face and the return of the colder and more dangerous Lucretia who’s been mostly absent in the recent episodes. This episode Seppia paid for her trust in Lucretia - next week it’ll probably be Ilithyia’s turn.

But at least they’ll always have Paris Vengeance.